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Join host Paul Woodward Jr (ExploreVM) as he explores technologies around data centers, cloud computing, automation, networking, and all things nerdy!

Join host Paul Woodward Jr (ExploreVM) as he explores technologies around data centers, cloud computing, automation, networking, and all things nerdy!
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Join host Paul Woodward Jr (ExploreVM) as he explores technologies around data centers, cloud computing, automation, networking, and all things nerdy!






Season 3 Episode 2: HCI Series - Simplivity

Hello and welcome to the ExploreVM Podcast. Today we continue our series on Hyperconverged infrastructure. Once again, The goal for this series is to help build an understanding of hyperconverged infrastructure, it's place in the datacenter world, and spotlight the various ways that vendors are deploying HCI. As a reminder, my guests for this series work for the vendors, but these episodes are not sponsored. I am not receiving any sort of compensation for these appearances. And all vendors...


Season 3: HCI Series - VXrail

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! It's the moment you've all been waiting for! Season 3 of the ExploreVM Podcast starts now! Hello, and welcome to the ExploreVM Podcast. I am your host, Paul Woodward Jr. Today we kick off not only 2019, but season 3 of the podcast as well. But before we do, I want to say thank you to my listeners. In 2018, the ExploreVM podcast received more than a 50% increase in downloads than 2017, and ExploreVM.com saw a greater than 300%...


VMworld 2018 - A Network Expert at a Virtualization Conference

In another ExploreVM Podcast short, I speak with Matt Elliot about his first time at VMworld, and what it's like to attend VMworld as a Network expert at a Virtualization conference. Do you have an idea or a topic for the show? Would you like to be a guest on the ExploreVM podcast? Or just keep up the conversation about VMworld 2018? If so, please contact me at the links below: Blog: www.ExploreVM.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExploreVM Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explorevm/...


HCI Series - HCI Testing with Alan Comstock

On this episode of the podcast we begin a series on hyperconverged infrastructure. We're going to start with a guest who's put a few products through the ringer to decide which HCI vendor worked best for them. To continue the conversation on hyperconverged infrastructure, or if you're an HCI vendor and would like to be a guest on the ExploreVM podcast, please reach me on Twitter, Email me: paul@Explorevm.com, or find me on Facebook. Once again, thank you for listening. Blog:...


A VMworld 2018 Conversation with Mike Burkhart

As 2018 comes to an end, I look back at some sessions that haven't been featured on the podcast yet this season. This episode was originally intended to be a video featuring Mike Burkhart live at VMworld 2018. Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties during the editing process, we can only enjoy as an audio podcast. If you'd like to continue the conversation about VMworld 2018, have an idea for a show, or would like to be a guest on the ExploreVM podcast, please reach me on twitter,...


2018 Nutanix .Next Wrap Up

On this episode of the ExploreVM podcast, we take a look back at the Nutanix .Next conference. New Orleans played host to the 2018 Nutanix .Next conference. This year marked my 3rd consecutive year attending, and 2nd as a Nutanix technology champion. Communities manager Angelo Luchiani had plenty of surprises lined up for us, including having myself and other NTCs arrive at the Opening Keynote in a Mardi Gras float. He's also done an excellent job expanding a communities area, creating...


Camp Rubrik: Insiders Edition

This special episode of the ExploreVM Podcast was recorded live at Camp Rubrik - Insiders Edition at the Rubrik Headquarters in Palo Alto, California. I was one of 15 influencer "Campers" to participate in this day long event featuring unprecedented access to the Rubrik Staff. In this round table discussion, I am joined by Byron Schaller, Brett Guarino, and Matt Crape as we chat about the day's events. Blog: www.ExploreVM.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExploreVM Instagram:...


Introducing Skylines Academy

Continuing to educate yourself in new technologies has been a recurring topic on this show. Today we're going to chat with a group that went a step further and started their own academy. I strongly suggest taking a look at skylines academy to begin your Azure journey. And hey, half off with code ExploreVM isn't too shabby either. Also, what do you think of the new theme music? A long time friend of mine, Matt Carlson, sent over a song he felt was techy and nerdy, so a perfect fit for the...


Wisconsin VMUG UserCon Wrap Up

This episode of the ExploreVM Podcast was recorded live at the Wisconsin VMUG UserCon on April 5th. I was at the Wisconsin VMUG UserCon for the first time in a long time as an attendee, not a speaker. So I took the opportunity to have conversations with vCommunity members and take in more sessions. I had a different interview approach in the first group of clips as I was "Ambush Interviewing" people. I walked up with a hot mic and just started the interview! In the second session, I...


Maintaining a Work Life Balance w/ Heather & Nigel Hickey

On this episode of the ExploreVM Podcast, we take a look at keeping the band, or in a more realistic setting, the family together when you and your partner are both working professionals. As we all strive to succeed in business, its important to keep your family in mind as well I know i could not have achieved half of what I've accomplished in my career if it wasn't for buy in and support from my family. Be sure to take some time away from your job, studies, or projects and keep those loved...


So You Want to be an Author? w/Melissa Palmer

So you want to be an author? Learn about the fabulous world of writing, editing, publishing, and eventually swimming in a pool filled with money Scrooge McDuck style from a recently published author on this episode. ------------------------------------------- Links: http://vmiss.net itarchitectjourney.com Twitter @ITArchJourney @vmiss33 Would you like to join the conversation on today's episode, want to be a guest on the podcast, or have an idea for a future episode? Reach out to me on...


Predicting Tech in 2018 - Season 2 Episode 1

In the first episode of season 2, we take a look a the future of IT, all the way to the year 2018. As always, thank you for listening. If you'd like to be a guest on the ExploreVM podcast, have a show idea for a future episode, or continue the conversation on today's topics, please contact me at Email, Facebook, or Twitter


Mathematics of Dataloss with Dr. Rachel Traylor

Today we take a look into a world that i find fascinating and have limited experience with: Mathematics. Specifically the math behind some datacenter functions. We even brought in a real live doctor of mathematics to talk about it! Let's take a listen.


Making the Move to the Enterprise w AJ Kuftic

On today's show I battle seasonal allergies in an attempt to record a podcast about joining the enterprise. Who will win, Paul or the Allergies?


IT User Groups with Nick Korte

Weve spent a lot of time talking about VMUGs and community involvement. But believe it or not, there are other groups out there! Today we look into IT meet ups and developing user groups.


ExploreVM Live VMworld 2017 - Angelo & Tim

I'm out at VMworld 2017 and chatting with community members about the various announcements and products. This time I tricked Angelo Luciani and Tim Smith into the podcast booth to talk about VMworld 2017 so far.


ExploreVM Live VMworld 2017 - Melissa Palmer & IT Architect Journey

I'm out at VMworld 2017 and chatting with community members about the various announcements and products. In this episode I talk with Melissa Palmer (@vMiss33) about her new book "IT Architect Series: The Journey".


ExploreVM Live - A VCDX Discussion

This week we have another episode of ExploreVM live! I was fortunate enough to pin down 4 great people at the Indy VMUG UserCon in late July to discuss their VCDX journey. I hope you enjoy!


Microsoft Azure with Thom Greene

So we've discussed making the move from VMware to AWS, but it seems we have forgotten about our friends over at Microsoft. Let's take a look at what its like to dive into the world of Microsoft Azure


ExploreVM Live - VMware 101

Today on the ExploreVM podcast, we've got a special episode in a series I'm calling ExploreVM Live. The following session was recorded at a company meeting where I was giving a VMware 101 lesson for our engineers who work outside of data center technologies. It's a high level overview, but we do have some laughs, I hope you enjoy.