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Hacking democracy

A recording of an Exponential View salon held in London in May 2017. “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter,” said Winston Churchill. But whatever you think of it, democracy has served us well. An increase in democracy is almost always matched by an increase in GDP. According to MIT economist, Daron Acemoglu, a country that switches from autocracy to democracy achieves about 20% higher GDP per capita over roughly 30 year period. Yet, data...


The state of machine learning: A conversation between Azeem Azhar and Dr. Danny Lange

With more than 40% market share in mobile games, a billion monthly active users and 2.6 billion unique devices, Unity has a profoundly important role in booming gaming and VR markets. In this episode, Azeem talks with Dr. Danny Lange, VP of AI and machine learning at Unity about the role of these technologies in revolutionizing the ways games are developed and monetized. Dr Lange talks about the significance of the undergoing paradigm shift in computing, OODA loop in machine learning, and...


Code as the Key Driver of Human Development: A conversation between Philip Auerswald and Azeem Azhar

For the tech community, code almost exclusively has a uniform meaning: a set of instructions, until recently only written by humans, that specifies any action a computer should execute. In his most recent book, Philip Auerswald talks about “code” in a broader meaning of the word — it is the “how” of human productivity, the manner in which we create, refine and implement the infrastructure that forms a human society. The advance of code, from the Neolithic era to the modern times, has been...


AI, automation & the economy: Jeff Sachs in conversation with Azeem Azhar

A discussion with Professor Jeffrey Sachs. Jeff is one of the world’s foremost thinkers on economic development; he advises the UN and a host of governments. In a wide ranging podcast we talk about how technology has improved the lives of countless humans. We explore how automated systems will increasingly replace routine and highly-trained jobs. How will our societies cope with those changes? What will we do with the inequalities that will be increasingly produced by the technology...


Homo Deus: A conversation between Yuval Harari and Azeem Azhar

A conversation between Prof Yuval Harari and Azeem Azhar. We cover the compelling insights Yuval makes in his new book Homo Deus. Where are we, as a species, going now that we have conquered main of the things that ailed preceding generations? How will the twin advances of genetic engineering and artificial intelligence come together to transform humans and human society?


The future of longevity: a discussion with Dr Shamil Chandaria

Philosopher and investor, Dr Shamil Chandaria, investigates how we might live much longer lives and asks how we can make those longer lives more meaningful. He dives into the emerging medicine and science of life extension in a deep but accessible way. He explains how we should consider super-longevity and super-wellbeing in tandem. And in discussion with an audience we explore the motivations for and ramifications of much longer lives.


The Wealth of Humans: Ryan Avent in conversation with Azeem Azhar

A powerfully prophetic discussion about the meaning of work in the 21st century as technology transforms all areas of the global economy. Ryan Avent, economics columnist at The Economist, and Azeem Azhar, curator of Exponential View, explore issues around how digital technologies are, and will continue to exponentially change the relationship between capital and labour. They discuss what new social contracts will ensue, and how we will see the reshaping of social and cultural capital in a...


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