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Conversations about the emerging world of Fullstack Jamstack applications. Anthony Campolo and Christopher Burns explore the development practices of the frameworks, libraries, and services enabling this new paradigm.

Conversations about the emerging world of Fullstack Jamstack applications. Anthony Campolo and Christopher Burns explore the development practices of the frameworks, libraries, and services enabling this new paradigm.


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Conversations about the emerging world of Fullstack Jamstack applications. Anthony Campolo and Christopher Burns explore the development practices of the frameworks, libraries, and services enabling this new paradigm.






Episode 72 - Elm with Lindsay Wardell

In this episode we discuss NoRedInk's experience using Elm in production, the combined power of functional programming and static type systems, building a language for the long term, and the difficulty of explaining the benefits of purely functional languages to developers who have never experienced them. Lindsay Wardell Home PageTwitterLinkedInElm Home PageTwitterDiscourseSlackNewsNoRedInk Home PageTwitterLinks From Rails to Elm and Haskell


Episode 71 - Remix with Kent C. Dodds

In this episode we discuss building excellent user experiencers without embarrassment inducing code, the definition of a "center-stack framework," whether the technical benefits of partial hydration actually lead to better UX, and that time Kent almost died. Kent C. Dodds Home PageTwitterGitHubYouTubeRemix Home PageTwitterGitHubYouTubeDiscordLinks How I built a modern website in 2021React Server Components and RemixNext.js CommerceRemix vs Next.jsRemix vs. Next: Which React...


Episode 70 - Hydrogen with Josh Larson

In this episode we discuss server side rendering on the edge, the challenges of headless e-commerce, and designing a framework specifically for Shopify storefronts. Josh Larson TwitterGitHubLinkedInHome PageHydrogen Home PageGitHubDocumentationStackblitzLinks FlareactHydrogen and Shopify OxygenDeploy a Hydrogen AppShopify Storefront API GraphiQL Explorer


Episode 69 - Sizzy with Kitze

In this episode we discuss the shortcomings of developer tools in web browsers, VS Code versus WebStorm, GraphQL hypocrisy, and the differences between RedwoodJS and Blitz.js. Kitze TwitterGitHubYouTubeTwitchHome PageSizzy Home PageTwitterLinks FleetBut... You're Not FacebookGlink


Episode 68 - Flightcontrol with Brandon Bayer and Mina Abadir

In this episode we discuss building a better developer experience for managing AWS resources, designing an infrastructure as code language, the new Blitz.js toolkit, and how to make your users badass developers. Brandon Bayer TwitterGitHubLinkedInMina Abadir TwitterGitHubLinkedInFlightcontrol Home PageTwitterDiscordLinks FSJam Roundtable with Chris Ball, Brandon Bayer, and (the) David PriceAWS FargateAmazon CloudFrontAmazon RDSPlanetScaleA First Look at Flightcontrol


Episode 67 - Developer Experience Engineering with Prince Wilson

In this episode we discuss developer experience engineering, the growing influence of Rust on web development, building Discord bots, and what programming streamers can learn from gaming streamers. Prince Wilson Home PageTwitterTwitchGitHubNetlify Home PageTwitterGitHubLinks Next-generation Deploy Previews, plus Netlify acquires FeaturePeekNetlify Acquires OneGraph, A Powerful GraphQL Platform for Connecting APIs and ServicesNetlify Jamstack Innovation Fund1Password is all in on its web...


Episode 66 - RedwoodJS with Peter Pistorius

In this episode we discuss the history, development, and future of RedwoodJS. Editor's Note: This episode was recorded over a year ago and kept in the vault because the audio is somewhat degraded relative to the average FSJam episode. But we are releasing it regardless because we believe the conversation is worthwhile for listeners that can tolerate the rougher sound quality. Peter Pistorius TwitterGitHubRedwoodJS Home Page


Episode 65 - Snaplet with Peter Pistorius

In this episode we discuss managing personally identifiable information, simplifying local database testing, and developing in cloud environments. Peter Pistorius TwitterGitHubSnaplet Home PageTwitterGitHubDocumentationJobsLinks Clone your Supabase production data to a development environment


Episode 64 - TypeScript with Orta Therox

In this episode we discuss compiler engineering, whether JavaScript will ever incorporate a native type system, and why TypeScript will never have zero configuration. Orta TwitterGitHubLinkedInHome PageTypeScript Home PageTwitterGitHubLinks CosmiconfigTSConfig BasesDancing LandscapesDanger JSCocoaPods


Episode 63 - Modern CSS with Stephanie Eckles

In this episode we discuss when CSS became modern, if PostCSS can replace the enduring Sass, the new capabilities enabled by Eleventy Serverless, and the value of online streaming. Stephanie Eckles TwitterGitHubCodepenBlogTwitchModern CSSHome PageLinks CSS Cascade LayersWhen CSS Isn’t Enough: JavaScript Requirements For Accessible ComponentsModern CSS: Grid, Aspect Ratio, Container Queries, and More!Word Wrap - Eleventy and the Rise of Static11ty RocksA First Look at Eleventy Serverless,...


Episode 62 - Fly with Rugwiro Valentin

In this episode we discuss deploying containers to the edge, microVMs, Twelve Factor Apps, Cloud Native Buildpacks, and WireGuard. Rugwiro Valentin TwitterGitHubHome PageFly Home PageTwitterGitHubLinks App Configuration with fly.tomlflyctlVolumes on FlyThe Twelve-Factor AppCloud Native BuildpacksTokioWireGuard: Next Generation Kernel Network TunnelWireGuard GongrokDockerize RedwoodJS with Fly


Episode 61 - Everfund with Christopher Burns

In this Podrocket crossover episode, we discuss the motivation behind the creation of Everfund, the technologies the company has built upon, the process of migrating from a previous tech stack, and advice for other potential founders looking to start a company. Christopher Burns TwitterGitHubLinkedInEverfund Home PageBlogTwitterGitHubLinkedIn


Episode 61 - Fly with Rugwiro Valentin

In this episode we discuss Fly. Rugwiro Valentin TwitterGitHubHome PageFly Home PageTwitterGitHub★ Support this podcast ★


Episode 60 - Marko with Dylan Piercey

In this episode we discuss the relation between progressive enhancement and partial hydration, appropriate use cases for the islands architecture, and the rediscovery of multi-page applications. Dylan Piercey TwitterGitHubMarko Home PageTwitterGitHubDiscordLinks What is Partial Hydration and Why is Everyone Talking About It?Async Fragments: Rediscovering Progressive HTML Rendering with MarkoThe Future of MarkoMaybe you don’t need that SPAA First Look at MarkoJS


Episode 59 - GreenSock with Cassie Evans

In this episode we discuss the limitations of CSS animations, techniques for animating SVGs, and building animation centric websites without JavaScript frameworks. Cassie Evans Home PageTwitterLinkedInGreensock Home PageGSAPTwitterLinkedInGitHubLinks CodebarBanner AdsAnimationTimelineCSS TransformsWebGLCanvasthree.jsGSAP + React, First Steps & Handy TechniquesGSAP + React, Advanced Animation TechniquesFramer MotionReact MotionBuilding an Animated Castle Builder w/ Cassie EvansChattin'...


Episode 58 - Gitpod with Mike Nikles

In this episode we discuss the challenges of local development and the unique benefits of developing in the cloud. Mike Nikles TwitterGitHubLinkedInHome PageGitpod Home PageTwitterGitHubWebstone GitHubDiscordLinks TheiaA Better GitHub FlowRun RedwoodJS on GitpodWhy I Left Google and Joined GitpodGitHub CodespacesOpenVSCode ServerVS Code in the browser for everyoneConfig Gitpod FileOpen VSX RegistryGitpod Local CompanionGitpod Example ProjectsGitpod Languages & FrameworksCloud Native Web...


Episode 57 - Sequin with Anthony Accomazzo and Eric Goldman

In this episode we discuss the superiority of SQL for query expressibility in comparison to HTTP and the benefits of having all your data centralized in one location for analysis. Anthony Accomazzo TwitterGitHubHome PageEric Goldman TwitterSequin Home PageBlogTwitterLinkedIn


Episode 56 - FeatureBoard with Jake Ginnivan

In this episode we discuss the ubiquity of feature toggles, implementing features by user categorizations instead of individual users, and utilizing third party authentication to create a Jamstack native solution for feature flags. Jake Ginnivan TwitterGitHubBlogFeatureBoard Home PageTwitterWhy FeatureBoard?Releasing FeatureBoard’s marketing site, using FeatureBoardUnderstanding and improving Emotion 10’s TypeScript typesUsing TypeScript project references in NXBreaking down TypeScript...


Episode 55 - Prismic with Alex Trost

In this episode we discuss leveraging existing non-technical skills as a developer, creating a safe space for questions on live streams, creative coding, and balancing the needs of developers and content editors with a headless CMS. Alex Trost TwitterTwitchGitHubFrontend Horse Home PageFrontend Horse TwitterFrontend Horse DiscordPrismic Home PageTwitterTwitchYouTubeGitHubSlice Machine


Episode 54 - Bedrock Layout with Travis Waith-Mair

In this episode we discuss the battle over CSS purity, Styled Components versus Emotion, and how to form a mental model around styling by using patterns for common layouts instead of technology. Travis Waith-Mair TwitterGitHubHome PageBedrock Layout Home PageGitHubLinks Composing Layouts in ReactReact Round Up - Composing Layouts for React