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Episode 11: I Know What You Did This Summer

If – like me – your high school/college summers were filled with menial office work, flipping burgers or babysitting, well, you did it wrong. In this episode, we check in with a few fearless students who spent their summer on the Nokia Bell Lab campus in Murray Hill, New Jersey. Instead of slathering sunscreen on toddlers or beating a malfunctioning printer to death, these folks were: teaching robots how to navigate buildings; pressure testing materials that will enable factories to...


Episode 10: Stalking BHAGS

When Nokia Bell Labs launched their own Prize competition in 2014, its goal was simple but audacious: they were seeking proposals that ‘change the game’ in the field of information and communications technologies by a factor of 10. For the Bell Labs Prize’s 2017 winners, that sounds almost too conservative. Listen in as Bell Labs President and Nokia CTO Marcus Weldon decodes the philosophy behind the competition, and hear first-hand from the 2017 winners: Kaushik Sengupta; Jason Azoulay...


Bonus Episode: The Artists In Residence Exhibit Opens!

On the eve of the first major exhibition of NEW INC's artists' collaboration with Bell Labs researchers, Marcus Weldon, President of Bell Labs and CTO of Nokia, gives us a sneak peek at what to expect, and how you can view and participate. "Only Human," featuring works and performances by Sougwen Chung, Lisa Park and HAMMERSTEP, opens April 29 at 1PM, kicking off the Spring Open Season at Mana Contemporary arts center in Jersey City, New Jersey. It's Bell Labs' first public-facing event...


Episode 9: Go Where You Are Rare

“Our ability to share emotions at a distance using technology is non-existent, and we’re trying to build those aspects into what we do” – Domhnaill Hernon, Nokia Bell Labs. Why has the world’s preeminent communications research facility thrown in its lot with a crew of up and coming multimedia artists? On this episode, we’ll explore Bell Labs’ relaunch of the groundbreaking Experiments In Art and Technology (E.A.T.) initiative, and hear firsthand from some of the Artists in Residence...


Episode 8: Stephen Fry’s Nokia Bell Labs Shannon Luminary Lecture

Presented in its entirety, please bask in the tour de force that is Stephen Fry’s Nokia Bell Lab’s Shannon Luminary Lecture. If you haven’t already, please check out Episode 7 to get some more insight from Stephen himself and Bell Labs President/Nokia CTO Marcus Weldon. Also, you can watch the video of the lecture here: http://bit.ly/FryShannon. Future Human is a presentation of Nokia Bell Labs, produced by audiation.fm.


Episode 7: Stephen Fry’s Curious Mind

Actor, author, activist, playwright and student of technology Stephen Fry – a wryly self-described ‘all round national treasure’ – gives us a glimpse into the thinking behind his show-stopping Nokia Bell Labs Shannon Luminary lecture. With his guidance, we’re able to see how the myth of Pandora, the invention of chess, and the imminent singularity are all of a piece, and whether we have a fighting chance against the robots. Future Human is a presentation of Nokia Bell Labs, produced by...


Episode 5: A Friend’s Warning

Revered cancer researcher Stephen Friend has a message: not only do we need to take more agency in our own healthcare, beyond the “priestly experts” we entrust, but we need to reclaim “endangered experiences” where we have a dialogue with ourselves. Bell Labs’ Marcus Weldon calls this lecture “the bravest talk I’ve ever seen.” Listen to this episode to understand why; then, listen to the full lecture in Episode 6. Future Human is a presentation of Nokia Bell Labs, produced by audiation.fm.


Episode 6: Stephen Friend’s Nokia Bell Labs Shannon Luminary Lecture

We’re excited to present the full Shannon Luminary Series lecture by renowned cancer researcher Stephen Friend: “The Future of Human Agency: Exploration of the Role of Art and Technology in Determining Risk, Awareness, and Free Will.” Check out Episode 5 to hear why Bell Labs’ President Marcus Weldon called this “the bravest talk I’ve ever seen.” Also, you can watch the video of the lecture here: http://bit.ly/FriendsWarning. Future Human is a presentation of Nokia Bell Labs, produced by...


Episode 4: The Humane Brain

Claude Shannon. “Father of the Information Age.” Inveterate tinkerer. Restless polymath. His work made digital computing possible. Yet he refused to rest on his laurels, always turning his attention to solving the next “problem that interested him most.” Two spiritual descendants, neuroscientists Henry Markram and David Eagleman, are relentlessly focused on uncovering the workings of the brain – perhaps even improving on it. Future Human is a presentation of Nokia Bell Labs, produced by...


Episode 3: Ceremony and Ubiquity

The latest chapter of the Bell Labs relaunch of Experiments In Art and Technology – E.A.T., a 50-years long collaboration between artists and engineers – features a first-of-its-kind album premiere: Beatie Wolfe performing live in one of the quietest rooms in the world, as the imagery and lyrics of her songs come to life around her via Augmented Reality. Forget about a “lyric video” – this is like waking up inside a song. Could this be the future of how music artists perform? We check in...


Episode 2: Kindred Spirits In Sound

This episode of Future Human takes us from one of the world’s quietest rooms – Bell Labs’ anechoic chamber – into the voluminous history of sound innovation and the amazing potential of music-based therapy. This episode features the song “Need Somebody” by musician Beatie Wolfe. Find out more about her groundbreaking music and dementia project here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C3sPtaw9ew and check out more of her music at beatiewolfe.com. To learn more about the inspiring work of...


Episode 1: E.A.T. Then And Now

Welcome to Future Human, an exploration into the human potential of technology. In the series debut, we examine the origins of E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology) – an unlikely pairing of artists and engineers in the 1960s which heralded some of the most impactful technological advances of the last century – and uncover the motivations for the recent reinvigoration of the program. For more information about E.A.T., check out ...


Coming Soon: Future Human

Welcome to Future Human, an exploration into the human potential of technology. Much of the technology we take for granted has been hatched over decades, forged by an ongoing and unlikely collaboration between emerging artists and the keenest engineering minds in the world. As the science fiction of days past becomes everyday reality, where will the next great ideas come from? Listen in as today’s most adventurous artists, musicians and creative thinkers inspire their scientific peers to...