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Jan Ward

**How to start an international business from your bedroom** In this talk Jan shared stories from her fascinating career and offer advice for anyone hoping to start their own business. The Future Worlds Mentor Masterclass series allows students and staff at the University of Southampton exclusive access to learn from entrepreneurs and industry experts as well as an exclusive opportunity to see pitches and product demos from startups and spinouts in the Future Worlds network. Watch the full...


Robbie Rice '18

**Grow your startup with the metrics that matter.** In this talk Robbie Rice will share his advice on how to use metrics to keep your startup lean and maximise growth. The Future Worlds Mentor Masterclass series allows students and staff at the University of Southampton exclusive access to learn from entrepreneurs and industry experts as well as an exclusive opportunity to see pitches and product demos from startups and spinouts in the Future Worlds network. Watch the full talk via...


Chris Spackman

Risk and expectation - what you need to know when dealing with big business. Chris is a former Management Consultant with over 30 years’ experience in IT and management. He has negotiated deals at the most senior levels of business at companies including American Express, Barclays Bank and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Since retiring in 2014, he has been an active Town Councillor and a business mentor for University of Southampton staff and students. In this talk, Future Worlds Mentor, Chris,...


Annie Jullien Pannelay

Entrepreneurs, VC investors and strategy: Insights from a healthcare perspective Annie’s career and experience span over multiple areas within the financial, pharma and health policy sectors. She is a shareholder in a number of startups that she supports and has previously worked for a venture capital fund. Her current work as an independent advisor focuses on European health policy projects. In her role as Principal Consultant for Healthcare and Life Sciences at The Economist Intelligence...


Robbie Rice

"User experience design - growing your digital business by …" Robbie Rice, who is General Manager of the UK branch of Fresh Consulting LLC, will analyse the decisions that billion dollar companies like Uber and Amazon have made around user experience design to grow their businesses at an incredible rate. Robbie will use this analysis to make suggestions for how startups can optimise their own user experience design and grow their user base. Watch the full video from this talk and read the...


Mujibur Choudhury

Mujibur, who manages a sales team at leading cloud computing company Salesforce, will share top industry tips on building a successful sales strategy. Watch the full video from this talk and read the accompanying blog here: [futureworlds.com/blog](https://futureworlds.com/converting-potential-profits-mentors-guide-successful-sales-strategies/)


Nick Camp

'Entrepreneurial adventures in the medicines of the future.' University of Southampton graduate Nick Camp is a medicinal chemist with over 20 years drug discovery expertise gained within major pharma and biotech. He has extensive project leadership experience across all phases of pre-clinical drug discovery and has made contributions to the breakthrough of several clinical candidates. In this talk Nick will share his experiences working in drug discovery and look ahead to the future at...


Josh Valman

"How I became a millionaire entrepreneur at the age of 16." Josh Valman is Managing Director of fast expanding supply chain firm RPD International. A former teenage millionaire, he built his experience as a manufacturing and engineering consultant while he was still at school and founded his first company aged 17\. In this talk, Josh will relay his astonishing journey from youthful contestant in the popular Robot Wars TV series, to a highly successful product design and manufacturing...


Vincent Mifsud

Innovation strategies for demanding markets. Vincent Mifsud is a consultant in strategy and technology at Caleta Technologies. Throughout his prestigious career, he has held prominent roles in world-leading aviation, defence and aerospace companies including Cobham, Qinetiq and Vickers (Rolls-Royce). In this talk, Vincent will share his thoughts on how to develop and implement innovation strategies for demanding markets. Watch the full video from this talk and read the accompanying blog...


Max Toti

Startup to £100m IPO - how to get there - highlights of a work in progress. Max Toti is the Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of the Captec Group, a Visiting Professor in Southampton and an alumnus in Electronics and Computer Science. He started his career as an Electronics Engineer for IBM before moving on to Systems Engineering and Sales in Hewlett-Packard. In this talk, Max will provide an informative account of his exciting journey towards overseeing strategic growth and...


Shirin Dehghan

Shirin Dehghan, founded, expanded and subsequently sold mobile communications business Arieso for $85m. A University of Southampton alumna, she has over 20 years’ experience in the software and mobile communications industry. She is Chairwoman of customer engagement solutions company SceneSkope and a passionate Advisor through Dehghan Consultancy. Watch the full video from this talk and read the accompanying blog here: [futureworlds.com/blog](https://futureworlds.com/building-85m-business/)


Lohan Presencer

Lohan Presencer, is a University of Southampton Alumnus, who worked his way to the top of one of music industry’s biggest brands; Ministry of Sound. Lohan has had a fascinating career from starting out at London record labels to working with some of the biggest artists of the 90’s. He joined the Ministry of Sound at a time when the music industry changed dramatically, with the introduction of market disruptors Apple Music and Spotify. This event promises to be filled with great stories...


Steve Braithwaite

Steve Braithwaite, an electronics expert has worked with over 50 startups and companies in his role as founder and Managing Director of a growing electronics consultancy company. During a technical and entrepreneurial career, Steve has co-founded a social-minded startup delivering telecommunications networks to rural African communities and developed military satellite communications products with Marconi Secure Radio Systems. He has spent over three decades in research and teaching roles...


Gordon Clyne

Gordon has had what he refers to as an 'accidental' career in high tech. After spending two decades in Silicon Valley, Gordon is a seasoned Product Manager who has developed networking, security, mobile, memory and software technologies. He has launched Apple products into new international markets and spearheaded a $15m product line delivering custom USB drives for SanDisk. Today, he supports UK startups as a high tech adviser. In this talk Gordon will share his stories from his time...


Jim Wicks

University of Southampton graduate Jim Wicks co-founded PrimerDesign in 2004 from within the University’s Faculty of Medicine. The innovative company, which started on a shoe string budget, delivered highly profitable accounts from year one, resulting in a multimillion pound turnover and a world renowned reputation in their field. PrimerDesign is focused on developing improved solutions for detecting disease in people, animals and food by specialising in the design, manufacture, validation...


Chris Buckingham

Chris Buckingham is a crowdfunding expert and author with over 10 years experience within the eco-system supporting numerous campaigns go live and get out there in front of an audience. This entertaining talk will be a summary of that experience and takes us on a journey of what every crowdfunder needs to know before they go live and beg for help! Looking at the different models, the motivations of the crowd and the dark side of crowdfunding. There's something for all in this talk, from...


Ben Clark

Succeeding from startup to scaleup In this talk Ben will share his top tips on how to scale your business, including the operating Do's & Don'ts for when your startup begins to grow. Ben is a specialist in taking companies from startup to scaleup, most recently with Southampton based Snowflake Software. His passion for startups began during his MBA at the University of Southampton’s School of Management, leading to working with venture capital and startups in Africa and then Chief...


Michael Gifford

Getting your hands on the cash - making your startup investment ready Michael is a co-founder and COO of Indigo&. Having previously worked in management positions within businesses large and small. In each of them he has been responsible for managing the tensions between rapid growth and profitability. Michael worked with Atkins as a technical specialist as well as roles in project management, corporate acquisitions, strategy development and complex bid management. Michael has also worked...


Simon MacKenzie

How well do you really know your customer? Simon MacKenzie is a seasoned biotech executive, whilst his background is predominantly drug discovery and biotech, his more recent ventures have encouraged a wider scope towards business generation and development, providing strategic management and sales expertise to startups and young ambitious businesses. An early understanding of what to build and how to pitch it is vital to the success of a startup, whether you are looking for partners,...


Carl Churchill

Achieving growth from a start-up concept to success across the globe. Carl Churchill, Managing Director of NetPay Solutions Group, which includes NetPay Merchant Services a card processing business and technology, an award-winning fintech business. Carl was listed number one in the 2003 "Rich List 2020" for his entrepreneurial talent and skills. In this talk Carl will be covering some experiences and lessons on how to take ideas, identify opportunities and translate them in to revenues on...