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Get the best insights anytime, anywhere on the critical IT and business topics that impact your organization. The world's leading experts will help you solve your greatest challenges and reveal what will top your future agenda. View all Gartner ThinkCast episodes at

Get the best insights anytime, anywhere on the critical IT and business topics that impact your organization. The world's leading experts will help you solve your greatest challenges and reveal what will top your future agenda. View all Gartner ThinkCast episodes at
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Get the best insights anytime, anywhere on the critical IT and business topics that impact your organization. The world's leading experts will help you solve your greatest challenges and reveal what will top your future agenda. View all Gartner ThinkCast episodes at




190: Risk Rewards: Danger Lurks in Your Third-Party Partnerships

As digital business significantly expands your partner ecosystem, your risk exposure grows exponentially. Gartner expert Chris Audet (01:26) reveals how you can spot the lurking dangers with your third-party partnerships, and helps you build better relationships with your providers. Also, Gartner expert Arup Roy (34:57) helps you build a stronger business case for Intelligent Automation Services. RELATED LINKS WEBINAR: Five Propositions for the Future of Work WEBINAR: The Current State...


189: Chart a Higher Flight Path for Your Career

Only you can set limits on your career. Pioneering U.S. Air Force Col. Nicole Malachowski (1:38), the first woman pilot in the elite Thunderbirds unit, shares her insights on flying through your career and life headwinds. Plus, Mike Griswold (42:59) tells us what separates the leaders in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25. RELATED LINKS Webinar: Panel Discussion: Lead and Enable Digital Transformation Webinar: Five Best Practices of High-Performing Teams Webinar: How CIOs Lead CX Innovation...


188: Supply Chain: Intel Fights Modern Slavery

Yes, your supply chain can save the world – and no, that’s not hyperbole. We find out how Intel (01:53) is using its supply chain to lead the fight against modern slavery. Then, Gartner’s Dana Stiffler (40:06) tracks the progress of women in supply chain management. It’s a program about supply chain that everybody needs to hear. RELATED LINKS Webinar: The Present and Future of AI Webinar: 3 Key Roles HR Must Play to Drive Digital Transformation Webinar: Panel Discussion: Lead and Enable...


187: What Your Boss Expects You to Do

What’s your boss thinking? We go inside your CEO’s mind as Mark Raskino (01:33) delves into the results of the 2019 Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey. Plus, we find out why you don’t need robots for robotic process automation (24:30), but you almost definitely need RPA to improve any facet of your business, from operations to audit to finance. RELATED LINKS WEBINAR: CEO Concerns 2019 – Implications and Actions for CIOs WEBINAR: Panel Discussion: Drive Growth in the Face of...


186: Stay Focused on the Day After Tomorrow

We all think we are staying focused on the future, but are looking far enough ahead? Serial entrepreneur Peter Hinssen (01:46) helps us look beyond tomorrow. Plus, Gartner expert Ian Beale (20:53) brings us together for Aligned Assurance, and author Patrick Lencioni (37:50) helps us find the ideal team player. RELATED LINKS WEBINAR: Panel Discussion: Drive Growth in the Face of Uncertainty WEBINAR: CEO Concerns 2019 – Implications and Actions for CIOs Gartner Security and Risk Management...


185: Unlock Your Hidden Business Transformation Funds

You already have the funds to support your digital transformation. Gartner expert Dennis Gannon (01:52) helps you unlock them by “winning in the turns.” Also, Gartner expert Avivah Litan (19:18) tells you why you need to take a fresh look at blockchain. Plus, former DuPont sales leader Maria Boulden (39:43) explains why the personal touch works best for energizing your team. RELATED LINKS Webinar: 3 Bold Strategies for CX Victory Webinar: 5 Ways to Deliver Business Results Through AI &...


184: Don't Be a Digital Transformation Loser

The majority of digital transformation initiatives fail. Yours does not have to join them. Gartner Chief of Research Mike Harris tells us what gives the innovation leaders their edge (01:37). Also, on Episode 184 of Gartner ThinkCast, Gartner experts Helen Huntley and Scott Morrison (17:26) help tech product managers survive the digital era. Then, Gartner expert Mike Griswold (38:47) reveals why adding digital to your supply chain does not make it a digital supply chain -- and how you can...


183: The Art of the 1-Page Strategy

Toss out those 250-page strategy documents. You only need one page. Gartner expert Heather Colella helps you master the art of the one-page strategy (01:41). Also, Gartner's Mark Driver makes sure you stay in compliance with Java's latest release and support changes (21:37); and we revisit a conversation with former NATO military commander Admiral James Stravidis on a common fear for all of us -- cybersecurity (43:37). RELATED LINKS The Art of the 1-Page Strategy: Gartner Answers Audience...


182: Make Your Groups Elite; Good is the New Cool

Forget the unicorns and rainbows. We all don’t have to sing “Kumbaya” to establish a good company culture. “We think of good cultures as these places where people are happy, happy, happy all the time, where there’s no arguments. That is not true. Good cultures are places where people have strong, vibrant, energetic arguments all the time.” (Dan Coyle, Best-selling Author) We won’t be argumentative, but we always want to challenge to standard notions for driving success, and this time on...


181: Make Business Personal

Here's THE winning formula for your career: "Act 1, introduce your hero and put him in a tree. Act 2, set fire to the tree. Act 3, get him out of the tree.” Yeah, there’s a story behind that quote, which is only fitting, because we’re going to talk about how storytelling can open new doors for you and your organization (1:42). We also see how work-life balance could shift in the future with Tamara McCleary (20:57), and assert ourselves with Leadership Power Language (43:57). HIGHLIGHTED...


180: Build Powerful Partnerships

Take it from a combat pilot … battlefield lessons also apply to your workplace. “We knew that we would absolutely be there, period, because lives were on the line. And I believe that if we execute it that way in business, our relationship with our teams, our leadership, our timelines, our processes, our digital transformation would look quite different.” (Vernice “FlyGirl Armour, Combat Pioneer) We’ve enlisted groundbreaking U.S. Marine Corps pilot Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour on a mission to...


179: Lead Culture Change Across the Enterprise

Enterprises need more than technology to enable digital transformation. They must change their culture, and CIOs and IT leaders must be at the forefront of those efforts. Also on this episode of Gartner ThinkCast, find out why Sales must stop selling and start enabling buyers, and hear more from smart decision-making expert Annie Duke.


178: The Faster Way to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation cannot come fast enough for business leaders. So how do you speed up the process and ensure success? In this Gartner ThinkCast conversation, Gartner expert Brook Selassie says the key is digital business model transformation. Then, we have an extended interview with smart decision-making expert (and renowned poker champion) Annie Duke on how to ensure you use the right data among all that data you're collecting. Finally, Gartner expert Alan Duncan looks at the digital...


Gartner ThinkCast 177: Your People Will Drive Innovation

Digital transformation demands more than finding the right digital skills -- you need digital talent that drives innovation. Join us as we look at how to attract and keep the best digital talent, how HR can drive innovation, and what's most impacting Customer Service and Support leaders.


Gartner ThinkCast 176: Predictions -- What Lies Ahead for You in 2019 and Beyond

As 2019 unfolds, a prevailing question lingers: Will this be a good year or bad year? We talk with leading experts on what to expect to impact your strategy, influence your IT spend, and transform your Marketing in 2019 and beyond.


Gartner ThinkCast 175: The True Business Value of IT

It's the digital era, yet business leaders don't often realize the true business value of IT. That changes now as we ensure IT gets the attention it merits.


Gartner ThinkCast 174: Break Through to a Digital Culture

Changing corporate culture can seem too big to tackle, but to enable digital transformation, it's too big to fail. How do you create a culture of innovation? The secret is to fail.


Gartner ThinkCast 173: Fortify Your 2019 Agenda_120418

As the year draws to a close, we turn our attention to 2019 and the technologies, trends and priorities you need to track to frame a successful 2019 agenda.


Gartner ThinkCast 172: Transform into a Customer-Centric Organization

Customers are the lifeblood of our organizations, but chances are, your organization is not customer-centric. Find out how to truly put your customers first -- both today and in the future.


Gartner ThinkCast 171: Let Data Drive Your Organization

Data drives every organization, but that does not mean your organization is data driven. Find out how to organize, process and even speak data to gain the maximum benefits of your information.