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Geared Up is the weekly podcast and live video show from GeekWire and Gear Live. Hosted by veteran tech reviewer Andru Edwards and longtime tech journalist Todd Bishop, Geared Up features the latest news in consumer electronics and video games, plus hands-on time with the hottest tech gadgets and gear.

Geared Up is the weekly podcast and live video show from GeekWire and Gear Live. Hosted by veteran tech reviewer Andru Edwards and longtime tech journalist Todd Bishop, Geared Up features the latest news in consumer electronics and video games, plus hands-on time with the hottest tech gadgets and gear.
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Geared Up is the weekly podcast and live video show from GeekWire and Gear Live. Hosted by veteran tech reviewer Andru Edwards and longtime tech journalist Todd Bishop, Geared Up features the latest news in consumer electronics and video games, plus hands-on time with the hottest tech gadgets and gear.




Redesigned MacBook Pros & New iPad Pros Incoming!

Apple just launched the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and Apple Watch Series 5 - but the company isn’t done with 2019 releases! We talk about the upcoming Pro device event which should be taking place in October where we will see the debut of a newly-redesigned MacBook Pro, faster iPad Pros with a triple-camera system, and complete details on the Mac Pro. We discuss phone carriers, which ones we both use, and who we are thinking of switching to. Finally, we also give our thoughts on the best...


Hands-on with iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro, but What Does Pro Mean?

In this episode, we go over all the big announcements from Apple’s iPhone 11 launch event. Andru was in Cupertino for the event and gives his hands-on impressions of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, and we discuss the meaning of the “Pro” naming scheme for the iPhone and tech products in general. There’s also a new Apple Watch Series 5 (finally sporting an always-on display!) and a couple of new finishes, and Apple has seemingly set up Apple TV+ to become the number one streaming video...


The History of Apple’s “One More Thing,” and What’s It’s Next Big Surprise?

In this episode we take a look at the entire history of Apple’s “One More Thing” announcements, starting from the first one in 1999 all the way to the latest in 2017. Which ones were worthy of being a “One More Thing,” and which were a bust? We give you our opinion! We also give our predictions for what the “One More Thing” might be at next week’s Apple Event. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is back, and we talk about how Samsung addressed all the issues. Finally, we talk about the new Porsche...


Predictions for the Upcoming iPhone Event, with Guest Sara Dietschy

Sara Dietschy joins us in this episode as we talk about our predictions for the Apple iPhone 11 event. We also talk about our first handheld game consoles from back in the day, the problems with the MacBook Pro, do a deep dive on all the new cameras that were announced last week, and talk about what it's like behind the scenes of being a content creator. SPONSOR: National Car Rental. Go National. Go like a Pro. LINKS MENTIONED IN THE SHOW Geared Up on YouTubeJon Rettinger on YouTubeAndru...


iPhone 11 Dream Features, Streaming Subscription Services Landscape, and a New Co-Host Appears!

Apple's fall iPhone 11 announcement is just a few weeks away, and we talk about what our dream features for the device would be - what would make the perfect iPhone 11? We also go over the vast array of streaming services like Apple TV+ and Disney+ and how they fit into the landscape of Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and others, along with a way to combat subscription fatigue. We answer tons of listener Q&A - and the new Geared Up co-host is revealed! SPONSOR: National Car Rental. Go National. Go like...


Switching from iPhone to Note 10; iPhone Pro is Coming Next Month

Samsung has announced the new Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+, and I bring you my hands-on impressions of the device - we also talk with Todd Bishop about switching away from the iPhone after 10 years to give Samsung's new flagship a shot. We also talk about the latest iPhone 11 & iPhone Pro rumors and what to expect from Apple's next smartphone release. LINKS MENTIONED IN THE SHOW Become a Member on YouTubeSamsung Galaxy Note 10 Hands-on: Top 5 FeaturesGalaxy Note 10: What Samsung Didn't Tell...


New Nintendo Switch Consoles, Apple Kills the MacBook, & Galaxy Note 10 Rumors!

Nintendo has announced not one, but two updates to the Nintendo Switch line of consoles - the Nintendo Switch Lite, and a refreshed Nintendo Switch with greatly improved battery life. We talk about what sets the two consoles apart. Apple has simplified its portable computer lineup and has killed off the 12-inch MacBook in favor of the entry-level MacBook Air and more powerful MacBook Pro - here's how to decide which is best for you. Finally, we have some really interesting rumors about the...


The Death of the Xbox, Amazon Prime Day Tips, & Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumors!

Are the Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation consoles headed toward certain doom with the advent of game streaming platforms like Project xCloud and Google Stadia? Amazon Prime Day 2019 is right around the corner, and I share my tips for getting the best deals. We also talk about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch and rumored features, as well as Jony Ive leaving Apple after almost 30 years. SPONSOR: National Car Rental. Go National. Go like a Pro. Links Mentioned in the...


Microsoft's Mystery Folding Surface, New Nintendo Switch Mini, and Apple vs. Spotify!

Microsoft is working on a secret foldable Surface tablet that will run Android apps and iCloud services! Nintendo is ready to release a new smaller version of the Switch console alongside a more powerful Switch Pro. Apple and Spotify's battle intensifies in court. We also talk about the death of YouTube creator, Etika, and mental health of content creators. SPONSOR: National Car Rental. Go National. Go like a pro. LINKS MENTIONED IN SHOW Microsoft Courier tablet concept videoHow to Pair...


The Insane Apple Mac Pro, Huge Xbox Announcements from E3, and a Hot Smart Home Product!

Apple announced an insane new Mac Pro computer, alongside a 6K Pro XDR display, at WWDC 2019. Is the Mac Pro and Pro display worth a combined $11,000 starting price? We also talk about the next big Xbox console release in Project Scarlett which launches in 2020 with 8K and 120fps support. We also talk about Project Xcloud which lets you play your Xbox games no matter where you are! SPONSOR: National Car Rental - Go National. Go Like a Pro. Links: Convert Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass...


Apple Shows Us What's Next for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch!

It was a huge week for Apple, as the company took the stage at WWDC 2019 to show the world what's coming next for all of its major software platforms. We talk about all the big iOS 13 features (including Dark Mode!), the future of macOS, how the iPad is becoming more of more of a laptop replacement, and how the Apple Watch will continue to help you become healthier! Be sure to watch my iOS 13 Dark Mode Walkthrough. SPONSOR: National Car Rental. Go National. Go like a pro. You can also...


Huge Apple Leaks, Tesla Model 3, New MacBook Pros, and more!

This week we have a couple of big leaks out of Apple that give us a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming iOS 13 and macOS 10.15, including the impending death of iTunes as Apple splits the iconic music player up. Apple has released updated 2019 MacBook Pros with faster processors and upgraded keyboard, and we talk about what's changed and how much they cost. We also go over the keyboard woes Apple has experienced, along with the new Keyboard Service Program. Apple will now replace...


Google Pixel 3a Impressions, iOS 13 Leaked Features

The Google I/O 2019 keynote took place yesterday, and I bring you a recap of the news, including my thoughts on the newly announced Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL mid-range smartphones. Will Google's strategy of shipping a budget phone with one of the best cameras out there pay off? We also talk about the leaked iOS 13 features report from Bloomberg, and we've got a lot to talk about here. If you've been wondering what can we expect from Apple's next major software release for the iPhone...


The Samsung Galaxy Fold Delay Saga

What happened to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold? I bring you a look at the device from teaser all the way through to the delay - find out about the launch and the missteps of the first smartphone with a foldable display that was set to ship last week and got pulled at the last minute. We also talk about what to expect with the new iPhone 11, including major upgrades to the cameras. Lastly, iOS apps are coming to the Mac with macOS 10.15. What does this mean for the future of Apple's...


Apple cancels AirPower, Top 5 HomeKit Smart Devices!

Apple has cancelled the long-awaited AirPower wireless charging mat, and I go over what went wrong and why it was an uphill battle from the beginning. I also bring you a look at my top 5 favorite HomeKit-compatible smart home devices. These all work with Siri and Apple devices, but if you use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, each one will be compatible with your home too! Lastly, I talk about the upcoming Sega Genesis Mini retro gaming console, including when we can expect it to be...


Looking at Apple TV+, Apple Card, Apple Arcade and more!

Apple unveiled a host of new services at their March 25th event this week (be sure to check out our full wrap-up video of the Apple event!), and we take a look at each one in this episode of Geared Up! Apple TV+ is the company's new original TV and movie subscription service. Apple Card is a credit card from Apple that aims to change the way consumers use and view credit cards and their financial data. Apple News+ is a new subscription news service that gives you unlimited access to over...


Apple's Big Week of Hardware Releases

This week Apple released a slew of new hardware products with the return of the iPad Air, an update to the iPad mini, new AirPods, and spec bumps for the iMac. In addition, Google revealed their vision for the future of gaming - it's cloud-based, and it's called Stadia. Sponsor: National Car Rental - skip the line with the Emerald Club. Support the show.


Foldable phones: more than a fad?

This week on Geared Up, our consumer electronics podcast and video show, we talk about the newly unveiled foldable phones, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. Are these foldable phones the future of mobile tech, or will the Galaxy Fold be seen as a fad? We also go hands-on with the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ and compare the Samsung Galaxy Buds to the Apple AirPods. Finally, Microsoft has announced the new second-generation HoloLens, and we go over the future of AR, as well. Support...


Amazon buying Eero; Apple AirPod rumors

What does Amazon want with Eero? The tech giant's deal to acquire the mesh WiFi networking company is the latest sign of its smart home ambitions, prompting speculation about the possibility of Amazon adding WiFi capabilities to Echo devices, among other theories. But some Eero users aren't happy about the deal. Meanwhile, is Apple preparing to release a new version of its AirPods? A snowbound Andru Edwards calls in to talk with Todd Bishop for this episode. Support the show.


Geared Up: Apple's FaceTime bug + Super Bowl TVs

This week we talk about the Apple FaceTime bug that has become a privacy black eye for the company. We also talk about best TVs for Super Bowl, and look at minimal phones like the Palm phone and Light Phone. Apple is also planning on releasing new iPads and a 7th Generation iPod touch. Support the show.