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Geared Up is the weekly podcast and live video show from GeekWire and Gear Live. Hosted by veteran tech reviewer Andru Edwards and longtime tech journalist Todd Bishop, Geared Up features the latest news in consumer electronics and video games, plus hands-on time with the hottest tech gadgets and gear.

Geared Up is the weekly podcast and live video show from GeekWire and Gear Live. Hosted by veteran tech reviewer Andru Edwards and longtime tech journalist Todd Bishop, Geared Up features the latest news in consumer electronics and video games, plus hands-on time with the hottest tech gadgets and gear.
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Geared Up is the weekly podcast and live video show from GeekWire and Gear Live. Hosted by veteran tech reviewer Andru Edwards and longtime tech journalist Todd Bishop, Geared Up features the latest news in consumer electronics and video games, plus hands-on time with the hottest tech gadgets and gear.




Craziest products of the year

A voice-activated microwave. A smart toilet. And a flamethrower ... not. Those products represent a handful of the highlights for our Geared Up gadget geeks from 2018. On this year-end episode of the show, we look back at some of the most surprising and funny moments of the year, and the products that inspired them.


The Alexa Microwave cooks our lunch

Amazon's new Alexa Microwave is perhaps the strangest new device from the tech giant. We've been testing it at the GeekWire office, and on this episode we put it to the greatest test: Cooking Todd's lunch. Plus, we wrap up (and then unwrap) some of the biggest news and surprises from the Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday shopping season and go hands-on with the new Microsoft Surface Headphones, the line's first foray into audio devices.


Tech Holiday Gift Guide: 2018

It's the holiday season, and along with festive Amazon packaging and never-ending carols, that means its time to buy holiday gifts! This week on Geared Up, it's our annual Tech Holiday Gift Guide. Todd and Andru will share their recommendations for the best gadgets and gizmos to put on your list -- plus a special surprise recommendation for that one person who has EVERYTHING. Visit to see a full list of our recommendations and links to all the specific products we...


Bonus episode: Keurig cocktails?

The Geared Up crew is busy preparing for our annual Tech Holiday Gift Guide this week, but one headline did catch our attention: Keurig, the maker of pod-powered coffee machines, is releasing a cocktail maker with the same design. On this episode, we ask: What?? And: Why? Plus, Andru shares his thoughts on Amazon's new HQ2 location in New York City, his hometown.


Samsung's foldable smartphone

Samsung gave a first (very dark) glimpse of its new foldable smartphone, the Galaxy F, this week. Our hosts are divided on whether the phone is a useful step forward or just another holiday season gimmick. Plus, we go hands-on with the new iPad Pro and discuss all the new devices from Apple released this week -- and the ones we were disappointed NOT to see in the lineup.


The iPhone XR

Yet another iPhone is coming out this week -- the iPhone XR. This phone has less flashy features and high-end specs than its siblings, the XS and XS Max, but it's still a very solid phone at a more reasonable price. We run down all the pros and cons of the XR on this week's show along with Andru's takeaways on the new Google Pixel 3. Plus, Todd reviews a smart home plug from Amazon that actually works the way you hope it would and gives us a sneak peek at new augmented reality technology for...


The Regginator! Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime

Reggie Fils-Aime isn't just the President of Nintendo of America: He's also the namesake of more than his fair share of memes. In this interview with Geared Up co-host Todd Bishop, Fils-Aime discusses Nintendo's entry into the mobile game world, the success of the Nintendo Switch and his experience leading the company through the flop of the Wii U console. Recorded live at the GeekWire Summit.


How Ring is reinventing home security

Live from the GeekWire Summit! Ring CEO and Founder Jamie Siminoff started the company with a vision to reinvent home security using connected doorbells. This year, the company has become a giant in smart home devices and was acquired by Amazon, reportedly for more than $1 billion. On this episode, Geared Up co-host Todd Bishop interviews Jamie about Ring's mission and how smart devices are changing our homes.


iPhone XS Max hands-on

The new iPhones are here! We go hands-on with the new iPhone XS Max on this week's show and get Andru's review of the new phone. Spoiler: He can't think of many negatives. Andru also shows off his new Apple Watch Series 4 and gives us the rundown of the improvements on that device. Plus, Oculus announced a new high-powered, tetherless VR headset called the Oculus Quest and Andru gets on a rant about Alexa, potatoes and popcorn.


Alexa in your microwave

Amazon will reportedly be announcing several new Alexa devices in the coming weeks, including a microwave with the AI voice assistant built-in. Will they find success? Plus, we take a look at the latest Nintendo Labo release and the new Switch Online service, which launched this week. And finally, after a week to mull it over, we have some new thoughts and ideas about the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, which start shipping soon.


Apple-palooza! New iPhones + Apple Watch

Apple unveiled three new iPhones, the new Apple Watch Series 4 and a ton more at a special event today. We tell you everything you need to know on this live recording of Geared Up -- including the things we were disappointed that Apple did NOT announce.


Unprecedented smartphone leaks

This week brought one of the biggest iPhone leaks ever, giving us a look into official Apple photos of the upcoming iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4. That's on top of new smartphone news and leaks about the Google Pixel 3 XL and a potential folding smartphone from Samsung. We run it all down on this episode, plus, we take you into the crazy world of PAX, the giant gaming expo that just wrapped up, and go hands-on (or hands-free) with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. GEARED UP GIVEAWAY: This...


Is Xbox All Access a good deal?

Microsoft announced a strange new subscription-style plan for Xbox this week, called All Access. It basically bundles existing gaming subscriptions with an installment plan to buy a new Xbox One S or One X -- but is the plan actually a good deal? We'll also round up everything we know so far about the next generation of iPhones, set to be announced next month, and the massive leaks about the Pixel 3 XL. Plus, Bose jumps into the smart assistant game with three new Alexa-enabled speakers.


Alexa and Cortana: BFFs?

We finally got our hands on the much-hyped integration between Amazon smart assistant Alexa and Microsoft's counterpart, Cortana. And we'd say they're more like awkward acquaintances than BFFs. Plus, some new game gear from Microsoft and Sony and Apple is making a surprising jump into budget computers. We have a new Geared Up Giveaway! Geared Up subscribers can follow this link to enter to win 4 day tickets to PAX West in Seattle, which takes place from August 31 to September 3:...


Galaxy Note 9 Hands-on

This week, we go hands-on for a full review of the new Galaxy Note 9. It's a super high-end device, with a hefty price tag, but the storage, battery life and signature Note stylus make it ultra useful for those on the go. Plus, we hear about the latest development from Andru's Tesla experience and discuss the ins-and-outs of next-gen Mesh WiFi.


Galaxy Note 9 and Surface Go

Samsung is releasing its next top-tier phone this week: The Galaxy Note 9. We'll tell you what we know about the device and take a look at mock-ups of the upcoming iPhones, which will likely release this fall. Plus, we go hands-on with the nicely made but somewhat confusing Surface Go, the newest offering from Microsoft's tablet/PC hybrid line. And we introduce a new gadget game: What's in Todd's closet?


Lenovo Smart Display hands-on

Geared Up is back after a break, and we're jumping in with a hands-on to the first Echo Show competitor: Lenovo's Smart Display, powered by the Google Assistant. Plus, we round up all the news about the new MacBook Pro and upcoming new iPhones, and we get some advice for parents struggling with their kids' tech.


Best tech of 2018 (so far)

We're halfway through 2018, and that means it's time for our mid-year technology roundup. On this episode, we dig into three of our favorite new pieces of technology from the past six months.


Hands-on with the Fire TV Cube

Amazon is trying to get its Alexa voice assistant into as many homes as possible. Its latest offering: The Fire TV Cube, which essentially turns Alexa into a remote control. We try it out live on this episode. Plus, Oculus announced a new virtual reality TV app -- and some people are unimpressed -- and a report points to a new line of AirPods coming before the end of the year.


Extra: Google Podcasts App

Google finally released a native podcast app, and we're pumped. We tell you about its unique features, how it competes with other apps and Google's push to expand podcasting on this bite-size Geared Up Extra.