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Elon gets a win?! #109

This week, Elon gets a win, the NTSB wants tech in cars to prevent drunk driving, and Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon, oh my!! Show Notes: Twitter's court ruling All cars should come with tech to prevent drunk driving. Amazon to unveil new devices Apple's October event Microsoft's event Disney's CEO says he'd love to merge Hulu with Disney+ What's new on Paramount+ in October What's new on Netflix in October What's new on Amazon Prime in October A $3,000 tip on a $13.00 bill

Jack, here’s your bus! #108

This week, Elon throws Jack Dorsey under the bus, Moviepass is not throwing in the towel just yet, and a Tesla owner gets a car key chip implant in his hand Show Notes: Elon Musk subpoenas Jack Dorsey Twitter whistleblower MoviePass is back A Tesla owner gets a car key chip implant in his hand IMDB's Time Machine What's new on Hulu in September An Uber driver hailed a hero


Elon is getting what he wants! #107

This week, Walmart is getting Paramount, Elon is getting what he wants, and there will be a Ring doorbell tv show. Show Notes: Walmart and Paramount+ Judge orders Twitter to give Elon Musk documents Ring TV Show Airbnb's "new anti-part technology." All-electric robotaxi service in Las Vegas Apple event on September 7th Streaming viewership surpasses cable Netflix's ad-supported plan Hard drives crash when playing "Rhythm Nation."


BattleBots: The Twitter Edition #106

This week, Elon Musk wants to have a debate about bots, Amazon buys iRobot for billions, and a mom is suing Facebook. Also, this week, Avram Pilch, co-host of F5 Refreshing Technology, joined us, but due to technical issues, he could not stay on the podcast. We will definitely have him back on a future episode. And our podcast is a People's Choice Podcast Award nominee in the This Week In Tech Technology category, Kirk and Scott would like to thank all of our listeners and viewers for voting...


Tesla’s Bed is Burning! #105

This week, Elon Musk says Tesla is losing billons, billons of credentials are for sale on the dark web and there is something from nothing and it’s not coming to the United States Show Notes: Tesla losing billions Billions of credentials for sale on the dark web The Nothing phone will not come to the US eBay acquires an NFT marketplace You can pay for your Lyft with cash Netflix lays off 300 more employees What's new on Hulu in July What's new on Netflix in July Kidnapped woman rescued after...


What happened to Netflix? #104

This week, Tesla is doing well, Netflix is not doing so well and after a month of streaming on-air, CNN+ is shutting down. Show Notes: Tesla Q1 Netflix reported a loss of subscribers CNN+ is shutting down HBO Max Q1 Apple Store workers in Atlanta file for a union election The global smartphone market in Q1 Amazon hit with more lawsuits Sony plans to put ads in games Disney+ glitch Electric chopsticks Don't forget about our giveaway where one winner can win CES swag, TPN merch, and a goodie...


Elon, what you are doing?? #103

This week on this special episode, Elon Musk buys into Twitter, Comcast wants a man to pay $19,000 and the State Department is adding a new we welcome a special guest... Shannon Morse to the podcast! Also to celebrate having her on the podcast, we are going to have a supersized giveaway with some prizes! Details on this episode, so please be sure to take a listen! Subscribe to Shannon on YouTube: Follow her on Twitter:...


Are CD’s still a thing? #102

This week, Google’s getting sued, Amazon gets MGM, and who knew CDs are still a thing! Show Notes: Google is getting sued Amazon acquires MGM CD sales rose Netflix wants you to pay for sharing your password Verizon makes Fios free for low-income households Pete Davidson will not be on the next Blue Origin flight Tesla employee fired Amazon drivers staged a protest Russian try selling Big Macs


Amazon Ambassadors are silly to me! #101

This week, Samsung is setting a standard, 4 AG's are suing Google and John Stankey says to its competitors, "Go ahead and raise your prices." Show Notes: Samsung's next Unpacked event Google is being sued John Stankey suggests Netflix's price hike is great news for HBO Max Amazon Ambassadors no longer on Twitter HBO Max Q4 Apple obtains restraining order against a woman Reddit tests allowing users to set any NFT as their profile picture Verizon Q4 The SAT will now be digital Warner Music...


Our 100th Episode! #100

This week, Microsoft buys Activision for billons, Apple balloons its market share in the smartphone market and the CEO of Airbnb is living in Airbnb plus we'll recap on all that went down from CES 2022 Show Notes: Microsoft buys Blizzard Apple retakes top spot in Q4 2021 CEO of Airbnb will live on the platform Apple's rumored mixed reality headset could be priced over $2,000 Pichai and Zuckerberg personally oversaw an illegal deal Democrats unveil bill to ban online "surveillance...


CES 2022 Preview #099

This week is a special GNC Week In Review as we are going to give a special early preview of our live coverage of CES 2022 from Las Vegas! And this is our last episode for the year, Chris Jordan from the Talking Sounds Podcast is our guest and he'll join us on this special episode discussing past CES's and what we will see at CES 2022 As we are less than 2 weeks away from CES 2022 and GNC Week In Review along with the Tech Podcasts Network will be heading to Las Vegas for live coverage of...


Problems with the Pixels #098

This week, the Pixel 6 has problems, Boost Mobile introduces their Carrier Crusher plan, and guess who else doesn’t like the removal of the YouTube dislike button? Show Notes: Problems with battery life on the Google Pixel 6 Problems with the fingerprint scanner on the Google Pixel 6 Boost Mobile's Carrier Crusher Plan Starbucks team up with Amazon YouTube Co-Founder opposes the removal of the dislike button FCC and the National Suicide Prevention Hotline We read Twitter for entertainment...


Finally, everyone will have broadband?! #097

This week, Google was valued almost at $2 trillion dollars, Congress approves a broadband plan for billions and MoviePass is making a comeback? Show Notes: Google briefly hit a market cap of $2 trillion dollars Congress OKs 42 billion to deploy 100 Mbps broadband MoviePass may return in 2022 DOJ sues Uber Apple's original computer fetches $400,000 at auction YouTube says will be hiding public dislike counts Samsung's display chief's call to action on climate change Most Americans now aware...


New MacBook’s, new Pixels and more oh my! #096

This week, Apple unleashes its MacBook’s, Google shows off its new Pixels and Facebook possibly is changing their name Show Notes: Apple's Unleashed Event Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro Facebook reportedly changing their name CFPB probes Apple, Google, and others over payment systems Walgreens deploy drones AT&T 3Q Verizon 3Q Comcast XClass TV New union deal for streaming production crews Netflix says 142 million households watched "Squid Games" What's new on Netflix in November 2021


Billions for a building #095

This week, Twitter pays millions, Google pays billions and Apple TV+ has a few million subscribers Show Notes: Twitter will pay over $800 million dollars Google buys a building for $2.1 billion dollars Apple TV+ and its subscribers Microsoft Surface event Apple reportedly working on mental health Mobile Museum GoodRx Health Google will give you more info about ads Amazon will hold on an event on September 28th GM and OnStar Documentary on DC Comics on HBO Max What's new on Netflix in October...


Reddit, really? You are valued over $10 billion? #094

This week, Samsung is flipping and folding again, Amazon is paying customers and Reddit is valued at over $10 billion dollars Show Notes: Samsung Unpacked Amazon to pay customers Reddit is now valued at $10 billion Verizon integrates Apple Health T-Mobile is selling fiber internet Amazon palm print investigation eBay Q2 Disney+ hits 116 million subscribers Tik Tok Frozen Honey challenge


What in the hell is wrong with these people? #093

This week, Google is going Pro, Zoom is going to settle and Amazon is selling a smart soap dispenser. Show Notes: Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Zoom settles lawsuit over "Zoombombing" Amazon's smart soap dispenser Amazon is offering $10 in credit for your palm print Microsoft announces the new "Super Duper Secure Mode" for Edge Uber Q2 Roku Q2 Apple places female engineering program manager on administrative leave Spotify testing a new subscription The FCC releases its first mobile...


$100,000 for a TV or a house? #092

This week, Facebook wants to give money to creators, do you want to spend money for a rollable tv? and Clippy is back! Facebook will be making payments to creators LG OLED rollable tv Microsoft's Office Clippy returns AT&T will bring 5G mmwave to airports Twitter sees a jump in demand to remove content from journalists Verizon has the best overall network iPhone 13 rumors Galaxy S20 displays are suddenly dying iPhone camera detects rare eye cancer in a 3-month-old boy Delta stole its pilots'...


Something is coming from “Nothing” #091

This week, Andy Jassey steps up as the new Amazon CEO, if you are looking into a new job TikTok may have a solution for you, and there is something that is coming this month from "Nothing" Show Notes: Andy Jassey is the new Amazon CEO Nothing earbuds TikTok resumes Individuals now spend more time on TikTok Verizon promises 5G services to TracFone customers Airbnb has blocked tens of thousands of partiers Trump sues Big Tech CEO's Google boots 9 apps from the Play Store Universal's films will...


Jeff says fly me to the moon #090

This week, Jeff Bezos is flying to the moon, Bitcoin lands in El Salvador as legal tender, and Facebook will have its own smartwatch Show Notes: Jeff Bezos and his brother is flying to the moon Bitcoin in El Salvador Facebooks 1st smartwatch US House Representative tweets his Gmail password Volkswagen says more than 3.3 million of their customers' information exposed 2% of the top 1,000 apps in the App Store were reportedly scams WWDC 2021