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Yahoo! Mobile #055

This week; Yahoo is launching Yahoo Mobile plus Comcast accidentally publishes unlisted phone numbers plus Sharp sues Vizio Show Notes: Yahoo Mobile Comcast accidentally publishes unlisted phone numbers Sharp sues Vizio LG's 2020 4K and 8K OLED TV's California ends opposition to T-Mobile merger with Sprint Uninstall these VPN and ad-blocking apps that spied on iPhone and Android What should you look for when picking a VPN Time-saving Android shortcuts First 10 things to do with your new...


Yet another data breach, this time MGM Resorts #054

This week; YouTube faces an FTC complaint, Google bans apps and MGM had a data breach. Show Notes: YouTube faces FTC complaint Google bans apps New Mexico AG and Google Verizon is committed to Google Pixel MGM data breach Apple considers allowing apps like Chrome and Gmail to be defaults Where the democrats' candidates stand on tech The White House planning a 5G summit You can report on a Uber ride mid-trip Myle How to delete your WhatsApp on Android How to delete Uber and Lyft app Best...


Blame it on the app Iowa #053

This week; the Iowa caucus had problems, IMDB has Lost, plus Google Fiber kills its TV service. Show Notes: Iowa caucus results delayed Lost on IMDB TV Google Fiber kills its TV service Apple envisions a foldable phone NYPD replaces logs for iPhone app Apple shipped 10 million more watches than the entire Swiss industry Chrome video advertising standards Uber issued permit to test self-driving vehicle on California public roads AT&T low band 5G Sling TV Windows 10 shortcuts Best Android...


Facebook and Apple earnings grow #052

This week; Facebook earnings grew, Apple earnings grew plus Warner Media loses millions. Show Notes: Facebook Q4 Apple Q4 WarnerMedia takes a revenue hit PayPal Q4 Google bug bounties Apple rumors Samsung S20 rumors Lyft layoffs Best over the air antennas Camera roll and pictures in Windows 10 Schedule an email Facebook will allow you to control your data What's the best store to buy your TV? NordVPN vs. ExpressVPN Android Help on Twitter How to watch the big game for free Best commercials...


Seattle is allowing people to vote by smartphone #051

This week; if you live in Seattle Washington you can vote in this year's election from your smartphone, Uber is coming to Vancouver British Colombia plus Google I/O 2020 Show Notes: If you live in Seattle you can vote from your smartphone Uber comes to Vancouver Google I/O 2020 YouTube moderators must sign form.........can give them PTSD iPhone SE 2 Every movie and show on Netflix in February What's coming to Disney+ in February Sega Claw Machine app


US Army bans TikTok #050

This week, The US Army bans Tik Tok, the IRS makes changes on how you file your taxes online plus Mike Bloomberg spent millions to be in your Google Search results. No show next week as GNC WIR and Geek News Central along with the rest of the Tech Podcasts Network will be in Las Vegas with live coverage of CES 2020 starting at 10 am Pacific 1 pm Eastern on Tuesday, January 7th, so be sure to tune in here or on Show Notes: US Army bans TikTok IRS makes changes Mike Bloomberg...


A look back at 2019 and a look ahead to 2020! #049

This week, a little light in the tech news; Google Search looks back at 2019, Facebook Twitter and Apple look forward to 2020, plus AT&T adds 6 more cities with 5G. Show Notes: Google Year In Search Facebook and Twitter at CES 2020 AT&T 5G coverage in 6 more cities Travis Kalanick to depart Uber board of directors Spotify will pause political ads


Wawa had a data breach #048

This week, Wawa had a data breach, Apple working on satellites, plus no surprise Facebook was the most downloaded app in the decade. Show Notes: Wawa had a data breach Apple working on satellites Facebook was the most downloaded app in the decade Facebook responds to senators questions People with epilepsy on Twitter Dish Network Wireless? Netflix has more originals than the entire TV industry Uber will pay millions to alleged discrimination victims The worst passwords of 2019


Googlepalooza 2019 #047

This week, a big block of google news, the ACLU is suing ICE, a lawsuit is forcing CenturyLink to stop charging for internet cost fees plus Amazon wants to let you know that you still have some time to make your purchases for the holidays. Show Notes: YouTube takes stronger stance against personal attacks Michelle Obama on YouTube Google under investigation from NLRB Google Pixel phones Google 2019 Year In Search ACLU is suing ICE CenturyLink lawsuit Amazon Christmas delivery Golden Globes...


AT&T has a blimp…and it’s a huge blimp #046

This week, AT&T has a blimp and it's a huge blimp also they are back in court, Redditt looks back at 2019 and the findings may surprise you, the FCC says T-Mobile and Verizon are exaggerating about 4G plus illegal robocallers could be punished. Show Notes: AT&T blimp AT&T lawsuit Redditt 2019 Ilegal robocallers could be punished FCC tries to bury findings....5G 5G could boost smartphone sales Airbnb officially bans house parties Plex free streaming Amazon Prime on cable boxes Trending last...


Amazon-Palooza in the news this week! #045

This week, a lot of news from Amazon including that there they are facing questions about Ring, in other news, Apple breaks ground in Texas, Verizon expands its 5G coverage plus AT&T brings 5G...for real. Show Notes: Amazon faces questions about Ring Amazon Go expands You can listen Amazon Music for free Amazon Fire Blaster Apple in Austin Texas Verizon 5G Boost founder wants to buy back Sprint Vizio is updating SmartCast TVs TV buying guide When is the right time to buy a phone? 10 easy...


Google now offers a checking account #044

This week, Google wants you to open a checking account with them, Disney+ had millions of mobile downloads, Verizon wants you to stream, plus Hulu + Live is raising its prices Show Notes: Google offering checking accounts in 2020 Disney + had 32 million app downloads Motorola Razr Verizon Stream Box Hulu Live price increase Facebook/Instagram pulled accounts Amazon smart speakers out ships Googles Apple TV+ renewals Apple's credit card investigation Apple 16 inch Macbook Pro Walmart...


Windows Mobile would have beaten Android #043

This week, FTC fines AT&T, FCC approves the Sprint-T-Mobile merger, Amazon has deals ahead of Black Friday plus Bill Gates says Windows Mobile would have beaten Android. Show Notes: FTC fines AT&T FCC approves Sprint T-Mobile merger Bill Gates Black Friday Amazon deals Costco and Instacart Google/Alphabet investigation Twitter topics rollout AirBnb will verify every listing US Veterans and Apple health records Uber drivers sue Deezer Roku 3Q These devices will lose Netflix support Google...


Twitter to block political ads #042

This week, AT&T overhauls its wireless plans, Facebook’s 3rd quarter revenue grows and its user base grows as well, Twitter is blocking political ads, plus South Park is going to HBO Max. Show Notes: Facebook 3Q AT&T updates its unlimited plans HBO Max nets South Park Apple TV+ is now live Twitter will put a stop to polticial ads NordVPN strengthens security measures Sony's PS4 is the second best selling console Moovit adds Waze SiriusXM with Google Assistant Apple Music student plans with...


Some bad news and some good news

Sadly there will be no podcast episode for this week or next week, I will explain why in this clip. I will be back for a new episode back on Fridays starting on November 1st.


FBI warns of ransomware attacks #040

This week from GNC Week In Review; PC sales are growing, Google ends facial scanning program, plus the FBI warns of major ransomware attacks Show Notes: PC sales are growing Google ends facial scanning program FBI warns of major ransomware attacks Facebook agrees to pay $40 million macOS Catalina Hulu subscribers can finally download shows Walmart's low-cost versions of Roku soundbar Kindle Kids Edition Twitch on Apple TV Roku TVs start showing interactive pop-ups Samsung new Chromebook 4...


Microsoft Surface Event 2019 #039

This week, Microsoft launches new laptops and more, GoPro launches 2 new cameras, Facebook pulls accounts, plus Verizon buys Jaunt. Show Notes: Microsoft Surface event GoPro Hero 8 Black and Hero Max 1 person submitted 1.9 million comments to the FCC Verizon is buying Jaunt Facebook pulls propaganda accounts Twitter rolls out DM filter Samsung Pay Cash Amazon Go Pandora mobile personalization Kamala Harris Elizabeth Warren and Mark Zuckerberg SEC fines Block Redditt US Treasury Department...


Microsoft Surface Event 2019 #039

This week, A Show Notes:


Apple 2019 Event #038

This week from GNC Week In Review, Apple announces the next iPhone and more, GameStop is closing stores, tech CEOs are asking for a federal data law, plus Uber is laying off jobs. Show Notes: Apple Event 2019 Warner Media signs J.J. Abrams BET+ launches Fubo Sports Network Facebook suspends Israeli PM chatbot Facebook adds new ways for public figures to make money Gamestop to close 200 stores Lyft announces Smart Trip Check In Uber layoffs 51 tech CEO's send an open letter to Congress...


Another foldable phone from Samsung? #037

This week, YouTube taking steps to remove harmful content, Facebook may remove likes, TikTok is all in with the NFL plus another foldable phone from Samsung? Show Notes: YouTube shares its plans for removing harmful content Facebook Dating Facebook may remove likes Antitrust investigation into Google Google Search Android 10 NFL and TikTok Verizon 5G and NFL Another Samsung foldable phone? Galaxy A50 Samsung sold 2 million smartphones Another state fights to block T-Mobile Sprint merger...