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The Glasslab Podcast is your window into the design and development of hardware-based products.


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The Glasslab Podcast is your window into the design and development of hardware-based products.






Episode 19: Building Your Way To Building Great Products with Mike Kelly

0:00-1:08 - Intro 1:09-3:03 - The Start of Developertown 3:04-23:30 - Taking Equity for Services 23:31-32:05 - Pros and Cons of the Studio Model 32:06-36:44 - Sharing Risk as a Solution to Common Studio Pitfalls 36:45-39:11 - Software Development vs. Hardware Development 39:12-40:27 - Outro Special Guest: Mike Kelly.


Episode 18: What is a venture studio? With Dick Aderman

In this episode of the Glasslab Podcast, we sit down with Dick Aderman of Boomerang Ventures to discuss his career path, his current role, and the differences between an accelerator and a venture studio. Special Guest: Dick Aderman.


17: Rose Hulman Engineering Design with Dr. Patsy Brackin

On this episode of the Glasslab podcast, we speak with Dr. Patsy Brackin of Rose Hulman Institute of Technology about their unique and real-world-focused Engineering Design Program. Special Guests: Chase Strother and Dr. Patsy Brackin.


16: Intern Takeover

On this episode of Glasslabs, the Interns take over! Join Glassboard's Xtern Class of '23: Matthew Kane, Chase Strother and Alaina Wol as they talk about their experiences and what it's been like working with the team this summer. Special Guests: Alaina Wol, Chase Strother, and Matthew Kane.


15: Best Practices for Early Stage Product Founders with Devon Campbell of Prodct

On this episode of Glasslabs, we talk with Devon Campbell, Founder at Prodct Medical Device Advisory, about best practices early-stage founders can take when creating a new product and how companies like Product and Glassboard support their development. Special Guest: Devon Campbell.


14: Quality in the Medical Device Industry with Christie Johnson of Prodct

On this episode of Glasslabs, we talk with Christie Johnson, Partner at Prodct Medical Device Advisory about the importance of quality, regulatory, and risk management when working in product development. Special Guest: Christie Johnson.


13: Elevate Ventures and Powderkeg with Toph Day and Matt Hunckler

On this episode of Glasslabs, Elevate Ventures CEO Toph Day and Powderkeg CEO Matt Hunckler join us to discuss the convergence of innovation, community, and capital in the "Unvalley," aka the Midwest. Special Guests: Matt Hunckler and Toph Day.


12: Innovatemap with Mike Reynolds

In this episode, we talk to Mike Reynolds, the CEO of Innovatemap about how his career in SaaS allowed him to build a world-class digital design development company. Special Guest: Mike Reynolds.


11: The Heritage Group Accelerator with Nida Ansari

In this episode, we talk with Nida Ansari from The Heritage Group and their Hard Tech Accelerator about how they support founders with resources and entrepreneurial mentors. Special Guest: Nida Ansari .


10: 16 Tech Innovation District with Emily Krueger

This week we talk with Emily Krueger, CEO of 16 Tech Innovation District about how Indianapolis is joining the growing innovation industry and the impact it will have on the city and businesses. Special Guest: Emily Krueger.


9: Sunny Period Care

This week we talk with Cindy Belardo, CEO and Drew Jarvis, CMO of Sunny about how they went from a napkin sketch idea to launching Sunny Cup - a new period care product. Special Guests: Cindy Belardo and Drew Jarvis.


8: Cybersecurity with Nick Sturgeon

This week we talk with Nick Sturgeon, Founder and Executive Director of Indiana University Health's Medical Device Security Lab about the importance of cybersecurity and how to quantify your efforts against attacks. Special Guest: Nick Sturgeon .


7: OYA Femtech Apparel with Mitch Gilbert

This month we sat down with Mitch Gilbert, founder & CEO of OYA Femtech Apparel. We discuss the unique challenges of apparel product development and how transparency is helping OYA change the way people view athleisure clothing. Special Guest: Mitch Gilbert.


6: Battery Innovation with Ben Wrightsman

This month we sat down with Ben Wrightsman. Ben is the President & CEO of the Battery Innovation Center (BIC). We dive into the world of advanced battery technology and talk about the role competitive motorsports play in advancing battery technology. Special Guest: Ben Wrightsman.


5: Product Innovation with Jennifer Fisher

This month we sat down with Jenny Fisher. Jenny is a Senior Innovation Guide at Roche Diagnostics, where she helps develop strategies to increase ideation and explore, evaluate, and introduce new innovation tools for early concept creation and prototyping. Special Guest: Jenny Fisher.


4: Machyne Makerspace

In the is episode we discuss the value Machyne Makerspace brings to our area. We talk about how this maker space has helped us in product development and hear from the people running it. Special Guests: Alex Bandar and Paul Williams.


3: Take Hardware Development Remote

In this episode we take a deep dive with Sean, an IT expert, on the importance of security. During the past year most of us have had to work remote at some point. Working remote causes more risk for security to be compromised. Key things we talk about are VPN's, 2 Factor Authentication, and more. Special Guest: Sean Kleinschmidt.


2: Hammerhead Interview

This week, The Glasslab Podcast sat down with Rob and Laurence from the Hammerhead cycling computer team. We discuss the difficulties of putting out development fires, managing a global and remote team, and how to pick hardware that supports continuous software improvement. Special Guests: Laurence Wattrus and Robert Martinez.


1: Product Development Tools

We are happy to announce our first episode to The Glasslab Podcast! We discuss the importance of the product development tools we use that inspire innovation in our everyday rapid prototyping process. The Glasslab Podcast is your window into the design and development of hardware-based products. Special Guests: Randy Parmerlee and Ricky Rice.