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Gone Mobile 68: Microsoft Build and Google I/O Recap

The boys are back! In this episode, Jon and Greg catch up on all the latest announcements that came out of the Microsoft Build and Google I/O conferences earlier this month. Looking for a crash course on what you missed? We've got you covered!


Gone Mobile 67: Alexa, what's Greg watching?

Greg has been working on a voice driven TV remote using his Amazon Echo (Alexa) and the Logitech Harmony Hub. As a guest on this episode, he talks about the infrastructure and technologies behind his solution to get TV listing information and automatically tune to events. Special Guest: Greg Shackles.


Gone Mobile 66: Under the Hood of the Azure Mobile App with Jakub Jedryszek

Jakub shares what he's learned using Xamarin to build the Azure App for iOS and Android. It's always interesting to see how real app developers are building real apps, the challenges they face, and tips and tricks for building our own apps. Special Guest: Jakub Jedryszek.


Gone Mobile 65: React Native with Bonnie Eisenman

There are a lot of ways out there to build your mobile apps, and React Native offers an interesting way to take your React skills on the web and apply them to building fully native apps across plenty of different platforms. These aren't just hybrid apps running in a browser, so join us as we talk to Bonnie Eisenman about what React Native is, how it works, and how you can get started using it! Special Guest: Bonnie Eisenman.


Gone Mobile 64: Building Apps With The Ionic Framework with Justin Willis

Ionic is a framework that allows you to leverage web technologies to build apps for a wide range of platforms, in addition to providing related tools around building, deploying, and monitoring those apps. In this episode we talk to Justin Willis about what Ionic is, what it provides, and why you might use it to build your next app. Special Guest: Justin Willis.


Gone Mobile 63: Building Apps Using Visual Studio Team Services with Gopinath C H

At Microsoft's Connect(); conference in New York City we sat down with Gopinath C H to talk about Visual Studio Team Services. There are a lot of different components inside of VSTS, so we tried to talk through as many of them as we could and how they can help mobile developers build and maintain their apps. There are a lot of ways to build your apps, and VSTS makes a compelling case for choosing it. Learn how VSTS is being used inside of Microsoft (including for Windows itself!) and how...


Gone Mobile 62: Cosmos DB with Kirill Gavrylyuk

Recorded at Microsoft's Connect(); conference in New York City, we welcomed Kirill Gavrylyuk back on the show to dig into CosmosDB. We talked about what it is, how it works, why you might use it, and much more. Listen in to learn about this exciting new database! Special Guest: Kirill Gavrylyuk.


Gone Mobile 60: Building a Mobile Flight Simulator with Laura Laban

Laura Laban is the CEO and founder of Infinite Flight, a popular flight simulator on mobile devices. In this episode, we talk with Laura about the history of Infinite Flight, its features, server infrastructure, where it's going and much more! Special Guest: Laura Laban.


Gone Mobile 59: SkiaSharp with Matthew Leibowitz

SkiaSharp is a cross-platform 2D graphics API for .NET platforms based on Google's Skia Graphics Library that can be used across mobile, server, and desktop applications. In this episode we chat with Matthew Leibowitz and dig into what SkiaSharp is, how it works, and how you can get started using it in your apps. Special Guest: Matthew Leibowitz.


Gone Mobile 58: Cake with Gary Ewan Park and Mattias Karlsson

Have your cake and eat it too! Build scripts have never been so delicious. We're joined by Cake team members Gary Park and Mattias Karlsson to talk about the Cake (C#) build system, the history of it, and what it all can do. After listening to this episode we guarantee you'll definitely want to put some more C# in your build scripts with Cake! Special Guests: Gary Ewan Park and Mattias Karlsson.


Gone Mobile 57: OpenMVVM with Stanko Nikolic and Bojan Misic

Yes, we're talking about another MVVM framework today, but this one comes with a twist! In this episode we talk to Stanko Nikolic and Bojan Misic about OpenMVVM, an interesting framework they've been working on that combines Xamarin and C# with HTML5 and web views to create a flexible and powerful cross-platform app framework. Join us for a unique approach to cross-platform development with Xamarin! Special Guests: Bojan Misic and Stanko Nikolic.


Gone Mobile 56: MvvmCross Updates with Martijn van Dijk

It took a few years, but we finally did a show on MvvmCross! In this episode we’re joined by Martjin van Dijk, one of the core maintainers of the project, to talk about where MvvmCross came from, what’s new in it, and where it’s heading! Host: Greg Shackles, Jon Dick Guests: Martijn van Dijk Links: MvvmCrossMvvmCross on GitHubUsing MvvmCross with Xamarin.FormsMvvmCross Hackfest Thanks to our Sponsors! Thanks to our sponsor Raygun. Discover, diagnose and understand the root cause of...


Gone Mobile 55: Embeddinating .NET Everywhere with Jonathan Peppers

Did you know that you can take your .NET code, including Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android views, even Xamarin.Forms, and reference them from native Objective-C or Java applications? In this episode we talk to Jonathan Peppers, an engineer on the team at Microsoft working on this sorcery, and dig into how it works and where it’s going. It’s a brave new world! Host: Greg Shackles, Jon Dick Guests: Jonathan Peppers Links: Embeddinator-4000NuGet Package Thanks to our Sponsors! Thanks to...


Gone Mobile 54: Visual Crash Reporting and Bugsee with Alex Fishman

There is no shortage of options out there for doing error and crash reporting for mobile apps, but Bugsee takes a different approach, providing a more visual and deeper set of reporting and diagnostics. In this episode we talk to Alex Fishman, founder and CEO of Bugsee, and dig into what they’re offering for mobile developers. Host: Greg Shackles, Jon Dick Guests: Alex Fishman Links: BugseeBugsee Live Demo Thanks to our Sponsors! MFractor seamlessly integrates with Visual Studio for...


Gone Mobile 53: Xamarin.Forms Update with David Ortinau

On this state of the Xamarin.Forms union, we are joined by long time Xamarin community member and now PM of the Xamarin.Forms team, David Ortinau. We discuss Xamarin.Forms becoming open source, XAML Standard, Forms Embedding (and Embedded Forms), Fast Renderers, and what’s next for Xamarin.Forms. Host: Greg Shackles, Jon Dick Guests: David Ortinau Links: Xamarin.Forms Open SourceEmbedding Xamarin.Forms in Xamarin NativeGlimpse the future of Xamarin.Forms 3.0 Thanks to our...


Gone Mobile 52: Mobile-Powered Baseball Scouting with Jeremy Raadt

Some jobs are just mobile by definition, such as talent scouts for baseball teams. The Minnesota Twins organization recently decided to embrace this and built a new mobile app experience for their scouts to help make their jobs easier and allow for greater collaboration and coordination across the team. In this episode we put our personal baseball allegiances aside briefly to chat with Jeremy Raadt about the app they built, how they built it, and where they see it going in the...


Gone Mobile 51: React Native, Mobile Center, and Continuous Deployment with Ryan Salva and Joe Mellin

Heard of React Native but not sure what the hype is all about? We’ve got you covered! At Microsoft’s Build conference we sat down with Ryan Salva and Joe Mellin from the Mobile Center team to chat through React Native, how it works, and how it compares to other approaches such as Xamarin. We also dig into the full app development lifecycle, and how React Native and Mobile Center can help you continuously deliver quality apps to your users. Host: Greg Shackles Guests: Ryan Salva, Joe...


Gone Mobile 50: Building Great App Experiences with Matt Lacey

Designing great mobile experiences is much easier said than done, but is critical to the success of an application. In this episode we sit down with Matt Lacey to talk through what makes a great app experience, as well as some practical approaches and patterns you can use to start to use to improve the experience for your users. Usability matters! Host: Greg Shackles Guests: Matt Lacey Links: Usability Matters Thanks to our Sponsors! Thanks to our sponsor Raygun. Discover, diagnose...


Gone Mobile 49: Bot Framework with David Hamilton

Chat bots are everywhere these days! While at Microsoft’s Build conference we sat down with David Hamilton to talk about Microsoft’s Bot Framework, and how it can help you start creating chat-based experiences for your users on a variety of platforms. We also take a look at his gigseekr service which leverages the Bot Framework, including a live on-air demo of interacting with it via Cortana! Host: Greg Shackles Guests: David Hamilton Links: Bot Frameworkgigseekr Thanks to our...


Gone Mobile 48: Mobile App Security Testing with Martin Alderson

How do you prevent your app from shipping with preventable security vulnerabilities? This episode we talk to Martin Alderson of Codified Security about their automated Mobile App Security testing service. Hosts: Greg Shackles, Jon Dick Guests: Martin Alderson Links: Codified SecurityXamarin App Security TestingOWASP Mobile Top 10 Thanks to our Sponsors! Thanks to our sponsor Raygun. Discover, diagnose and understand the root cause of error, crash and performance issues in your...


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