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Surma and Jake talk about whatever's going on in the world of web development.


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Surma and Jake talk about whatever's going on in the world of web development.




Changing jobs, Deno, and optimizing animations

In this episode: - Surma changed jobs. - The Shopify interview process. - Pair programming vs pair problem solving. - Surma's also doing bits of work for Deno. - The complexities of testing image codecs. - Jake forgot to tell Ada how HTTP 203 filming ends, so it almost never did. - Keeping animations fast but simple for page transitions. Transcript:


Deno, dithering, and bathrooms

Transcript - Surma's talk about brain-click - Is Chrome removing view-source? (no) Studio lighting - Jake's Twitter thread about view-source - Bathroom designs The HTTP203 episode on Deno - Jake's CORS article - Deno deploy - The little Deno server Jake wrote - Jake's wikipedia search thing - Color spaces and dithering Surma's article on dithering - Tom Scott's video on the Pulfrich Effect - Shared element transitions - CSS cross-fade function - Compositing on the web - Michael Caine trying to do an American accent - Catch videos from the HTTP 203 series → Subscribe to Google Chrome Developers →


Is Safari the new IE?

In this episode, Surma and Jake chat about: Transcript → HTTP 203 on memory debugging → Box-sizing → IE5.5 box model → Tim Perry's article → IE double margin bug → IE duplicate characters bug → Dave Rupert's article → PROXX → Weird emails from browser testing services → Catch videos from the HTTP 203 series → Subscribe to Google Chrome Developers →


When the hype train turns out to be a bus replacement service

In this episode, Surma and Jake chat about: Jake's 100kAMA, pose questions here → Jake's 'bake-dancing' → The wee scale Hype trains Esbuild → Squoosh → Surma's JPEG-XL art tool → → JPEG-XL comparison → JPEG-XL features The quality of web images React on initial HTML → What does 'inline CSS' mean? F1 website performance → AVIF blur preview → Progressive rendering → Google I/O →


Blog build tools, JS blocks, and opener-policy

In this episode of the top-10-most-popular-JavaScript podcast, Jake and Surma chat about: Using our blogs to experiment with build systems. Jake's → Surma's → 11ty → Jake's static build → Hydrated components in Jake's posts → And where those are processed → Surma's dithering post → Cats and laser pens Dogs and teeth Improving the safety of Jedi training The old _blank behaviour → The spec change → The browsing context → Cross-origin-opener-policy → → Back/forward cache → Old blocks proposal → New blocks proposal → Lockdown dreams Lottery fail →


How does back/forward actually work, and does 'talent' even exist?

- Jake messed up his recording, so it sounds like he literally phoned it in. He is very sorry. - Where do you put clothes that are in active service? - How the star system of hotels should work - Jake hates Eastenders - The - The session history traversal bit of the spec → - Jake's writeup of how history behaves in browsers & spec proposal → - The back-forward page cache → - Moving an iframe → - COOP & COEP to get SharedArrayBuffer back → - To what degree does "talent" exist? Is talent simply practice? → - The social and economic advantages you need to become good at something - Does piracy have a valid place in helping disadvantaged folks learn software? - Different kinds of practice: Work, play, and deliberate practice. - Informer by Snow → - This great Informer tweet → - Jon Snow dancing → - The short version of HTTP203 →


The big build-tool bonanza

- Surma’s photo challenge: - happened! - Jake's image compression talk → - Jake & Jason write build plugins → - goes live! - webpack's weird behaviour with entry points → - Rollup's docs → - Rollup's issues with hashing → - Import maps → - SystemJS import maps → - Hash cascading →


How to avoid getting UTF'd by text encodings

- The Count from Sesame Street swearing → (warning: silly/rude) - Ofcom research into broadcast swearing → (warning: lots of really bad language) (bigger warning: PDF) - Banned word list read by a computer → (warning: lots of really bad language) - Beat saber stretches → - Remy's question about text encoding → - TextEncoder → - TextDecoder → - Streaming versions → - Josh's joke encoding PR → - atob → - bota → - Binary strings in JS → - readAsBinaryString in FileReader → - DOMContentLoaded → - defer and IE bugs → - DOM ready in jQuery → - readyState → - doScroll trick → - "The end" → See for other episodes.


Maths, hooks, and errors

Jake injured himself playing games. Jake also has a stupid cat. By the way, skip to 22 mins if you don't care about all that. Writing a Countdown solver → Here's the game show → Here's the C++ solution → Jake's unappreciated audio blog post → HTM (JSX alternative) → Preact hooks → ComLink → Throwing non-errors. Guide to promises → Gotchas with typeOf. isNaN vs Number.isNaN. See for other episodes.


Apps vs sites, binary data, and build times

Phil and Jack from are still lingering around. We chat about: Fustractions with punctuality. Phil's time website → Frances on naming PWAs → Jen's new job. Surma's WebXR experiment → Transferring data between workers and pages. The DataView API → Buffer-backed objects → JavaScript proxies → Mathias on JS internals, including holey arrays → DX vs UX → Differences between dev and prod builds. An epic quiz on HTTP status codes. Desyncronised canvas → pointerrawupdate → Jake's unloved pointer library → getCoalescedEvents → See for other episodes.


Fish & Scripts special!

We join the podcast and chat about: Games we're playing to cope with lockdown: Overcooked 2 → Snipperclips → Pikuniku → Play You Don’t Know Jack → Knowledge is Power → It’s Quiz Time → And Surma plays Zelda fast → Jake buys some chocolate Phil joins a choir requestStorageAccess → The SameSite cookie change is rolled back → Chrome releases are resumed → And we give Phil & Jack our quiz: NOT-or-NOT See for more detailed show notes, including links.


VR, API design, and coping with lockdown

Also native filesystem, listener questions, and TMI.


Social distance, SSR patterns, and bedtime routines

Also performance, progressive enhancement, and hand-drying.


Observables, board games, and 'Artechulate'

Also, top fashion and career advice.


It takes two to tangent

Also cache invalidation, server rendering, and learning curves.


Stability, TODOs, and the HTTP 203 census

Also how do you do TODO?


The block-drop-n-swap

Also, font loading, feature phones, and webpack vs Rollup.


Chatting Edge & CSS with Greg Whitworth

Also, PROXX, forms, and auto.


Performance, trailers, and dentistry mishaps

Also camping, compositing, and building games.


Rotating an image… TO THE EXTREME

Also clip-path, bread, and urinals again.