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When the conversation turns to technology, Hashtag Trending makes sure you’re in the know. We review the top trending tech topics from across the web - Twitter, Reddit, Google, Product Hunt and more.

When the conversation turns to technology, Hashtag Trending makes sure you’re in the know. We review the top trending tech topics from across the web - Twitter, Reddit, Google, Product Hunt and more.




When the conversation turns to technology, Hashtag Trending makes sure you’re in the know. We review the top trending tech topics from across the web - Twitter, Reddit, Google, Product Hunt and more.








Hashtag Trending Aug 18 - Physical car controls are still better; Airbnb anti-partying tool; AirTag solves another theft

Physical car knobs beat digital ones, Airbnb launches an anti-partying tool in North America, and AirTag data helps solve another theft case.


Hashtag Trending Aug 17 - Horizon Worlds hit France and Spain; FTC harassing Bezos?; Amazon freight facility walkout

Meta launches Horizon Worlds in two new countries, Amazon says the FTC is harassing its founder, and workers go on strike at an Amazon freight facility in California.


Hashtag Trending Aug 16 - AT&T wants its employees back at the office; Is Apple bringing ads to its pre-installed apps?; SpaceX is letting researchers hack Starlink

AT&T employees are being forced to return to office, Apple could bring ads to some of its apps, SpaceX is letting researchers hack into Starlink.


Hashtag Trending Aug. 15 - Uber discontinues Uber Rewards; renewable energy pays; and bioengineered cornea restores sight

Uber discontinues its loyalty program, renewable energy could pay for itself within six years, and scientists create a promising bioengineered cornea.


Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition, August 12, 2022 - Today we are featuring “The Great Debate” – Microsoft 365 vs Google Docs

Something changed with the introduction of Google Docs. It was cloud based and you could share documents over the web. Then Microsoft 365 came on the scene and matched Google’s price and approach. Today, few people know what the real differences are. So, which one should you get for your company?


Hashtag Trending August 12 - Facebook is not popular with teens; misinformation continues to spread; FCC rejects Starlink's application for $885 million subsidy

Teens are not using Facebook, research reveals people are seeing misinformation weekly, and the FCC rejects Starlink’s request for $900 million in subsidies


Hashtag Trending August 11 - Meta worries about idle workforce; Microsoft disbands prosumer team; Google grills Apple over texting beef

Meta CEO worries that some employees aren’t doing work, Microsoft cuts team focused on prosumer experience, and Google blasts Apple’s texting standard.

Hashtag Trending August 10 - Ferrari recall; Google outage; Meta’s new chatbot and its problems

Ferrari is recalling almost every car it has sold since 2005, Google suffered an outage, and Meta’s new chatbot is already spewing false statements.


Hashtag Trending August 9 - Netflix games remain unpopular; video game industry suffers post-pandemic; eBay’s new refurbished program

Netflix’s games aren’t very popular, video game industry slides post pandemic, and Ebay’s new refurbished program causes headaches for resellers.


Hashtag Trending August 8 - Amazon buys Roomba maker; federal government employees want to work from home; flight trackers irk public figures

Amazon acquires iRobot, federal government employees resent the idea of returning to office, and public figures are not happy with flight trackers.


Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition, August 5, 2022 - Today we are featuring an interview with Catherine Luelo who was recently appointed CIO of Canada.

Today’s podcast features an interview with Catherine Luelo, recently appointed CIO of Canada.


Hashtag Trending August 5 - Equifax credit score mishap; new anti-robocall taskforce; Cloudflare email forwarding bug

Equifax misreported credit scores for loan applications, the U.S. forms a new anti-robocall taskforce, and a Denmark student finds a flaw in Cloudflare’s email forwarding service.


Hashtag Trending August 4 - Facebook ends live shopping feature; Motorola cancels foldable phone launch event; Robinhood fires 23 per cent of staff

Facebook shuts down its live shopping feature, Motorola cancels the launch of its foldable phone, and Robinhood fires almost a quarter of its staff.


Hashtag Trending August 3 - China’s new power grid AI; TikTok to surpass Facebook in influencer marketing spending; anti-piracy ads may not be working

China deploys new AI to manage its power grid, TikTok to overtake Facebook in influencer marketing spending, and anti-piracy ads may be encouraging pirating.


Hashtag Trending August 2 - Google ‘Simplicity Sprint’; Amazon carbon emission rises in 2021; another Meta lawsuit



Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition, July 29, 2022 - Today we are talking about something very timely - crisis communications. Join us as we speak to Ramon Pinero, an expert in the subject at BlackBerry.

Join us as we talk to Ramon Pinero, an expert in crisis communications at BlackBerry. Whether it’s a system failure, internet outage, a security breach or a natural disaster, a communications plan may be just as important as your response plan.


Hashtag Trending July 29 - Metaverse profit; videogames harmless in moderation; Microsoft earnings report

Meta loses money in the metaverse, video games do not harm mental health, and Microsoft releases its earnings report.


Hashtag Trending July 28 - Facebook increasing expectations for employees; Low smartphone sales in China; Senate advances U.S. semiconductor bill

Facebook to operate with “increased intensity”, smartphone sales in China slump, U.S. Senate advances multi-billion dollar bill subsidizing chip manufacturing.


Hashtag Trending July 27 - How do governments seize cryptocurrency; Amazon hikes prime subscriptions in Europe; T-Mobile to pay a large settlement for data breach

How do governments seize millions in cryptocurrency? Amazon is increasing its prime subscriptions in Europe, and T-Mobile will pay $500 million for one of the largest data breaches in U.S. history.


Hashtag Trending July 26 - Australian companies stop use of facial recognition tech; U.S. social media laws; Intel and MediaTek agreement

Australian retailers stop the use of facial recognition technology, more American states are working on laws to control social media, and Intel announces that it will produce chips for Taiwan’s MediaTek.