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When the conversation turns to technology, Hashtag Trending makes sure you’re in the know. We review the top trending tech topics from across the web - Twitter, Reddit, Google, Product Hunt and more.

When the conversation turns to technology, Hashtag Trending makes sure you’re in the know. We review the top trending tech topics from across the web - Twitter, Reddit, Google, Product Hunt and more.




When the conversation turns to technology, Hashtag Trending makes sure you’re in the know. We review the top trending tech topics from across the web - Twitter, Reddit, Google, Product Hunt and more.








Hashtag Trending - GameStop goes to the moon; Samsung heads to Texas; Google forced to follow new rules

The GameStop saga continues, Samsung is reportedly heading to Texas, and Apple will require Google to get permission before collecting personalized ad data on iOS users.


Hashtag Trending - Apple's pacemaker warning; Montreal businessman prepares for space; Cisco wins Canada's top employer award

Apple issues a crucial warning about pacemakers, Montreal businessman Mark Pathy is preparing for the first private flight to space, and Forbes announces Canada’s top employer.


Hashtag Trending - Google workers form union; BlackBerry soars; Wattpad acquisition

Google workers form a global union alliance, BlackBerry stocks are soaring, and Wattpad gets acquired.


Hashtag Trending - Microsoft president talks campaign contributions; Instacart fires pro-union employee; Consequences of Flash

Microsoft’s president makes it clear that political donations are vital for business, Instacart is under fire after firing employees\ who supported unionization, and a train stops working after Flash dies.


Hashtag Trending - Bizarre facial recognition proposal in India; White House calls for coders; Ajit Pai’s final report

A proposal to install facial recognition cameras in an Indian city draws backlash, a stealthy call for coders has been found on the White House’s website, and Ajit Pai’s final report deserves an eye-roll.


Hashtag Trending - Researchers dig into Facebook's role in Capitol attack; Netflix hits 200M; Wikipiedia hits 1B

The Capitol attack has been brewing for months on Facebook, according to researchers, Netflix reaches 200 million subscribers, and Wikipedia reaches its billionth edit.


Hashtag Trending - Parler survives; FBI investigates looks into stolen laptop from Capitol assault; Empty Toronto offices

Parler manages to rise from the ashes, the FBI searches for a stolen laptop from the Capitol assault, and office vacancies in downtown Toronto spike.


Hashtag Trending - DuckDuckGo hits milestone; Snapchat handing out cash; Tech withdrawal

DuckDuckGo reaches a milestone of 100 million daily search queries, Snapchat is giving out big bucks, and experts predict that kids will face a tech withdrawal once life returns to “normal.”


Hashtag Trending - Honey-trapping Capitol rioters; Remote worker-boom attracts real estate startups; Vaccine passports

Capitol rioters are now getting turned in to the FBI by some creative women matching with them on the Bumble dating app, the remote worker boom is attracting real estate startups, and some chatter around whether or not vaccine passports will work.


Hashtag Trending - Samsung Unpacked; San Francisco office market in jeopardy; Who’s hiring in Canada?

Samsung removes the charger from its phones after making fun of Apple for doing the same, the San Francisco office market is collapsing as tech workers stay home, and a closer look at the tech firms that are hiring in Canada.


Hashtag Trending - Cleantech at CES; TikTok makes thousands accounts private; Uncovering Parler secrets

Cleantech at CES, TikTok makes accounts of users under 16 private, and the story about a hacker saving 57 terabytes of data before Parler fell off the face of the earth.


Hashtag Trending - AMD's CES keynote; GoFundMe takes a stand; More concerns over Amazon workers

AMD’s CES keynote, GoFundMe bans fundraising for travel expenses used for potentially violent events, and concerns over Amazon workers intensify.


Hashtag Trending - CES 2021 news drops already; Parler woes; New return policy turns heads

CES 2021 is in session, Parler’s controversy continues as it goes from No.1 to non-existent, and a new retail policy that lets you - keep stuff?


Hashtag Trending - Parler gets booted off AWS; Signal gets some love; CES is upon us

Parler, the social network favoured by conservatives and extremists is having a rough week, Communication platform Signal is getting a lot of love recently, and a sneak peek at this year’s CES event.


Hashtag Trending - Capitol offices face cyber risk; Elon Musk passes Jeff Bezos to become world’s richest person; Bitcoin quietly booms

Infosec pros watch in horror as a group of rioters supporting Trump storm into the offices at Capitol Hill, Elon Musk becomes the world’s wealthiest person, and the good times keep rolling for Bitcoin as it hovers around $35K.


Hashtag Trending - Court slaps Uber on the wrist; Research highlights WFH's popularity; Adobe Flash's goodbye

Massachusetts court says Uber can’t hold users to terms they probably didn’t read, nearly 30 per cent of people would quit their job if forced to go back to the office, and our final goodbye to Adobe Flash.


Hashtag Trending - Ticketmaster hacks rival; Apple shuts down stores in UK; More 5G conspiracy nonsense

Ticketmaster admits to hacking a rival company before going out of business, Apple has temporarily closed all remaining stores in the UK, and get ready for a trending 5G theory about a guitar pedal.


Hashtag Trending - Slack outage; Alphabet workers union; More tech predictions

Good morning everyone! We are back - and it’s good to be back - for our first new episode of 2021! Today we’re talking about Slack’s massive outage, Alphabet employees seeking to unionize, and Business Insider’s tech trends for 2021.


Hashtag Trending - Telecom tech predictions for 2021

With the work from home transition accentuating the importance of good connectivity, network developments, whether it’s 5G or broadband, are accelerating in Canada. Here's what to pay attention to in the telco space in 2021.


Hashtag Trending - Top Canadian Tech Stories of 2020

2020 headlines were dominated by COVID-19, and while the year didn’t resemble the “Roaring 20s” many were looking forward to, there was a lot to be inspired by when it comes to Canadian innovation. Here are our top Canadian Tech stories of 2020.