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ITOA Today - Episode 6 - Cloudy with a chance of alert storms

Are you tired of waiting out the storm? You're not alone. Listen in to learn how you can weather the storm.


ITOA Today - Episode 5 - Containers: Fad or Future

Containers have quickly become a favored new technology for IT organizations, which begs the question of whether they are here to stay or simply a fad of 2017. In this episode of "ITOA Today," join host Lora Johnson and Blue Medora's Product Manager Mike Langdon as they discuss what makes containers so appealing, and if you should prepare your IT stack for a container-filled future.


ITOA Today - Episode 4 - The Best of VMworld U.S. 2017

Live from Las Vegas, join Blue Medora Chief Architect Craig Lee as he and host Lora Johnson provide analysis and insight into VMworld U.S. 2017, including the hottest trends, coolest technology and the announcements you can't miss.


ITOA Today - Episode 3 - What's the future of the hybrid cloud?

In this episode of Blue Medora's podcast series "ITOA Today," join us for a discussion about the current state of the hybrid cloud in organizations around the world with expert insight from Alain Geenrits, director of solution architects for EMEA at Blue Medora. In addition, we'll provide insight into how this will adapt and change over the coming years -- and what you can do to ensure you are ready to meet the changing demands created by this industry shift.


Episode 2 - Calming the storm: How to minimize IT alerts

Alert storms can demolish productivity, turning your team's focus from proactive to reactive in the blink of an eye. In this episode of "ITOA Today," learn key best practices to transform your IT environment to drive strategic value -- and eliminate IT alert storms in the process. Garner key takeaways to implement immediately and improve your troubleshooting process.


ITOA Today - Episode 1 - What is ITOA?

In today's world, driving better performance across your IT stack can result in significant benefits for your organization -- reducing costs and ensuring a positive end-user experience to start. Join Blue Medora to kick-off its podcast series, ITOA Today, as guest Brian Williams discusses IT operations and analytics (ITOA) with Lora Johnson to provide insight into what it offers organizations.