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The tech news you need to know from the past week covering iPhones, iPads, and related mobile technology. Brought to you by Jeff Richardson of iPhone J.D. and Brett Burney of Apps in Law.


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The tech news you need to know from the past week covering iPhones, iPads, and related mobile technology. Brought to you by Jeff Richardson of iPhone J.D. and Brett Burney of Apps in Law.




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99: Messages, In a Bottle, and the Police

Watch the video! In the News blog post for May 19, 2023: Kevin Purdy | Ars Technica: Drobo, having stopped sales and support, reportedly files Chapter 7 bankruptcy Evan Selleck | AppleInsider: Pepsi giving out free Apple Music subscriptions in new ad blitz Tammy Rogers | iMore: This is the most popular Apple Music song, ever John Voorhees | MacStories: Apple Adds Live Music Features to Maps and Music James Vincent | The Verge: OpenAI launches free ChatGPT app for iOS Alex Cabrero | Business owner tracks stolen AirPods to Woods Cross hotel Julia Buckley | CNN: This woman left her AirPods on a plane. She tracked them to an airport worker’s home Apple Press Release: App Store stopped more than $2 billion in fraudulent transactions in 2022 Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: iOS 16.5 now available: Here’s everything new D. Griffin Jones | Cult of Mac: 5 hidden features in iMessage Eric Slivka | MacRumors: iPhone Driver's License Feature in Wallet App Now Available in Georgia Brett’s iTip: Show battery percentage for the power anxious by going to Settings - Battery and toggle on “Battery Percentage.” Some people like this, and it makes other very anxious. Jeff’s iTip: Recover a specific text message or an entire thread, but it only for the last 30 days. In the Messages list, tap Edit in the top left corner, then tap Show “Recently Deleted.” You will see deleted messages, and on the right it will tell you how many days you have left before the message is gone forever. Tap on a message or group of messages and tap “Recover.” Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


98: Apple’s Canary Trap, The Final Cut for iPad, and Classical Music Magic

Watch the video! In the News blog post for May 12, 2023: Ed Hardy | Cult of Mac: Apple busts major iOS 17 leaker with spycraft ‘canary trap’ Jason Snell | Six Colors: Final Cut and Logic arrive on iPad: Questions and (some) answers Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: iOS 16.5 to be released next week; here’s everything new Glenn Fleishman | TidBITS: AirTag in the News: NYPD Recommends, Apple and Google Propose Industry Tracking Standard Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: AirTag credited with helping investigators locate $1.1M in cash stolen from armored truck Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: Apple Watch helps save woman’s life after collapsing in a hotel room from a ruptured aorta Filipe Espósito | 9to5Mac: Ivory for Mastodon gets updated with Safari Extension and other enhancements Joe Rossignol | MacRumors: Shazam Now Supports Apple Music Classical D. Griffin Jones | Cult of Mac: 8 secret features in Apple Maps Brett’s iTip: When I search for a restaurant in either Google Maps or Apple Maps, I usually select “Sort by Distance” so I can see what’s closest (default is “sort by relevance”). Wish I could set this as default, but haven’t found that setting. Also in Google Maps, I use the “Measure Distance” tool that lets me drop multiple points to get an accurate measurement of the total distance from point to point. Jeff’s iTip: Words to the Wise: Displaying Siri text on the Apple Watch. In the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, go to Siri - Siri Responses. Or on the Apple Watch: Settings app - Siri - Siri Responses. You can “Always Show Siri Captions” ON / OFF (Show what Siri says on the screen) or “Always Show Speech” ON / OFF (Show a transcription of your speech on screen). Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


97: Rapid Security, Static Islands, and Skydiving iPhones

Watch the video! In the News blog post for May 5, 2023: Kyle Barr | Gizmodo: People Put Nearly $1 Billion Into Apple Savings Accounts in First 4 Days John-Anthony Disotto | iMore: Ford stands by CarPlay despite General Motors opting to leave Stephen Hackett | 512 Pixels: CarPlay’s UI Needs a Revisit in the Age of Large Screens Jeff’s Article: Apple's first Rapid Security Response update Adam Engst | TidBITS: What Are Rapid Security Responses and Why Are They Important? Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: New York City tells car owners to use AirTags to stop theft, will hand out 500 freebies Darryl Dsouza | The Mac Observer: Top 10 Incredible Dynamic Island Wallpapers for iPhone 14 Pro Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: The downfall of Brydge: iPad keyboard company folds, leaving staff unpaid and customer orders unfulfilled Joe Fedewa | How-To Geek: 10 Apple Maps Features You Should Be Using Brett’s iTip: Control how Siri announces text messages by going to Settings - Notifications - Announce Notifications and un-toggle the announcement for specific apps. But I also add “Announce Notifications” in the Control Center so I can temporarily mute them. Jeff’s iTip: For apps where you can send a reply, like the Messages app , Siri repeats what you said, then asks for confirmation before sending your reply. But to send replies without waiting for confirmation, do any of the following: On iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Go to Settings - Notifications - Announce Notifications, then turn on Reply Without Confirmation. On Apple Watch: Go to Settings - Siri - Announce Notifications, then turn on Reply Without Confirmation. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


96: The Shoulders Apple was Built Upon and the Complications of Tim Cook

Watch the video! In the News blog post for April 28, 2023: Zoe Kleinman | BBC: Mobile phone inventor made first call 50 years ago Ben Lovejay | 9to5Mac: Adding Depth to Music D. Griffin Jones | Cult of Mac: Download the Apple Watch face Tim Cook uses Michael Potuck | 9to5Mac: Readdle launches overhauled Calendars app for Apple Watch with new UI, 6 watch faces, more Jeff’s Great Jazz Fest Playlist Malcolm Owen | AppleInsider: AirTag tracks down carjacked car used in a shootout Andrew Orr | AppleInsider: iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via Satellite saved students stuck in a Utah canyon Brett’s iTip: Temporarily Disable FaceID on iPad. I know an easy tip for making my iPhone temporarily disable FaceID and require a passcode is either quickly click the side button 5 times or click and hold the side button + volume button (either one) for 2 seconds. That second method also works on the iPad. Jeff’s iTip: Perform a Safety Check on your iPhone (this is a new iOS 16 feature). Go to Settings - Privacy & Security - Safety Check. Then you can determine who can access your Find My, and which apps can access Location, Bluetooth, Microphone, etc. There’s also a handy “Quick Exit” button in the upper right. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


95: Recovery Keys, iPad Keyboards, and Lucky iPhones

Watch the video! In the News blog post for April 21, 2023: Nicole Nguyen and Joanna Stern | The Wall Street Journal: The iPhone Setting Thieves Use to Lock You Out of Your Apple Account Adam Engst | TidBITS: How a Passcode Thief Can Lock You Out of Your iCloud Account, Possibly Permanently Jason Cross | Macworld: The FBI public charging station warning is scary, but your iPhone has your back Jason Cross | Macworld: Apple Card Savings: How to earn interest on your Daily Cash Shelly Brisbin | Six Colors: The real secrets of iOS and accessibility Justin Meyers | Gadget Hacks: 7 Hidden iPhone Apps You Didn't Know Existed Cliff Joseph | Macworld: Best iPad keyboards Benjamin Mayo | 9to5Mac: HomePod can now notify you when it hears your smoke detector alarm Harry McCracken | Tehnologizer: The End of Computer Magazines in America Marques Brownlee | MKBHD: I Spent $40,000 to Unbox a Sealed Original iPhone! Brett’s iTip: Use the Flashlight on Your Apple Watch - Swipe up to the Control Center and tap the flashlight button. The watch face will light up with a white light - it’s kind of bright, but when you turn the watch face to yourself it will dim a bit. Gives off plenty of light to see around your surroundings. You can swipe to the left for a flashing white light (good for runs or bike rides at night) and swipe again for a red light. Jeff’s iTip: On the mend? For me, cast on the leg, but could be any illness or COVID quarantine. Use an Apple Watch. It’s always with you so you can text or call someone within your house from your Apple Watch; you can control lights if you have a smart home; manage medications; set alarms; and even use the Mindfulness app to stop and breathe. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


94: What’s Cookin’ at Apple, CarPlay FacePalm, and Sassy Siri

Watch the video! In the News blog post for April 7, 2023: Zach Barron | GQ: Tim Cook on Shaping the Future of Apple Joseph Finance | Reuters: GM plans to phase out Apple CarPlay in EVs, with Google's help Patrick George | The Verge: Everybody hates GM’s decision to kill Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for its EVs William Gallagher | AppleInsider: Apple's iPad is still showing the world how to do tablets, 13 years later John Gruber | Daring Fireball: The Case of the iPhone Case Poll David Sparks | MacSparky: Dark Noise 3.0 Juli Clover | MacRumors: Apple Directs Users Not to Hang Up on Operators in Accidental Crash Detection Calls Craig Hockenberry | iconfactory: Clicker 2.0 John-Anthony Disotto | iMore: 129 Siri Easter eggs to get a surprise response from Apple's smart assistant Brett’s iTip: The iPhone will update it’s time to whatever time zone you’re in but you can change this setting in Settings - General - Date & Time. Even if the iPhone’s time keeps updated, you can choose to have your Calendar stay on a specific time zone by going to Settings - Calendar and toggle on Time Zone Override. I personally leave this off so that my calendar updates to the local time zone, but some folks may want to force their Calendar to stay in a specific time zone. Jeff’s iTip: A preview of Siri to come: the S-GPT Shortcut by Federico Viticci, based on OpenAI’s ChatCPT Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


93: iPhone Kissy Face, Tetris TV, and Apple Watch Overboard

Watch the video! In the News blog post for March 31, 2023: Jeff: Apple releases iOS 16.4 and many other updates Justin Meyers | Gadget Hacks: iOS 16.4 Has 53 New Features and Changes for iPhone You Won't Want to Miss John Gruber | Daring Fireball: OS Updates Kirk McElhearn | TidBITS: Apple Music Classical (Mostly) Plays the Right Chords Nathaniel Pangaro | AppleInsider: Inside Apple Grand Central retail: The Apple Store on a balcony Michael Potuck | 9to5Mac: Hello There iOS greeting card organizer gets auto card detection, hashtags, custom icons Filipe Espósito | 9to5Mac: Lost Apple Watch survives hours at sea and is returned to its owner thanks to Find My Sarah Perez | TechCrunch: Library e-book app OverDrive to shut down on May 1st, readers directed to Libby instead Andrew Orr | AppleInsider: Play 'Tetris' and win one month Apple TV+ free trial Oliver Haslam | iMore: This iPhone kissing machine is the weirdest accessory we’ve ever seen Brett’s iTip: Turn on “Optimize iPhone Storage” so full-resolution photos and videos are then transferred up to iCloud, while smaller, lower-resolution versions are kept on your device which take up less space. Go to Settings - iCloud (your picture) - iCloud - Photos and make sure “iCloud Photos” is toggled on and then make sure “Optimize iPhone Storage” is selected. If you want to access your higher-resolution photos and videos, you can go into the Photos app and download any file that's being optimized, but this requires a decent internet connection. Your more recently taken photos and videos may exist in full-resolution, so you won't need to download every photo or video. Jeff’s App: One of my favorite apps for the iPad that I use all the time is Goodnotes for taking notes. In a recent update, they added the ability to add quick-access Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


92: Stocking Up on Doorbell Batteries and Driving AirTags with Stick Shifts

Watch the video! In the News blog post for March 24, 2023: Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: What’s new in iPadOS 16.4? Here are the full release notes Filipe Espósito | 9to5Mac: iOS 16.4 brings Voice Isolation for cellular calls, here’s how to enable it Follow Jeff on Mastodon! Jason Fitzpatrick | How-To Geek: How Often Should You Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Router? CWBChicago: Use an AirTag or Drive a Stick Shift Bradley Chambers | 9to5Mac: HomeKit Weekly: Aqara brings HomeKit Secure Video to a battery-powered doorbell for the first time Brett’s iTip: The iPhone actually has two different volume controls that can be confusing, especially when you don’t want to miss your alarm! There’s the media volume which controls sound from apps, games, videos, music, and phone calls. There’s the ringer & alert volume which controls sounds for your ringer, notifications, system alerts, and alarms. By default, the media volume is controlled by the side buttons. And by default, the ringer & alert volume is controlled by going to Settings - Sounds & Haptics and changing the slider under “Ringer and Alert Volume.” But this gets confusing because under that slider there is a “Change with Buttons” toggle. If that’s turned on (and probably is) then the side buttons will change both volumes. Jeff’s iTip: Here’s a trick for faster scrolling on the iPhone or iPad. Start to scroll a list like normal and you will see the scroll bar appear on the right. Tap and hold the scroll bar until you feel the haptic feedback on the iPhone. On the iPad, you just have to hope that you have held it long enough. Move that finger pressing the scroll bar up and down to scroll much more quickly Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


91: Verbose Carrots, Business Copilots, and Extravehicular Spacesuits

Watch the video! In the News blog post for March 17, 2023: Jeff’s Review: Camo - Use Your iPhone as a Webcam Jason Snell | SixColors: Camo Studio 2 supports any webcam, including Continuity Camera Jess Weatherbed | The Verge: Carrot Weather update introduces snarky chatbot based on ChatGPT Jared Spataro | Official Microsoft Blog: Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot – your copilot for work Katie Deighton | The Wall Street Journal: Font Wars Spread After State Department Replaces Times New Roman With Calibri Dan Moren | Macworld: Four rumored iPhone 15 features that will convince you to go Pro this fall John Gruber | Daring Fireball: To Ship or Not to Ship, Headset Edition Seth Kurkowski | Space Explored: For All Mankind costume designer plays part in NASA’s next-generation space suit Brett’s iTip: Apple’s True Tone technology adjusts the white colors on your screen to keep your eyes from getting tired, and Night Shift makes your screen more orange and warmer towards the evening before your bedtime. This is probably turned on by default, but go to Settings - Display & Brightness - Night Shift if you’d like to change your Night Shift schedule. You can also adjust the color temperature of Night Shift from “less warm” to “more warm.” Jeff’s iTip: You can see and control your Apple Watch directly from your iPhone by going to Settings - Accessibility - Apple Watch Mirroring. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


90: Classical Gas, Mellow Yellow, and Removing Photobombers

Watch the video! In the News blog post for March 10, 2023: Harley Charlton | MacRumors: Apple Music Classical: 15 Things You Need to Know About the New App Apple: Hello, yellow! Apple introduces new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus Jason Snell | SixColors: Live Video with the Yellow iPhone Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: iPhone takes over almost the entire list of best-selling smartphones for 2022 José Adorno | BGR: iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature expanding to six more countries Philip Michaels | Tom’s Guide: The iPhone just got the Pixel’s Magic Eraser — here’s how to use it Ankur Thakur | iDownloadBlog: How to set the time on your Apple Watch ahead by a few minutes Bradley Chambers | 9to5Mac: HomeKit Weekly: Does Home Key support make the Level Lock+ the best smart lock? iPhone Alarm as a Piano Ballad by Tony Ann Music Brett’s iTip: If you enjoy a podcast (like ours … thank you!) then consider sharing the podcast-love with someone else. Overcast has 3 excellent ways to share: 1. You can simply share a link to the podcast that opens in a web browser. 2. You can share a link to the “current time” of the podcast at which you want someone to listen. 3. You can also share a clip of a podcast so you can send just the part you want someone to hear. The Overcast app has this nice interface where you can listen to the audio and set an start and end time on a clip, and then it generates an audio clip or “video” .mov file that can be sent via text message, email, or shared in social channels. Jeff’s iTip: If you pay for the Overcast podcast app ($10/year), you can use the website to upload an audio file, or provide the URL for an online audio file. The website will convert the audio and automatically download it to the Overcast app on your iPhone, where you can listen to it just like any podcast. This means: easy 15 seconds forward / backward controls, Voice Boost to improve sound, Smart Speed to shorten silences, speed up playback, easily scrub through the recording, etc. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


89: Smelly AirTags and Passcode Provocations

Watch the video! In the News blog post for March 3, 2023: Jeff’s article: The critical importance of protecting your iPhone passcode Nicole Nguyen & Joanna Stern | Wall Street Journal: How to Protect Your iPhone Data From Thieves Brett Burney’s iPhone Home Screen from MacSparky Leslie Berlin: Steve Jobs - Take a Closer Look John Voorhees | MacStories: A Final Update to Tweetbot and Twitterrific That Allows Users to Support Tapbots and The Iconfactory D. Griffin Jones | Cult of Mac: iMessage is coming to Windows … kind of Lance Whitney | PC Magazine: The Best Apple AirPods Pro Tips and Tricks Fernando Silva | 9to5Mac: Hands-on: How Plugable’s Docking Stations help turn your iPad into a desktop computer Joe Brock | Reuters: Dow said it was recycling our shoes. We found them at an Indonesian flea market Brett’s iTip: I’m at a conference where there are lots of QR codes that people want me to scan. In recent versions of iOS you can simply open the Camera app, make sure you’re in “Photo” mode and point it at the QR code. You should see a yellow link button appear that you can tap to visit the link. You can also tap the little “code scanner button” in the bottom right corner. There’s also a dedicated “Code Scanner” that you can add to your Control Center. Go to Settings - Control Center - and add “Code Scanner.” Now you can launch that from Control Center and it will give you 4 corners in which to place the QR code (along with a flashlight if you need it). Be warned that when you hover over the QR code it will immediately open the link in Safari or your your email app. Jeff’s iTip: There are a couple of ways to switch between open apps on your iPad: 1. Swipe left or right with four or five fingers. 2. Swipe left or right with one finger along the bottom edge of the screen. (On an iPad with a Home button, Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


88: Tracking Medications and Shaking Your Moose Face

Watch the video! In the News blog post for February 24, 2023: Harry McCracken compare photos from 2005 (Palm Treo) and 2023 (iPhone 14) Keith Broni | First Look: New Emojis in iOS 16.4 Justin Meyers | Gadget Hacks: 18 Siri Commands Every iPhone Owner Should Know Filipe Espósito | 9to5Mac: Uber gets major update with simplified home screen and Live Activities for all iPhone users D. Griffin Jones | Cult of Mac: Track your medications on iPhone in the Health app Nick deCourville | The Mac Observer: How to Mirror an iPhone to TV without Apple TV David Snow | Cult of Mac: Shake hands with the world’s creepiest Apple Watch charging stand Ed Hardy | Cult of Mac: This adorably tiny Macintosh is actually a powerful wall charger [Review] Brett’s iTip: You can temporarily mute notifications from the Lock Screen by slowly swiping to left and tapping “Options.” You can mute the selected notifications for 1 hour or the whole day. Jeff’s iTip: In iOS 16, you can display a random image from your photo library on your lock screen. The iPhone picks 16 images to rotate, so I recommend that you select to have the image change every hour or daily instead of on lock or on tap; those last two options make it too easy to quickly shuffle between the 16 images. But what if a picture comes up that I haven’t seen in a long time and I want to see that image in my photo library? In iOS 16.3, hold a finger down on your lock screen and tap Customize at the bottom. Tap Lock Screen (on the left). Tap on the image to cycle between the 16 currently in rotation until you find the picture that you want. Tap the circle with three dots at the bottom right. Tap Show Photo in Library. What if a picture comes up that I don’t want on my home screen: Tap Don’t Feature Photo. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


87: Reliable Report Cards and Mysty Watercolor Memories

Watch the video! In the News blog post for February 10, 2023: Version Museum: History of Jeff’s Article: Apple 2023 fiscal first quarter -- the iPhone and iPad angle Jason Snell | SixColors: Apple results and charts: $117.2B quarter is still a step back Jason Snell | SixColors: Apple in 2022: The Six Colors report card Benjamin Mayo | 9to5Mac: Hands-on: The new HomePod compared to the original Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: How to defy Apple and create a HomePod stereo pair with first and second-gen speakers Jeff’s Review: Camo -- use your iPhone as a webcam Anthony | CarPlay Life: 5 Apps Every Car Owner Should Install Nathaniel Pangaro | AppleInsider: Meross Smart Plug Mini review: A good addition to your smart home Juli Clover | MacRumors: Remastered 'Myst Mobile' Game Now Available on iPhone and iPad Brett’s iTip: If the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch isn’t as freewheeling as it once was, follow the instructions from Apple to put it under “lightly running, warm, fresh water.” I was hesitant, but I did it, and it worked! Jeff did it several years ago too! Jeff’s iTip: There are many ways to “force restart” your iPhone and it’s good to keep these methods in mind: Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


86: Don’t Let Beeping Dogs Lie

Watch the video! In the News blog post for February 3, 2023: Chris Welch and Jennifer Tuohy | The Verge: Apple’s new HomePod plays it safe Billy Steele | Engadget: Apple HomePod (2nd gen) review: A smarter smart speaker Sean Hollister | The Verge: Anker finally comes clean about its Eufy security cameras Jeff’s Post: GoodNotes adds audio recordings Ed Hardy | Cult of Mac: Adonit Star brilliantly merges iPad stylus with fountain pen [Review] Filipe Espósito | 9to5Mac: Passenger sees his lost wallet fly to different cities thanks to AirTag after airline says it couldn’t find it Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature touted as a ‘game changer’ by search and rescue teams Jeff’s Review: Motif -- create picture books on your iPad Dalvin Brown | The Wall Street Journal: When Your Dog Eats Your Apple AirTag Brett’s iTip: Installing Fonts on your iPhone & iPad. I typically only need a custom font when I’m creating a presentation on my iPad and in the past, it was quite a pain to go through and create a “Profile” to install a font. You can still do this, but in iOS 13, Apple provided a much easier way to use fonts on your iPhone and iPad through the Settings app. One of the easiest ways to get some custom fonts is through a free app called Font Diner which will provide you with a free set of 20 fonts. You install the app, tap the free fonts, and now you can go to Settings - General - Fonts and turn them off or on. And now these fonts should be available in apps like Microsoft Word, Keynote, Pages, etc. You can NOT use these to change the system font like names of apps, etc. Here’s some additional information about installing fonts: Jeff’s iTip: HomeKit Cameras – see live streams and recordings by going to Home app (on iPhone) - Top right icon, circle with three dots - Home Settings - People - select a person. For the Cameras you can set them to “Stream Only” and “Stream & View Recordings.” While you’re there, you can also go to Music & Podcasts - Update Liste Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


85: Security iKeys, Ivory Bling, and Average Privacy

Watch the video! In the News blog post for January 27, 2023: Juli Clover | MacRumors: Apple Releases iOS 16.3 With Security Keys for Apple ID, New HomePod Support, Bug Fixes and More Andrew Orr | AppleInsider: Five best security keys for iOS 16.3 John Gruber | Daring Fireball: HomePod Lives David Nield | The Ambient: 30 top Apple HomePod and Siri tips and tricks Ed Hardy | Cult of Mac: What new HomePod temperature and humidity sensors can do for you Federico Viticci | MacStories: Ivory for Mastodon Review: Tapbots Reborn Amanda Silberling | TechCrunch: A beginner’s guide to Mastodon, the open source Twitter alternative John Voorhees | MacStories: Things 3.17 Overhauls the App’s Shortcuts Actions app Justin Meyers | Gadget Hacks: The Little-Known iPad Feature You'll Never Stop Using Once You Know About It Brett’s iTip: If you need to include an image in your email signature on your iPhone or iPad, the built-in signature tool doesn’t let you do that. The easiest workaround is to create the signature in another app like Notes, Drafts, or TextExpander complete with the image, and then copy & paste that signature into your email message. Jeff’s iTip: When a HomePod or HomePod mini is in a stereo pair, only one speaker talks to you, the left one. But it isn’t always easy to tell which one is designated as Left, and that might not be the one that you want to speak Siri’s responses. To change which one that is, tap and hold the top of the HomePod that you select to make the HomePod listen for a command and then say “Turn on Siri.” Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


84: Apple’s HomePod Christmas in January and More Immersive Rain

Watch the video! In the News blog post for January 20, 2023: Michael Potuck | 9to5Mac: Here’s how HomePod 2 compares to the original and HomePod mini Tim Hardwick | MacRumors: HomePod 16.3 Beta: How to Set Up Temperature and Humidity Automations Sami Fathi | MacRumors: iOS 16.3 Coming Next Week: Here's What's New Ankur Thakur | iDownloadBlog: How to connect and use a flash drive, hard disk, SSD, or SD card with your iPad J.D. Biersdorfer | The New York Times: How to Make Your Smartphone Photos So Much Better Justin Meyers | Gadget Hacks: Your iPhone's Contacts App Is More Powerful Than Ever with These Killer New Features Justin Meyers | Gadget Hacks: 15 Hidden iMessage Features for iPhone You Probably Didn't Know About Brett’s iTip: We’ve talked about using the built-in “Text Replacement” setting on iPhones and iPad before, but if you have a word or phrase that you regularly type, and get frustrated with it being corrected all the time, then simply create a “Text Replacement” entry and type in that word or phrase in the “Phrase” field at top, but leave the “Shortcut” field BLANK. The next time you type that word it will not auto-correct. You can get to the Text Replacement section by going to Settings - General - Keyboard. Or wherever you’re typing tap and hold on the globe icon and then tap “Keyboard Settings” from there. Jeff’s iTip: You can play background soundscapes when you need to focus, relax, or fall asleep. Listen to rain, forest, ocean, white noise, night, fireplace, or stream sounds.Say, for example, “Hey Siri, play Ambient Sounds” or “Hey Siri, play forest sounds.” This also works on iPhones. And when iOS 16.3 gets released we’ve been promised “Remastered ambient sounds are more immersive and can now be added to scenes, automations, and alarms in the Home app.” Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


83: Highway Nightmares, Ultra Bullets, and Snowmobile Smash-Ups - Scary Friday the 13th Episode!

Watch the video! In the News blog post for January 13, 2023: Michael Simon | Macworld: The best iOS 16 feature you’re not using will make your iPhone 14 Pro so much better Oliver Haslam | iMore: Apple Watch Ultras are being strapped to drones and used as gunshot-detection systems Dan Kraker | MPR News: Apple devices trigger false calls for winter rescues in Minnesota Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: Apple Maps makes finding a parking spot easier than ever with latest feature Joe Rossignol | MacRumors: Apple Maps Now Allows Businesses to Customize Their Listings Brett’s Site: 1Password’s Switch Page. If you are considering switching your password manager to 1Password then visit 1Password Switch Page and if you sign up, they will pay the remainder of your invoice with the current password manager. Jeff’s iTip: A few months ago I explained the changes in the interface for 1Password 8 on iPhone J.D. and here are some tips: - Customize Order of items on Home Screen. I recommend Pinned Field followed by Favorites followed by Recently Created. Then Frequently Used, Recently Used, Recently Modified. - Pin specific fields. The specific items you tend to look up the most. Hold down on an entry -> Pin to Home. - Manage favorites. While looking at entry, tap the circle with three dots at the top right, then tap Add to Favorites. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


82: Live from NOLA! MagSafe for the Masses, Wrist Gaming, and Flighty Almighty

Watch the video! In the News blog post for January 6, 2023: Jason Cross | Macworld: Apple shares MagSafe with the world in new Qi2 wireless charging standard Andrew Orr | AppleInsider: Apple's 'Find My' will help you find a lost Ember Travel Mug 2+ Mitchell Clark | The Verge: Samsung wants Twitch streamers to buy its new oven Michael Potuck | 9to5Mac: Here’s how much iPhone 14 Pro always-on display drains battery with/without a background Zac Hall | 9to5Mac: Apple Watch finds GPS independence from iPhone at last Jennifer Tschida | AppAdvice: 10 Best Apple Watch Games You Can Play for Free Amber Neely | AppleInsider: Lost bag with AirTag saga is over — but United still hasn't explained itself Eli Blumenthal | CNET: T-Mobile Teams With Delta to Offer Free In-Flight Wi-Fi for Everyone Starting Feb. 1 Tom Goodwyn | iMore: New Apple TV Plus Shows coming in 2023: 8 must-see new shows arriving next year Brett’s iTip: Automatically share your Hotspot with Family. During our travels, the family still needed to connect to the Internet for work, school, and play so we’ve made good use of our wi-fi hotspots on our iPhones. I have an unlimited data plan from AT&T and sometimes need to let the kids connect to my hotspot. Since I’ve already turned on Family Sharing in my iCloud account, I can easily share my hotspot with them either “Automatically” or have them “Ask for Approval” first. Either way, they do not have to enter a password to connect. Jeff’s App: Flighty Almighty! Here’s my review: Flighty -- advanced flight tracker (including TriptIt Pro comparison) Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


81: The Last Password You Should Never Use

Watch the video! In the News blog post for December 30, 2022: Ben Lovejoy | 9to5Mac: LastPass security attacked by rival company 1Password: ‘Passwords could be cracked for $100’ Jeffrey Goldberg | 1Password: Not in a million years: It can take far less to crack a LastPass password Jeffrey Goldberg | 1Password: Secret Key: What is it, and how does it protect you? Michael Potuck | 9to5Mac: Top iPhone 14 Pro features to check out and customize John Voorhees | MacStories: Belkin’s MagSafe Mount for Desktops and Displays, Hand Mirror, and the Logitech Crayon Jason Snell | Six Colors: Belkin’s MagSafe adapter brings Continuity Camera home to the desktop Dan Moren | Six Colors: In praise of the Apple Watch’s Camera control Zac Hall | 9to5Mac: I’m going to have to buy an Apple Car for this AirTag feature, aren’t I? Brett’s Gadget/App: I always thought the Ember Mug2 was something that was too much of a splurge but my wonderful daughter got it for me as a Christmas present - I guess she was tired of hearing Dad complain about cold coffee. Battery life isn’t terrific, but I’ll take that over all the fantastic-ness of having hot coffee as LONG AS I WANT!! Plus I can always use the charging coaster. The App lets me regulate the temperature and it even connects with the Apple Health app to track caffeine intake! Jeff’s iTip: Accessing your HomeKit devices when you are away from home and take an Apple TV with you. In order to designate a HomeKit hub, go to Home (app) -> tap icon at top right (circle with three dots) -> tap Home Settings -> Scroll down to and tap Home Hubs & Bridges -> ensure that at least one hub device is identified as Connected. The rest will say “Standby.” If nothing is identified as Connected, restart the Apple TV or other device. A HomeKit hub can be an Apple TV, HomePod, HomePod mini, or even an iPad that you leave home and plugged in. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


80: Freeform, Race Routes, and Helicopter Rescues

Watch the video! In the News blog post for December 16, 2022: Jeff’s Post: Apple releases iOS 16.2 Jason Snell | Six Colors: Blank Canvas: Hands on with Apple’s new Freeform app Joe Rossignol | MacRumors: iPhone Features We're Still Waiting For Following iOS 16.2's Release Jason Snell | Six Colors: Answering the burning questions about Apple’s reported App Store plans Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: watchOS 9.2 now available for Apple Watch; here’s everything new Griffin Jones | Cult of Mac: Use Apple Music Sing to throw your own karaoke party Wesley Hilliard | AppleInsider: Belkin has a Continuity Camera MagSafe Mount for monitors now Filipe Espósito | 9to5Mac: Microsoft Authenticator app for Apple Watch to be discontinued next month Amber Neely | AppleInsider: iPhone 14 satellite rescue feature prompts challenging canyon rescue Brett’s iTip: Sort your workouts on Apple Watch. When I was reading more about the new Race Route on the Apple Watch, I discovered that you can SORT your workouts by several categories: Suggested, Goal Based, Custom, and now Route. It’s so cool to see each of my walk/run routes listed and it even animates the route! Jeff’s iTip: Turning on and activating Advanced Data Protection in iOS 16.2 is a LOT more advanced that you might think! Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from