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Success stories from professionals in virtually every industry

Success stories from professionals in virtually every industry


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Success stories from professionals in virtually every industry






Behind the Scenes of Ignition 8.1’s Development

We’re sitting down with Ignition developers Carl Gould and Colby Glegg for a behind-the-scenes look at the release of 8.1. They discuss the biggest priorities for 8.1, explain its benefits for new and existing customers, and even talk about features that didn’t quite make the cut. They also discuss how new Perspective Module features will impact the Vision Module. Plus, they give us a glimpse into the future with potential areas where Ignition can do more, features they’re hoping to get into...


Building Effective Plans for Risk Management

Today’s guest is Technology Director Mike Walden, who’s here to discuss what New Frontier Technologies is doing to help customers identify and solve security risks during process design, project implementation, and in existing systems. Mike covers the process for building risk mitigation plans, shares the most common mistakes and biggest trends he’s seen in preventing cyber security threats, and offers tips for those struggling with risk management. We also talk about where documentation...


Developing a Digital Transformation Strategy

We’re talking to Greg Cantlon, the Client & Consulting Leader for Brock Solutions, to discuss driving value and improvements to operations in water & wastewater and becoming a disruptor in the integration industry. We’re discussing building long-term partnerships with customers, the biggest pain points that motivate customers to upgrade their systems, creating a SCADA master plan, minimizing risk, and where Ignition fits in. Learn more about Ignition and Inductive Automation at...


Protecting Your Control System From Cyber Attacks

We are joined by Ilan Shaya, an expert in the industrial control system security space. He is here to share his insights on security including the biggest risks to OT networks, the common ways cyber attackers gain access to facilities, finding gaps in the security landscape, and best-practice strategies to protect your organization. Ilan also shares some attack stories, cost-effective preventive measures, current trends in cyber defense, and where cyber security for the OT market is headed....


Empowering Everyone with Access to Data

Today’s guest is Dan Stauft, a professional in the food and beverage industry, who shares his process of discovering Ignition, building upon his skills with the platform, empowering staff, and utilizing Ignition inside his company. We discuss getting relevant, actionable data from the plant floor and equipment in front of the decision makers in a manner they can understand to make decisions, improve and reduce costs, and increase efficiencies. Learn more about Ignition and Inductive...


Solving Challenges in the Biopharmaceutical Space

We’re talking to Loe Cameron, a professional in the life sciences industry and a member of the Ignition Cross-Industry Collective. We’re discussing overcoming the pushback against adopting a new software platform, solving automation challenges, introducing new automation solutions into the biopharmaceutical space, creating solutions for the business side with Ignition, and finding wins that everyone can agree on. Learn more about Ignition and Inductive Automation at


Adopting New Technologies & Accelerating Change for Future Success

Craig Resnick from ARC Advisory Group returns to discuss some of the biggest trends and challenges in the industrial market right now. We’re tackling new and disruptive technologies, overcoming resistance to change, the rapid growth of edge computing, open standards in automation, early adoption of new technologies, the evolution of virtual and augmented reality, treating cyber security as a journey, leveraging digital transformation, and differentiating factors that have enabled some...


Moving Data from the Edge to the Gateway

Texas Automation Systems (TAS) joins us to share an MQTT implementation story for an oil and gas company. We discuss the challenges and successes of starting from scratch to design a new control system with site-to-site communication in a field covering many miles, and making it secure. We’ll hear about the benefits of MQTT, and TAS’ advice for developing an MQTT-based system. We’ll also discuss working with Cirrus Link Solutions, TAS’ growth with Ignition, Core training, and becoming Gold...


SCS Engineers on Drones, Remote Solutions, Outreach & More

Dave Hostetter and Philip Carrillo from SCS Engineers discuss remote monitoring and control solutions that help their customers work smarter and play harder. Hear about the landfill gas-flare management system they developed with Corso Systems, which won an Ignition Firebrand Award and includes a game-changing Systems Startup Shutdown Malfunction (SSM) report. You’ll also hear about SCS’s community outreach, their involvement with Engineers Without Borders, advice about enhancing social...


Prime Controls Staying Efficient During Pandemic

In this conversation, we learn how integrators and engineers are adapting and making quick adjustments through uncharted territory during the COVID pandemic. Prime Controls shares some of their challenges and successes as they strive to stay productive and operational during this time. They discuss dealing with the drop in oil prices, forming an executive committee to process information and establish protocols, utilizing automation tools to enable factory acceptance testing remotely, and...


COVID 19 & Integrators: Making it Work Remotely

We’re discussing how the COVID 19 outbreak is impacting integration. In this episode, we hear how Premier Integrator DSI Innovations are working remotely amidst the global shutdowns. DSI talks about the impact this pandemic is having on their essential manufacturing customers all over the US. They also share their risk mitigation strategy for keeping staff and customers safe, what they’ve learned through this experience, and provide inspirational words to their staff, customers, and other...


Mixing Marketing & Engineering for Integration Success

Hear from a SCADA and MES specialist with a background in marketing about some different ways to bring those skill sets together to run a successful integration business. We’ll discuss utilizing your engineering team in your content marketing strategies, building trust with your customers, maximizing content, and showing a passion for what you do. You’ll also hear about the exciting shift towards enterprise projects as more industries look to sync their facilities, some upcoming projects for...


Vertech’s President & Founder Shares Onboarding Tactics & More

BONUS Mid-Month episode with Titus Crabb at the Ignition Community Conference discussing the onboarding process for new sales engineers straight out of college, the Inductive University, gaining hands-on experience, and fostering creativity. Learn about a workshop process that increases customers’ satisfaction and confidence by keeping them involved from design to implementation. Hear about some of Vertech’s national rollouts for MES solutions, building a greenfield and in-office brewery,...


Peter Photos from Streamline Innovations Talks Innovation at the Edge

We're at the Ignition Community Conference talking to Peter Photos, the Chief Scientist and Executive Vice President of Engineering at Streamline Innovations. Hear about the Firebrand Award-winning chemical process developed by Streamline Innovations that removes the highly toxic hydrogen sulfide from natural gas before it gets to the pipelines. Learn how Streamline discovered Ignition, how to pick the right hardware to get the most out of your edge computing systems, how they developed the...


Travis Cox & Arlen Nipper Talk MQTT & Digital Transformation

Travis Cox and Arlen Nipper take a deep dive into the world of Digital Transformation and IIoT. They discuss the success of the MQTT protocol, the importance of education in continuing adoption of MQTT, the hurdles companies face when approaching the Digital Transformation, and how a strong ecosystem can achieve a solid IIoT infrastructure. They also touch upon the importance of the Eclipse Foundation, Sparkplug Working Group and much more. Learn more at


Abhijit Jog on Biotech, Batch Automation & ISA-S88 Standards

This episode covers the biotech industry and the push over the last 20 years to automate facilities as much as possible to increase efficiency, and reduce contamination and batch loss. We discuss the implementation of ISA-S88 standards before they even existed, as well as tips for effective alarm management and running efficient reports that prioritize batch quality. We also give a sneak peek into the future of personalized medicine, monitoring hospitals through the cloud, and more. Learn...


Leveraging the Latest Technologies with Craig Resnick from ARC

This episode covers the benefits of moving to platforms, and what that transition means for visualization, and topics like leveraging the latest technologies, augmented reality, accessing documentation, OEE, and empowering operators on the plant floor. We’re discussing computing at the edge, OT-IT convergence, and the challenges of cyber security management. Learn more at


OnLogic Discusses Edge Solutions & the Ignition Onboard Program

Two episodes in one! Our Ignition OnBoard Program partners from OnLogic (formerly Logic Supply) are talking with us about opportunities in edge computing, hardware development, and the state of the industry from an OEM point of view. Cormac and Johnny discuss bringing solutions to retrofit markets, working with integrators, maintaining a competitive edge, the future of their company after the rebrand, and partnering with Inductive Automation to design industrial solutions. Learn more at...


Alex and Jason from Corso Systems Share an Integrator Success Story

We’re at the Ignition Community Conference talking with two integrators from Corso Systems, the Founder and President Alex Marcy and Senior Systems Engineer Jason Hamlin. They’re sharing experiences from ICC, stories about building a company, getting Ignition Certified, tackling customer needs, managing integrator/vendor relationships, and pushing the limits of new technology. They also share an upcoming oil & gas project, as well as a fun, personal Ignition project. Learn more about...


Collaborating Across Different Industries with Ignition

The Ignition Cross Industry Collective is made up of a group of professionals who service a variety of industries including food and beverage, forest products, oil & gas, and pharmaceutical. Our guests today include Derek Randall, Dan Stauft, Loe Cameron, and Allen Ray. They are here at the IA headquarters to discuss how people from a wide range of industries can benefit from getting involved with the collective, and respond to challenges that many face from the plant floor to the executive...