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Weekly podcast discussion about Javascript on the front and back ends. Also discuss programming practices, coding environments, and the communities related to the technology.

Weekly podcast discussion about Javascript on the front and back ends. Also discuss programming practices, coding environments, and the communities related to the technology.
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Weekly podcast discussion about Javascript on the front and back ends. Also discuss programming practices, coding environments, and the communities related to the technology.




JSJ 400: 400th!!!!!

JavaScript Jabber celebrates its 400th episode with former host Dave Smith and some other familiar voices. Each of the panelists talks about what they’ve been up to. Dave hasn’t been on the show for 3 years, but he and Jameson Dance have started a podcast called Soft Skills Engineering where they answer questions about the non-technical side of engineering. When he left the show he was the director of engineering on Hire View, and currently he works for Amazon on Alexa. Christopher...


JSJ 399: Debugging with Async/Await with Valeri Karpov

Valeri Karpov is a maintainer on Mongoose, has started a few companies, and works for a company called Booster Fuels. Today’s topic debugging with Async/Await. The panel talks about some of the challenges of debugging with Async. AJ, however, has never encountered the same problems, so he shares his debugging method. Valeri differentiates between .catch vs try...catch, and talks about why he prefers .catch. There are two ways to handle all errors in an async function without leading to an...


JSJ 398: Node 12 with Paige Niedringhaus

Guest Paige Niedringhaus has been a developer full time for 3 years, and today she is here to talk about Node 12. One of the things she is most excited about is the ES6 support that is now available, so things that used to require React, Angular, or Vue can now be done in Node. The require function will not have to be used in Node 12. AJ is worried about some of these changes and expresses his concerns. Paige assures him that in the beginning you won’t have to switch things to imports. You...


JSJ 397: Design Systems with Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent

Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent is a self taught web developer from west France. He has worked for BBC, The Guardian, and The Financial Times in the UK. He has also worked in the US for SalesForce and currently works for Shopify on their Polaris design system. Shopify has multiple design systems, and Polaris is open source. Today the panel is talking about design systems and developer tooling around design systems. To begin, Kaelig explains what a design system is. A design system is all of the...


JSJ 396: Publishing Your Book with Jonathan Lee Martin

Jonathan Lee Martin is an instructor and developer. He got his start in teaching at Big Nerd Ranch doing 1-2 week trainings for mid to senior developers, and then transitioned to 16 week courses for career switchers. He also worked for Digital Crafts for a year, and then wanted to focus on building out his own personal teaching brand. One of his first steps toward building his own brand was to publish his book, Functional Design Patterns for Express.js.The inspiration for Jonathan’s book...


JSJ 395: The New Ember with Mike North

Mike North is the Ember guy at Frontend Masters and LinkedIn’s web developer trainer. Today the panel is talking about the upcoming Ember update, which Mike calls a total reinvention of the way you build with Ember. Finally, they are letting go of the cruft and stuff they had to hold on to in order to support IE8 and using modern interface The panel talks about some of the issues with IE8, and agree that the reason Ember felt its age because it was built for IE8. Ember 314 is moving from...


JSJ 394: SMS Integration with Dominik Kundel

Episode Summary Dominik Kundel works as developer evangelist at Twilio. Dominik talks about the history of Twilio, which actually started with integrating phone calls into apps and then moved to SMS integration. Today Charles and Dominik are talking about how the SMS message approach can augment your user experience. Since many people are not familiar with implementing SMS, Dominik talks about how Twilio can help. Twilio created was a supernetwork where they work with carriers and gateways...


JSJ 393: Why You Should Be Using Web Workers with Surma

Episode Summary Surma is an open web advocate for Google currently working with WebAssembly team. He was invited on the show today to talk about using web workers and how to move work away from the browser’s main thread. His primary platform is bringing multithreading out of the fringes and into the web. The panel talks about their past experience with web workers, and many of them found them isolated and difficult to use. Surma believes that web workers should pretty much always be sued...


JSJ 392: The Murky Past and Misty Future of JavaScript with Douglas Crockford

Episode Summary Douglas is a language architect and helped with the development of JavaScript. He started working with JavaScript in 2000. He talks about his journey with the language, including his initial confusion and struggles, which led him to write his book JavaScript: The Good Parts. Douglas’ take on JavaScript is unique because he not only talks about what he likes, but what he doesn’t like. Charles and Douglas discuss some of the bad parts of JavaScript, many of which were...


JSJ 391: Debugging with Todd Gardner

Episode Summary Todd Gardner is a software developer, podcaster on the show Script and Style, startup founder, and comedy host for Pub Conf, a ‘comedy after party for developers’. Since he was last on the show 6 years ago, he has seen his startup TrackJS become quite successful. TrackJS is a JavaScript error monitoring service which gives you visibility into your client side experience. It’s different from other tools because focused on simplicity, so you’ll never need a guy on your team...


JSJ 390: Transposit with Adam Leventhal

Episode Summary Adam Leventhal is the CEO and cofounder of Transposit. Transposit was born from the desire to build a way for developers to work with lots of different APIs, take authentication and pagination off the table, and let developers focus on the problems they’re trying to solve. Transposit is a serverless platform that’s free and gives you a combination of SQL or JavaScript to start playing with your API. Since interacting with API data securely can be difficult, the panel...


JSJ 389: What Makes a 10x Engineer?

Sponsors Sustain Our Software Sentry– use the code “devchat” for $100 credit Adventures in Blockchain Panel Charles Max Wood Episode Summary In today’s show, Chuck talks about the recent tweet thread about 10x engineers. He goes through each of the points in the tweet and talks about each of them in turn. There are only two points he sort of agrees with, and believes the rest to be absolute garbage. One of the issues with this tweet is that it doesn’t define what a 10x engineer is....


JSJ 388: Functional Programming with Brian Lonsdorf

Sponsors Adventures in Blockchain Sentry– use the code “devchat” for $100 credit My Ruby Story Panel Aimee Knight Chris Buecheler AJ O’Neal With Special Guest: Brian Lonsdorf Episode Summary Brian Lonsdorf works for Salesforce, specializes in functional programming, and wrote a book called Professor Frisby’s Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming. Brian talks about when he got into functional programming and when in their career others should be exposed to it. He talks...


JSJ 387: How to Stay Current in the Tech Field

Sponsors GitLab | Get 30% off tickets with the promo code: DEVCHATCOMMIT Sentry– use the code “devchat” for $100 credit Views on Vue Panel Charles Max Wood Joe Eames Episode Summary Today Joe and Charles are discussing how to stay current in the tech field. Since looking at all the new technology can be overwhelming, they advise listeners on what to focus on, which will differ depending on your career. Joe brings up that one of the top reasons people choose a job is because it has a...


JSJ 386: Gatsby.js with Chris Biscardi

Sponsors GitLab | Get 30% off tickets with the promo code: DEVCHATCOMMIT Sentry– use the code “devchat” for $100 credit Panel Chris Beucheler AJ O’Neal Aimee Knight With Special Guest: Chris Biscardi Episode Summary Chris is an independent consultant working with open source startups. He taught himself to program and started in open source. He talks about how he got into programming and how he learned to code. One of Chris’ current clients is Gatsby, a static site generator. Chris...


JSJ 385: What Can You Build with JavaScript?

Sponsors RxJS Live Panel Charles Max Wood Christopher Beucheler Episode Summary Today Charles and Christopher discuss what can you do with JavaScript. They talk about the kinds of things they have used JavaScript to build. They discuss non-traditional ways that people might get into JavaScript and what first drew them to the language. They talk about the some of the non-traditional JavaScript options that are worth looking into. Christopher and Charles talk about some of the...


JSJ 384: FaunaDB: Support for GraphQL and Serverless Development with Evan Weaver

Sponsors Sentry– use the code “devchat” for $100 credit Panel Charles Max Wood AJ O’Neal Joe Eames Aimee Knight With Special Guest: Evan Weaver Episode Summary Evan Weaver is the CEO and cofounder of FaunaDB, a serverless database and a great way to get started with GraphQL. Evan talks about what went into building the FaunaDB and his background with Twitter. FaunaDB arose from trying to fix Twitter’s scalability issues, and the panel discusses scalability issues encountered in both...


JSJ 383: What is JavaScript?

Sponsors RxJS Live Panel Charles Max Wood Christopher Beucheler Aimee Knight Episode Summary Today’s episode is an exploration of the question “What is JavaScript?”. Each of the panelists describes what they think JavaScript is, giving a definition for both technical and non-technical people. They talk about how the different layers of JavaScript tie into their definitions. They agree that it’s incorrect to call JavaScript one of the ‘easy’ programming languages and some of the...


JSJ 382: Mental Health with Anatoliy Zaslavskiy

Sponsors Sentry– use the code “devchat” for $100 credit Panel Charles Max Wood With Special Guest: Anatoliy Zaslavskiy Episode Summary Anatoliy Zaslavsky works for Hover, made framework called Pickle.js, and has been on JavaScript Jabber before. Today Chuck and Anatloliy are talking about the importance of mental health. Anatoliy has Bipolar Disorder, and he talks about what it is and his experience with it and how his manic and depressive episodes have affected him. Thankfully, his...


JSJ 381: Building a Personal Brand with John Sonmez

Sponsors Sentry– use the code “devchat” for $100 credit RxJS Live Panel Charles Max Wood Christopher Beucheler AJ O’Neal With Special Guest: John Somnez Episode Summary John is the founder of Bulldog Mindset andSimple Programmer, which teaches software developers soft skills, and the author of a couple books. He specializes in creating a personal brand and marketing. He addresses the rumors of him leaving software development and gives an introduction to marketing yourself as a...