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13 – What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Why You Pay Tax On Real Estate with Ron Gibson

Land Patents. Why they are important to you and your family? Have you ever ask yourself this question, “Why do I pay tax on a property that I own?” The answer is in the question! Maybe, just maybe, you don’t own the property that you think you own. Sure, your name is on the mortgage […]


12 – Exposing The Deep State Part II with Myron Fagan

Decades following the Civil War, industries began to burgeon and all of that called for vast financing, much of which had come from abroad. That meant the House of Rothschild, and that was when Jacob Schiff came into his own. At the turn of the century, Schiff had a tight control of the entire banking […]


Exposing The Deep State with Myron Fagan

The word Illuminati means “holder of the light” which was taken from the name “Lucifer” itself. This is the council in which the US government uses the promise of world peace as front when its true aim is to enslave not only America, but the rest of the world. Myron Fagan who exposed 300 famous […]


10 – BitNation: The World’s First Decentralized Borderless Virtual Nation with Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof

The world’s first First Decentralized Borderless Virtual Nation offers citizens governance services that they can do on their own, BitNation’s backend is a mesh network making them a part of Blockchain. Founder Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof explains that this doesn’t mean being a citizen comes in at a price, but rather you create your contract when […]


9 – Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency In Media with Samit Singh

Samit Singh is one of the co-founders and CEO of DNN, or Decentralized News Network, a news platform which combines news creation with decentralized networks to deliver factual content being approved by the community before it gets published. One of the main aims of DNN is to eliminate fake and biased news using blockchain technology […]


8 – Defining Bitcoin As The Digital Gold Of The Global Economy with Adam Draper

What is Bitcoin? The first question you need to ask in defining Bitcoin is what is money as defined by the current global economy? For people who are entering this ecosystem, Bitcoin is digital gold with a 21 million cap which means that the number of Bitcoins in existence will not exceed 21 million tokens. […]


7 – Taxation Of Cryptocurrency: Regulation Or Total Control?

Another great change is about to happen to our country and it has cryptocurrency written all over it. Bitcoin and other virtual coins will experience a crash at some time. People who think they have money will think they’ve lost it and demand that the industry be regulated to prevent it from happening again. Time […]


6 – Government Cover Ups: A Tale Of Greed and Power within the Deep State with Cody Snodgres

Assassinations, bombings, and international wars- what was the US Government's real role behind these disasters. Former black ops asset turned liability, Cody Snodgres reveals information behind world altering events such as the assassination of JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., the Gulf War, the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, and Benghazi. Cody heroically refused a mandate to […]


5 – Breaking The Silence About The Oklahoma City Bombing with Cody Snodgres

Cody Snodgres is a former asset for the CIA black ops who recently wrote a book and revealed the secrets behinds the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City in April of 1995. He discloses everything he knows about the conspiracy surrounding the bombing and the government’s dire efforts to cover up the […]


4 – Cryptocurrency Regulations with Joseph Ciccolo and Amber D. Scott

In the Bitcoin Blockchain space, startups need to do the right things for regulatory or compliance with anti-money laundering programs. Amber D. Scott and BitAML Inc. helps the compliance officer in understanding his role. Knowing these compliance policies and procedures are in place is important for startups because money is involved in the process. Joseph […]


2 – Blockchain of Things: Integrating Systems For Protection with Andre De Castro

Tokens can be considered as key to gates that hold data and energy that are being transferred through a truck system. Unfortunately, not all of these systems come with high effective protective outfit. Andre De Castro of Blockchain Of Things share their company’s holistic approach to the productivity of many industries. They are a security […]


1 – ShapeShift: The New Face Of Digital Asset Exchange with Erik Voorhees

Just like other currencies, there are different digital currencies that entrepreneurs need to convert from one to another. Bitcoins can be converted into ethereum as well as litecoin into dash. ShapeShift is a digital asset exchange, a website that makes the conversion of bitcoins to other coins faster and easier. Erik Voorhees, ShapeShift founder, explains […]