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Late Night Linux – Episode 54

A new year dawns so we make some predictions for the months to come. Plus we look back at last year’s predictions, and have a look at what’s been happening in the news. News Raspberry Pi joins RISC-V Foundation Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Driver Finally Being Mainlined With Next Kernel Kernel reaches 5.0 FreeBSD admits that... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 53

It’s almost Christmas so it’s time to look back at 2018 and talk about some of the news stories that shaped the year. January Meltdown and Spectre February Nintendo Switch runs Linux Plasma running on a Switch March New Raspberry Pi 3B+ The final nail in the Firefox OS coffin April Ubuntu 18.04 released 18.04... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 52

Graham and Joe have been checking out Sailfish OS 3, and there’s a packed news segment including KDE, RISC-V, Fedora, and the FSF. News KDE on Necuno Mobile: Has headphone jack and …Maemo!? kde-Itinary Update Xubuntu to drop 32-bit ISOs RISC-V & LF Joint Venture FSF gets one miiiiilion dollars Fedora 31 Will Likely Be... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 51

Yet more good KDE news, Ubuntu getting 10 years of support, WiFi improvements, a new Raspberry Pi and Raspbian, is the FOSS community really that toxic, and more. News NVIDIA Working On An EGLStreams Back-End For KDE On Wayland (Relevant email) Accessibility starting off again in KDE Ubuntu 18.04 to receive 10 years of... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 50

Joe’s long-awaited Pinebook has finally arrived and we have a good chat about its ups and downs. Plus a packed news section including reproducible builds, ReactOS, mobile news and the usual Plasma love-in. News Plasma updates in the pipeline from Nate Here & Here Purism dev boards when? Lineage OS changing update frequency Samsung... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 49

IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat Looms large over the news but we find time to talk about the latest releases of Ubuntu and elementary OS, an interesting Kickstarter, and the promise of a KDE phone. Plus we ask whether FOSS is finally coming of age. News Pine64 working on a KDE phone Ubuntu 18.10... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 48

It’s easy to forget how we all felt when we first discovered how great Linux is. On this episode we get a reminder from Jason Evangelho who tells us about his experiences as a new Linux convert. Plus a packed news section that includes Microsoft’s latest embrace of the FOSS world. News Plasma 5.14... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 47

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the world of Linux and FOSS news including an upgraded KDE Neon, Ubuntu and Fedora betas going head to head, Microsoft showing how much they love FOSS, Sailfish continuing to live, and loads more. News KDE Neon rebased on Ubuntu 18.04 Google loosens grasp on AMP... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 46

Good stuff from Nextcloud, KDE, and fedora, politics in the kernel dev camp, a debate about contributing to FOSS, and more on LNL 46. News Nextcloud 14 KDE 5.14 Beta Give Fedora Silverblue a test drive Linux User and Developer magazine to close Has Linus finally had enough? Maybe this is what did it... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 45

Yet more great stuff from KDE, more Windows games for Steam, and more in the news, and an interview about how to contribute to open source. News KDE Pinebook release KItinary call for data Start wine-ing about Steam Commons Clause Desktop icons on GNOME Digium (makers of Asterisk) being bought by Sangoma? Ubuntu... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 44

Graham is away but Jesse is back! He tells us what he’s been up to over the last few months including thoroughly testing snaps and shouting at his NAS. Plus Joe has been to OggCamp, and a shortish news segment. News Lots of updates from Akademy: KDE Itinery & KDE Apps 18.08 (kontact gained... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 43

With Félim and Will absent, Alan Pope joins us to discuss the news, and an interview with Wes Mason about npm and modern software distribution methods. News Please welcome Lenovo to the LVFS Slackware dev has financial problems elementary OS receives large donation Handshake appears and dishes out cash to FOSS projects GNOME might... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 42

Google has been fined $5BN by the EU but before that we have a packed news section including KDE, Python, more crypto miners, the Librem 5, and RISC-V. News KDE Plasma 5.13.3, Frameworks 5.48.0 & applications 18.04.3 & Onboarding Guido van Rossum resigns as Python leader NPM fail…again Arch Linux AUR Repository Found... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 41

Some good and some bad news, Free Software vs Open Source, how to put smaller FOSS events together, and more. News SUSE acquired Gentoo’s GitHub compromised Minimal Ubuntu released Ubuntu Studio Audio Handbook FOSS synth for iPad Entroware This episode of is sponsored by Entroware. They are a UK-based company who sells computers... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 40

It’s been a while since we recorded a proper episode with all four of us so we catch up on the news that we have missed and then cover what’s been happening recently. News Catchup Microsoft to buy Github Endless lays off several of its employees An opportunity to invest in Mycroft Dockerhub malware... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 39

It’s a live episode from FOSS Talk Live 2018! FOSS Talk Live 2018 Joe, Will, Graham and Jesse discussed what we hope will happen over the next 5-10 years in the FOSS world, and also what we fear could happen. Entroware This episode of Late Night Linux is sponsored by Entroware. They... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 38

We find out how Ubuntu Touch is coming along after a year of independence from Canonical, but first we look at the news which includes great Qt-based releases on the desktop, major systemd news, great news for smartwatch wearers, bad news for Huawei owners, and potentially bad news for SteamOS. News KDE 5.13 almost... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 37

A new Fedora release and big news from red hat, Stallman throws his weight around, 32-bit is dying, Snap store malware SHOCKER, email encryption is knackered, and do small distros stand a chance of making it big? News Fedora 28 released Red Hat to integrate CoreOS into OpenShift Stallman shows who’s boss Ubuntu MATE... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 36

Oracle are at it again, GNOME can talk to your phone, Microsoft has fully embraced Linux, Germany loves Nextcloud, and we have a look at Ubuntu 18.04. News Oracle being lovely netziens again GSConnect NIH KDEConnect replacement KDE Apps 18.04 Microsoft announces Linux-based OS German government chooses NextCloud Admin OggCamp Call for papers... Read More


Late Night Linux – Episode 35

With Graham and Will firmly on board, we talk about the future of the web and how Google’s AMP will affect it. That’s after a news section that includes a new Qt music player, the end of passwords, and the potential death of Steam Machines. New hosts We introduce Graham Morrison and Will Cooke.... Read More