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Law Enforcement Unconventional is a joint tactical forum combining law enforcement and special operations units discussing unconventional tools, tactics and training to assist law enforcement. Our show is hosted by a veteran United States Army Special Forces 18 Delta and a real life Shield Maiden who is also a federal law enforcement instructor.


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Law Enforcement Unconventional is a joint tactical forum combining law enforcement and special operations units discussing unconventional tools, tactics and training to assist law enforcement. Our show is hosted by a veteran United States Army Special Forces 18 Delta and a real life Shield Maiden who is also a federal law enforcement instructor.






Police Chief Helps The Autistic With Amazing New Program

Chief David Green of the Wellford City Police Department discusses how he created the Responder Alert Program to Spread Autism Awareness. He cites a specific example of how an autistic man was pulled over at a traffic stop and this program performed as it should and this- gentleman was handled in a more compassionate manner than would normally have been the case because the officer saw the Responder Alert sticker on his vehicle. Chief Green also explains how a recent incident with a...


Officer Addresses How He Assists Emotionally Disturbed Persons And How The Vector Centerline Shield Protects The Autistic

Officer Ayman is not just a police officer helping the autistic. He is also the proud, loving parent of an autistic child so he has insight into both sides of the situations autistic adults, children and families face every day when interacting with law enforcement. This long-time, local police officer and federal task force agent speaks about the Vector Centerline Shield and how it works with Emotionally Disturbed Persons and how Vector Centerline Training helps make interactions with the...


Doctor Teaches Law Enforcement How To Survive Potentially Fatal Attacks While Protecting The Public

On today’s episode we talk with an ER doctor about how centerline protection is saving the lives of law enforcement and civilians across the country. Police officers can learn how to survive a potentially fatal attack by keeping their centerline protected by using a Vector Centerline Shield. Doctor Peter Bevins is instrumental in training law enforcement at all levels across the country on how to survive these attacks with the best possible outcome. “Doc” Bevins, the Vector Team Doctor is a...


Autistic Children, Adults & EDP's Protected by Police Chief During Police Interactions

This week on Law Enforcement Unconventional, we discuss a new program protecting autistic children and adults as well as other emotionally disturbed persons during police interactions. A hands-on, forward-thinking police chief deals with an autistic child and a barricaded subject with a knife. The incident with the autistic child spurred this chief to create and an autism awareness program in his community. The chief himself was then later protected during a call to a barricaded subject...


Intel Officer's Unconventional Riot Prevention

Brian Boyd is a 30-plus year professional intelligence analyst and counter terrorism specialist. He is a former Green Beret, and was part of the leadership of the Joint Special Operations Command which oversees the Special Forces, Seal Team 6 and the then Delta Force. He is also the founder of the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, former Senior Analyst at the DEA, founder of the Intelligence Analysis Division of the Joint Special Operations Command, and...


Retired Special Forces/Special Activities Division Veteran Helps Law Enforcement With Unconventional Training Tips

Our guest today has served his country honorably training law enforcement at the highest levels all over the world. He explains some compelling dangerous real-life situations and has come on today's show to get more information out to help protect law enforcement using these real-world tips and applications on how to stay safe. He talks about de-escalating threat in some of the most dangerous areas of the word. JB explains what he did previously that applies to law enforcement training...


High-Tech Retired Deputy Sheriff Helps Entrepreneurs Who Want to Sell Products and Services within the Law Enforcement and Military Communities

Lots of military and law enforcement officers have great products, training or ideas for Law Enforcement and Military Personnel, but need the know-how on how to get these products seen by those in the Law Enforcement and Military Communities. Dan is the man with the Geo-Page plan to do this. He will get your product, invention or services seen. He will get your product at the top of Google searches with his awesome proprietary program. Yes, some of it seems like sorcery, but in this episode...


How a 105 Year Old Camouflage Pattern from a Boat is Helping Save Police Officers Today

Take your thinking outside of the proverbial box! Listen to how a 105 year old boat camouflage pattern has been resurrected and is being deployed in the field with documented saves all across America. If you are interested in history and how tools, applications and mindsets from our past have been re-tooled, repurposed and revisited and are helping protect our men and women in law enforcement, then you'll love this episode. Our podcast is dedicated to answering the questions, "Why does it...


Texas Police Officer Deploys Revolutionary New Tool to Stop Active Shooters & Physical Attacks

Listen to these exciting accounts from a Texas police officer discussing how he deploys the newest tool being issued to law enforcement. This officer has 18 years of service with law enforcement from rural to big city departments and everything in-between. He has worked in some major departments and in some different roles within the departments including patrol, SWAT, warrant service and others. Listen to this officer tell why he deploys this innovative tool at different levels during his...


The Down and Dirty of the Vector Shield by a veteran Police Officer facing a .357

On this episode of Law Enforcement Unconventional Officer Ayam describes real-life applications where he has used and uses the Vector Shield in real day to day operations including coming face to face with a man with a .357 Magnum. Find out the secret to why the Vector Shield works to protect officers and the public and has documented saves at the federal, state and local levels as told by the officers themselves. For more info call 239-281-8669, visit or email...


Centerline Protection Is Saving Officers

Vector Centerline Protection Police Shields & Training hosts a weekly show for law enforcement and military about unconventional tools and tactics currently being used by law enforcement. This week's show will highlight the Vector Shield which is part of a cutting edge system now being used by law enforcement at the federal, state and local levels all across America. We will explain why so little is known about the field tactics and applications for this revolutionary product that has...