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Episode 040 - Margaret Rubega

In this episode, we hear from Margaret Rubega about her #birdclass assignment. Rubega is an associate professor in the department of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Connecticut. She’s also Connecticut’s state ornithology, and she teaches a large enrollment ornithology class at UConn. In this class, she asks her students to take to Twitter and share their observations of the birds they see on their way to class, as they go to their jobs, wherever they might happen to...


Episode 039 - Natasha Casey - Spencer Brayton

In this episode, the newest member of the Leading Lines team, Melissa Mallon, brings us an interview about teaching critical media literacy. The interview features Natasha Casey, a communications professor at Blackburn College in Illinois, and Spencer Brayton, library manager at Waubonsee Community College, also in Illinois. While Brayton was at Blackburn College, he and Casey collaborated to bring their respective fields—information literacy and media literacy—together, developing and...


Episode 038 - Stacey Roshan

In this episode, we’re going in a slightly different direction. Since we’re here to explore the future of educational technology in higher education, we thought it would be interesting to talk with someone who is currently teaching our future students. Stacey Roshan teaches at the Bullis School, an independent K12 school outside of Washington, DC, where she is also the Upper School Technology Coordinator. She’s well known for flipping her math classroom, introducing students to new...


Episode 037 - John Sloop

In our last episode, we talked with Vanderbilt librarian and Leading Lines co-producer Melissa Mallon about her new book on digital literacy. As a follow up to that, this episode is an audio segment from a panel on teaching with podcasts that the Vanderbilt CFT hosted last fall. The focus of the panel was student-produced podcasts, that is, podcast episodes made by students as part of course assignments. One of the panelists was John Sloop, professor of communication studies at Vanderbilt,...


Episode 036 - Melissa Mallon

In this episode, we feature an interview with one of our own. Melissa Mallon, director of the Peabody Library and director of liaison and instruction services here at Vanderbilt, has a new book out, and my Center for Teaching colleague Stacey Johnson had a lively conversation with Melissa about the book. Part of Melissa’s work at Vanderbilt focuses on faculty-librarian partnerships to support student learning, particularly research and digital literacy skills. That’s what her book is...


Episode 035 - Jay Clayton

In this episode, we talk with Jay Clayton, professor of English and director of the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy at Vanderbilt University. Jay teaches courses on digital media and online gaming, and he talks with Gayathri Narasimham, Associate Director of the Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning, about how he helps students engage in both critical analysis and creative production of video games and other new media. Links • Jay Clayton’s academic web page -...


Episode 032 - Cornelia Lang

This month, Leading Lines has a pair of episodes that look at the use of laptops in the classroom. Both episodes blow up the assumption that laptops are for notetaking, and they push back on that transmission model of college teaching. Both episodes explore the use of active learning classrooms, classrooms that are outfitted with a range of educational technologies, from movable furniture to whiteboards to good wifi to AV systems, designed to support active and collaborative learning In...


Episode 031 - Casey Boyle

In this episode, John Sloop, Vanderbilt’s associate provost for digital learning. talks with Casey Doyle, assistant professor of rhetoric and writing and director of the Digital Writing and Research Lab at the University of Texas at Austin. John talks with Casey about the work of the Digital Writing and Research Lab and how it is helping students and faculty both produce and think critically about digital and multimodal texts. Casey also talks about his own teaching, particularly his work...


Episode 029 - Nicole Allen

Open Access Week was October 23-29 of this year. It’s a week promoting open access as the default in scholarship and research. The Vanderbilt Libraries hosted a number of events for Open Access Week, and one of the speakers they brought in was Nicole Allen, director of open education at SPARC, the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition. Melissa Mallon, director of liaison and instruction services at the Vanderbilt Library and a member of the Leading Lines team, sat down with...


Episode 028 - Akos - Ledeczi

In this episode, we talk with Akos Ledeczi, professor of computer engineering and senior research scientist at the Institute for Software Integrated Systems here at Vanderbilt University. Akos is the lead developer for NetsBlox, a graphical programming language designed to introduce novice programmers from middle school to college to networked programming. Students can use NetsBlox to create simple multiplayer games and to build apps that interface with public data sets. Akos is...


Episode 027 - Gilbert Gonzales

In this episode, we talk with Gilbert Gonzales, assistant professor of health policy at Vanderbilt University. He discusses his interest in designing assignments for students that give them opportunities to make a different in the world outside their classroom. One of those assignments was “Health Policy Radio,” a podcast that he and his health policy students created. In the interview, he describes the assignment and the ways it enhanced his students’ learning. Links • Health Policy Radio...


Episode 023 - Eric Schmalz

In this episode, we interview Eric Schmalz, Citizen History Community Manager at the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Eric works with the museum’s History Unfolded project. That project aims to investigate what Americans knew about the Holocaust as it was happening during World War II, and how Americans reacted to news of the Holocaust. The museum calls History Unfolded a “citizen history” project, in the style of crowd-sourced citizen science projects like Galaxy Zoo or FoldIt. Regular people are...


Episode 022- Humberto Garcia

In this episode, we interview Humberto Garcia, associate professor of English at the University of California at Merced. Several years ago while teaching at Vanderbilt, Garcia started experimenting with blogs in his teaching, having students write short blog posts on a common course blog in lieu of the usual reading response papers. Humberto kept experimenting with blogs every semester, trying out creative new ways to use them both outside of class and during class. In this interview,...


Episode 021 - Roundtable with the Leading Lines Team [Bonus Episode]

In this bonus episode, the Leading Lines team sits down for a roundtable discussion about the Leading Lines podcast and what we’ve learned putting the podcast together. We talk about the origin of the podcast, what we mean by “educational technology,” how we’ve used podcasts in our teaching, and a couple of other podcasts we’ve launched since starting Leading Lines. And we have a lot of fun with our standard interview question about analog educational technology. The conversation was...


Episode 018 - Carwil Bjork-James

In this episode, we speak with Carwil Bjork-James, assistant professor of anthropology at Vanderbilt University. Bjork-James is a cultural anthropologist whose work focuses on strategies of grassroots autonomy and disruptive protest in Latin America. He serves on the board of the Wiki Education Foundation, a grant-supported non-profit institution, which supports the use of Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects in higher education contexts across the United States and Canada. In the interview,...


Episode 011 - Kathryn Tomasek

In this episode, we feature an interview with Kathryn Tomasek, associate professor of history at Wheaton College. Kathryn is interviewed by Cliff Anderson, Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning at Vanderbilt. Last summer, Cliff met several of Kathryn's undergraduate students at a private seminar that she held in the lead up to the 2016 Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations conference in Krakow, Poland. Kathryn’s work focuses on transcription and mark-up of...


Episode 010 - Steve Baskauf

In this episode we feature an interview with Steve Baskauf, senior lecturer in biological sciences at Vanderbilt University. Steve coordinates the introductory biological sciences labs, trains and mentors the undergraduate and graduate student teaching assistants for those labs, and designing and assesses inquiry-based lab curricula. However, this interview focuses on another aspect of his work at Vanderbilt: biodiversity informatics. Steve has developed Bioimages, an online image database...


Episode 007 - Lynn Ramey

In this episode, we feature an interview with Lynn Ramey, Associate Professor of French here at Vanderbilt. She is the author of multiple books and essays, including most recently Black Legacies: ‘Race’ and the European Middle Ages. Lynn is currently engaged in several ambitious digital projects exploring the use of video games and 3D environments as means to explore how societies and cultures have interacted in the past. She recently sat down for a conversation with Ole Molvig, an...


Episode 004 - Jeff Rice

In this episode, we feature an interview with Jeff Rice, inaugural chair of the Department of Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Studies (WRD) at the University of Kentucky. Rice also holds the Martha B. Reynolds Chair in Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Studies, and he’s the author of multiple books and essays, including his most recent book, Craft Obsession: The Social Rhetorics of Beer. Rice recently sat down with John Sloop, Vanderbilt’s Associate Provost for Digital Learning, at the Rhetoric...