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Cancer, Health, and a 20-Year-Long Career with CEO Dr. Pedersen of Genomic Expression

Prior to Genomic Expression, she founded Proximity Venture Advisors, an international business consulting company that serves high tech companies within the Life Science sector. She worked with biotech companies securing licensing deals, reference clients and...


Climate Change as a Financial Opportunity with Tito CEO @ Impossible Labs

Rethinking Climate change with a true innovator. Tito has been working in the Bay area as a CEO / founder for about a decade, and he has been crushing it ever since he started. In this interview we are a bit on the lighter side getting a part of his personality and passion that you don't normally see with interviews with people like Tito. Though, there are not many like him, and we do get into what he is working on and where the origin of his thoughts comes from.


67: Principal Investor Wunderkind Riley Florsheim on Investing in a Company at 13 that Would Exit for 3 Billion

Investing, success, being humble, how to replicate his feats, how he is building himself to achieve all of his dreams, why he wants to focus on finding amazing companies, how he always gives feedback, founding his VC firm Upheaval Investments, and much more. I could literally go on for 3-4 more sentences about how great Riley is. I love that he has taken his first success, and took the hard road of finding the meaning in his life, which is building amazing companies that change the world. A...


66: NAD+ Rejuvenation Startup Talk with Co-Founder and CEO Nichola Conlon

PhD scientist turned startup founder that aims at taking the latest in scientific research to affect change in signs and processes of aging!


65: Fleet Space Technologies CEO and Co-Founder Flavia Tata Nardini on Space Entrepreneurship and IoT

Space Entrepreneurship, seeking out negative feedback, how she got started, how to prioritize, mechanisms put in place to be successful, advice for founders.


64: TMRO Talk with Benjamin: Space, China, Exploration, and Battlestar Galactica

Space, China, Exploration, Battlestar Galactica Debates! In this episode we get into it all. It is a fun, laid back discussion with Benjamin, who runs one, if not the best, science and space shows on YouTube or anywhere. I highly recommend checking it out. Remember to comment and vote in. We need to settle whether Baltar was a villain!


63: Best-Selling Science Author, Sy Montgomery, Discusses Writing 20+ books, Nature, Favorite Unwritten Stories, and Future Goals

Bestselling science author Sy takes time out of her busy day and travels to talk about her latest book, life as a science writer, nature, advice for new writers, and much more. I love her books, and if you give this episode a try, you're going to want to read her books too! Try not to love and be inspired by all that Sy has done and written about! :)


62: Getting into Conservation with Paul Bunje, Co-founder of Conservation X Labs

Conservation, getting involved, and how to use your existing skills to change the world are all topics we cover in this episode. Paul goes into a few success stories of conservation X labs, how he got started, how he keeps the spark alive, and a lot of great actionable recommendations for books and resources to learn more!


61: Science and Podcast talk with Connor

Straight from a scientist is a great podcast that I listen to routinely. Connor is the best as well. You basically get the synthesis of two podcasts and hosts while listening to just one episode. Check this one out. It's fantastic!


60: Sepsis Detection, Post-Dramatic Growth, and Founding PatchD with Founder and CEO Robert Quinn

Surviving Sepsis, liver transplant, and multiple hospitalizations led Robert to the moment where he had a choice. Would he rise or would he fall? He chose to rise and to create PatchD to help patients with Sepsis lead a normal life and to, hopefully, save lives. This is what Mayo Clinic says about Sepsis: "Sepsis occurs when chemicals released into the bloodstream to fight the infection trigger inflammatory responses throughout the body. This inflammation can trigger a cascade of changes...


59: Microbiome, Bow-Ties, Micro-Brewing, Celebrity Microbiome Cocktails and More with Dr. Gautam Dantas

Microbiology, Pathology, immunology, and biomedical engineering Expert Dr. Dantes trusts his gut and that's what we get into in this episode - the gut biome, microbiome ecology, and more. On the fun, personal side, we get into his passion for bow-ties, min/maxing micro-brewing, and have great discussions on history, microbiology and even a few book recommendations at the end. This is one of my favorite interviews. You're going to want to check this out! Please share and tell your friends.


58: Bio-Design, DIY Biotech Community-Building with Daniel Grushkin, Genspace Co-Founder & Bio-Design Challenge Director

Nonprofit DIY Biotech Space and Bio Design Challenge created in New York by Daniel Grushkin. In this interview, we get into how being a journalist has impacted his life and how he looks at situations, how/why he started Genspace, what Genspace offers, and where he sees things going. This is a fun, quick interview with Dan who is very passionate about ensuring no one gets left behind with the new biotech space he is creating. See the links to check out Genspace, the competition, and how to...


57: Space: The Final Frontier – A Space Talk with Katie (Technical Writer) and Ron (Astronomy Educator) at the Spaceship Company of Virgin Galactic

Space talk with space experts, enthusiasts, a technical writer, and a person who will probably be in space pretty soon. We get into advice in career transitions, unsung aspects of the space industry, and what their dreams are. All of this and more in under 1 hour!


56: Wilderness Medicine, Space Medicine, and Achieving Your Goals with Dr. Shawna Pandya, Co-Founder of CiviGuard, Published Author, Award Winner, and Citizen-Science Astronaut-Candidate

Build consistent and persistent to achieve your ambitions, and see how one innovator, founder, scientists, doctor, and future astronaut built herself to where she is today and where she is going in the future (i.e....


55: David Narrow, Medical Device Expert, Forbes 30 Under 30, CEO of Sonavex & MonoMano, Venture Partner at FundRx, and More

Medical Device Expert, Forbes 30 under 30, CEO of Sonavex & MonoMano, Venture Partner at FundRx, and External advisory board member for the center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design at John Hopkins University. We get into...


54: Dr. George Church and I Discuss the Woolly Mammoth, Human Aging, DNA Data Storage, and Other Amazing Projects Coming Out of His Lab with Advice for People Getting Started

Harvard & MIT Professor, author of Regenesis, methods for 1st genome sequence (1994) & 10M-fold improvements (NGS, nanopore), genome editing, writing and recording. In this episode, we get to talk about Genghis Khan ,Woolly Mammoth,...


53:Ladan Jiracek Neural Implant Podcast and I talk about key things we have learned, Brain interfacing startups, George Church, and much more

Dialogue type episode where we talked and meandered around the science topics we have been covering on our different podcasts. He specializes in Neural Implant/ Brain interfacing type things where on my podcast we are...


52: Stem Cell Hotel, HipSci, Imaging, Beautiful Science Images, Academia and Startups, and Advice For People Getting Started with Dr. Davide Danovi

Threading the needle between being in Academia and founding startups, fostering the next generation of innovators, building an engineer for innovation at King’s College, and amazing advice and perspective with an amazing, world class scientists,...


51: Scaling DNA Circuit Tests Under 30 minutes, Challenges with that, Startup story with Dr. Thomas the CEO and Founder of Cell Free and Open Cell in the UK

How to build a factory to automate processes, Scaling DNA circuits tests to be able to be done in under 30 minutes, why now is the prefect time for Cell Free to exist, a bit...


50: Scientists, IGEM Competition, to Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Creating a Therapeutic for Celiac Disease with Dr. Ingrid of PvP Biologics

Celiac Disease with Dr. Ingrid of PvP Biologics, the creation of a Therapeutic for Celiac Disease, Seattle, Protein engineering, resource recommendations, and IGEM competition are all topics discussed. Dr. Ingrid is the co-founder and the...