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Scientists, IGEM competition, to Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Creating a Therapeutic for Celiac Disease with Dr. Ingird of PvP Biologics - Learning With Lowell

Celiac Disease with Dr. Ingird of PvP Biologics, the creation of a Therapeutic for Celiac Disease, Seattle, Protein engineering, resource recommendations, and IGEM competition are all topics discussed. Dr. Ingrid is the co-founder and the chief scientific officer of PvP Biologics, and Transnational Investigator of Institute for Protein Design About Ingrid “Ingrid Swanson Pultz, Ph.D., is a co-founder and the chief scientific officer of PvP Biologics. Dr. Pultz is a leader in computational...


High-Volume Neural Interface and a Walk Through of What Makes Them Special with Matt, Kunal, and Yifan at Paradromics - Learning With Lowell

Broadband for the brain; Paradromics is developing high-volume, bidirectional data streaming capabilities between brains and computers. Their neural interface technologies will initially be used to help physically disabled patients reconnect with the outside world (i.e. Blindness, deafness, paralysis, ALS, etc) People in this episode Matt Angle the CEO of Paradromics Kunal Sahasrabuddhe The Applied Scientist Paradromics Yifan Kongt the Hardware and Fabrication Lead at Paradromics About...


Personalized AI Helps You Feel ‘in the zone’ or In State of Flow with Founder Dr. Shama of NeuroCreate - Learning With Lowell

AI, Neuroscience, and Cognition exploration with CEO and Founder of the startup NeuroCreate. Website Shama Linkedin Email: shama@neurocreate.co.uk About Dr. Shama Scientist, Explorer, Singer, Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Actor and Theatre-maker Multi-disciplinary PhD exploring the Neuroscience and Complex Systems of Creativity. CEO and Founder at NeuroCreate Ltd- startup at the junction of AI, Neuroscience and Cognition First Sitar and Roli Synth player to perform in Antarctica. I was...


Algae Biomaterials Startup, Living Ink and CEO Scott, Develops Next-generation Ink and Coatings using Biodegradable and Safe Inks Derived from Algae Cells - Learning With Lowell

Living Ink is a cutting edge biomaterials company developing the next-generation of ink and coatings. Algae cells are transformed into sustainable pigments for renewable, biodegradable and safe ink products. In this episode we get into Scott’s journey to create this startup, what’s unique about it, the future of what he is working on, and a little parenting discussion at the end. Living Ink At Living Ink, we are developing patent pending processes that transform algae into eco-friendly ink...


VR Mental Health Startup Psylaris Co-Founders Mike and Christoph Discuss Their Technology, Goals, and Traction Thus Far - Learning With Lowell

Mental Health, VR, Reduce stress, Increased self-esteem, Increase happiness, Reduced anxiety. We get into how to a lot in their startup journey and the differences they are seeing with their technology. Small disclaimer: I am traveling so the notes on this episode will be fleshed out when I am done traveling. About Psylaris and the Mission “Realizing that a large part of our population isn’t receiving the best possible care regarding mental health, Yoeri set out on a mission to change...


New Sweetener Protein 1500 times Sweeter than Sugar, Make From Plants, and was Developed by CEO and Co-founder Dr. Abhiram at Magellan Life Sciences - Learning With Lowell

No calories, has significant health benefits, is coming out within two years, 1500 times sweeter than sugar, and comes from a plant. About Dr. Abhiram Dukkipati “Experienced Chief Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the lifesciences sector. Skilled in Life Sciences, Protein Expression, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, and Cell Culture. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Biology from Syracuse University.” Who was a post...


Biodegradable Biopolymer Materials Innovation Startup Discussion with Dr. Molly Morse, the CEO and Co-Founder of Mango Materials - Learning With Lowell

Bioplastics, methane based materials that are competitive with conventional, oil-based plastics that do not biodegrade or have the same fantastic features. About Molly “Dr. Molly Morse is an innovator, inventor and entrepreneur who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the CEO and co-founder of Mango Materials, a startup company that uses methane to manufacture biodegradable materials. She has engineering degrees from Cornell University and Stanford University and is excited about...


Antibody Expert, Dr. Andrew Martin, Discusses Antibodies, The complexity of Antibodies, His work, and Passions - Learning With Lowell

Antibody Expert, Structural bioinformatician specializing in antibodies and mutations, Experienced expert witness, Antibody consultant. About Andrew “I am a Bioinformatician / Computational Biologist specializing in antibodies and the effects of mutations on protein structure and function. During my PhD, I co-developed one of the first automated protein modelling programs for modelling antibodies which was commercialized by Oxford Molecular as ‘AbM’. I have maintained my interest in...


Over 440,000 Deaths Each Year Due to Preventable Medical Errors and how One startup, Scalpel, is Fighting to Reduce That Number - Learning With Lowell

440,000 Deaths, Preventable Medical Errors, Building Scalpel the biotech Startup, and Yesh the CEO and Founder. About Yesh CEO and Founder: “I am a generalist who builds technologies that improve healthcare. Trained as a dentist, I have over five years of interdisciplinary experience in healthcare and technology (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Computer Vision). I previously built a startup (Open Simulation) to provide low-cost surgical simulation using Augmented Reality. In my PhD,...


#42: Dr. Matthew, CEO, and Dr. Matt, CTO, of Blue Ridge Bioinformatics Discuss Bioinformatics, Their Startup Journey, and How to Run Lean - Learning With Lowell

London based bioinformatics consultancy and service provider. When implemented successfully, bioinformatics can be used to identify new market opportunities and streamline existing R&D saving both valuable time and resources. Our goal is to provide easy and cost-effective access to this growing field for new to medium size biotech and bioscience based companies. Source Website Contact email: info@blueridgebio.co.uk Hyperlinked Time stamped Show notes [ 01:30 ] What fuels them to keep...


#38: Dr. Sam Arbesman Author and Scientist in Residence at Lux Capital talks about His Journey, Startups, and Thoughts on Generalist vs a Specialist - Learning With Lowell

Scientist in residence and what that is like, how he evaluates startups, the big things he focuses on, and his thoughts on being a generalist over being a specialist are […]


#37: Dr. Sanjoy, Astrobiologist, Director at Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, and I Discuss His Journey as a Scientist and Other Worlds - Learning With Lowell

His non linear path to finding his way to Astrobiology, the projects he is working on, discussion on planets and moons, and his love of sharing science are just some […]


Podcast Episode 36: Dr. Jose and Dr. Gian of Synbiosys discuss building a Materials Innovation Startup, Their journey, and What Makes Them Different - Learning With Lowell

About Synbiosys Synbiosys is a new platform for materials research and development, by pioneering a symbiotic relationship between the scientific rigor of academia and the goal-oriented attitude of the industry. Next generation Armour […]


Podcast Episode 35: Thomas, Founder of Beta Bugs, Talks about Creating Next Generation Insect Crops to Create Feed, Food, and Fuel - Learning With Lowell

Discussion about Black Soldier Fly evolution to create next-generation crops that will drive a sustainable bioeconomy that produces feed, food, and fuel. We also get into his startup journey, how […]


Podcast Episode 34: CEO Natalie and CSO Katia of Encelo Lab, Which Seeks to Develop Tools to have Greater Access to Personalized Medicine - Learning With Lowell

Personalized medicine development technology to improve all of our lives, their startup journey, what they’ve learned, and what they still have yet to do. About CSO Katia Nazmutdinova: She has […]


Podcast Episode 33: CEO Alana and CTO Ana of Biomimetic Solutions Discuss Their Technology of Tissue Engineering to Create Clean Meat, and Their Biotech Startup Journey - Learning With Lowell

Tissue engineering, applications, a biotech startup, their startup journey, and why they moved to the UK from Brazil are the big talking points of this episode. About Biomimetic Solutions: “Biomimetic […]


Podcast Episode 32: David Bader, Director of Education at Aquarium of the Pacific, and I discuss Vaquita Conservation, Extinction, His life, and Vaquita Safe - Learning With Lowell

Extinction, Vaquita conservation, Life as a Director of Education, SAFE food labels, and more! About David: “has a bachelor’s degree in marine biology from the University of California, Santa […]