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Weekly Linux news and analysis by Chris and Joe. The show every week we hope you'll go to when you want to hear an informed discussion about what’s happening.

Weekly Linux news and analysis by Chris and Joe. The show every week we hope you'll go to when you want to hear an informed discussion about what’s happening.


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Weekly Linux news and analysis by Chris and Joe. The show every week we hope you'll go to when you want to hear an informed discussion about what’s happening.




Linux Action News 173

Why we don't think Red Hat's expanded developer program is enough, our reaction to Ubuntu sticking with an older Gnome release, and a tiny delightful surprise.


Linux Action News 172

Impressive updates for some beloved open source projects, and AlmaLinux—a leading CentOS alternative—is born. Plus Google's surprise for Chromium users, and we go hands-on with Podman's docker-compose support.


Linux Action News 171

We explain the recent Qt upset, and then go hands-on with the new PeerTube release. Plus Wendell from Level1Techs joins us to discuss his thoughts on porting Linux to the Apple M1. Special Guest: Wendell Wilson.


Linux Action News 170

A lot of open source development was packed into 2020, we recap some of the standout moments you should know about.


Linux Action News 169

Our annual predictions episode kicks off with a review of what we got right and wrong for 2020, and then we speculate wildly about what could happen in 2021.


Linux Action News 168

Another Google project meets an untimely demise, but we find the silver lining. Plus new Matrix goodies, why AWS is investing in Blender, and more.


Linux Action News 167

We explain the major changes to CentOS this week and break down the top four criticisms. Plus Google makes their Fuchsia intentions a bit more clear, and why Linux 5.10 is a BIG deal.


Linux Action News 166

Desktop Linux users saw a lot of new features land this week, and SUSE might just have a new cloud-winning strategy. Plus Michael Larabel from Phoronix joins us to discuss the state of Linux hardware support in 2020. Special Guest: Michael Larabel.


Linux Action News 165

What caused the recent major AWS outage, the breaking changes that just arrived upstream, and a new mail client for Linux. Plus our reaction to Microsoft's Android subsystem that's in the works.


Linux Action News 164

The details behind youtube-dl's return to GitHub, our thoughts on the rumored SUSE IPO, and our concerns with Servo's new home.


Linux Action News 163

The Ubuntu bug you need to patch, PayPal's Bitcoin support goes live, and a breaking change inbound to systemd. Plus the Linux tech Greg KH is most excited about, and more.


Linux Action News 162

We review the Raspberry Pi 400. Then discover new features coming to Linux powered Dells. Plus an important Let's Encrypt update, and the next billion-dollar tech coming to Linux.


Linux Action News 161

A RISC-V development PC is in the works, we have the details and try to set expectations. Plus what's new in Fedora 33, and an important youtube-dl update.


Linux Action News 160

Ubuntu 20.10 is out, with official Raspberry Pi 4 desktop support. We try it out and report back. And our thoughts on the youtube-dl takedown. Plus Edge is out for Linux, and PayPal gets bitcoin fever.


Linux Action News 159

The new Plasma release makes a compelling argument for the workstation, why LibreOffice and OpenOffice can't seem to get along and a recently found bug in Linux that goes back to Kernel 2.6. Plus, our thoughts on Apple's seeming abandoning of CUPS, the latest and greatest open source podcast player, and an important show update.


Linux Action News 158

NextCloud makes some significant changes, and we share our reaction; IBM is planning to split into two, but we have some questions, and Firefox may soon display sponsored "top sites." Plus Nvidia's Jetson Nano release and the freaky future of low-level AI, and our thoughts on Coinbase's recent news.


Linux Action News 157

Quite a bit from Google this week, with new products and notable changes coming for developers and users. Plus our take on DuckDuckGo's new fight.


Linux Action News 156

Lenovo expands its Linux lineup in a big way, with 30 Ubuntu systems. And why Microsoft Edge on Linux might be more significant than you think. Plus, the latest Mozilla project being spun-out, and how Timescale might have a solution for a self-sustaining open-source business in the cloud era.


Linux Action News 155

We try out the new GNOME "Orbis" release and chat about Microsoft's new Linux kernel patches that make it clear Windows 10 is on the path to a hybrid Windows/Linux system. Plus, the major re-architecture work underway for Chrome OS with significant ramifications for Desktop Linux.


Linux Action News 154

Our hands-on review of Android 11, and our thoughts on the possible consequences of Nvidia buying Arm Holdings for $40bn. Plus why our long-term view for Mozilla took a turn for the worse this week, and two recent enterprise wins for Desktop Linux.