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Mac Geek Gab — Your Questions Answered, Tips Shared, Troubleshooting Assistance

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Answers to your tech questions for your Apple devices and beyond. Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come together weekly to answer your questions and discuss things of interest to Apple and Mac geeks, presenting them in ways that are both entertaining and informative for the average listener.


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Answers to your tech questions for your Apple devices and beyond. Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come together weekly to answer your questions and discuss things of interest to Apple and Mac geeks, presenting them in ways that are both entertaining and informative for the average listener.




I Didn’t Use The H Word!

Unlock the secrets of Finder with sorting, dragging, and tagging mastery! Experience lightning-fast message reactions, and let John and Dave guide you in conquering Safari spam notifications. Join the thrilling adventure with your two all-time favorite geeks, diving into your questions and unveiling tips, Cool Stuff Found, and more to […]


Safari Swipes, Finder Drags, and Pings Galore

The Finder can be a drag…the good kind! And swiping right in Safari might not have the effect you think. Press play and listen to John F. Braun, Pilot Pete, and Dave Hamilton share these Quick Tips and SO many more. Plus, your three favorite geeks answer your questions and […]


Where Did My Memory Go?

Is your Mac running out of memory? It might tell you it is, but is it really, or is something else going on? Listen as John F. Braun, Pilot Pete, and Dave Hamilton talk through this and all your other questions, providing context, answers, and those tangential Quick Tips that […]


Spam, Siri, Sorting, and Stuff

What do you use for spam filtering? How do you efficiently file Mail? What’s your favorite trick for the macOS Finder? Listen as your three geeks share their and your thoughts on this while answering your questions and helping to solve your problems. Press play and learn five new things […]


It's an Interrupt Issue

Press play to learn how to use your Apple Pencil to take screenshots and create tags on your iPad, make your iPhone display ALL the entries from Google Calendar, and much more! Join Dave, John, and Pilot Pete as they answer your questions and solve your problems, ensuring you learn […]


They Find The Beer Fridge First

What is your current backup routine? Do you even need one anymore? John, Dave, and Pete talk through answers to all your questions, including this one! Other questions answered include how to dry wet AirPods, sharing only certain Contact info, using Security Keys with Apple Devices, fixing macOS Ventura’s pesky […]


Don't Mute Me, Bro

iOS 16 Includes a new “Block Sender” shortcut along with a bunch of stuff added to the Lock Screen, and you can use Siri to control your Apple TV. That’s just a sampling of the Quick Tips your two favorite geeks share to start the show. Listen as John and […]


You Beat Me To The Ding

Quick Tips for your Mac and iPhone about Siri, QR codes, Voice Isolation, and Multi-Port USB-C Chargers are just the beginning today. After that, your three favorite geeks provide answers to your questions about configuring your network, properly ejecting disks, waking up your Mac remotely, and much more. Plus, John, […]


No One Has “Mouse”

Learn keyboard shortcuts for logging into your Mac, tricks for controlling Open/Save dialogs, using Conversation Mode to Translate voice conversations, how to set multiple timers, and more. And it’s not just Quick Tips that your three favorite geeks feature this week, there’s a TON of Cool Stuff Found. John, Dave, […]


You Don’t Have to Beat The Guillotine

Apple’s new M2-family chips see updated Mac mini and MacBook Pro models, and Dave, John, and Pete talk through the impacts of that…for them and for you. Quick Tips rule the week, with the Finder sidebar getting special attention. Keyboard shortcuts are the runner-up, too, with lots of love there, […]


Something Somewhere Is FUBAR

Answers to your questions about USB (including USB 4!), apps not launching in Ventura, the longevity of M1 Macs, formatting external drives, and filtering Mail are all here, courtesy of your three favorite geeks. John, Pete, and Dave also take you through a slew of Quick Tips about Notes, Contacts, […]


CSF from CES 2023

Matter, MagSafe, Turntables, and TVs are just a few of the technologies your three favorite geeks encountered at CES 2023. Listen as John, Dave, and Pete talk through these and more as they share all the Cool Stuff they Found in Las Vegas. That’s not all, though! The episode starts […]


LastPass vs. Southwest Airlines: Whose Month Was Worse?

This week your three favorite geeks talk about tunnels! Listen to learn about SSH tunnels, Cloudflare Tunnels, and maybe another kind of tunnel. That’s not all, though! You’ve got Cool Stuff Found, your questions answered about iCloud Keychain, Messages, CarPlay, and Screen Sharing. Plus, John, Pete, and Dave answer the […]


macOS Ventura Is Apple's Vista

Quick Tips about Apple Pay, Spotlight, Advanced Data Protection, iCloud Storage, Picture-in-Picture, Apple Watch, and Stage Manager are just the start of today’s episode! Then your three favorite geeks go on to help solve your macOS Ventura woes (as much as that’s possible!), discuss the best way to configure DNS, […]


Headless Macs, Resizing Images, Cable Modems, and More

Finding geeks ways to make your computing life more efficient is fun, and your three favorite geeks share tips for resizing images, managing calendars, using the Finder’s toolbar, controlling your Apple TV and much, much more. Listen as John, Pete, and Dave answer your questions and share your tips, ensuring […]


We Need That Five Sense Experience

Terminal tips to do make tricky things easy, an Apple Pencil alternative, Robots to clean your home and your pool, and a hidden pinball game are just the first few things you’ll hear from John, Pete, and Dave in this week’s Mac Geek Gab episode. Plus, with answers to important […]


NFC Tags are Technological Rabbits

Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff mentioned: 00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 958 for Monday, December 5, 2022 Paul-QT-Restart Your Apple TV Remote by Pressing TV+Volume-Down for 5 Seconds 00:02:48 Requiem for a Keyboard Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard The MGG Discord Server is Live! The MGG Merch Store is Live! Cool Stuff Found 00:07:15 Ben-CSF-954–Script to […]


Down The Meta Rabbit Hole

Did you know about macOS Ventura’s Background Noise? How about making Apple Pay easier on your Apple Watch? Quick Tips rule the day here…right up until the tangents take over! Yep, this one’s got more rabbit holes than most, but you get to join your three favorite geeks having fun […]


My Lizard Brain Knows It

Did you know you could change your iPhone’s Wi-Fi network during the setup process? How about the Terminal’s ability to show you a list of remote connection options? These are just the first two Quick Tips this week, and it continues from there, folks! Listen as John and Dave take […]


Don’t Hide Stuff From Yourself

Tips for your iPhone and Apple Watch start today’s episode, including some often-overlooked nuances of Focus Modes to make your life even better. Then John, Dave, and Pete answer your questions about MacBooks losing battery during sleep, Apple TV installations, Stage Manager and more. Some Cool Stuff Found rounds out […]