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[Season 3 - Episode 2] Making Data Simple: Kansas City Keynote

Host Al Martin, IBM VP of Hybrid Data Management & Client Success, and Sam Lightstone, CTO for Data, IBM Fellow & Master Inventor, present their Kansas City Techweek keynote. They go over what it means to make data ready for AI, become data driven and acquire growth. They deliver key industry insights to drive performance in a way that is easily understandable, avoiding the jargon. Be sure to follow along with presentation slides attached below. ------------------- 00:00 - Download and...


[S3E1] Making Data Simple: Data and Tech in 2018 - Year in Review with Seth Dobrin

Seth Dobrin is back to kick off season 3 and reflect on data and tech in 2018. Seth Dobrin, vice president and Chief Data Officer of IBM Analytics, gives insight to leading the data science elite team, and he details the steps and strategies required to be successful in the field. Host Al Martin and Seth also make some data science predictions for 2019, letting you know what you should be looking out for in the year ahead. Shownotes: 00:00 - Check us out on YouTube and SoundCloud. 00:10 -...


Making Data Simple: Clips from our Top 5 Podcasts

Host Al Martin looks back on his top 5 favourite clips from episodes published in 2018. These conversations range from explaining the importance of data visualization, to discussing the differences between A.I. and deep learning. Thanks to all of our listeners for an incredible 2018, and prepare yourself for Season 3 of the Making Data Simple podcast! Show Notes 00:00 - Check us out on YouTube and SoundCloud! 00:10 - Connect with producer Liam Seston on LinkedIn and Twitter. 00:15 -...


Making Data Simple - Replay: What's next in the world of data & analytics

Happy holidays from the Making Data Simple team! Enjoy a rebroadcast of a conversation with Seth Dobrin, Vice President and Chief Data Officer for IBM Analytics, as he and Al explore the strategies and people your company needs to disrupt and succeed in the year ahead. Do you or your team members need new credentials to work in data? Seth also discusses what you need in your toolkit to be a data scientist at IBM. Show Notes 00.30 Connect with Al Martin on Twitter and LinkedIn. 01.00...


[Episode 42] Making Data Simple: The future of agriculture with Jason Tatge

Jason Tatge, CEO, president and cofounder of Farmobile, joins the show to discuss data in the agriculture industry. The conversation touches on Jason's experience launching a startup, tips for finding success, and the value of big data from a farmer's perspective. This episode gives insight to data science for one of the oldest and most important sectors in our society. Show Notes 00:00 - Check us out on YouTube and SoundCloud. 00:10 - Connect with producer Liam Seston on LinkedIn and...


[Episode 41] Making Data Simple: Big Data, Cloud, & Cognitive with Paul Zikopolous

Paul Zikopolous, VP of big data cognitive systems at IBM, joins us to discuss tactics for both career and personal growth. Paul is also an established author and public speaker, and leverages experiences gained through those pursuits in the advice he gives. Have a pen and paper ready as there is a lot to take away from this enlightening conversation. Show notes 00:00 - Check us out on YouTube. 00:00 - We are now on Soundcloud. 00:10 - Add producer Liam Seston on LinkedIn and...


[Episode 40] Making Data Simple: AI and the questions you didn't think to ask

In the latest episode of "Making Data Simple," host Al Martin invites Jeff Jonas, CEO, founder and chief scientist at Senzing Inc. to discuss use cases of AI and big data. The discussion ranges from Jeff's personal achievements, his miraculous quadriplegic recovery, his completion of every global Ironman triathlon race, and the birth of his company Senzing Inc. Suit up for what is truly an engaging conversation. Show notes 00:00 - Checkout our YouTube channel. 00:10 - Connect with...


Making Data Simple: Little Miss Data builds a data democracy

Making Data Simple host Al Martin has a chance to discuss all thing data with Laura Ellis, also known as Little Miss Data. Laura is an analytics architect for IBM Cloud as well as a frequent blogger. Together, they talk about how critical it is to understand your data in order create specific calls to action, and what it means to build a data democracy. Show Notes 00:00 - Follow @IBMAnalyticsSupport on Twitter. 00:22 - Check out our YouTube channel. We're posting full episodes...


Making Data Simple: Inside Machine Learning

On this week's Making Data Simple Podcast, we are joined by Steve Moore, IBM senior content designer and story strategist, along with Aishwarya Srinivasan, IBM data scientist and deep learning researcher. Aishwarya discusses what it means to be a unicorn in an industry and why it is useful to pair textbook learning from schooling with hands-on industry experience. Aishwarya, Steve, and Al explore how to use reinforcement learning to make better data decisions.


Making Data Simple: Start-ups with Simon Lightstone

Interested in learning what it takes to operate a start-up? On this episode of Making Data Simple, host Al Martin sits down with Simon Lightstone, IBM offering manager, to discuss what it took to get his startup off the ground. Simon offers tips to those facing a similar experience and describes how the decision to pursue a dream ultimately affected his career.