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MAYAK INNOVATSIY - a podcast hosted by the CEO of UNIT.City Dominique Piotet. Tech News & Tech Dudes. From Ukraine to the World.

MAYAK INNOVATSIY - a podcast hosted by the CEO of UNIT.City Dominique Piotet. Tech News & Tech Dudes. From Ukraine to the World.




MAYAK INNOVATSIY - a podcast hosted by the CEO of UNIT.City Dominique Piotet. Tech News & Tech Dudes. From Ukraine to the World.




Mayak Innovatsiy_Max Gurvits from Vitosha Venture Partners_S.4_Ep#5

Max Gurvits is a US/European entrepreneur, Chief Host at Summit Summit & Partner at Vitosha Venture Partners. Active in Europe and the Middle East as startup advisor and investor, Max is particularly focused on Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Also, Max runs TRACTION Camp, a series of three-day workshops with Silicon Valley operators, for top founders in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. We’ve been talking about new normal in events, and on the startup & investments scene, about Ukraine as a...


Mayak Innovatsiy_Daniel Szemerey from Health Venture Lab_S.4_Ep#4

Daniel Szemerey co-founded and spearheads the growth of Health Venture Lab, a pan-European Healthtech accelerator with offices in Hungary, Spain and Poland. HVL covers the full pipeline, from need-based research, through early-stage product-market fit iteration, to growth-stage companies. If you want to apply, pls go: We were talking about MedTech trends, immortality and the merging of humans and machines - how soon will it happen? Thanks for the sound engineering of the...


Mayak Innovatsiy_IVAN DORN_S.4_Ep#3

Ivan Dorn is a singer, DJ and producer, MTV European Music Awards winner. His music combines elements of house, disco, pop, jazz, funk, UK garage, hip-hop and soul. He is a champion in ballroom dancing and sailing. He is also good in chess, tennis and football. In 2016, Ivan started Masterskaya, a music hub and an independent music label focused on bringing the exciting sound of Ukrainian underground to the main stage. We were talking about rebelliousness, American dream, the identity of...


Mayak Innovatsiy_Andrii Degeler_TechEU_S.4_Ep#2

Andrii Degeler is a journalist and podcast host based in the Netherlands. He is covering tech news since 2007 for Tech.EU, Engadget, TNW, Ars Technica UK, the Kyiv Post, and more. We’ve been talking about recent tech news, and about the perception of the Ukrainian IT-ecosystem in Europe. Thanks for the sound engineering of the podcast to Masterskaya.Space and especially to Pasha Cecetov.


Mayak Innovatsiy_Yura Lazebnikov_WePlay Esports_S.4_Ep#1

Yura Lazebnikov is a managing partner of esports media holding company WePlay Esports which is developing esports studios and arenas from Kyiv to Los Angeles. We discussed trends in esports, spectacular tournaments, earnings of top-ranking players, and Ukraine's advantages in terms of esports. Thanks for the sound engineering of the podcast to Masterskaya.Space and especially to Pasha Cecetov.


Mayak Innovatsiy_Giorgi Iukuridze_SHABO

Giorgi Iukuridze — co-founder of SHABO, the biggest and the most innovative winery in Ukraine. We’ve been talking about technologies in agriculture and in winemaking. What is so special about Ukrainian wine? Which technologies do help winemakers? Can we trust a robot sommelier? How did COVID change the consumption of wine? Is that true that a glass of sparkling wine could be equal to a 30 min walk in a park? Listen to learn more about winemaking, and cheers for a New Year! Thanks for the...


Mayak Innovatsiy_S.3_Episode#5_Alex ZeroGravity Kokhanovskyy_UPEA

Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovskyy has more than 20 years of experience in the esports and the gaming industry. He is the CEO & Co-Owner of DreamTeam - the first esports and gaming recruitment and management network. He built the 2nd most popular and one of the most successful teams in the history of esports - Natus Vincere (Na`Vi) and is the Co-Owner of ESForce, the 3rd biggest esports entity funded by USM Holdings (shareholder of,, Megafon, etc.) with $100 mln investment...


Mayak Innovatsiy_Season#3_Episode#4_Jan Peter de Jong_Microsoft Ukraine

Jan Peter de Jong has over 20 years of sales and management experience in digital transformation. As a Country Manager of Microsoft in Ukraine, Jan Peter is focusing on digitization, philanthropy, education, and the overall progress of Ukraine. Jan Peter graduated with a master's in Astronomy at Leiden University in The Netherlands. Thanks to scientific research at the beginning of his career, and his passion for the applicable project management, he shifted from pure science to...


Mayak Innovatsiy_Season#3_Episode#3_Vitaly

Vitaly Sych — Editor-in-Chief of the magazine “Novoye Vremya”, one of the leading media in Ukraine. We were talking about the standards of genuine journalistic, about media as a business, about fake news and social media as a massive phenomenon, about technologies such as AI behind the modern media, and its chances to compete with a human being in journalism. Also, from this episode, you can find out what topic is more popular in Ukraine — sex or politics. For topical news from Ukraine pls...


Mayak Innovatsiy_Season#3_Episode#2_Alex Bornyakov_Diia City

Alex Bornyakov — Deputy Minister of The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine in charge of IT. We were talking about Diia City, a special legal framework for the IT industry. Also, we’ve discussed E-residence, paperless initiatives, digitalization of entrepreneurship tools and tax system, simplifying entry for IT-employees from other countries, and the attraction of investment to Ukraine. The episode was recorded on October 9, 2020, exactly a year ago Alex Bornyakov had joined The...


Mayak Innovatsiy_Season#3_Episode#1_Nataly Veremeeva _TechUkraine

Nataly Veremeeva — Director at TechUkraine.Org, the Gate to Technological Ukraine. We were talking about Ukraine as a Wild East full of opportunities, about the pros & cons of launching a startup in Ukraine. Why the Founders of Ukrainian Unicorns often do not communicate proudly "made in Ukraine'? What else has to be done in Ukraine to have a Silicon Next Big Something? Who is in charge of that — government or people? What is an attitude to money and entrepreneurship in Ukraine? Why where...


Mayak Innovatsiy_Episode#16_Summary of Two Seasons and Plans for the Third One

Co-hosts of the show decided to reflect on previous episodes of the podcast, to thank its amazing guests for coming and to plan the next catchy topics with cool guests who push Ukraine forward. This episode is more like an inner briefing but a cozy one. Don't judge too harshly. Instead, don't hesitate to send feedback or any of your ideas for the show to Thanks for sound engineering to @MasterskayaLab and especially to Pasha Cecetov! Sincerely yours, Dominique Piotet,...


Mayak Innovatsiy_S.2_Episode#15_Nicholas Tymoshchuk from UFuture

Nicholas Tymoshchuk - CEO of UFuture holding company. He is an inspiring leader and innovative manager who established enterprises; launched greenfield projects with major international corporations, he has broad expertise in business development; corporate, government, and public affairs in Ukraine, EU, and the USA. Nicholas Tymoshchuk is proficient in policy and regulatory framework, trade, and economic affairs, investment and financing. He has profound and comprehensive knowledge of...


Mayak Innovatsiy_S.2_Episode#14_Eli David from StarupBlink

Eli David – the founder and CEO of StartupBlink, Global Map of Startups & Ecosystem Rankings. In 2020 report the Kyiv startup ecosystem is ranked #1 in Ukraine and 32 globally among 1000 cities. We were talking about the definition of the ecosystem, about conditions for growth. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Is that right regarding startups? P.S. Couple of words about circumstances this episode was made in: Dom had stuck in Kyiv traffic jam, but in order not to delay the...


Mayak Innovatsiy_S.2_Episode#13_Andrew Sorohan from

Andrew Sorohan is Venture Lead of, one of the VC funds in Ukraine that really invests in tech. There are Petcube and 3DLOOK in their portfolio. We were talking about startups & investment in Ukraine in numbers and figures. Big thanks for sound engineering to @masterskayalab


Mayak Innovatsiy_S.2_Episode#12_Andrew Archer from Aitheon

Andrew Archer - a serial entrepreneur with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and robotic systems, began building robots at the age of 12 and subsequently started his first company at 16. Now he lives in Kyiv and runs a business here. Andrew Archer is, among other things, the CEO of Aitheon, a business automation platform giving businesses the ability to leverage Artificial Intelligence, process automation, distributed robotics and IOT easily. We were talking about Kyiv from the point of...


Mayak Innovatsiy_S.2_Episode#11_Alena Kalibaba from Chasopys

Alena Kalibaba - CEO of Chasopys “creative space”, a major player in Kyiv for co-working spaces and also Board Member of Radar Tech, a corporate accelerator well know in Kyiv. We were talking about women in the tech industry, free online products, crisis and its effect on the ecosystem, accelerators as a business, and a lot of different tech stuff. Big thanks for sound engineering to @masterskayalab


Mayak Innovatsiy_Episode#10_Taras Potichniy from Bolt

Taras Potichniy - Country Manager of Bolt in Ukraine. Taxi Bolt was launched in August 2013 in Tallinn and Riga and in 2014 it went on to foreign shores. Bolt is in Ukraine as well. And, of course, the office of Bolt is in UNIT.City! We were talking about the “gig economy”, about drivers and pandemic’s effect on business. This episode was ZOOMed. Big thanks for sound engineering to @masterskayalab


Mayak Innovatsiy_Episode#9_Yaroslav Azhnyuk from Petcube

Yaroslav Azhnyuk - the co-founder of Petcube and Ozero Design. Petcube designs and develops hardware and software products for pets. The idea for Petcube came when a dog of the co-founder suffered from separation anxiety and boredom. Rocky destroyed furniture and barked excessively when he was home alone, which made neighbors worry and call the police. That’s the story of developing the first prototype Petcube Camera to entertain Rocky and make him less anxious. In this episode of Mayak...


Mayak Innovatsiy_Episode#8_Andriy Bondarenko from Global Talent

Andriy Bondarenko - 24 y.o. entrepreneur from Kyiv, co-founder, and COO of Global Talent, now building the future of remote teams in his new project with ambitions to create 1 million distributed jobs. We were talking about the future of work, about skills essential for working remotely, and about wages - is it possible that in the future an engineer from Delhi could earn the same salary as an engineer from San Francisco? This episode was ZOOMed from Kyiv and Carpathian...