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The podcast of online game reviewer, YouTuber and Twitch Streamer - Mean Machine Dean. My guests range from gaming, tech, and anything particularly interesting. Please make sure you follow :)

The podcast of online game reviewer, YouTuber and Twitch Streamer - Mean Machine Dean. My guests range from gaming, tech, and anything particularly interesting. Please make sure you follow :)


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The podcast of online game reviewer, YouTuber and Twitch Streamer - Mean Machine Dean. My guests range from gaming, tech, and anything particularly interesting. Please make sure you follow :)








#24 - Alex Verrey aka Big Boy Barry

My guest was Alex Verrey, AKA cult 90's TV star 'Big Boy Barry'. Specialist in gaming comms, co-founder of Little Big PR, now Director of PR at Heaven Media. Twitter: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Details: 🕹️ - 🕊️ - 📷 - 💸 -...


#23 - Daniel Pesina, Co Creator of Mortal Kombat, Martial Arts Master & Actor

Daniel is an American martial arts expert and a former freelance employee of Midway. Pesina started his work as an extra in martial arts films, appearing as one of Shredder's foot soldiers in the 1991 film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. During the creation of the 1992 video game Mortal Kombat, he played Johnny Cage and ninja characters Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Reptile, and served as a martial arts coordinator for the game. Then in Mortal Kombat II he reprised his...


#22 - Corey Marshall, the voice of Ryo Hazuki in the Shenmue. #Sega60

This was recorded live. My guest is Corey Marshall. Corey is an actor / voiceover professional who is best known for his work in SEGA's Shenmue series as Ryo Hazuki. Follow him at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Details: 🕹️ - 🕊️ - 📷 - 💸 -...


#21 - Marta Camilo | UX Graphic Designer in the Games Industry and Twitch Streamer

My guest was Marta Camilo, a UX Graphic Designer in the games industry and also is a Twitch Streamer. More information about Marta: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Details: 🕹️ - 🕊️ - 📷 - 💸 -...


#20 - Neil from Retro Man Cave

Today's guest is Neil from Retro Man Cave. Neil is a YouTuber and streamer who specialises in the history, and restoration of classic computing, and gaming. Neil is also a Kickstarter running, please learn more here: To learn more about...


#19 - Bill Winters aka Amiga Bill

Today's guest is Bill Winters who is an Emmy award winning Director of Photography with over 20 years experience in the film and television business. He also is a long term Amiga Enthusiast who has a YouTube and Twitch stream dedicated to the Commadore Computer. More details about Bill...


#18 - Retro Ravi from The Retro Hour Podcast

My guest for this podcast is Retro Ravi from The Retro Hour Podcast on this podcast. a BitPop DJ, Host ‘The Retro Hour Podcast, an Amiga Addict and Retro Gaming Fan. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Details: 🕹️ - 🕊️ - 📷 -...


#17 - Stoo Cambridge from Sensible Software

My guest for this podcast is Stuart "Stoo" Cambridge is an English computer game designer and artist, and former member of British software developer Sensible Software. Stoo's Twitter: Stoo's Website: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Details: 🕹️ - 🕊️ - 📷 -...


#16 - Jakub Kamecki from TG0

VP of Business Development at TG0, creators of the new touch sensitive interfaces joins me on this episode of the podcast. TG0 have created new touch sensitive VR controller which is currently on Kickstarter. To learn more please visit: Jacub's Twitter: TG0 Website: Etee Kickstarter: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Details: 🕹️ -...


#15 - Craig from

My guest was Craig from The UKs longest established 80s website, has been gaming since 1982 and has written a free adventure game last year. To follow Craig, here is his Twitter: and website ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Details: 🕹️ - 🕊️ - 📷 -...


#14 - Stu "Abominable" Kennedy

Stu is an esports presenter, host, commentator and caster with experience ranging from hosting live television, to being a competitive player. To learn more about Stu, visit his Twitter here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Details: 🕹️ - 🕊️ - 📷 - 💸 -...


#13 - Becky Frost from Special Effect Charity

Becky from the charity Special Effect joined me on Mean Machine Talks Podcast. Special Effect are a UK-based charity that's levelling the playing field for gamers with physical disabilities. We discuss all things Special Effect, and all the incredible work the charity does during the GameBlast20 streams. To learn more, visit the links below: Special Effect Website: Special Effect Twitter: Becky Frost's...


#12 - Eric for President

Eric joins me for my first podcast in 2020. We discuss VR in the current state, talk about some old retro gaming, how Eric's YouTube channel was started, and also answered some questions from chat. Below is a little description about Eric by himself: - Let me provide you some insight on technology that just isn't ready for the masses yet. Allow yourself to be swept up in the excitement I hope to bring to VR, so it may help educate and inspire you to try it in the future. This is an...


#11 - Stuart Ashen aka Ashens

Stuart is a British comedian, critic, animator, actor, author, producer and online reviewer of various products; his reviews usually include video games, toys and food. Starting such videos in his distinctive style on YouTube from 2006, the items he humorously reviews are often of low quality (most notably from Poundland), or are poor knockoffs of well-received or well-known products, which he tends to endearingly refer to as "tat" Ashens...


#10 - James Banks - @BanKsEsports

James has been involved in eSports and gaming since 2003 from being a professional gamer to now commentating and hosting events while running his own streams of various games on Twitch. Thank you James for giving me your time while being in Germany for an event. James Banks YouTube: James Banks Twitter: James Banks...


#9 - Graham from Jaws 19

Graham from Jaws 19 makes videos about cinema. He alks about films he likes, films he wants to see, my top 5's of different categories. The podcast is an hour long and we discuss a variety of different areas of cinema and film. If you would like to support Jaws19, please visit Jaws 19 YouTube: Jaws 19...


#8 - Daniel Ibbertson AKA DJ Slope from Slopes Game Room

Daniel Ibbertson AKA DJ Slope from Slopes Game Room. He aims to bring you the complete history on your gaming past. Official Site: YouTube: Twitter: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Details: 🕹️ - 🕊️ - 📷 -...


#7 - Faisal Mian | Silver Sabres Combat Academy

The Silver Sabres Combat Academy is an LED sabre school, teaching traditional sword arts for the purpose of Competitive, Dramatic, Live Combat! The amazing LED sabre is beautiful to watch in motion, safe to use for contact work, and balanced perfectly to allow the study of genuine sword arts. Our core discipline is centred around longsword techniques, with other disciplines becoming available as students complete their basic training. Official...


#6 - Bill Thorpe | Late Night Reviews

This episode I was joined by the incredibly talented Bill Thorpe, AKA Late Night Reviews. Bill makes retro gaming videos out of cardboard, and really captures the nostalgia of yesteryear gaming. We talk about all things retro, his incredible collection of props from his videos, go into a little behind the scenes of how he makes each video, and Wilson his dog makes an appearance. Guests Details: YouTube: Instagram:...


#5 - Sir Game Knight

Note - *There is the odd audio drop out* I am joined by my favorite Twitch streamer, Sir Game Knight. A genuinely good guy. We talk retro gaming, old gaming TV shows...and some odd things on the internet. This is the first hour of the 4 hour marathon. The hours which followed will be uploaded separately as its own extended version. Guests Details: My details: Website: YouTube: Twitter:...