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Jeremy Thake and Paul Schaeflein talk Microsoft 365 with fellow industry experts. The show formerly known as Office 365 Podcast is back!

Jeremy Thake and Paul Schaeflein talk Microsoft 365 with fellow industry experts. The show formerly known as Office 365 Podcast is back!
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Jeremy Thake and Paul Schaeflein talk Microsoft 365 with fellow industry experts. The show formerly known as Office 365 Podcast is back!




Microsoft Graph feedback through UserVoice

Paul and Jeremy catch up this week to talk about the Microsoft Office 365 Bootcamps, the UserVoice process for the Microsoft Graph team and bunch of other hair brained ideas! Show notes New App registrations experience now in public preview Announcing “30 Days of Microsoft Graph” Blog Series Boot camp eventsCreating a Bot for Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Flow Bring your apps to more places with new SharePoint Framework and Microsoft Teams releases


Microsoft Graph data connect with Abram Jackson

Jeremy Thake talks to Abram Jackson, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, about Microsoft Graph data connect. Data connect opens up all sorts of scenarios across Microsoft 365 user data. They talk about the differences in this access pattern vs Microsoft Graph API. The common scenarios that come up and how this all come about. Show notes Microsoft Graph data connect documentationMicrosoft Graph data connect tutorialGetting started with Microsoft Intelligence Platform – BRK3289(Microsoft...


The Microsoft Graph SDK with Darrel Miller

Jeremy Thake and Paul Schaeflein speak to Darrel Miller, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, about the Microsoft Graph SDK. Darrel sits on the Linux Foundation for Open API (formerly Swagger) and has been involved in products such as Azure API Management. He talks about how he got so passionate about HTTP APIs and what led him towards RESTful APIs and much more! Show Notes Darrel's twitterDarrel's blogIn the mood for HTTPOpenAPI initiative


Office add-ins with Juan Balmori Labra and Keyur Patel

Jeremy Thake talks to Juan Balmori Labra and Keyur Patel about Office add-ins. They talk about the journey it has been on for the last few years. At Ignite 2018 they announced hundreds of new APIs for office.js. They both discuss some of the cool scenarios they are seeing partners and enterprise developers build out. Show...


Microsoft Teams on Microsoft Graph with Nick Kramer

Jeremy Thake talks to Nick Kramer about Microsoft Teams on Microsoft Graph. Nick covers off all the key features added to Microsoft Graph announced at Ignite 2018 two weeks ago. He also talks about when it will move from beta to v1.0. Show notes Microsoft Teams on Microsoft Graph docsContoso Airlines sample Microsoft Teams Dev CenterDrive Digital Transformation through Apps in Microsoft Teams – BRK2453Introduction to programmable voice and video in Microsoft Teams – BRK2463How to manage...


Microsoft Graph at Ignite 2018 with Yina Arenas and Mark Stafford

Jeremy thake and Paul Schaeflein had the opportunity to speak to Yina Arenas and Mark Stafford about the Microsoft Graph. Yina and Mark have been PMs on this from its inception and explain the history of the journey, share their favorite features and the future of Microsoft Graph.


The Microsoft Graph Security API with Sarah Fender & Jason Wescott

This week Jeremy Thake talks to Sarah Fender and Jason Wescott from the Azure Security at Microsoft. They explain why the Security services were needed not only for Microsoft internally but also for so many Microsoft 365 customers around the World. Sarah explained the scenarios where the security services can be used by enterprise developers and ISVS. Jason explains the challenges that came up during the beta period before it was made generally available. This is a great show for developers...


SharePoint Site Scripts and Site Designs with Sean Squires

Sean Squires has been working on the SharePoint product for several releases, as well as working with Microsoft IT on deploying SharePoint Online. Sean took time out of his pre-Ignite busy day to talk with Paul and Jeremy about the reasons for Site Scripts and a bit of the technology that powers them. Plus a little teaser about his upcoming Ignite session. Show notes SharePoint Site Scripts and Site DesignsBRK3090 - Customizing Modern SharePoint Sites: Branding, Site Scripts and Site...


Modern Workspace & Microsoft Teams for Developers with Wictor Wilen

Wictor Wilen chats with Jeremy and Paul about the modern workplace and what that means for developers, the Microsoft Teams application generator and Node-based development in Office 365 Show Links Behind the Tech with Kevin Scott - Anders HejlsbergYeoman Generator for Microsoft TeamsTHR2147 - Automate the creation of teams and channels in Microsoft Teams News Announcing the release of SharePoint Framework v1.6!SharePoint Dev WeeklyMicrosoft Graph September Community Call Community...


SPFx Best Practices with Eric Overfield

Jeremy and Paul interview Microsoft RD & MVP Eric Overfield about best practices when building solutions using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). Eric also discusses the SharePoint Patterns and Practices team and the content they produce. Show Links SharePoint Dev DocsSPFx Web Parts on GithubSPFx Extensions on GithubSPFx Solutions on GithubSPFX Starter kit on GithubWaldek MastykarzMikael SvensonElio StruyfPnP Community calls News Azure AD B2B Collaboration support for Google IDs is now...


Future proofing your SharePoint development with Julie Turner

Jeremy Thake speaks to Julie Turner at SharePoint Fest about how to future proof your SharePoint development. She walks throught the journey from being at a customer using SharePoint 2010 and getting them using React.js, TypeScript and Node.js. Show notes


Wes Hackett's experience building apps against the Microsoft Graph

Wes Hackett talks to Jeremy Thake and Paul Schaeflein about how the Addin365 team bulid apps against the Microsoft Graph. Wes goes into detail about how he balances the v1.0 endpoint and the beta endpoint with his customers expectations. He talks about mechanisms they've put in place for continuous integration and how they work as a team. He discusses why he thinks the Microsoft Graph is such a key strategy for any ISV in the Microsoft ecosystem. Show notes Using bots to aid the adoption...


Building Microsoft Graph Connectors to PowerApps

Jeremy Thake and Paul Schaeflein interview Todd Baginski, Canviz & Office Services MVP, about how he built the connectors to Microsoft Graph for the PowerApps templates in the gallery. Show Links New Office Templates: Meeting Capture, QuickTask, and Company PulsePerformance considerations with PowerAppsTips for making your apps more maintainablePowerApps Coding Guidelines & TipsHOW TO: Make a custom connector for PowerApps and Flow that calls the Microsoft Graph API News The Developer’s...


Azure AD Managed Service Identity with Arturo Lucatero

In this weeks podcast recorded on July 31st, Jeremy Thake and Paul Schaeflein talk to Arturo Lucatero from the Azure AD Identity team about Managed Service Identity. Show Notes What is Managed Service Identity for Azure resourcesBlog postArturo's twitterNews A new way to manage roles and administrators in Azure ADCommunity News Azure Functions Calling Azure AD Application with Certificate Authentication


Microsoft Graph Open Extensions and Calendering with Vincent Biret

In this weeks show, Jeremy Thake and Paul Schaeflein interview Vincent Biret about the Microsoft Graph Open Extensions and Calendering functionality. Vincent also discusses how his team does integration and unit testing within his apps and much more. Show Links June Microsoft graph community callVincent Biret on TwitterVincent Biret's blogOpen extension labNews Surface GoImagine Cup 2018 Winners - smartARMCommunity News .NET Core: Building Function app with Microsoft Graph API and Azure...


Microsoft Bot Framework with Yochay Kiriaty

Jeremy got to catch up with Yochay Kiriaty, Group Program Manager at Microsoft responsible for the Microsoft Bot Framework. In this interview they discussed what the Bot Framework is, how it relates to the Azure Bot Service. Yochay explained why there is a re-architecture as part of jump from v3 to v4 of the Framework. They also talked about the common authentication flows and whats there to help. He also shared common bots that he sees being built out there in the wild. Show...


PowerApps for full-time devs & Microsoft Graph enabling them

In this episode recorded on June 29th 2018, Jeremy Thake talks to Casey Burke and Audrie Gordon from the Microsoft PowerApps engineering team on the new templates that are Microsoft Graph enabled. Jeremy discusses with them the balance of Power Users building line of business applications and the transfer over to full-time developers to add additianal capabilities. They discuss the benefits of the Common Data Service and the connectors to Microsoft Graph. News Static web site hosting on...


Highlights of Build 2018 and SharePoint Conference NA 2018

The inaugral podcast with Jeremy Thake and Paul Schaeflein as co-hosts. Jeremy and Paul record the first episode in Las Vegas after the SharePoint Conference North America 2018. They discussed: - SharePoint in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Graph general available API announcements - Microsoft Graph SDKs - PowerApps templates and Microsoft Graph Here are some of the links mentioned in the show: - Productivity hackathon - SPC18 announcements...


Microsoft Flow for professional developers with John Liu

At the MVP Summit in Redmond, I got time to talk to John Liu about Microsoft Flow, from a professional developer perspective. John did a great job of explaining how it can be useful for those of us that write code for a living. Links


Welcome to the Thake News Podcast

Hi, Jeremy Thake here. I've been the host of podcasts since 2007 on techincal topics like SharePoint for developers, broader Office 365 for developers and most recently Office 365 for business users. Each time I've done this, I've had separate shows...I decided to keep these all in one place moving forward. You'll also hear views outside of these scopes with interviews from people from all sorts of backgrounds. The Office 365 Developer Podcast RSS actually stopped working a while back when...