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Modern energy managers harness the power of building data to improve resource efficiency, enhance employee well-being, increase operational efficiency, and to create a culture of sustainability at their organization. Tune as we share Modern Energy Management stories from industry leaders who are blazing the trail.

Modern energy managers harness the power of building data to improve resource efficiency, enhance employee well-being, increase operational efficiency, and to create a culture of sustainability at their organization. Tune as we share Modern Energy Management stories from industry leaders who are blazing the trail.


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Modern energy managers harness the power of building data to improve resource efficiency, enhance employee well-being, increase operational efficiency, and to create a culture of sustainability at their organization. Tune as we share Modern Energy Management stories from industry leaders who are blazing the trail.






Pioneering Corporate Sustainability Across a Diverse Portfolio

In this episode, we're joined by Acuity Brands Director of Sustainability, Adam Handler. He discusses what It was like building a sustainability program from the ground up, empowering local facility teams to set establish their own goals, and more.


Sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line

In this episode, we have our first International guest from South Africa, Lungi Manzini, share her perspectives on sustainability from a global and business perspective. She also shares her thoughts on women's roles within the Industry, how technology plays an important part of enegry management, and the outlook for the triple bottom line.


Corporate Sustainability & Green Teams Moving Forward

In this episode, we sit down with sustainability consultant and founder of the company Astrapto Dr. Aurora Dawn Benton to discuss the future of sustainability moving forward. We take a hard look and what Green Teams are and are NOT, and what companies can do to continue investing in sustainability initiatives. Astrpop is giving our listeners a special deal on 2 of their upcoming virtual seminars. Use the codes below for a special discount price when you sign up! Sustainability is a Team...


ASHRAE Guidelines - The Future of Building Design & Operations

As COVID-19 continues to make affect communities around the world, many businesses are still grabbing with what the future of building operations will be moving forward. Increased focus on safety measures such as Indoor air quality, filtration, and more will continue to be a major focus as buildings reopen and alter operational plans. In this episode, guest Ruairi Barnwell of DLR Group reviews how teams can incorporate ASHRAE's guidelines for building readiness Into their organizations, and...


How Wylie ISD Energy Team's Quick Response to COVID Saved Them Tens of Thousands of Dollars

Many of us are impacted by school closures throughout the country, Energy and Facilities Managers are no exception. Tune in to this episode to learn how Marcia Coker, Facilities Manager at Wylie ISD in Texas, shares how they quickly reverted to holiday setbacks which resulted in 30% month over month energy reduction. We discuss other important considerations facilities managers are dealing with because of school closures and how districts are taking energy dollars saved and reinvesting those...


COVID-19 Exposes Why We Need Remote Building Management

The uncertainties around COVID-19 is having a significant impact on every industry. For commercial real estate (CRE), entire office buildings are emptied with mandated work from home policies in effect. Yet, many building management teams aren't equipped to manage this shift. In the face of everything from antiquated building equipment to technologies lacking remote access, how can onsite teams ensure buildings are optimized and energy-efficient when there aren’t people in the office? Matt...


How IoT Solutions Are Making Connected Facilities a Reality

Tune in to this week's episode of Modern Energy Management as John Kavulich, Vice President of IoT Solution Sales at Acuity Brands, shares how digital lighting networks are making connected facilities a reality for retail, aviation, healthcare, and other industries. We explore IoT use cases that help building owners digitize their facilities, improve energy efficiency, and understand what's happening in their buildings by capturing data from lighting networks and beacon technology. If you...


The 345 California Center: Energy Management for Skyscrapers

The 345 California Center is a 48-story office tower in the financial district of San Francisco, California. Completed in 1986, the 211.8 m tower is the fifth tallest in the city. Tim Danz is the Chief Engineer of this skyscraper and joined our show to share how he's implemented Modern Energy Management in this building. Questions, Comments, or if you'd like to guest star on the show please email


Energy Management Today & Energy Management Tomorrow

In this episode, we share the audio recording from a recent Smart Energy Decisions webinar on the State of Energy Management. In the webinar, our expert panel reviews and shares their insights on some of the key findings from our "State of Energy Management 2019" research report with input from 200+ energy, sustainability, and facilities leaders. Expert Panel Nate NillesTim PorterSteve GossetWatch the full webinar here. Download the State of Energy Management 2019 Report here. Learn more...


2020 Energy Predictions with John Failla of Smart Energy Decisions

As we close out 2019 and welcome 2020, we reflect on how far the industry has come and make our best guess at where we think it's headed in the next decade. We're joined by John Failla, the Founder and Editorial Director of Smart Energy Decisions. Tune in as we uncover a list of predictions made way back in 2012 and determine which ones came true. We also make our own predictions about energy management for 2020 and beyond. In this episode, we mention the 2020 Smart Energy Decisions...


Jigar Shah's Perspective on the State of Energy Management

In this episode, we're joined by Jigar Shah, the President and Co-Founder of Generate Capital and formerly the founder and CEO of SunEdison. He is also a host on one of our favorite energy podcasts, the Energy Gang. In this episode, we reflect on how far the energy industry has come and explored industry predictions for 2020 and beyond. Get a free copy of our "2019 State of Energy Management" research report with best practices, insights, and strategies from over 200 energy and...


Carleton College: How Technology Modernized their Campus Energy Program

In this episode of the Modern Energy Management Podcast, Martha Larson, Manager of Campus Energy and Sustainability at Carleton College shares her journey of modern energy management on campus. In this episode Martha shares: and much more. Don't forget to subscribe to the Modern Energy Management podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Visit for more information about the podcast and additional resources to modernize your energy program. Get a free copy of our...


City of Orlando's Journey to Modern Energy Management with Ian Lahiff

In this episode, we're joined by Ian Lahiff, the Energy Project Manager at City of Orlando. With initiatives driven by the Mayor's Office, the City of Orlando has made a major shift to sustainable infrastructure and green building operations. Tune in as we discuss If you enjoy our show, please share it with someone you know who might find it interesting as well. Don't forget to leave us a review in the Apple Podcast app. Would you like to come on our show and share your story? Email us at...


NYC's Local Law 97: Everything Building Owners Need to Know

In this important episode, Thomas Morrison, the Director of Energy Management at EN Power Group in New York unpacks everything building owners need to know about and how to prepare for NYC's Local Law 97. After withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, we're starting to see hundreds of cities in the United States implement local laws and mandates for energy reduction in their buildings. New York City has always been at the forefront of this evolution, and this podcast explains how building...


Exploring the Hidden Costs of Manual Data Processes with Tim Porter of Urjanet

Tune in as we chat with Tim Porter, the Director of Partner Sales at Urjanet, and we explore how much processing utility bill data manually is actually costing organizations. In this episode, we discuss the results of a recent Smart Energy Decisions survey to over 200 energy and sustainability professionals. We review:


Gonzaga University: How to Make the Most of AASHE 2019 with Jim Simon

In this episode, we're joined by our good friend, Jim Simon, Sustainability Director at Gonzaga University. Hear Jim's story of turning his passion for the environment into his full-time career. We break down his unique approach to getting students and university staff engaged in campus sustainability initiatives. Headed to AASHE next week in Spokane? Jim is an AASHE veteran and shares his tips for making the most out of this event and hear what sessions he's most looking forward to. If...


Boston's New Climate Action Plan and How It Impacts Building Owners

Debra Shepard, Principal and Founder of Riverstone Sustainability Consulting, explores her work and experience executing sustainability and energy conservation programs for her higher ed, municipality, and corporate clients. The City of Boston recently published its updated Climate Action Plan. In this episode, Debra reviews everything you need to know about the changes and discusses ideas for meeting these targets. In this episode we review:


Infusing Energy Management into your Sustainability Strategic Plan

In this episode, we chat with Andy Stein, the Principal Consultant at Stein Sustainability LLC about incorporating energy management into an organization's sustainability strategic plan. Tune in to learn:


DPR Construction's Approach to Smart Buildings

Tune in as Kyle Shipp, the Director of Smart Buildings at DPR Construction, discusses their unique, occupant focused approach to the construction of Smart Buildings. In this episode we discuss.


Washington and Lee University: Building a Culture of Energy Conservation on Campus

In this episode, Jane Stewart, the Energy Specialist at Washington and Lee University, walks us through the energy conservation story at the ninth-oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. It was important to maintain the familial, welcoming culture of the university when considering an energy management program. In this episode, you'll earn how Jane was able to weave resource efficiency and sustainability into the already strong culture of this institution. The result:...