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Discussing the art and business of podcasting.

Discussing the art and business of podcasting.
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Discussing the art and business of podcasting.




Adding Structure To Your Podcast

Gone are the days of hitting record, saying whatever comes to mind, and hoping that our podcast gets discovered. To gain an audience, we need to support our content with structure. Despite the false belief of restraining creativity, having content structure is what will captivate the attention of your audience and builds for a strong-lasting show. Hit play to now to discover how you can add structure to your podcast by following easy-to-implement tips. For the complete show notes, please...


Vocal Triggers with The Shan Man

Our voice is the most important podcasting tool that we have and yet, its power and health is overlooked. In this episode, I invite The Shan Man to discuss vocal triggers - how we use our voice to share our message, capture the attention of our audience and how to take care of it! For complete show notes and reference links, please click here.


Using Conversation Triggers For Better Content

To make a positive difference in an ever-growing content space, it is essential to have different and engaging conversations on our podcasts. After all, it is the experience of the being part of these discussions on the show that will draw in the listener’s attention. In this episode, I will be sharing proven conversation triggers that have worked for professional podcasters, producers and myself. For complete episode notes, please click here.


8 Ways To Spin Your Podcast Content

What I’m about to share with you was created out of an “ah-ha!” moment after one of my podcast clients constantly struggled with expanding on their main topic. They knew their topic well, it was just the format and delivery aspect that continued to puzzle my client. This content spinner has continued to help my clients quickly and easily create their podcast episodes. I hope it will help you too. For complete episode notes, please visit this link.


Episode Review

Making time to step back and review what we have created helps us to be aware of our progress towards the goal we have with our podcast. If we don't, the opposite tends to happen. We continue to just roll with the punches, cautioning on the side of podfading. Here are 5 simple questions to review and refine our episodes content creation. For complete episode notes, please click here.


6 Triggers That Will Have Your Audience Hooked!

One way of creating content that engages the audience’s attention and loyalty is by intentionally using 6 triggers on a show and episode level. In this episode, you will discover the 6 triggers that will have your audience hooked! For the complete episode notes, please click here.


Creating Content: From Confused to Confident

What value does our recording gear have if we let our fear or anxiety prevent us from sharing our message with the world? You will have to listen to the episode to discover a method that makes it easy to organize and record our message effectively. This method takes creating content from confused to confident! For complete episode notes, click this link.


The What, How, and Why of Your Content

It takes a skill to get on the microphone and record content that communicates directly to your audience. In this Intentional Content series, I will sharing how to build-up that skill easily with tips and content formulas. These formulas can be used for interviewing, storytelling, co-hosted and solo episodes. This episode kicks off the series with 4 questions that have helped me setup my episodes for success and I know they will help you too. This is the what, how, and why of your content....


18 Ways You Can Have a Profitable Podcast

Permission to earn money, granted! In this episode, I share why you should be intentional about having a profitable podcast (hobbyist or not) and you will discover many different ways you make that happen! Click here for complete episode notes.


How To Measure What Actually Matters When Podcasting

Podcasting can be fun, full of opportunities! But do you know where you’ll be with your podcast a year from now? How about 3 months from now? These are the questions that I’ll help you answer by walking you through how to measure what actually matters when podcasting. Click here for the complete episode notes.


EASY Scheduling Hacks To Support Your Podcasting Life

Stressed? Worried? Forgetful? Rushed? These are all signs of having scheduling conflicts. The good news? We can fix that. We'll zoom in on our podcasting schedule. First through the eyes of creating content and then through the eyes of our audience. Why even bother with a podcasting schedule? Preparation delivers value and rewards. Click here for complete episode notes.


The Valuable Basics of Your Podcast

The basics seem so…basic, so easy. Some of it is and some of it takes a little bit more of our creative thinking. Just like our content, our basics need to be considered and planned for effective communication with our audience and what we're aiming to do with our podcast. Click here for the complete episode notes.


How a Podcast Compass Is Super Helpful

When you've made the decision to start a podcast, a lot of the advice that you'll get is "just start!” There's some truth to that, but if you just take a moment to first think of your listener and the content that you’ll be creating, it will save you a lot of growing pains. Even if you've been podcasting for a while, creating a Podcast Compass will be super helpful. Click here for the complete episode notes.


Consistency - How to Prevent Podfading NOW!

I’m always told that what a podcaster wants is quality and success with their podcast. Consistency plays a huge part in making that happen. This episode is about consistency, not just for you, but for your listener. Click here for the complete episode notes. Feedback:


The Powerful Way To Growing A Passionate Audience

The core to having a podcast is about having a conversation with your audience. This is why I believe that publishing is not the end of producing an episode. Engaging with your audience about the topic you discussed is what really fuels podcasting happiness. If engagement is one of the puzzles you can't seem to quite figure out, then I've got some very helpful tips to share with you. Click here for complete episode notes.


Publish Already! How to Overcome Fear and Perfection

Too often publishing is either horribly rushed (just to meet a deadline) or not done at all because fear and perfection are in the way. These two situations make your audience and me very sad. After all your thoughtful hard work and commitment, you go and do this?! Okay, a little dramatic there I admit, but this is why in for this episode, I will be discussing why and how you can publish with podcasting happiness. Click here for complete episode notes.


How To Record Your Podcast: Podcasting 101

While listening to a TED Talk, the speaker, Shonda Rhimes, shared something that I feel connects well with our focus on podcasting happiness...her “hum.” And no, I'm not referring to the little annoying floor noise we sometimes get in our audio recording... I feel that what she is describing is exactly what podcasting happiness is all about, getting in our zone and keeping our hum alive. In this episode I'll be sharing 3 ways to help you with recording your podcast, for "hum" sake. Click...


3 Simple Ways to Plan for Your Podcast

Walking into our podcast studio and knowing what we'll be recording always makes our hearts sing a little louder. We even sound more confidently happier, because we brainstormed, researched, and planned our next episode. Let's be real, most of the time, planning for our podcast is sometimes close to non-existent. In this episode I'll be sharing 3 simple tips to help you with planning your podcast for podcasting happiness. Click here for complete episode notes.


Podcasting Success - What It’s All About

The word “success” is absolutely subjective. For this reason, let’s switch it with a word that we can relate to “happiness.” Podcasting happiness (or success) can look like paid sponsors, a large audience, a lot of download numbers, a raving following, high conversion rates of listeners into paying customers, being excited to record rather than feeling like it’s a chore/obligation or maybe a combination of all of the above. Click here for more details about the podcast!