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More Intelligent Tomorrow is a wide ranging exploration of the potential impact of AI on the world around us. On the podcast we meet some of the most extraordinary experts in the industry to discuss curious topics from aliens to AI consciousness as well as the practical changes in healthcare, business and society at large.


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More Intelligent Tomorrow is a wide ranging exploration of the potential impact of AI on the world around us. On the podcast we meet some of the most extraordinary experts in the industry to discuss curious topics from aliens to AI consciousness as well as the practical changes in healthcare, business and society at large.






Writer, philosopher, and futurist - Gary F. Bengier

How does the will to survive bring clarity to the human experience? What would you sacrifice to achieve social justice? How do we find meaning and purpose in a world dominated by technology? These are the kinds of spiritual, social, and philosophical questions posed by today’s guest in his futuristic novel, Unfettered Journey, which follows the story of an AI scientist who seeks to create true robot consciousness. We’re joined today by writer, philosopher, and technologist, Gary F. Bengier,...


Video prospecting with AI, creating videos with your own personal touch, and safeguards against deep fake abuse - Kanad Bahalkar

Synthetic media may sound like a suave, futuristic idea. But it is happening right now and the concept is a simple one. Synthetic media can be defined as creating videos, audio, and text content using AI or any other software tools. However intriguing synthetic media may seem, very few people understand the gravity of this technology and just how awesome and scary it can be. Joining us is the Chief Product Office and Co-Founder of Potion, Kanad Bahalkar. Potion is a synthetic media platform...


Shifting the Landscape of Food Insecurity - Mick Ebeling, Sanjay Srivastava

What if the solution to food insecurity is technology? In today’s conversation, host Ari Kaplan sits down with Mick Ebeling, Founder /CEO of Not Impossible Labs and Bento and Sanjay Srivastava, Chief Digital Officer of Genpact, to discuss how technological innovation is helping solve food insecurity amongst at-risk populations. Not Impossible Labs is a global innovation lab that has spent the last decade tackling issues they call “absurdities” and building solutions aptly named “technology...


Creating Rhythm with Algorithms - Alex Mitchell

Technology has always played a key role in the world of music, with things like digital production software, loop pedals, and multi-track recording transforming the industry forever. Artificial intelligence (AI), however, is about to be the most disruptive technology in music. In today’s episode, Ben Taylor sits down with Alex Mitchell, Founder, and CEO of Boomy, to discuss the future of AI in music. Boomy is an industry leader, using artificial intelligence to create "instant music.” Alex...


Data is Only as Good as its Ability to Drive Value - Dan Merzlyak

“Data is only as good as its ability to drive value,” is the core belief of today’s guest, Dan Merzlyak, Head of Business Intelligence at BlackRock. BlackRock is the world’s largest asset management firm with over $10 trillion in assets and Dan is focusing on building a new data conversion and business intelligence strategy for the company’s core alternatives platform offering. The three different types of analytics that can be used to drive a business are descriptive, predictive, and...


Seeking Deeper Connection through Augmented Reality - Nicolas Robbe

Nicolas Robbe is the CEO of Hoverlay in Acton, Massachusetts. In 2016, he left his job as Chief Marketing Officer at Dynatrace and re-engaged with one of his passions—augmented reality. The space was going through a profound transformation, and his goal was to create new technology and cool new tools for the public. In this episode of More Intelligent Tomorrow, host Dave Anderson talks to Nicolas about his work bringing augmented reality to screens. Nicolas describes how AR can bring deeper...


You Can't Be in Business and Not Take Risks - H.P. Bunaes

This episode of More Intelligent Tomorrow brings together H.P. Buanes, the Executive Director for AI. & Machine Learning at JPMorgan Chase and Diego Oppenheimer, the Executive Vice President of Machine Learning Ops at DataRobot for a conversation about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and their roles in the financial services industry. Data analytics and AI/ML wasn't a thing in 1983 when H.P. Buanes started his career. But since then, it’s become a core element for businesses who...


Applied AI - Innovation That Matters - Debanjan Saha

In this episode of More Intelligent Tomorrow, we hear from Debanjan Saha, the President and Chief Operating Officer for DataRobot. He sat down with host Ben Taylor to discuss how he got to where he is and what he thinks is in store for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Ben starts off by asking Debanjan about the unique journey that brought him to the world of AI/ML. While Debanjan had originally planned to be a professor, a summer job at IBM Research started him on a climb up...


The Cost and Complexity of Last Mile Delivery - Dr. Matthias Winkenbach

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the value of having goods delivered right to our front door. From fast food ordered on an app, to next day shipping from an online store, the distance from click to delivery is getting shorter all the time. What most of us don’t realize is that the hardest part of delivering an order is the last mile. More Intelligent Tomorrow host Ben Taylor asked researcher Dr. Matthias Winckenbach to explain what he means by “the last mile” and why it’s so...


Disrupting a Market is Rarely an Overnight Transformation - Peter Coffee

Disrupting a market is rarely an overnight transformation. And the right leaders see disruption as an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Peter Coffee was the first person at Salesforce with the word “platform” in his title. This was in an era where the idea of cloud computing was still in its infancy. He’s spent the last 15 years helping transform Salesforce from a company that sold CRM software into one that offers an entire cloud platform designed to enable companies to offer complete...


Having Your Own Genetic Personal Trainer - FOXO Technologies

More Intelligent Tomorrow host Dave Anderson got a chance to catch up with FOXO Technologies’ Tyler Danielson and Nichole Rigby to discuss longevity, epigenetics, and rethinking life insurance. Tyler Danielson is the Chief Technology Officer at FOXO Technologies with a history of working in the financial services and commerce industries. Nichole Rigby is the Director of Data Science and Bioinformatics at FOXO Technologies. She’s a data scientist specializing in analyzing genetic and other...


Health Data is Medicine - CEO & Co-Founder of Seqster, Ardy Arianpour

In a world where companies like Meta, Google, and Apple collect and benefit from vast amounts of data about you, what would it be like if you were in control of your data instead? Specifically, what would it be like if you were in control of your health data? And what if you had it all in one easy to access place? CEO and Co-Founder Ardy Arianpour came on the podcast to tell Dave Anderson how and why Seqster is giving people that kind of control over their own health data. Adry says...


The New Economy Will Require Empathy - Brian Solis

More Intelligent Tomorrow host Dave Anderson sits down with Brain Solis to talk about interesting ways to get creative solutions to our long-standing challenges. Dave Anderson is a keynote speaker, tech evangelist, and podcast host with a refreshing perspective on marketing, analytics, and technology. Brian Solis is a digital analyst, speaker, and author. Brian currently serves as the Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. His work focuses on thought leadership and research into...


Anticipating the Singularity - Daniel Hulme

Singularities have been explored in science fiction; authors such as William Gibson and Phillip K. Dick have speculated what life could be like in a world beyond them, and video games such as Cyberpunk 2077 have invited us to experience them firsthand. Singularities may have once been a philosophical flight of fancy, but today they are an important topic for consideration by scientists, politicians, and other thought leaders. In this episode of More Intelligent Tomorrow, artificial...


From the Menial and Mundane to the Meaningful and Humane - Anders Sörman-Nilsson

Host Dave Anderson recently sat down with Anders Sörman-Nilsson, a Swedish-Australian Global Futurist, and made a striking observation about the very table where they were having their chat—there was no spittoon. This may not seem surprising in 2022, but prior to the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918, most restaurants and bars would have featured a spittoon next to the bar. “So things do change. I do think we're going to see that same change to the physical infrastructure, but also who's going...


Building Augmented Reality Into a Contact Lens - Mike Wiemer, Brian Lemoff, Mojo Vision

In this episode of More Intelligent Tomorrow, Global AI Evangelist, Ari Kaplan, sits down with Brian Lemoff, Fellow and Head of Optics at Mojo Vision, and Mike Wiemer, CTO at Mojo Vision, to discuss augmented reality, the future of wearable technology and the technology behind building a contact lens with built in display. Brian and Mike work for Mojo Vison, a company hard at work developing the first smart contact lens. The technology behind Mojo Lens is staggering, with the lens...


Changing the DNA of How We Serve Customers - Harveer Singh

In this episode of More Intelligent tomorrow, Global AI Evangelist, Ari Kaplan, sits down with Harveer Singh, Chief Data Architect and Head of Data Engineering and Architecture at Western Union to discuss the customer experience, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and how to digitally transform a 170 year old company. Harveer was born in India and has traveled the world through his career - first moving to Sydney for his masters degree, then to various cities in the United States and is now in...


Can Science Fiction Save Humanity? - David Brin

Soylent Green, the movie based on Harry Harrison's novel, Make Room! Make Room!, interpreted what a future of pollution, poverty, overpopulation, and depleted resources could mean for humanity and ended up recruiting millions of people to environmentalism. Nineteen Eighty-Four was a cautionary tale about the consequences of totalitarianism that alerted hundreds of millions of people around the world to fear “big brother”. Movies like Dr. Strangelove, War Games, and The Day After portended...


Sharing the Mic in Cybersecurity - Lauren Zabierek

In this episode of More Intelligent tomorrow, Global AI Evangelist, Ari Kaplan, sits down with Lauren Zabierek, Executive Director of the Cyber Project at Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center, and Sean Plankey, Director of Cyber Missions for DataRobot, to discuss the cybersecurity landscape, broadening the field of cyber security, and how to build a cybersecurity career. Both Lauren and Sean started their careers in the US government and military before pivoting to cybersecurity, with...


Why “Know Thy Data” Is a Rallying Cry in Retail - Danielle Crop

Danielle Crop is Chief Data Officer (CDO) at Albertsons Companies, a recent transition from her nine-year term as CDO for American Express. Throughout her career, she has orchestrated big data projects that have exponentially increased customer conversion rates and helped millions of customers make smarter purchasing decisions. In this episode of More Intelligent Tomorrow, Ben Taylor talks to Danielle about the role of creative design thinking in data, how ethics can help us avoid...