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Gaming, Nerd Culture, Tech, Conventions and so much more. Weekly podcast hosted by AudioCraZ with special guests.




Return To Madness [S5E01]

Return To Madness [S5E01] ~ Nerd Cave Show Podcast NERD CAVE SHOW 20230316. After a far too long of an hiatus, the podcast is back with AudioCraZ and Dustin. We bring you up on why the long time between episodes of the podcast. Tonight's Indie Game Spotilight is Loot Express Delivery service, available on Steam. Dark and Darker Developer Ironmace being raided by Korean police over stolen code allegations by Nexon. Indie Game Spotlight: Loot Express Delivery Service CAST: Ray "AudioCraZ"...


4090 Meltdown [S4E06]

4090 Meltdown [S4E06] ~ Nerd Cave Show Podcast NERD CAVE SHOW 20221027. Back in the podcast electric chair with as much happenings I can stuff in a single show. Windows 10 and 11 get recieve the 22H2 update. Wow pre-patch hit, and the community is going through a UI addon withdrawl. Leak of a ASRock Z790 Sonic the Hedgehog motherboard. NVidia unreleases the 12GB 2080 gpu. A 4090 GPU is coming with a level and battery indicator... Indie game spotlight is Cultic, an exiting and fun retro...


Notepad Doom & Intel Arc Release [S4E05]

NERD CAVE SHOW 20221012. Some mad genius decided to get Doom working in Notepad. Tonight's Indie Game Spotlight is Where is Here: New home available on Steam. Intel released their A770 and A750 ARC graphics cards with a lot of "out of stock" issues. Indie Game Spotlight: Where is Here: New Home Support on Patreon #IntelArc #notepaddoom #NerdCaveShow #audiocraz #beardandgary #podcast #nerdnews


EVGA Quits & Punisher Rumors [S4E04]

20220920 EVGA Quits & Punisher Rumors [S4E04] NERD CAVE SHOW 20220920. With the happy juice flowing, tonight AudioCraZ discusses the updated Rumors that The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) will be making an appearance on the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again on Disney Plus in 2024. Tonight's Indie Spotlight is Deadlink, a Cyberpunk FPS with roguelite elements you can wishlist on Steam. And the main topic is the announcement that EVGA quits the graphics card market. Indie Spotlight: Deadlink...


Chilling Reskins & Chair Racing [S4E03]

NERD CAVE SHOW 20220906. Crazy summer heat is upon us, and hitting 119 degrees today is less than stellar. AudioCraZ is still solo, but that will not stop the podcast. Indie Spotlight is Chair Racing Simulator by Bucket Full Games, a free to play browser game of office chair racing with multiplayer mode. I also have been getting back into a Half-Life mod from 20 years ago. Currently working on map reskinning for Cold Ice Resurrected and starting my first original map in over 20 years as...


She Hulk & The Return [S4E02]

NERD CAVE SHOW 20220823. It has been 8 months since the last episode. Can we say "adulting" is a horrible beast? First show back and AudioCraZ will be going solo discussing upcoming Heros Fest, Indie Racers Festival, and She-Hulk. Cold Ice Remastered Beta 2 Released Heros Fest 2022 by Project: Wish upon A Star. September 17th at Heros Comics in Fresno, CA. Indie Spotlight: Race Me Now Indie Racers Festival 2022 August 26th 2022 through August 29th. Indie Racing game festival. Cast & Crew:...