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Imagination - Where Science Meets Art

For many young people who are making decisions about their future, science and art have always been seen as opposites. It's a choice between one or the other. Rarely both. But as Albert Einstein once said "The greatest scientists are artists as well." Innovators are able to imagine the unimaginable thanks to the marriage of science and art. In this episode we examine the role of science and art in imagination and education, and talk to seven remarkable women who are bridging the divide. From...


Heather, Megan and Leonor

In this episode we’re looking at resilience, school shootings and activism. We speak to survivors, teachers, neurologists and trauma experts to understand the role tech, institutions and support groups play in building resilience in the aftermath of tragedies like Columbine and Parkland. We’ll be talking about some tough topics this week — school shootings, gun violence, and the experience that lives on via the Internet — and some listener discretion may be advised.


Finding Genius

When it comes to invention and innovation it's important that ideas from a diverse set of people get made. Ideas can come from anyone. But bringing ideas to life rarely happens by lone inventors. They are the result of teams and networks. What happens if you have no access to networks? No entrepreneurs to fund your startup, or alumni to lend a hand? Think of the great innovations that never happen. How many amazing innovations have been lost simply because no-one listened? In this episode,...