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As product engineering tools continue to morph and expand at speeds human expertise may not be able to endure, Revolutionary design technologies that span beyond industry borders, will prove their necessity for companies looking to take over their markets in the future. What will the future of design technologies and machinery look like? What will your digitalization story be? Where engineering meets tomorrow.


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As product engineering tools continue to morph and expand at speeds human expertise may not be able to endure, Revolutionary design technologies that span beyond industry borders, will prove their necessity for companies looking to take over their markets in the future. What will the future of design technologies and machinery look like? What will your digitalization story be? Where engineering meets tomorrow.




Collaboration and Coordination of BIM Tools in the AEC Sphere

In complex construction projects, changes are bound to happen many times before completion. While some changes can be made in isolation, others will impact many other project components. That’s why a general contractor needs a design-sharing system that can inform sub-contractors when an approved change calls for a design change on their end. I’m your host, Jennifer Piper, and today I’m joined by Derek England, NX Product Manager for AEC and BIM at Siemens Digital Industries Software. He’ll...


Integrating the Metaverse and BIM CAD tools into the AEC BIM Industry

Technology has drastically transformed how construction is undertaken from the planning to the building stages. Today, you can see how a house will look in 3D and even create different design variations before its built. However, the cost of construction and the efficiency of the process hasn’t changed much with the introduction of such sophisticated technologies. I’m your host, Jennifer Piper, and today I’m joined by Derek England, NX Product Manager for AEC and BIM at Siemens Digital...


Designing In The Cloud

The pandemic presented unique challenges that no organization could have foreseen and prepared for. One of the main challenges was continuing with normal business activities with zero or limited employees in the business premises. By leveraging cloud solutions that enable employees to work remotely, many companies were able to increase their overall productivity and security without any increase in operations costs. I’m your host, Jennifer Piper, and today I’m joined by Boris Raskin, Product...


Siemens NX: A Designer’s Perspective

Specialization was a concept that was reserved for the most sensitive industries, such as the medical industry. However, technological advancement and the rise of specialized software platforms have led to a need for specialization in other areas such as the product design field. This has also been motivated by the need to create the most compelling and accurate design for marketing or testing purposes. I’m your host, Jennifer Piper, and today I’m joined by Magnus Skogsfjord, a freelance...


The Current State of the Electronics and Semiconductor Industry

The advancement of technologies such as 5G, VR, and AI has introduced another dimension for companies to compete on. These technologies were non-existent in the consumer market just two decades ago; back then, companies only had to deal with complexity related to customers’ need for customization. Manufacturers are now embracing solutions such as digital twins and virtual simulations to profitably accommodate complexities brought on by these advancements. I’m your host, Jennifer Piper, and...


The Impact of Visualization on the Manufacturing Industry | with Ben Widdowson and Gavin McCambridge

Visualization makes it possible to view new product designs before the first prototype is created. This makes it easier for customers to understand what they’ll get once the production starts and it also gives them an opportunity to recommend changes to their product at no cost. As the need for customization continues to increase product complexity, visualization is providing a soft landing for manufacturers. Today’s guests are Ben Widdowson, Head Of Marketing at Siemens Digital Industries...


Uncovering the Changes Happening in the Heavy Machinery Industry | with Hendrik Lange and Tom Spangler

In today’s fast-moving world, change is inevitable for any business that wishes to remain relevant. For growth-oriented companies, change presents an opportunity to build sustainable products as well as meet more of their customers’ needs. The heavy machinery industry is adopting changes in the design and development of their product to meet the demand in customers’ needs and comply with tighter regulations. Today’s guests are Hendrik Lange, an industry leader with over 25 years of...


A Mouseless Vision of the Future | with Stephan Odörfer of 4tiitoo

Every day, we’re inching closer and closer to the type of “future” we see in the movies. Cars can drive themselves and we can command playlists and order groceries with voice commands. Taking us one step closer is a device from technology company 4tiitoo that allows us to actually move things with our eyes. Today’s guest is Stephan Odörfer, Co-founder at 4tiitoo, a technology company based in Munich, Germany. They’ve pioneered a mouseless technology that’s propelled by a nudge and controlled...


The Future of Electric Flight with Bye Aerospace

Despite the safety record of commercial aviation, realistically, we’re actually stepping into relics of the 1960s every time we board a plane. The technology of flight, from the deafening engines to the high fuel consumption, is all based upon knowledge and capabilities of a bygone era. If we’re ordering our groceries with the help of voice-activated robots and driving cars with barely-audible engines, isn’t it time for the aircraft we use to get a face-lift as well? Aside from the argument...


Understanding AI: How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Design

What comes to mind when you think about artificial intelligence? It’s a broad question that requires a bit of a deep dive to answer with any level of precision. As AI becomes an increasingly prominent fixture across a wide variety of industries, it’s never been more important to understand what AI actually means, and how it can fit into your business model. Today’s guests are Shirish More, Product Manager at Siemens Digital Industries Software, and Paul Brown, Senior Marketing Director at...


How Simulation Software is Changing the Marine Industry

Ship building is just as important today as it has been throughout history. Whether it’s shipping goods across continents, or speed racing yachts across vast expanses of ocean, it’s always been a thriving industry globally. Getting those ships on the water and determining the details of these vessels, however, is becoming more complex. This increasing complexity calls for a different approach to building if companies want to keep costs manageable. Intelligent simulation software has been a...


Shaking up Sketch: How Siemens NX Sketch Software is Easing the User Experience and Increasing Productivity

We’ve come a long way from the early days of pencil and paper sketching in the design process. Smart software has allowed designers to create more accurate sketches with greater efficiency. Traditional CAD programs have clearly made things easier for users, but for too long, there wasn’t much coming from developers to disrupt sketch software. In the fast-moving world of technology, it seemed like CAD users were getting left behind. Designers had pain points that weren’t being addressed, so...


Design Goes Digital for America’s Cup 2021 with Max Starr of INEOS UK

Designing a floating vessel is already a challenge because design and construction need to happen on land before the boat ever hits the water to be tested. Naturally, the process of tweaking and re-design happens as necessary, and eventually, you end up with a functional design that floats on water. Joining us today is Max Starr from INEOS Team UK. His team has the exciting task of designing a yacht for this year’s America’s Cup, an international race scheduled to take place in New Zealand...


From 2D to 3D: Leading the Industry in Model-Based Definition Innovation

Innovation is in our blood here at Siemens. And nowhere is that more apparent than in our creation and modernization of Model-based Definition. We’ve been in the driver's seat since the early '90s through a series of leadership roles, and we were proud to be the first CAD vendor proactively engaging in 3D annotation. With so many firsts in this category, we thought it would be a great opportunity to bring one of our experts on the podcast to help us understand the complexities of model-based...


Future Vision of Technology with Paul Brown, Siemens Digital Industries Software

There has never been a bigger drive towards collaboration through software than right now. Throughout 2020, companies across the globe have required high-level tools that ease communication and maintain productivity as workforces have largely shifted from the shared office to the home office. The COVID-19 outbreak has made Zoom a household name, signaling that the demand for software-based connectivity between teams has never been stronger. Joining us today is Paul Brown, lead of the Product...


Medical Device Industry Deep Dive

The medical device industry holds a lot of potential for any organization offering solutions for their uniquely complex hurdles. Whether it’s a software solution that helps streamline an often lengthy multidisciplinary design process or the intelligent construction of an anatomical device through additive manufacturing, the sky is truly the limit. Our guests today are Nick Daumann, Jim Thompson, and Ryan Bauer. Nick’s background includes a stint as Product Marketing Manager for cybersecurity...


Industrial Machinery

The next generation of design requires that industries adopt a forward-thinking, futuristic approach. We have to think not only about what could make existing machines better and faster, but also about how systems and processes could be streamlined and how efficiency can be increased. Forward-thinking is increasingly important in the digital age. Digitalization allows us to put our ideas into action through digital twins. We don’t have to commit to costly hardware because we’re able to take...


Immersive Visualization

Design processes within the digital space are evolving every day. Living in such a fast-paced and advanced world leaves little room for error within engineering and manufacturing spaces, so it’s imperative that designers are utilizing the best and most efficient forms of tech. Joining me on today’s episode to discuss the strides being made within the Immersive Visualisation space are Senior Executives at Siemens Digital Industries, Patti Longwinter, Tod Parrella and Dave Hutchinson! We...


The Process and Evolution of Additive Manufacturing

In order for a product to physically manifest from its origins on the drawing board, a lot of work needs to happen. That usually means a lot of trial and error, which translates to time, money, and physical materials that often end up being discarded. Additive Manufacturing aims to change that process, from the ground up. Through digital design, build preparation, and tool creation, additive manufacturing finds solutions using a highly advanced process of simulation. Today, we’re learning...


Aerospace Deep Dive

Today I’m joined by two experts in the Design and Product Development industry, Derek England, NX Product Manager at Siemens Digital Industries, and John O’Connor, Director of Marketing and Product Strategy. As the design industry evolves, so too do the complexities that arise within product innovation. The Aerospace and Defense field is just one example of how iterations within new technology can play a part in both advancing and limiting these creations. In this episode, we take a deep...