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Advertising on Social Platforms

S01E06 - To all media buyers, planners, and strategists, this episode is for you. In this episode, I share with you how to plan and strategize for social media advertising. Settings goals and objectives, choosing the right budget, testing and experimenting for optimal social media advertising, and how to segment the advertising budget on a macro and micro campaign level, are only some of the topics I will address in this podcast.


Content Creation & Publishing

S01E05 - I know it has been a few weeks since I published a NYTSMP episode, and the messages on Instagram and LinkedIn have been overwhelming, I am honored. I do promise you a fresh new episode each Monday for the coming few weeks at least. In this episode, we will tackle social media content creation and publishing. We will talk about content strategy, tactical publishing planning, tracking, and how to decide on the most optimal time to post on social media.


Engaging Your Community

S01E04 - In this episode I share with you advice and tips on how to engage your community. From approaching crisis, to answering questions and inquiries, and dealing with those who just want to have a go with your brand. Here are tips on how to engage current consumers, potential leads, problem makers, and brand advocates.


Listening & Analytics

S01E03 - This is a first of 5 episodes where i will be tackling one major aspect of the social media and digital strategy. In this one i share the best tactics you can put in place to have a solid social listening and analytics plan. Difference between monitoring, listening, & moderation, what are sentiments and how to manipulate them, some creative ways to find potential customers on social media and many other ideas are shared to have social listening and analytics serve your overarching...


The Best Social Media Methodology For Your Marketing Strategy

S01E02 - Before we dive in the second episode, please take note: The British accent was a challenge from a friend, a challenge that I am happy to say i accepted and gladly won, so thank you :D In this episode i share with you the methodology I developed in 2011 for social media marketing. It is a methodology that I used with all my clients and new business pitches, and still use till this date. It is the best social media marketing methodology out there to utilize in developing and executing...


Diaper Content

S01E01 - Calling all marketers: Please stop throwing at us shitty content. We, the people are not interested! This episode tackles the kind of content marketers, brand managers, social media experts, digital gurus and others push over to consumers, why consumers do not engage with them, and what are the two types of content marketers should only think about and build around.


The Brief: Introduce Listeners To Podcast

Hello everyone and thank you for tuning in. This is actually not the official first episode, it is just an introductory episode to inform you of what to expect from this podcast. I am sure we will have fun and i intend to make sure you learn a lot over the coming few weeks. Please make sure to share your comments and feedback which i will highly take into consideration, as well as follow me wherever you have social media presence; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest! Cheers!