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From interviews with insightful creatives utilizing tech to turn their vision into reality — to info and advice on the latest tech trends and advancements, the OWC RADiO Podcast offers unique insights from one of the largest Mac DIY upgrade outfitters on the planet.

From interviews with insightful creatives utilizing tech to turn their vision into reality — to info and advice on the latest tech trends and advancements, the OWC RADiO Podcast offers unique insights from one of the largest Mac DIY upgrade outfitters on the planet.


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From interviews with insightful creatives utilizing tech to turn their vision into reality — to info and advice on the latest tech trends and advancements, the OWC RADiO Podcast offers unique insights from one of the largest Mac DIY upgrade outfitters on the planet.




Roger O’Donnell-The Cure, 2 Ravens and Ballet

OWC RADiO Host, Cirina Catania, interviews Roger O’Donnell, an English composer and keyboardist best known for his work with The Cure, as well as bands such as The Psychedelic Furs, Thompson Twins, and Berlin. We talk about his latest album, 2 Ravens, his early days in East London, The Cure, and ballet. He gained his reputation as a world-class keyboardist and Moog synthesizer expert, and O’Donnell’s body of work includes several styles and genres, some collaborative and some solo, with many...


Richard Fortus Guns N’ Roses

Richard Fortus, guitarist with Guns 'N Roses, takes a break from composing to chat with OWC RADiO host, Cirina Catania, gives us a tour of his amazing gear, reminisces about life as a gifted and passionate musician, his most recent hit, "Made of Rain," the collaboration on "Tower of Strength," and studio life in quarantine. Richard offers good advice to others who want to succeed in the music business and warms our hearts when he talks about his family. Listen in to a candid and inspiring...


OWC Announces THUNDERBOLT 4 Dock

Today on OWC RADiO, it’s all news! OWC recently announced a new hub for Thunderbolt 4 PC’s! Our host, Cirina Catania, and OWC's Mark Chaffee give us the details of this new and very welcome solution. Through one TB4 port on this dock, OWC says, “you can connect and charge any device with a USB-C or USB-A connector. And you’ll still have three more ports for other peripherals." About OWC: For more than 25 Years, OWC has had a simple goal. To create innovative DIY solutions to give you the...


Get Ready to Dance to The Radio Gunners!

Music for our happy Souls! In this episode of OWC RADiO, host Cirina Catania talks with Paul Shreve and Jeff Weber from The Radio Gunners. The Radio Gunners – Jeff Weber, Pete Nalda and Paul Shreve combined musical roots include Western Swing, Basque, Folk, Country, Rock, Americana, Sinatra’s Rat Pack, Musical Theater and New Wave. This high-The Radio Gunners – Jeff Weber, Pete Nalda and Paul Shreve combine musical roots that include Western Swing, Basque, Folk, Country, Rock, Americana,...


Move Over Global Warming “Kiss the Ground” Film Premiering 09/22/2020

"Kiss the Ground," is a beautiful and fascinating film produced and directed by Josh and Rebecca Tickell. Detailing methods of soil regeneration as a solution to the worldwide climate crisis, the film is narrated by Woody Harrelson and premieres on Netflix Global on September 22, 2020. Tickell talks with our host, Cirina Catania, about regeneration, regenerative farming/ranching, and how we can put a huge dent in global warming if we learn how to harness carbon, something that Josh and other...


Girl Gang Garage Empowering Women Who Wrench

Nestled in the Valley of the sun in Phoenix, Arizona, is a little automotive shop run by two women, Bogi Lateiner and Shawnda Williams called, Girl Gang Garage. Its mission is to empower, educate, and encourage women to explore skilled trade opportunities within the automotive industry. There is a national deficit of available workers to fill critical automotive jobs spanning from manufacturing to repair and maintenance. This need signaled an opportunity to help widen the cracks in the walls...


Steven Reed, Technology for Worship

In this episode of OWC RADiO, host Cirina Catania, talks with technology expert, multi Instrumentalist, author, speaker, writer, producer, & worship team trainer, Steven Reed. Steve along with his wife and children comprise the worship group, Steve & Shawn. Steve is an avid learner and teacher by nature and his extensive travels as a guest minister, long history of local church service, and experience in the recording industry provide a fresh perspective on how equipment can help resource...


Tony Vincent: Actor, Musician, Songwriter, and Producer

In 2019, after 21 years in New York City, artist and musician Tony Vincent ("The Voice," "Jesus Christ Superstar," American Idiot," We Will Rock You," and "Bohemian Rhapsody" in front of Queen Elizabeth II and 200 million fans) relocated to Nashville. He is producing music out of his new studio, SoundShop370 and training music theater hopefuls in PCG Theatrical. Our host, Cirina Catania, catches up to him and has a very candid conversation about life in the Broadway fast lane, what took him...


Jim Tierney, Digital Anarchist Creates Amazing Plugins for Editors

Jim Tierney is a pioneer in the development of plugins for motion graphics, animation, and video editing. During the 1990s, Jim worked for software companies like MetaTools, Atomic Power, and Cycore. He helped create graphics products like Bryce, Evolution, and Final Effects. After working on After Effects plugins for six years, Jim thought it was finally time to get out there and do some of his own. So he did, and Digital Anarchy was born in 2001. For more information about our amazing...


OWC RADiO News: Rover Pro Wheels

If you wanted those wonderful, very expensive wheels for your 2019 Mac Pro but couldn't afford them....Guess what?! You now have another amazing option from OWC...the Rover Pro Wheels. Host Cirina Catania says she is, "Over the Moon about these." Visit MacSales.com and find out more. If you pre-order them, the limited-time price is only $199 (with free shipping). For more information about our amazing sponsor, Other World Computing, go to MacSales.com or OWCDigital.com, where you’ll find...

Deborah Calla, Media Access Awards, Celebrating the Contributions of People With Disabilities

In this episode of OWC RADiO, host Cirina Catania, talks with Writer/Producer and activist, Deborah Calla. Deborah is CEO and Chair of the Media Access Awards (MAA), which she producers with Allan Rucker. The MAA is one of Hollywood's major awards events originally created by Norman Lear and Fern Field, honoring people in the entertainment industry who advance the portrayal and employment of people with disabilities. In 2018, the MAA entered into a partnership with Easterseals of Southern...


Felix Cavaliere, Legendary Music Transcending Generations

The Beatles once opened for the legendary Felix Cavaliere and the Young Rascals and he has dozens of behind the scenes stories to tell about music from the 60's all the way to present day. Remember, "Groovin," "Beautiful Morning," "People Got to Be Free," and "Good Lovin?" Cirina Catania, host of OWC RADiO interviews Felix Cavaliere, the captivating American music producer, songwriter and performer who hasn't stopped creating classic songs and whose career is still "new" after over 50 years....

Mandy David, Signing for the Deaf

OWC RADiO Host, Cirina Catania has lots of Father's Day specials, some tech tips, and a couple of workflow secrets to share on this show. The highlight, however, is Mandy David, a sign language interpreter and President at JFD Communications as well as the YouTube channel, A Moment in Sign, a library of concise videos for learning American Sign Language. What Mandy has done most of her life for the Deaf community is extraordinary and in this episode, you she gives us tips on how to better...

Gary Rebholz, VEGAS Software Paving the Way for Video Editing and Audio Creatives

OWC RADiO host, Cirina Catania, and Gary Rebholz, Product Owner, MAGIX/Vegas Creative Software, take a deep dive into the world of the VEGAS NLE and their full line of products. VEGAS Post, VEGAS Pro, and VEGAS Movie Studio are helping creatives be… well, more creative! As VEGAS Creative Software training manager, Gray has written five software training books and produced countless tutorials, webinars, training videos, and most any other type of software training resource imaginable. After...

Justin Thomson, Moscow Misfits, Filming at -50 Centigrade or 35,000 Ft in the Clouds

OWC RADiO Host, Cirina Catania, throws back some fun memories and catches up with the news from Justin Thomson, an experienced filmmaker/producer and co-founder, Moscow Misfits. Justin's in demand worldwide for his boundless creativity and extensive knowledge of the world of movies and immersive entertainment. Whether it be on a Lufthansa flight 35,000 ft in the clouds, for the Waldorf Project at Wonder Fruit deep in the jungles of Thailand, or with his director co-conspirator, Rory...

Orlando Luna, Andy Stein & the Orphaned Starfish Foundation

In this episode of OWC RADiO, host Cirina Catania, talks with Orlando Luna (Producer/Benefactor) and Andy Stein (Founder and Executive Chairman) of the Orphaned Starfish Foundation, as they unveil the behind-the-scenes stories of how this organization came about and how OSF is now teaching technology, creativity and story-telling using mobile hardware and software. OSF was founded in 2001 to help orphans, victims of abuse, survivors of trafficking, indigenous populations, refugees and...

Jem Schofield (theC47) DP, Producer, Educator

Cirina Catania, the host of OWC RADiO, talks with Jem Schofield - producer, DP, educator and the founder of theC47 (a full-service production company that focuses on video production, filmmaking, consulting & education). Jem now spends most of his time producing content, educating others and otherwise being borderline obsessed with cameras, production, and the craft of lighting. For over 20 years Jem has produced projects and provided training for an ever-expanding client base. Current and...


Zeiss Director of Cinema Sales, Snehal Patel, Through the Lens

Zeiss' Director of Cinema Sales, Americas, Snehal Patel, manages sales for the entire line of ZEISS cinema lenses in North and South America. That means making decisions about how they sell, how they educate the market and how they help further the goals and aspirations of cinematography in the Americas. This includes educational initiatives, creating content with filmmakers, participating at trade shows, film festivals and other events, and providing feedback directly from Cinematographers...


Lumatouch and Filmic Pro – Bringing the Mobile Creator Community Together Starting April 17

Cirina Catania, the host of OWC RADiO, talks with Terri Morgan, co-founder of LumaTouch and the lead product designer for LumaFusion and Neil Barham, and the guiding vision behind FiLMiC Inc. and the primary architect behind FiLMiC Pro. Luma Touch (www.luma-touch.com) and FiLMiC Inc. (www.filmicpro.com) announce the launch of an ambitious free online educational initiative in direct response to the impact of Covid19 on the content creation community: The Mobile Creator Summit. (Register...


Jam in the Van, With Jake Cotler & Jack Higgins

We think the world needs more great music! Cirina Catania, the host of OWC RADiO, joins the guys from Jam in the Van and talks with Jake Cotler, the founder of the innovative recording studio. With him today is Jack Higgins, the studio’s executive video producer & content creator. Jam in the Van is a mobile, solar-powered recording studio that is changing the way the world discovers new bands as they travel around the country producing live music videos inside their mobile studio and making...