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From interviews with insightful creatives utilizing tech to turn their vision into reality — to info and advice on the latest tech trends and advancements, the OWC RADiO Podcast offers unique insights from one of the largest Mac DIY upgrade outfitters on the planet.

From interviews with insightful creatives utilizing tech to turn their vision into reality — to info and advice on the latest tech trends and advancements, the OWC RADiO Podcast offers unique insights from one of the largest Mac DIY upgrade outfitters on the planet.


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From interviews with insightful creatives utilizing tech to turn their vision into reality — to info and advice on the latest tech trends and advancements, the OWC RADiO Podcast offers unique insights from one of the largest Mac DIY upgrade outfitters on the planet.




Chris Brown on the New and Improved NAB 2022

Arriving at the new and improved NAB facing West Hall, we were amazed at how great it felt to be back. Chris Brown, Executive VP and Managing Director, Global Connections and Events for NAB took a few minutes from his very busy day to interview with our show runner and host, Cirina Catania. Listen in. You will find it interesting and informative. More on NAB 2022 coming soon from Cirina, "It's good to be back and even more fun with the Tesla rides through the tunnel!" For more information...

Zach Kornhauser Mastering and Audio Engineer on the Fast Track at Atlantic Records

Zach Kornhauser is a Mastering & Audio Engineer for Atlantic Records’ main studio in New York City. He comes in at the last and very important stage of the recording process to make sure that the recordings translate well on multiple playback formats. And he makes sure they sound great! Zach is also on a small team of engineers who handle day-to-day sessions in the studio. OWC RADiO host, Cirina Catania talked with him about his workflow and his journey to where he is now. And she got a very...

How You Can Help the Ukrainians. HF Productions Has boots on the Ground.

This is an urgent message with information on how you can directly help the efforts to aid the Ukrainian military and refugees in Ukraine via the heroic efforts of HF Productions. Listen in as Cirina Catania interviews Henrik Friis in Poland and Benn Wiebe in London regarding the urgently needed supplies they are delivering to Ukraine. Your help is needed. Please donate. 100% of the money goes towards boots, night vision devices, thermal vision devices, etc. We will be updating this...

Justin Joseph Hall – Fourwind Productions INTERVIEW ON OWC Radio

Justin Joseph Hall, an award-winning filmmaker and founder of Fourwind Productions based in Brooklyn, New York talks with OWC Radio Host, Cirina Catania about the company's work which has been acquired by major television networks such as HBO. Fourwinds has worked on many awarded-winning projects receiving industry recognition from The Emmys, Tribeca Film Festival, and Brooklyn Film Festival. Justin's mastery of post-production has taken him to projects with NBCUniversal, National...

David Bergman, Celebrity Photographer, on OWC RADiO

David Bergman is a world-renowned photographer, A Canon Explorer of Light, he is known for his amazing ability to capture awe-inspiring images. And we love that he uses OWC drives. In this interview with OWC RADiO Host, Cirina Catania, we'll take a look at some of David's most famous photos as well as learn about his creative process. Of course, Cirina asked about his workflow, too. We'll also hear from David himself about what drives him to keep photographing awe-inspiring scenes. David’s...

Ian Grech Edited “14 Peaks – Nothing is Impossible”

Ian Grech edited an amazing documentary currently streaming on Netflix called "14 Peaks." Our host, Cirina Catania, talked with him about how he managed to juggle over 100 hours of footage in multiple formats using Premiere Pro. “14 Peaks - Nothing is Impossible.” is a compelling documentary currently available on Netflix. It tells the story of Nimsdai Purja, a fearless Nepali athlete and his vow to climb every mountain in the world higher than 8,000 meters in less than 7 months. It was a...

Feature Rich Vegas Pro 19, An Interview with Gary Rebholz and Sumit Rai

VEGAS Pro 19 is out and ready to wow you. I talked with Gary Rebholz, Product Owner of MAGIX/VEGAS Creative Software and Sumit Rai, Chief Product Officer on the VEGAS Creative Software team. We took a deep dive into the new features, including: Cloud-Based Media Management and Collaboration using their Hub, Royalty Free Stock footage, tutorials and music available directly from the NLE, Captioning, Scene Detection, Blackmagic Raw, Time Code Tagging, Notes, Color Tools, Text to Speech (my...


Bodhi & Clare’s Creative Successes – Keeping it in the Family!

OWC Host, Cirina Catania, talks with Clare Cooley and Bodhi Werner about Clare's bestseller, "Incandescence-Rising Above Darkness," and Bodhi's novel, "North Port 1999." With the name Mother Son Productions, you can guess what the relationship between this amazingly creative duo is. Together their mission is to share stories worth telling. Inspired by the breadth of human experiences and the mysteries of nature, their goal is to create videos that make the world a better place. They produce...

Rhys Fulber’s Out Of This World Music and This Week’s News from OWC Radio

This week Host, Cirina Catania talks with the ever-extraordinary electronic musician, Rhys Fulber. And she shares some great news from Tim Cook and the folks at Apple...Lumafusion has been awarded "Best Video App for 2021," on the App Store. You will love this conversation with Rhys. He is a truly international musical genius who was born in Vancouver of a German father and a mother from Great Britain. Rhys grew up with the sounds of Led Zeppelin, Kraftwerk and the local punk rockers...

Get Better at Color Management with Brenda Hipsher of Calibrite

Color! In today's episode, Host Cirina Catania talks with the VP of Sales and Marketing for Calibrite, Brenda Hipsher, and discusses their world-class color management tools for creatives in the photo, video, and film space. And, listen carefully, there's a very interesting promotional offer from the folks at Luminar. Calibrite's developers are a passionate group of people who bring their exceptional products, inspiration and education to all creatives who need color management. During the...

Better Sounding Audio tips with FUTURE MOMENTS Co-Founder, Gary Levitt

OWC RADiO Host, Cirina Catania, talks with Future Moments Co-Founder, Gary Levitt. about their apps that make our audio sound much better! Using their mobile and desktop apps for content creation, whether you’re a musician, filmmaker, podcaster, voiceover artist or creative hobbyist, will make your life easier and elevate the quality of your production. Their apps include VideoMaster 2.0, Audio Fix 2.0, MicSwap MultiTrack, Audio Master, and Video Verb. It's like a shopping mall for audio...

FX HOME FINDS A NEW HOME, and battles holographic pigeons

This week on OWC RADiO we are delighted to be joined by two of the top people at FX Home. Joshua Davies, the VP & Founder, and Kirstie Tostevin, Marketing Manager. Their company was recently purchased by one of our favorite royalty-free music companies, Artlist and everyone had a great time talking with our Host, Cirina Catania until a Pigeon interrupted the conversation. Joshua, being the consummate creative that he is, came up with a solution for future pigeon wars and everyone left...

Loki & 16 Other Marvel Movies Feature Effects from Cantina Creative – Stephen Lawes is their Creative Director and Co-Founder

OWC Radio Host, Cirina Catania, talks with Stephen Lawes, Creative Director and CoFounder of Cantina Creative about the design work and special effects for dozens of major motion pictures his company has worked on, including seventeen Marvel films. Some of the company's credits include: their most recent work on Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Black Widow, Avengers Endgame, Captain Marvel Avengers Infinity War, Black Panther, Spider-Man Homecoming, Captain America civil...

Audio Secrets from Beyoncé’s Live Tours – An Interview with Her Go-To Programmer, Kwiz

Meet Kevin “Kwiz” Ryan, tour programmer and recording engineer for Beyonce, co-owner at Rhythm 252 Group, and owner of the Rhythm Lab Studio. It's a timely and provocative interview with OWC RADiO Host, Cirina Catania that includes lots of gear talk, behind-the-scenes stories, and a very frank conversation about racism. Kwiz has toured with Beyonce handling audio in huge venues for her last four tours as well as for the 2013 and 2014 Superbowl halftime specials. In his spare time, he is a...

Future-proofing your 3D & Cinema 4D Editing skills with Nick Campbell of Greyscale gorilla

Everyone needs help ensuring that their skillset remains competitive. Nick Campbell, CEO/Founder of Greyscalegorilla, joins OWC RADiO Host, Cirina Catania, to talk about future-proofing your creative and technical skills. He shares some exciting news on how Greyscalegorilla Plus can help people learn about 3D and Cinema 4D. In a time where 4-year schools and colleges become disproportionately expensive, Greyscalegorilla can help by offering affordable education, tools, and resources that can...

In Memoriam: Dan Kneece Renowned Steadicam Operator, DP, and southern Gentleman

A personal note about Dan Kneece (RIP) from your OWC RADiO Host, Cirina Catania. "The world lost a wonderful person last week. Dan Kneece was loved by all of us in the entertainment industry. He worked tirelessly and with a great attitude. Ask Dan what is most important and he would say, "I work for the script and the director." Words are hard to find right now, but I wanted to share this interview I did with him back in July of 2019. May you find the love in it and may it help you to savor...

Billy J Kramer – Still Singing, Still loving life!

Cirina Catania interviews singer/musician Billy J. Kramer this week on OWC RADiO. Billy J Kramer and the Beatles Imagine...It’s Liverpool in the 60’s. The Merseybeat is in full swing. What comes to mind? The Beatles - yes! And…"Do You Want to Know a Secret," from Billy J Kramer, a charismatic singer with a string of hits that began with that John Lennon and Paul McCartney penned song. As Billy said in this interview, "Do You Want to Know a Secret” was not a cover. It was arranged and...

Wes Plate, Technologist, Conquering Alcohol Addiction and Running Ultramarthons

Welcome back to OWC RADiO with your host, Cirina Catania! Today we share the story of an incredibly brave, courageous, and kind person, Wes Plate, who enjoyed major success in the tech world, overcame his personal demons - alcoholism and depression, and now runs ultramarathons! He is a winner on all counts! He not only survived, he became an elite athlete who runs ultramarathons such as the Moab 240 and the Cocodona 250. Wes is someone who is well-known in the tech world, and he hasn’t...

CEO Larry O’Connor on OWC RADiO’s 100th Episode, OWC’s Multinational Corporation, Outer Space, and the Environment

OWC Founder and CEO, Larry O'Connor, talks with OWC RADiO host, Cirina Catania, about his business life and his perspectives on the world, his love for space exploration (yes, he's already purchased his ticket!), what it's like running a major international corporation, his corporate president, Jen Soule, and how on earth he still manages to find time for the myriad of charities, films and creatives he passionately supports. Larry O'Connor is definitely a man who is living a generous,...

Tech Guru Larry Jordan released a new book (and you need to read it!)

Larry Jordan is an award-winning producer, director, editor, teacher and trainer who’s been involved in the media industry for 50 years. He’s produced, directed or edited at local broadcast TV stations, network television in the US, and created more corporate and training videos than he can count. His new book, "Techniques of Visual Persuasion," is an invaluable resource to anyone working in media, for film, television or the web. He has a lively discussion with our host, Cirina Catania, who...