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Should I put my files in SharePoint or OneDrive?

In today’s On the SPOT News Brief, Jay Leask and Craig Jahnke talk Microsoft collaboration systems, specifically: SharePoint and OneDrive. To oversimplify their thoughts, inspired by the recently released Document Circle of Life in Office 365, the two ultimately agree that SharePoint is for co-authoring and publishing, while OneDrive is for individuals working on individual content -- but there's always more to it than any simplification can properly document.


SCOTUS Pirvacy and Sales Tax, the EU and Memes, Project Debater AI takes on Humanity

In today’s On the SPOT News Brief, Jay Leask and Craig Jahnke review some recent SCOTUS decisions, dabble in politics, and discuss the probability of the Machine's taking over the world through civil debate and mind control. Today's source material, and a few others mentioned in passing, are found below: SCOTUS says your privacy data is yours - go get a warrant -- SCOTUS says it's a State's right to tax your internet purchase -- EU Article 13 wants to block your meme - or something like that...


SharePoint Conference, WWDC, Underwater Data Centers, Project Maven, and GDPR

In today’s On the SPOT News Brief, Jay Leask and Craig Jahnke catch up after a multi-month hiatus with Jay's move, and newborn son, and Craig's new job and summer plans. And they discuss their goals for the podcast and how hard it can be to find the motivation to record, edit, and release this. So thank you for putting up with us as we try to rebuild our cadence! In technology they discuss news out of the SharePoint conference, GitHub, a sunken data center, Project Maven, WWDC, GDPR and...


Community Edition with Liam Cleary, MVP, at SPTechCon

During this episode, recorded November 2017, Jay sat down with Liam Cleary, MVP and Associate Director at Protiviti, to discuss cognitive services, the speed of technology (no pun intended), and the rise of the machines. We also discuss Liam's path to the IT Consultant known for [REDACTED] (I kid, ask him about personal security at conferences, it's fun), and the importance of giving back to the community that helped you get where you are.


Data Discovery and Assessment, Pilot and Execution, Your Path to a Successful Cloud Migration

today’s On the SPOT News Brief, Jay Leask and Craig Jahnke continue the Cloud Series with a focus on a four phase migration process: Discovery, Assessment, Pilot, and Execution. They even touch on the importance of user acceptance testing and automated governance to support end-user buy-in. Throughout each of these phases, Jay and Craig provide real-world customer examples which showcase the importance for each phase.


The importance of a Cloud Readiness Assessment

Recorded March 3, 2018, Jay Leask and Craig Jahnke continue the Cloud Series by diving into the importance of a proper readiness assessment when considering a move to the cloud. Primary categories of discussion included cloud viability for business and legacy applications, up-front and hidden costs, brand and type of cloud (such as brands, private vs multi-tenant, and data segregation options), governance, and migration preparedness.


Introduction to Security and Compliance in the Cloud Series

In today’s On the SPOT News Brief, Jay Leask and Craig Jahnke introduce a new series of upcoming episodes around Security and Compliance in the Cloud. We know the cloud offers the combined resources and finances of hundreds of thousands of organizations, but why does that give it a chance to be more secure than your on premises infrastructure? And what considerations do you need to keep in mind when you plan your move? In the coming weeks we will dig into each of the topics discussed today.


Community Edition with Sharon Weaver at SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati

During this episode, Craig took some time out of the SharePoint Saturday festivities to sit down with Sharon Weaver, VP of Operations at Focal Point Solutions, LLC. Sharon shares her introduction to the many uses of SharePoint (including Alerts back in 2003), her presentation on governance, and the importance of end-user training.


Community Edition with Don Miller at SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati

During this episode, Craig took some time out of the SharePoint Saturday festivities to sit down with Don Miller, Director of BA Insight. Craig and Don discuss Don's journey in SharePoint, his presentation and the "Intelligent Intranet", and what excites him about the collaboration ecosystem.


Microsoft Delve and Azure, AWS, Amazon AI, Apple Root, and Child-Proofing the IoT

Recorded November 30, 2017, Jay Leask and Craig Jahnke journey from Microsoft's announcement that Delve is Dead (or at least the functionality is going to be integrated elsewhere) to Amazon's AI consulting program, from Apple's "I am Root" issue to IoT child-proofing, until we end presenting a perspective on all the Net Neutrality "hype" that neither of us really agree with.


Thanksgiving, Microsoft Teams, and Net Neutrality

Good afternoon and Happy Thanksgiving! This is November 22nd, 2017, and today’s news brief episode is a Net Neutrality edition of your On the SPOT News Brief, the SPeed of Technology Podcast. Recap of the last week Our Website November listens are 750% up from October — which isn’t saying much, but I’m excited about... Continue Reading →


SPTechCon, Cognitive Services, Compliance, GDPR, Salesforce and Google, Kaspersky! Oh My!

In today's On the SPOT News Brief, November 16, 2017, Jay Leask and Craig Jahnke discuss SPTechCon, Cognitive Services, Compliance and GDPR, Salesforce and Google, Kaspersky Software, and the great Redwood Forests.


Community Edition with D’arce Hess at SPTechCon

This episode of On the SPOT, Community Edition, was recorded Monday, November 13, 2017 at SPTechCon, the SharePoint Technology Conference in Bethesda Maryland, right outside Washington DC. During this episode, Jay sat down with D'arce Hess, founder and President of DH Consulting LLC. Jay and D'arce discuss the conference, the topics D'arce will be presenting on at the event, the importance of branding in SharePoint and Office 365, and how others can become involved in the SharePoint...


OTSNB 10-25-17 What’s Hot in IT Career Trends and Amazon Key

In this first On the SPOT News Brief, Jay and Craig discuss format changes, hot trends in IT hiring, and how consumer spending is effecting the speed of business.


OTSE3 – Office 365 Periodic Table, Apps, Tools, and Dashboards with Matt Wade

This edited podcast was recorded Saturday July 28, 2017. Hosts Jay Leask and Craig Jahnke jump right into some news and then kick off our show with guest Matt Wade, Cloud Services Lead at H3 Solutions and founder of ICanSharePoint.com.


OTSE2 – Microsoft Inspire, Partner Ecosystem, AI, Bots, and Teams, with Dux Raymond Sy

Recorded July 18th, 2017, Dux Raymond Sy of AvePoint, joins us to talk about Microsoft Inspire, updates to the MS partner ecosystem, AI, bots, Teams, and getting your audience to dance.


OTSE1 – No-Code Solutions, Training, Executive Buying, and the personal brand with Asif Rehmani

Recorded Saturday July 1, 2017. Hosts Jay Leask and Craig Jahnke introduce the podcast, themselves, and kick off our first show with guest Asif Rehmani, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VisualSP.