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Experienced videographers Ben Bruton-Cox and Richard Shelton discuss their week in video. From weddings to commercial and promotional video they well you what they came up against.


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Experienced videographers Ben Bruton-Cox and Richard Shelton discuss their week in video. From weddings to commercial and promotional video they well you what they came up against.




Ep163 - Is Networking needed to drive your success?

We're joined by special guest Andrew Davies to talk networking. Is it necessary? Can you just go it alone? We discuss both the pros and cons of networking and socialising with peers and clients. We also have a chat about our go to lenses, what we love about them as well as what niggles us! owivpodcast@gmail.com


Ep162 - Can you change your filming style overnight?

Can you change your filming style overnight? We all want to do something fresh and exciting, it's one of the things drives us to become better filmmakers. But can you just 'level up' overnight? What will your future clients think? Did they book you for your new or old 'style'? Plus we get technical and talk back up workflow and best practice for archiving old data. Reach out to us at owivpodcast@gmail.com We're also on Instagram / @ourweekinvideo


Ep161 - Getting out of the rut that is 'creative block'.

Have you ever lost your 'creative mojo'? There are so many questions when it happens. How did you get there? Can you get that creative spark back? Rich is stuck with 'creative block' and he can't figure out why it's happened or how to get going again. Ben offers some advice to help Rich back on his way.


Ep160 - Can you trust others to work on your behalf?

It's one of our biggest concerns, geting someone to shoot for us when we're unavailable. How do you find someone? Do you have a trusted list? Did your chosen crew not turn out as good as their showreel? All this and more in this weeks show!


Ep159 - Is Sony KILLING off LOG?

With the removal of SLOG2 from the latest FX3 firmware, is Sony going to completely give up on LOG? Or are they just housekeeping? Plus audio issues, kit list wishes and top tips!


Ep 158 - The one where they recorded it in November

Okay so we're running a bit behind, we should probably change the title of this show to our six months in video! This episode was recorded in November but we've only now been able to get it out to you. In the show we're talking about crazy aspect ratios, wedding backlogs, using the A7S3 for TV work and trusting your 2nd shooters!


Ep157 - Are you still proud of the work you produce?

In this weeks show we're both feeling a bit de-motivated about the standard of our current work. Is this due to rushing edits, filming the same things over and over again, or are we just getting a bit long in the tooth and it's time to stop. Therefore we're asking each other, can we still be proud of the work we're producing? ig. https://instagram.com/ourweekingvideo t. https://twitter.com/ourweekinvideo e. owivpodcast@gmail.com


Ep156 - Is there a 'right time' to give up filming weddings?

In this special we're talking to corporate videography company owner Matt Wilsher. In the space of a few years, as his commercial work took over, Matt went from shooting over 50 weddings a year to zero in 2022. Matt ran a highly successful wedding videography company, Tear Drop Films, and now after slowly moving to commercial work, he runs an even more successful business, Bullet. He tells us the whens, the whys and the hows in Episode 156 of Our Week in Video Check out Matt at https://www.bulletmedia.tv/ Drop us an email at owivpodcast@gmail.com Follows us on IG at @ourweekinvideo or Twitter at @ourweekinvideo


Ep155 - Let's try and convince Rich to buy an FX3!

Under the hood they're pretty much the same camera. But let's delve in a bit deeper and weigh up the pros and cons of the FX3 and A7S3 Plus battery talk, audio tips and finding an alternative to the Sony TX650s


Ep154 - The Return of the Jedi

In this long awaited show I'm joined by OWIV founder and former host, Mr Ben Bruton-Cox! Yes you heard that correct, I've managed to coax Ben back onto the show for a catch up chat. Let's dive in and see what he's been up to these last 2.5 years!


Ep153 - TOGS vs VOGS. Should you build a working relationship with each other?

In this weeks show we're chatting to Toby Johnson of Handcraft Pictures. He's recently teamed up with London photographers Olivia and Dan to launch a photography/videography workshop. We speak to Toby, Olivia and Dan about why they're doing this workshop. We also chat about the sometimes thorny issue of photographers and videographers working together! Do you meet before the wedding? What if your styles don't match? What happens if you both want to shoot different ways on the day? All these questions are answered plus much more. Toby can be found at https://www.handcraftpictures.com/ Olivia and Dan at https://www.oliviandan.com/ Don't forget to sign up for a 25% discount of Select Music Library at https://selectmusiclibrary.com/partner/?fpr=owiv Our email is owivpodcast@gmail.com Back catalogue of shows can be found at www.owiv.co.uk


Ep152 - The Ben Walton Experience

It's been a few weeks since our last show, but we're back with a good friend of the show, Mr Adventure himself, Ben Walton (Ben Walton Films) Ben tells us what he's been up to these last couple of years, from trekking to the top of a volcano in Chile to mountain biking in North Wales, all for the love of getting that perfect shot! Ben can be found at www.waltonfilms.co.uk and www.benwaltonfilms.co.uk Please keep the 5 star reviews coming and also don't forget to hit that subscribe button! owivpodcast@gmail.com www.owiv.co.uk www.facebook.com/ourweekinvideo www.instagram.com/ourweekinvideo


Ep151 - What's happened to Workshops? Rahul Khona reveals his plans!

In this supplementary show we're chatting to Nine Dots co-founder Rahul Khona. Primarily a photographers community, Nine Dots is now throwing the floor open to videographers with 2 days of online tutoring, talks and motivation called 'Motion' You can sign up for free at https://nine-dots.co/motion-2021/https://nine-dots.co/motion-2021/ and the talks will be available for 48 hours as catch up afterwards. The event is scheduled for the 24th and 25th February 2021


Ep.150 - Portuguese wedding filmmakers, Pixel

We've made it to episode 150! This week we're chatting to Portuguese wedding filmmakers, Pixel on what wedding videography is to them, why they've chosen their particular style, their influences and of course what kit they take to weddings. If you've never seen these guys work, head over to https://ospixel.com and check out their films! Honestly, their films will blow you away. Also check out www.movieluts.com for truly amazing cinema style looks based on some of the most popular movies out there. Drop us an email at owivpodcast@gmail.com and the complete back catalogue of shows can be found at www.owiv.co.uk


Ep149 - How to become an approved wedding supplier, Elise Standen tells us how she did it

This week we're chatting to luxury wedding videographer Elise Standen on why she made the transition from a highly successful career in television into wedding videography. She also lets us know how she got to be the approved supplier for some of the UK's finest wedding venues including the ancestral home of Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace. Elise's wedding website https://www.filmsinbloom.co.uk/ Elise's corporate site alongside Leanne Perrins and Frances Madell https://unearthedstudios.com/ We're proud to have an affiliate link with Select Music Library. If your productions are needing high quality music, head over there now and sign up with a 25% discount on your first order. https://selectmusiclibrary.com/partner/?fpr=owiv


Ep148 - Jeff Wood talks Mentoring

After last chatting with us back in 2017, we warmly welcome back Jeff Wood to the show! Jeff talks us through his new mentoring business and we're also joined by one of his clients, James Tracey, who tells us why he chose Jeff to be his mentor and how Jeff has taken him through the whole process of capturing a wedding on film. Jeff has kindly offered a 10% discount for Our Week in Video listeners - full details can be heard in the podcast. Details of Jeff's mentoring can be found at https://jeffwoodvisuals.com/mentoring If you can spare a couple of $$, please help the show out on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/ourweekinvideo Are you looking for some new original music for your productions? You can get an amazing 25% discount off your first order with Select Music Library right here - https://selectmusiclibrary.com/partner/?fpr=owiv


Ep147 - The totally random Christmas Show!

It's an Our Week in Video very random Christmas Show! Expect awful jokes, Andre and Rich getting slowly drunk as the show goes on, plus some video talk of course! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our listeners! 25% discount on Select Music Library can be found here >>> https://selectmusiclibrary.com/partner/?fpr=owiv Please check us out on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/ourweekinvideo


Ep146 - It's all about drones with The Drone Film Guide

This week we're talking all things drone and aerial with Stewart and Alina from The Drone Film Guide. Stewart and Alina have been friends of the podcast for a number of years and we are delighted that they're back to chat to us about the latest advances in drones. We also have an in-depth chat about their wedding film company, White Balloon Films. You can help support OWIV by heading over to http://patreon.com/ourweekinvideo where from as little as $1 you can help us keep pushing out content. Looking for music? Head over to Select Music Library for a 25% on your first order - https://selectmusiclibrary.com/partner/?fpr=owiv You can reach out to us at owivpodcast@gmail.com and the entire back catalogue of shows is on our website, www.owiv.co.uk


Ep145 - It’s You Tube guru Adam Wing!

On this weeks show we're chatting with UK based wedding videographer Adam Wing. Adam started his wedding videography company in 2015. At the time he noticed there were very few UK based You Tube channels that offered help and advice for people starting out in the industry. A few years later Adam started a You Tube channel offering just that. Now he's up to 3000 subscribers! Please check us out on Patreon - http://patreon.com/ourweekinvideo and if you're after music for your productions, head over to Select Music Library for a 25% discount when you sign up https://selectmusiclibrary.com/partner/?fpr=owiv Reach out to us at owivpodcast@gmail.com


Ep144 - Latest DJI releases, listeners questions and Andre's new mic!

On this weeks show we cast our eyes over the latest releases from DJI and Zhiyun before dedicating the rest of the show to some of the questions you've been sending in over the last few months. Plus Andre has a new mic! You can help the podcast continue to grow by pledging just $1 at www.patreon.com/ourweekinvideo Select Music Library are also giving our listeners a discount of 25% when you sign up at the following link here Email us at owivpodcast@gmail.com You can find the complete back catalogue of shows at www.owiv.co.uk Enjoy the show!