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Discover the latest technology trends, meet technology enthusiasts, understand what’s behind talked about technological terms and get inspired by our passion for technology.

Discover the latest technology trends, meet technology enthusiasts, understand what’s behind talked about technological terms and get inspired by our passion for technology.




Discover the latest technology trends, meet technology enthusiasts, understand what’s behind talked about technological terms and get inspired by our passion for technology.




SiC: A master of energy efficiency

Today’s market expects electrical and electronic systems to deliver constant improvements in energy efficiency. Converters, inverters and power supplies of all kinds have to demonstrate that their energy losses are getting lower all the time, and where possible they need to function without the need for cooling. Not only that, but they are expected to be small and lightweight too. The very promising and commercially already enabled way is to use wide-bandgap materials in power...


Analog ICs: Mixed Signal Design

Digital electronics doesn’t exist in a virtual space, at some time and somewhere it has to interact with the real world – to record data such as temperature or radio waves or to trigger actions, for example starting a motor. This is precisely why what we call mixed signal modules have been developed – they combine analog and digital functions on a single chip. In this episode we’ll be talking to Trent Butcher, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microchip, and Laurence Berger, Technical...


Analog ICs & Power MOSFETS: Key drivers for energy efficiency

Energy is one of the biggest issues of our time. Most people tend to think big – wind turbines, photovoltaics and the like. But energy also plays a huge role at a small scale. For example, in chips and electronic circuits. Analog ICs are becoming increasingly important in our today’s world and are a key driver for energy efficiency. In this episode we are talking all about energy with our guests Chris Boyce, Senior Director MOS Discretes at Nexperia, and Dr. Saeed Safari, Principle Field...


Analog ICs: Design challenge

There are two key reasons why the number of analog ICs is continually growing: increased use of sensors and the increasing need for power management solutions. A study by the Wilson Research Group in 2020 on this issue concluded that an increase in returns of analog components in the field can also be observed. This indicates that the design of analog ICs and their integration into solutions are complex and require specialist know-how. We talk about why the design is such a challenge and how...


Automotive industry: On the trail of K.I.T.T.

Those of us of a certain age might still remember K.I.T.T., the car from the TV series Knight Rider, which was equipped with artificial intelligence and could speak. It might have been complete science fiction back in the 1980s, but it now seems to be slowly becoming reality. Robert Bielby from Micron Technology explains how far we are from K.I.T.T. now, and what are now the most relevant demands when it comes to the automotive industry. I you want to get in contact with Robert, feel free...


Analog ICs: Connecting physical and digital worlds

Everything is going digital. But we also need analog components to digitalize. This episode is all about these analog ICs. What do you need them for? What do they have to do with digitalization? In the first episode of our Analog & Power Series we talk to Tarik Souibes, Technical Marketing Director at STMicroelectronics, and Milan Ivkovic, Director Segment Analog & Power at EBV Elektronik, about these semiconductor components. Discover the full potential of analog ICs on


Edge Computing: Processing data where it is produced

This episode is dedicated to edge computing – a technology that works behind the scenes. It refers to local processing of data at the extreme periphery of the Internet, at the edge – or in other words directly where it is produced. Which advantages does this offer, which role does semiconductor technology play and where is the development heading to – these are the questions we discuss with Ulrich Schmidt, Segment Director High-End Processing at EBV Elektronik. If you would like to get in...


UV LEDs: The advantages of LED Technology

The market for UV LEDs is currently facing a real boom. In this podcast episode we talk about the possibilities offered by UVA LEDs and put the spotlight on their use in industrial applications. Our guests are Anton Sonneveld from Broadcom and Dr. Dieter Groß from EBV Elektronik.


EV charging: The heart of electromobility

Electromobility is currently the only available alternative for the transport sector to fulfil the ambitious climate targets. Key to the acceptance and success of electromobility is quick and easy charging of vehicle batteries. Experts predict that we will see rapid progress in quick-charging and battery technologies. This is what we talk about with our interview guest: Andrej Orel, Director Segment City & Infrastructure of EBV Elektronik. If you want to get your own EV charging projects...


SiC and GaN: Best practices and success stories

In this episode we talk to Jon Harper, Senior Product Manager Industrial Power Modules & Discretes at ON Semiconductor and Dilder Chowdhury, Director Strategic Marketing Power GaN Technology at Nexperia. They give answers to questions like „How far has the development of wide-bandgap semiconductors progressed?“ and „In which applications do the new semiconductor materials offer genuine advantages?“ If you want to know more about SiC and GaN visit


SiC and GaN: Technology trends in manufacturing wide-bandgap semiconductors

In this episode we'll be taking a closer look into technology trends in terms of manufacturing wide-bandgap semiconductors based on silicon carbide and gallium nitride. Our interview guests Filippo Di Giovanni (ST Microelectronics) and Dr Kevin Speer (Microchip) are providing first hand insights into what these new semiconductor materials mean for manufacturers. For more information about SiC and GaN visit:


Wearables: From hype to big business

Wearables are taking over the world by storm. The total market size for small and smart digital companions has grown tenfold over the last five years and there's no slowdown in sight. Our interview guest Markus Vogt, Director for the Healthcare and Personal Devices Segment at EBV Elektronik, provides us with valuable insights and shares his personal journey in the field of wearables. If you want to get your own wearable projects off the ground or supercharge existing ones, please feel free...


SiC and GaN: What are these new materials and what are they used for?

This episode of Passion for Technology introduces to the world of SiC and GaN semiconductors. What are these new materials and what are they used for are just two of the questions answered by our interview guests Lisa Dietrich, Senior Industrial Field Application Engineer at Broadcom and Karl Lehnhoff, Director of the Industrial Segment at EBV Elektronik. For more information about SiC and GaN visit:


SiC and GaN: How can system costs be reduced with these technologies?

This episode of Passion for Technology highlights the benefits of SiC and GaN semiconductors. How do they influence the overall system costs and contribute to a greener world? Our interview guests are Peter Friedrichs, Vice President SiC at Infineon Technologies and Axel Schmidt, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at KEMET Electronics. For more information about SiC and GaN visit:


Robotics: Dr. Simon Haddadin about his journey of developing the robots for everyone

The Founder and CEO of Franka Emika gives us insights in his way to success, the hurdles he overcame thanks to his passion for technology and his wishes for the further development of electronic components. This interview can also be read in the latest issue of the magazine 'The Quintessence'. Download the TQ-App: Order your free copy: