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Interviews with the leaders, practitioners, and change-makers in the global Passive House movement. A production of Passive House Accelerator.

Interviews with the leaders, practitioners, and change-makers in the global Passive House movement. A production of Passive House Accelerator.


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Interviews with the leaders, practitioners, and change-makers in the global Passive House movement. A production of Passive House Accelerator.






Ryan Cassidy – RiseBoro Community Partnership

Passive House Podcast cohost Zack Semke interviews Ryan Cassidy, Director of Sustainability & Construction for RiseBoro Community Partnership. Ryan discusses supervising the construction of the first multi-family affordable Passive House buildings in NYC, his current work renovating existing buildings to the Passive House standard, and his insights around mainstreaming Passive House as standard practice. Zack and cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh discuss upcoming Passive House events at the end...


Evan Anderson – Zola Windows (Special PH Component Episode)

In this special Passive House Component Episode, Passive House Podcast cohost Zack Semke interviews Evan Anderson, general manager of Zola Windows, a longtime supporter of North America's Passive House movement and the first Founding Sponsor of Passive House Accelerator. Evan shares his path to Passive House and the world of high performance windows, talks about how Zola Windows are being applied in the field, including in a recent project in Antarctica, and gives a preview of Zola's brand...


Marine Sanchez – RDH Building Science

Passive House Podcast cohost Zack Semke interviews Marine Sanchez, Senior Passive House Consultant at RDH Building Science. A chartered, bilingual building science engineer, Passive House designer, and certifier, Marine leads RDH's Passive House services on the east coast of the US and Canada. Marine and Zack discuss the state of Passive House in Toronto and Ontario, the impact of the Toronto Green Standard and carbon tax policy on developer decision-making about incorporating Passive House...


Steve Hughes – Build Good Architecture

Passive House Podcast cohost Matthew Cutler Welsh interviews Steve Hughes of Build Good Architecture in New Zealand. Steve and his family moved from Ponsonby to Pumpkin Hill on the Coromandel Peninsula in 2021 to live their dream life: to build a beautiful, off-grid, passive home and live off the land by growing a lush permaculture garden. Hear about Steve's pathway to Passive House practice and about the design and construction of his remarkable home. Mathew and cohost Zack Semke discuss...


Laura Blau – BluPath Design

Laura Blau is a principal of BluPath Design, a Passive House trailblazer, and an expert witness for plaintiffs regarding building defects. Guest Co-Hosts Mary James and Ilka Cassidy interview Laura about her early Passive House days, including her participation in Philadelphia's first builder training where she was the only woman and only architect, her complex Passive House projects, and the problems with poorly constructed non-Passive House buildings. After the interview, show cohosts...


Roberto Pecora – ZEBx

Passive House Podcast co-host Zack Semke interviews Roberto Pecora, Director of ZEBx, the Zero Emissions Building Exchange based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Zack and Roberto discuss the role that Passive House is playing in policymaking and market transformation in the City of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia, and beyond. Zack and co-host Matthew Cutler-Welsh discuss upcoming Passive House events near the end of the episode, link to which can be found here:...


Adam Souter – Souter Built

Passive House Podcast cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh interviews Adam Souter, Director of Souter Built in Sydney, Australia about his approach to high performance building design and his remarkable Pepper Tree Passive House project. View an article of the project here: At the end of the episode, Matthew and cohost Zack Semke discuss upcoming events, links to which can be found here:...


Ben Caine – Leanhaus

Passive House Podcast cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh interviews Ben Caine, an Architect and Passive House Designer based in Perth, Western Australia. As Matthew discovered in this interview, Ben has a passion and knack for making good design look simple. After an early career working in the film industry, Ben decided that he really wanted to do something that would make a difference to people’s lives. So in his mid-twenties, he went back to college to become an architect. He has made the most...


Nakita Reed – Quinn Evans Architects

Passive House Podcast cohost Zack Semke interviews Nakita Reed, CPHC, Associate at Quinn Evans Architects, Co-Chair of the Zero Net Carbon Collaboration, and host of the Tangible Remnants podcast that explores the interconnectedness of architecture, sustainability, historic preservation, race, and gender. Nakita is the recipient of the 2018 AIA|DC Emerging Architect Award and the 2022 AIA Young Architects Award. In this episode, Nakita shares about her work bringing the fullness of American...


Christina Aßmann – Passive House Consultant

Guest cohosts Mary James and Ilka Cassidy interview independent consultant Christina Aßmann, who has her fingers in many pies. Christina is a senior architect and building scientist with 18 years of professional experience who works with Passive to Positive as a Passive House consultant, is an energy code trainer, and a member of the Technical Working Group for NY’s Stretch 2023 Energy Code Development, and also educates aspiring architects. After the interview, show cohosts discuss...


Toby Tilsley – Craft Homes

Toby Tilsley is a builder, Certified Passive House Tradesperson, and Homestar® Practitioner and Assessor with 20 years of project management experience and over 15 years of practical knowledge gained in the Auckland building market. He is the founder and director of Craft Homes, a company specializing in healthy, energy-efficient, and sustainable residential building. In this interview, Toby shares with Passive House Podcast cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh why he started building in the first...


Pablo Sepulveda – Aurecon

Cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh interviews Victoria, Australia-based architect Pablo Sepulveda, of the engineering and design firm Aurecon. The two discuss Pablo's affinity for engineering due to the design power it confers, as well as his work on the pioneering Ngā Kāinga Anamata project in Auckland, New Zealand. Ngā Kāinga Anamata is a pilot social housing project whose five buildings (30 units total) explore various approaches to reducing both operational and embodied carbon, including...


Alex Slater – Shared Space Architecture

Cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh interviews Melbourne-based Alex Slater, architect at Shared Space Architecture, Passive House Designer, and NatHERS Assessor. Alex shares how he's combined building science and art in his professional work modeling and designing high-performance buildings; how his initial interest in the energy modeling engine behind Australia's NatHERS rating system led naturally to an interest in the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) and Passive House more generally; and how...


Clara Ha – ChoShields Studio

Guest cohosts Ilka Cassidy and Mary James interview Clara Ha, an educator and a licensed architect working in New York City. She is an Associate at ChoShields Studio, a Passive House Certified architecture studio, where she oversees small to medium scale projects designed for a sustainable environment. She has taught architecture at the New York Institute of Technology since 2011 before joining Pratt in 2019 and has held an architectural workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark. After the interview,...


Sloan Ritchie – Cascade Built

Sloan Ritchie, owner of builder/developer Cascade Built, is a pioneer in the Passive House movement in Seattle, responsible for several major multifamily Passive House projects in the city. His mission is to demonstrate the scalability and feasibility of using Passive House construction techniques to build cost-competitive high-performance projects, establishing Seattle as a leader in the nation and changing the way people think about where they live and work. He's making good progress at...


Giorgia Tzar – International Passive House Association

Cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh interviews Giorgia Tzar, a familiar guest on the Passive House Podcast. Now based in Stuttgart, Germany Giorgia runs the International Passive House Association at the Passive House Institute. Throughout the last couple of years, we've all had to work a bit differently, but the work has continued. Interest in Passive House is growing strongly around the world, not just with designers and building owners. Governments and policymakers are paying attention. In this...


Juhee Lee-Hartford + James Hartford – River Architects

Cohost Zack Semke interviews Juhee Lee-Hartford and James Hartford of River Architects, the Hudson Valley-based architecture firm that has been pioneering Passive House design for over a decade. Juhee and James share how they met, how both building science and design excellence motivate their work, and the community of practice that they have been part of building in New York State. Cohost Mathew Cutler-Welsh and Zack discuss upcoming Passive House events, links to which can be found at:...


Amy Tankard – Passive House Institute New Zealand

Passive House Podcast cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh interviews Amy Tankard, the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of Te Tōpūtanga o te Whare Korou ki Aotearoa - Passive House Institute NZ. Coming from a background of management and HR, the appointment of Amy by the board of PHINZ marked a concerted effort to consolidate the growth of Passive House in Aotearoa New Zealand. Like many affiliate organizations around the world, PHINZ began as a small group of passionate volunteers and has evolved...


Anne Vogt – VAND arquitectura

Passive House Podcast guest cohosts Mary James and Ilka Cassidy interview Anne Vogt of VAND arquitectura passivhaus based in Madrid, Spain. Anne shares her introduction to Passive House in Germany, the connections she found between bioclimatic design and Passive House design, her work to help establish the Plataforma de Edificación Passivhaus (PEP), and her extensive portfolio of Passive House work in Spain. At the end of the episode, the cohosts discuss upcoming events. Find links here:...


Kevin Brennan – Brennan Brennan Insulation and Airtightness

Passive House Podcast cohost Zack Semke interviews Kevin Brennan, co-owner at Brennan Brennan Insulation and Airtightness, firefighter with the New York City Fire Department, and cohost of Passive House Accelerator's popular Construction Tech program. Kevin shares how he got involved in both high performance construction and firefighting, insights gleaned from his years participating in the home energy performance boom, his introduction to Passive House by Tomás O'Leary, and how it all led...