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Interviews with the leaders, practitioners, and change-makers in the global Passive House movement. A production of Passive House Accelerator.

Interviews with the leaders, practitioners, and change-makers in the global Passive House movement. A production of Passive House Accelerator.


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Interviews with the leaders, practitioners, and change-makers in the global Passive House movement. A production of Passive House Accelerator.






Beverly Craig – Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

In Episode 34 of the Passive House Podcast, cohost Zack Semke interviews Passive House policy leader and accelerator Beverly Craig, Senior Project Manager of Low and Moderate Income Programs at Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (Mass CEC). Zack and Beverly discuss the pivotal role that policy progress can play in spurring widespread adoption of Passive House design and construction. Beverly shares her firsthand experience instigating rapid Passive House uptake in her state, spurred along by...


Ya'el Santopinto – ERA Architects

Ya’el Santopinto is an architect and associate at ERA Architects, where she leads ERA’s affordable housing retrofit practice. She is also the director of research and partnerships with the Tower Renewal Partnership, a non-profit sister organization to ERA that advocates for supportive policy frameworks around the preservation of Canada’s affordable apartment housing supply. Ya’el is the project architect on the inspiring Passive House retrofit of the Ken Soble apartment tower in Hamilton,...


Kate Nason – Atelier Ten

Kate Nason is a certified passive house designer in Melbourne, Australia. She works for the international environmental design consultancy, Atelier Ten. She's also a director of partnerships and major events on the board of the Australian Passive House Association and a part-time tutor at the University of Melbourne. Having had various architectural roles since graduating from her master's degree, Kate has collected a range of experiences, including working on some of Australia's earliest...


Clare Parry – HIP V. HYPE

Most Australians who know a bit about Passive House will know a bit about Clare Parry. If they haven’t met her personally, they will have been impacted by her leadership. In this interview, Clare shares with Passive House Podcast cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh how she had to travel to New Zealand to attend Passive House training because there wasn’t any available in Australia when she first became interested. And there wasn’t any Australia-based Passive House training until Clare herself set it...


Laura Nettleton – Thoughtful Balance

Laura Nettleton is the founder of Thoughtful Balance, an architectural and consulting firm based in Pittsburgh devoted to cutting-edge sustainable and high-performance design solutions. The firm has pioneered some of the most significant Passive House retrofit projects in the United States. Laura is dedicated to the idea that architecture should be simple, affordable, and available to everyone. She is actively involved in green initiatives in Pittsburgh, and in spreading the word about...


Nina Sharifi & Gaby Brainard – Envelope Retrofit Guide

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021, we have something special in store for listeners of the Passive House Podcast. Guest cohosts Mary James and Ilka Cassidy launch their once-a-month series of interviews with women leaders and practitioners in Passive House with an interview with Nina Sharifi and Gabrielle Brainard. Mary James is Passive House Accelerator’s Director of Publications and the driving force behind Passive House Accelerator Magazine (formerly Passive House...


Talina Edwards – Talina Edwards Architecture

Talina Edwards is a leader in regenerative architecture and Passive House design in Australia. She’s a leader of Australian Architects Declare as well as a board member of Australian Passive House Association. In 2013 she established her architectural studio, Talina Edwards Architecture, which has gone on to win numerous sustainable design awards, most recently for the striking Owl Woods Passive House project. In this episode of the Passive House Podcast, Talina joins cohost Matthew-Cutler...


Ben Adam-Smith – House Planning Help

Passive House podcaster extraordinaire and personality Ben Adam-Smith of House Planning Help joins Passive House Podcast cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh for an entertaining conversation about how Ben came to his focus on Passive House, his burgeoning communications treasure trove at House Planning Help's "The Hub", his observations about Passive House adoption in the UK, and the secrets behind his Passive House communications superpowers. Ben started his career in radio and TV production,...


Prudence Ferreira – BR+A Consulting Engineers

You may know Prudence Ferreira through her role as cohost of Passive House Accelerator’s Global Passive House Happy Hour. Or perhaps you’ve been her student, learning the ins and outs of Passive House design and building science in one of Prudence’s many teaching engagements. She’s one of North America’s top Passive House innovators and a global leader in high-performance building practice. Now based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she’s Senior Associate with the Carbon Neutral Group at BR+A...


Sian Taylor – Team Green Architects

Sian Taylor was one of the first certified Passive House designers in New Zealand and has played a pivotal role in Passive House adoption there. She first trained as an architect in the United Kingdom, at the University of Wales in Cardiff. She currently lives in Otago, where she started her practice, Team Green Architects. Her architectural practice has helped show a pathway for fusing high-performance building with design excellence and has helped raise the profile of Passive House design...


Anton Dobrevski – Passive House School

Anton Dobrevski was born and raised in Bulgaria, where he says that houses are generally not built well or well insulated. Nevertheless, Anton was introduced to Passive House at an early age by his father, a pioneering Passive House builder in Bulgaria. Upon graduating from high school, Anton moved to the Netherlands to study architecture at Delft University of Technology. During one of his first assignments as a student, his class was advised to follow the Passive House standard. While...


Dennis Wedlick – BarlisWedlick Architects

This week’s Passive House Podcast serves double-duty: first, as a fascinating conversation with the accomplished Passive House architect and deep thinker Dennis Wedlick; and second, as a preview to this Tuesday’s (January 26) webcast produced by Dennis on behalf of AIANY CRAN that will feature a “mini film festival” of residential Passive House practice from four teams, followed by a panel discussion moderated by the Accelerator’s Zack Semke. Dennis is the founder of BarlisWedlick...


Brett Seriani – Seriani Designs

While Brett Seriani began his career in Canada, he is now a Passive House pioneer in Australia. Before becoming a Certified Passive House Designer, Brett trained and qualified as both a structural engineer and an architect. With this powerhouse of experience and knowledge, he is well placed to offer a range of technical design services through his company, Seriani Designs. In this episode of the Passive House Podcast, Brett joins cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh to discuss his relatively recent...


Lois Arena – Steven Winter Associates

Lois Arena is one of North America’s top Passive House practitioners and has worked on many of the continent’s most significant Passive House buildings. In this episode of the Passive House Podcast, Lois joins cohost Zack Semke to discuss her journey to Passive House as well as to offer a teaser for the Global Passive House Happy Hour presentation about VRF lessons learned on January 20. The conversation takes us from her days as a remodeling contractor, her work as a building engineering...


Daniel Kress – Smart Plus Academy

Daniel Kress is a prolific Passive House educator, having trained over half of Australia’s certified Passive House professionals. In this episode of the Passive House Podcast, our first of 2021, Daniel joins cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh to discuss his work at Smart Plus Academy, the educational consultancy that Daniel founded and directs, as well as his work promulgating Passive House in Australia and beyond. The conversation takes us from his days as a carpenter in Germany, to his graduate...


Sangeetha Sambandam - WRT

In this episode of the Passive House Podcast Sangeetha Sambandam joins podcast co-host Zack Semke to talk about her journey to Passive House and the major projects she has underway. Sangeetha, a designer at WRT in Philadelphia, completed her architectural training in India with an undergraduate background in physics. After working in Sri Lanka and India she moved to Philadelphia where her interest in the sustainable side of architecture took off. Sangeetha is certified as a Passive House...


Luc Plowman - Detail Green in Australia

In 2014, Luc Plowman’s consulting practice had just 2 Passive House projects on the books. Now, just over 6 years later, he has 40 underway. He’s witnessed Australia’s Passive House growth firsthand. Luc is the founder and director of Detail Green in Beechworth, Australia, and one of a small cadre of Passive House certifiers in the country. Before his work at Detail Green, Luc worked as a senior sustainability engineer and project engineer. In this episode of Passive House Podcast, co-host...


Julie Torres Moskowitz - Fete Nature Architecture

Julie Torres Moskovitz, principal at Fete Nature Architecture, joins Passive House Podcast intern/producer Sydney Fishman and co-host Zack Semke on this week’s episod. Bringing refreshing perspectives to the table, Julie talks with the co-hosts about thermal imaging as a guide to practice, resilience and social justice, blower door testing during construction, and more. Julies portfolio is expansive, including new construction to residential retrofits, FEMA flood resiliency and non-profit...


Cillian Collins - Perkins+Will Architects in Vancouver

In the run-up to this week’s Passive House Canada Summit (Dec 8-10), Passive House Podcast co-host Zack Semke interviews Vancouver-based Cillian Collins about his path to Passive House, the groundbreaking Passive House projects Cillian has in the works, and the Passive House educational programming on tap at the Summit. (Registration for the Summit is open until 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern today, Monday, December 7.) Cillian is a Senior Architect with Perkins&Will Architects and a Certified...


Andy Marlow - Passivhaus Design & Construct

In this week's episode of the Passive House Podcast, host Matthew Cutler Welsh interviews Andy Marlow. Andy is passionate about design, sustainability and affordability. He trained as an architect at the University of New South Wales in Australia and throughout his professional career, he’s been working to incorporate ideas about sustainability into his work. As a Director at Envirotecture, Andy has been influential in providing design and consulting services for people who want buildings...