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Episode 48: Leadership Coach Anthony Fasano talks people skills, transformation, getting things done and more of Jen's favorites

Leadership Coach Anthony Fasano ( stops by the People Stack to talk about the importance of setting clear expectations, communication, people skills and the danger of being action -oriented. Special Guest: Anthony Fasano.


Episode 47: Brennan McEachran and Jessica Weisz from Soapbox talk about managing up, managing down, treating your humans like humans, being the best leader you can and more

Brennan McEachran and Jessica Weisz from Soapbox ( stop by the People Stack to talk about their leadership rituals, the transition from individual contributor to management, and from solo founder to CEO, getting your people to not hide their mistakes, and treating your humans like humans. Special Guests: Brennan McEachran and Jessica Weisz.


Episode 46: Kareen Walsh talks about her work as a Revampologist, growth coaching, technical and project management getting along together,

Kareen Walsh, Solutions Strategist and Coach, stops by the People Stack to talk about making your software choices better fit your organization's needs, how to address communication breakdowns between Project Managers and the technical staff they depend on, how to better frame necessary changes, finding clarity of direction when you feel a need for change and much more Special Guest: Kareen Walsh.


Episode 45: Josh Doody talks about the biggest avoidable mistakes in salary negotiation, getting over the fear of responding with a counter offer and more

Author and Salary Negotiation Coach, Josh Doody, stopped by the People Stack to talk about getting more interview and job offers, the process and flow of negotiation, how his time as an engineer influenced his process, the art of the counteroffer, and more. Some links mentioned in the show: The Fearless Salary Negotiation homepage: Josh's coaching page: Josh's article on how to answer “What’s your current or...


Episode 44: Jill Wetzler talks about becoming a Director of Engineering at Lyft, growing managers, mentoring and more

In a packed episode, Jill Wetzler, Director of Engineering at Lyft, talks about how she got there, where she is going, the challenges of growing teams and managers both in quantity and quality, mentoring and coaching, how she manages her time, and how to create a stronger team through personal connections.


Episode 43: John Sawers talks about your Emotional API, handling your anger and fear without falling to the dark side and more

Some links that John mentions: Paraliminals ( Myriad specific subjects Downloadable Audio Cost per subject Each session ~30min Centerpointe ( Just a few programs, but general purpose Each 'level' costs money Requires 60min/day Landing page is really salesy Buddhify App ( Beautiful interface Lots of different guided meditations Emotional API ( Getting an...


Episode 42: Recruiter Bill Sullivan talks about Tech Recruiting, Salary Negotiation and other dirty words

Boston-area tech recruiter Bill Sullivan ( stops by the People Stack to talk about recruitment done right, avoiding used car salesman-like recruiters, salary negotiation from the company and applicant perspectives, how both can come away happy and why it's so hard to find good help in Boston these days. Special Guest: Bill Sullivan.


Episode 41: Travis Kimmel of GitPrime talks about being CEO in a growing business, bringing data to productivity discussions and more

Travis Kimmel, CEO of GitPrime ( stops by the People Stack to talk about how poor quality requirements can brain damage engineers, meeting schedules can burn hours, and how bringing more data to discussions around productivity can help. Travis also reflects on how his perspective changed as GitPrime grew. Special Guest: Travis Kimmel.


Episode 40: Christian McCarrick talks about leadership in an acquisition, making time for mentoring and much more

Christian McCarrick, SVP of Engineering at GTL ( stops by the People Stack to talk about the importance of mentoring, the role it has played for him, how he carves time out of his day for the important things, where he goes for management inspiration, the challenges of managing a team through an acquisition and more. Special Guest: Christian McCarrick .


Episode 39: Eugene Geis talks about working with people while working with data, EQ versus IQ and more

Data Scientist Eugene Geis ( from the Deluxe Corporation ( stops by the People Stack to talk about data, stats, the metaphors which are helpful when explaining stats, and some applications of data you might not think of. Special Guest: Eugene Geis.


Episode 38: Lauri Apple and Paul Adams from Zalando talk about mindset, context and creating an environment for the success of your team

Lauri Apple is a Producer, Agile Coach and Open Source advocate for Zalando (, one the of the largest fashion retailers in Europe. She stopped by the People Stack with Engineering Lead, Paul Adams to talk about how they craft a workplace where their search team can thrive, love where they work and operate in an environment of trust. Special Guests: Lauri Apple and Paul Adams.


Kay Rhodes talks about the importance of the journey, finding meaning in your work and more

Kay Rhodes took a winding path to get to his current role as a tech lead and that's the way he likes his vacations too. Kay stopped by the People Stack to talk about the life of a tech lead, enjoying the journey in both work and play, the importance of seeing the world for yourself, finding meaning in your work even when it's not your baby and more. Special Guest: Kay Rhodes.


Jessica Noble of Wayfair talks about getting feedback, the cost of meetings, and more

Jessica Noble ( ) from stops by the People Stack to talk about finding the signal in the noise of leadership information, how her teams define how expensive a meeting is, leadership roles in a flat structure, getting feedback to and from your team in 1:1s and more.


Melissa + Johnathan Nightingale on their best-seller How F*cked Up is Your Management

Note: This one uses the F word a lot. Melissa and Johnathan Nightingale, founders of The Raw Signal Group ( ) each have 20 years of tech experience and they brought it to the People Stack to chat about bad bosses, bad assumptions, good allies and publishing their new best-seller “How F*cked Up Is Your Management?: An uncomfortable conversation about modern leadership.” Special Guests: Jonathan Nightingale and Melissa Nightingale.


Michael Lopp talks teams, growth, landing his dream job, and where leadership comes from

Michael Lopp ( stops by the People Stack to talk about landing his dream job as VP of Engineering at Slack (, the systems he uses to stay productive, battling the culture of busy, career paths in engineering, and oh so much more. Special Guest: Michael Lopp.


Johanna Rothman talks TRS-80, project problems are really people problems and more

Author and Agile Consultant Johanna Rothman ( stops by the People Stack to talk about Culture, the impact of the TRS-80 on tech, and yes, Agile methodologies. Check out Johanna’s latest Book “Create Your Successful Agile Project: Collaborate, Measure, Estimate, Deliver” ( Special Guest: Johanna Rothman.


Jean Hsu talks about the transition to leadership then to entrepreneur and more

Jean Hsu ( has worked at companies big and small, fast and slow and is now a full-time Tech Leadership Coach and writer. Check out her writing on Medium ( Jean stopped by the People Stack to talk about her transitions from Junior to Senior Engineer, then to Engineering Leader, and now entrepreneur as she takes on technical leadership consulting clients. Oh, and she's a mom too. Special Guest: Jean Hsu.


Elyse Hammond talks about the role of HR, pay and transformational leadership

Elyse Hammond,( HR Generalist for GSK ( stops by the People Stack to talk about the changing role of HR, just who's job IS IT to fill out pesky I9 forms, how pay influences motivation, transformational leadership and more. Special Guest: Elyse Hammond.


Technical coach Marcus Blankenship talks one-on-ones coding while managing and more

Technical coach, author and former coder Marcus Blankenship ( stops by the People Stack to talk about how much you should code as a manager, how to better handle your 1:1s, surviving your battlefield promotion to manager and finding role models other than a pointy-haired boss. Special Guest: Marcus Blankenship.


Spencer Varadi of Speed and Function talks IO Psych and

Spencer Varadi (, Director of Product at Speed and Function (!about) stops by the People Stack to talk about how we can use the ONet database to make better career choices, how his IO Degree does and doesn't help his consulting practices and how unpredictable software can be. Special Guest: Spencer Vardani.


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