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Technical Career Coach Jen Bunk interviews authors, coaches and leaders of tech companies from around the world as we explore the intersection of People, Work and Technology. What's your biggest people-related challenge?

Technical Career Coach Jen Bunk interviews authors, coaches and leaders of tech companies from around the world as we explore the intersection of People, Work and Technology. What's your biggest people-related challenge?


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Technical Career Coach Jen Bunk interviews authors, coaches and leaders of tech companies from around the world as we explore the intersection of People, Work and Technology. What's your biggest people-related challenge?




Episode 206: Kicking the Hopeium Addiction

There are at least 2 kinds of optimism in the world. One shines a light in a dark room, helping you find the door to something better. The other lulls you into complacency, numbing the pain of the dark. If there are things in your life that are “this sucks but I can deal with it, its temporary” you too may be addicted to Hopeium. In this episode Rob shakes the false hope of waiting for things to improve and spurs action toward that door to something better.


Episode 205: Being good at your job is killing your career

As tech folks, we’re taught to scope things down and be reasonable so that we can deliver on time and satisfy our clients and customers. But that’s killing your ability to see and achieve a dream career. In this episode Rob talks about unlocking your ability to dream big without sacrificing your hard-won tech skills. Do not miss this one!


Episode 204: What’s REALLY in the way of your career advancement?

When we talk with tech managers about their OBSTACLES to building their dream careers, we hear a lot of different things. Their boss, the job market, covid, ageism, sexism, not having a degree, their team, their colleagues, being on an H1B visa, the messed up performance review system…. And while it’s perfectly normal and human to think these are the true obstacles… They’re not. The one true obstacle is YOU! Learn more in this episode so that you can be the Master and Commander of your tech...


Episode 203: Your Career is Like a Combination Lock

Very often, potential clients ask us: Can you tell me the steps to advancing in my tech career? Those are straightforward. It’s the same for everyone: Get crystal clear on your mission Build your excellence as a tech leader Evangelize your excellence Negotiate for your new Hell Yes position Celebrating landing that new badass job! Like a combination lock. What are the steps to unlocking one? Turn to the right to the first # Turn to the left past the first # to the second # Turn to the right...


Episode 202: They’re LESS qualified! Why did THEY get the job and not me?!

Has this ever happened to you? Someone less qualified with less experience got the job YOU wanted? And you may ask: Why??? Aren’t jobs awarded based on qualifications and experience? Yes and… There’s more to it than that. Check out this episode to find out the pieces of this puzzle that you’re missing so that you can land that raise, promotion, or Hell Yes job - without sacrificing your authenticity or integrity! Check this one out immediately!


Episode 201: Someone else got your dream job

Depending on what stats you look at, somewhere around 5 MILLION people lost their jobs due to covid. And they’re looking for jobs right now! And trust me, they’re motivated!!! We know this because some of them are our friends and clients. So if you’re waiting, thinking about, mulling over, collecting more data on whether or not to go after that raise, promotion, or new job… I”m here to tell you that every day you wait, it increases the chances that SOMEONE ELSE will land YOUR dream job. We...


Episode 200: The burning building that is your career right now

For a lot of our clients, the thing that gets them to commit to upgrading their career is: “My career is burning down. If I don’t fix it, nothing will be left.” That’s the truth. And you MUST see this truth in all it’s flames if you’re ever going to move out of your current hidey-hole comfort zone. In this episode I shine a light on this truth from ALL the angles - your money, your job, your impact, your relationships, your health, & your lifestyle. It’s all burning down. How do you stop it?...


Episode 199: Stuck. Frustrated. (w/out a solid career plan)

Rob and I did a zoom-out on client trends this week and we noticed a pattern… When clients start working with us, the vast majority of them are stuck (and frustrated) because their career plans are not panning out. They had a plan to up-level and make more money, but life got in the way. Now they’re stuck. If this sounds at all like you, I want you to give this episode a VERY close listen. I’ll reveal what’s REALLY going on and how to fix that career “stuck-ness” once and for all so you can...


Episode 198: Are you struggling in your career?

Struggle is a tricky thing. You might be struggling in your career and not know it. This is because of the human condition - we cope. We are VERY good at coping so that life doesn’t hurt. Even if you’re coping, you’re still struggling, and there’s a huge cost. You’re going to stay stuck in your career - leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. You’re going to lose opportunities for growth and advancement. You’re going to feel the stress of a mediocre life. So how do you know if...


Episode 197: Discomfort is required. Struggle is optional.

We often tell our clients that we’re here to help them have the necessary, uncomfortable career conversations so they can create their dreams. Their response is often, “Define uncomfortable.” The main distinction that we share is that there’s a difference between discomfort and struggle. If you want to get unstuck and get to the next level in your career, discomfort is required. The struggle is optional. In this podcast, I talk more about this distinction and how to harness its power so you...


Episode 196: The Cost of NOT Getting Expert Career Help

Prospective clients often ask us, “How much is it?” And, because of the human condition, your brain often goes to, “Can I afford to do it?” I understand why you think that’s a great question. But I’m going to turn your assumptions upside-down. What if that’s a terrible question? What if the BETTER question is: “Can I afford NOT to do it?” Because there are costs to NOT getting the expert career help you need. Financial, emotional, lifestyle, physical, spiritual costs… The list goes on. In...


Episode 195: Who’s in your tribe?

Who do you surround yourself with? Is it people who drag you down? They say you should just be happy with what you have? They tell you to “play it safe?” And question your growth saying, “You’ve changed.” Or… you surround yourself with people to LIFT YOU UP? They encourage you to climb even higher! In this episode, I talk about how to build the best tribe possible, so that you can you soar in your career and in your life.


Episode 194: Saying No to Non-Priorities

Now that your priorities are clear - I talked about that on the last podcast - it’s time to say NO to everything that’s NOT a priority. And I understand how challenging that can be. Every day, you’re soaked with a tidal wave of messages, requests, demands, and must-do-now’s! How is an authentic, assertive servant leader supposed to deal with all of these? Check out this episode to find out how!


Episode 193: 2021 Priorities

What are the MAJOR categories - the BIG rocks - that you’re going to focus on? Your health? Your relationships? Your career? For most people, their career is not one of those major categories. And that’s a travesty! If you don’t intentionally choose to make your career a priority, you’re missing out on major opportunities for advancement, personal growth, and more money! Check out this episode to learn how you CHOOSE to make your career a priority in 2021 and make it STICK!


Episode 192: A Holly, Jolly Tech Career

I asked Alexa to play some Christmas music and “Holly, Jolly Christmas” came on. Great song. Catchy tune. But, what does it mean? Holly is a plant!? I kinda get the jolly part. It SOUNDS good...but...maybe I’m overthinking it? And then I realized, that’s EXACTLY how so many of our clients feel when they start working with us and we talk about building their DREAM tech career! It sounds good! But what do you mean, exactly? In this episode, I explain what I mean about your dream career. AND...


Episode 191: New Year, New You?

Every year around New Year’s I’m reminded of those “New Year, New You” ads. Those ads that seem to imply that with just “3 simple steps” you can completely change your body, your relationships, your stress levels - your career. As if the turning of the calendar magically creates a new version of you! I’m calling B.S. on that one! So - what DOES create a new version of you so that you can upgrade your tech career and your life? You won’t want to miss this episode!


Episode 190: Career Downgrades

We talk about career upgrading all the time. Promotions, raises, more recognition. So let’s talk about the opposite: Downgrading. I know you don’t want to downgrade your career, but here’s the truth: That’s what’s going to happen if you stay stuck! Tech managers often think that the worst that can happen is they stay exactly where they are. Actually, that’s not the worst! There’s way worse! Pay cuts. Demotions. Getting fired. How do you avoid this? Check out this episode right now!


Episode 189: Career Doubts Confirmed

We all have doubts. Doubts about ourselves, other people, the external world. That’s normal and natural. What I don’t want is for your doubts to continue to get confirmed. I don’t want your self-doubt to turn into a stagnating salary or getting fired. I don’t want your doubts about others to turn into relationships destroyed. I don’t want your doubts about the world to turn into you staying stuck in a mediocre career. How do you prevent this so you can build your dream tech career - even...


Episode 188: What’s normal for tech managers?

A lot of times, clients ask us, “Is this normal?” Without getting into the philosophical and psychological underpinnings of the word “normal…” (You can take the girl out of academia but you can’t take the academia out of the girl!) 🤓 ...what they’re REALLY asking is: “Am I settling?” Our clients don’t want to settle for normal. They want to EXCEED the boundaries of what most tech managers do. And if you’re reading this, I know you do too! So how do you get unstuck from a normal tech career...


Episode 187: Career Blinders

Whether you realize it or not, you have career blinders on. You only see what’s in your world. Until someone shines a light on other possibilities, you don’t know what’s truly possible. How do you remove the blinders so you can create a future career that exceeds your current boundaries of do-able and achievable? How do you get to a place where you see, hear, feel, and KNOW that you can create your dream career? Check out this episode right now!