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Photowalking with Jefferson Graham features the former USA TODAY tech columnist's take on travel photography

Photowalking with Jefferson Graham features the former USA TODAY tech columnist's take on travel photography


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Photowalking with Jefferson Graham features the former USA TODAY tech columnist's take on travel photography






Photowalk Talks: Downtown Los Angeles

Mark Comon from Torrance based Paul’s Photo and the Creative Photo Academy joins Jefferson Graham to talk the art of photographing downtown Los Angeles for a Photowalks Talks edition. Hollywood and Beverly Hills may get the lion’s share of tourists, but when it comes to photo spots, the downtown area of Los Angeles (DTLA) is a photographer’s paradise, with Walt Disney Concert Hall, Dodger Stadium, the Bradbury Building, Los Angeles City Hall and Union Station among the standouts. Photo by...


Photowalk Talks: Oahu Hawaii with Anthony Quintano

Photographer Anthony Quintano joins forces with Jefferson Graham to discuss the best photo spots on Hawaii’s most visited island, Oahu. The Best Photowalk Photowalks on Tubi Get on the email list at


Photowalk Talks: Brooklyn Bridge Park with Susan Portnoy

Photographer Susan Portnoy, from the Insatiable Traveler blog, joins Jefferson Graham to talk the joy of photographing the Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Get on the email list at


Photowalk Talks: Bosque del Apache with Scott Bourne

Master wildlife photographer Scott Bourne talks the joys of photographing birds at New Mexico’s Bosque Del Apache refuge with Jefferson Graham. Get on the email list at


Photowalk Talks: Manhattan with Scott Kelby

Master photographer, Photoshop guru and educator Scott Kelby talks about the joys of photographing Manhattan with Jefferson Graham on this Photowalk Talks edition. Get on the email list at


Photowalk Talks: Chicago with Chris Smith

Chris Smith, the local Chicago area photographer and founder of the Out of Chicago conference, talks the joys of photographing the Windy City with Jefferson Graham. Get on the email list at


Photowalk Talks: Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach photographer Jan Schrieber joins Jefferson Graham to talk the joy of photographing Laguna Beach for this #Photowalk Talks edition. Get on the email list at


Photowalk Talks: St. Augustine with Larry Becker

The joys of photographing the oldest city in the United States, starting on the oldest street in America, Aviles Street! Photographer Larry Becker joins Jefferson Graham for a Photowalks Talks edition, all about St. Augustine, Florida. Get on the email list at


Photowalk Talks: Yellowstone N.P. with Juan Pons

Master wildlife photographer Juan Pons joins me for a #Photowalk Talks podcast episode, as we chat about the joy of photographing Yellowstone National Park, primarily in the winter. Juan, who leads photo workshops yearly to Yellowstone, says the park contains the largest concentration of free-roaming wildlife in the lower 48 states, with sixty-seven different mammals, including grizzly bears, black bears, gray wolves, wolverine, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, pronghorn, linx, elk, bison,...


How to photograph a Double Rainbow

Walking down the street just after the storm, I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. A double rainbow had formed over Manhattan Beach, where I live. I’ve seen rainbows in the sky before, but none this bright, nor of the double variety. With nothing but my trusty iPhone 12 Pro Max by my side, I stepped off the Strand paved walkway and ran, as fast as I could down to the ocean waves. Because who knew just how long the rainbow would last? I wanted to capture the whole...


Photowalk Santa Fe

Photographer Rick Sammon, the co-author of the “Route 66 Photo Road Trip,” book, talks about the joy of photographing Santa Fe, New Mexico and environs on this “Photowalking” podcast with Jefferson Graham. Listen for Rick’s tips on getting great shots of the Plaza in Santa Fe, Loretto Chapel, San Miguel Mission and more. Loretto Chapel by Rick Sammon Get on the email list at


Photowalk: Indianapolis

Master Indianapolis photographer Scott Crone sits down with Jefferson Graham with tips on the best places in the Hoosier city for Instagram-worthy, postcard perfect shots. Get on the email list at


Photowalk: Newport, Oregon

Sharon Biddinger, the chief photographer and owner of Simply Design Studios, joins Jefferson Graham to talk about Photowalking Newport, Oregon in this podcast. They talk about the charm of the coastal Oregon fishing village for photographers, and how, when and where to photograph the top spots in town, including the Devil’s Punchbowl, the Yaquina Bay Bridge and Yaquina Head Lighthouse. From the Photowalks...


Photowalks on Amazon 2/19

Jefferson Graham’s travel photography series Photowalks is moving to Amazon on February 19, in six new, expanded episodes. Get on the email list at


CES: Rolling phones, giant drone, crazy toilets

CES 2021 got under way Monday with the usual collection of oddities that sound really cool, until you start asking the hard questions. Like that new box from Yale to keep porch pirates away. The packages are dropped off, and the box then locks up. Great. But what happens after UPS has left and the box is locked. How does FedEx get the package in there? And what’s to prevent a porch pirate from just picking up the box and walking away with it? And wait a minute, $250? Really? I wouldn’t...


Virtual CES, new gadgets, -175K people

Jefferson Graham previews the 2021 CES show, which has shifted to a virtual format. Sony, Samsung and LG will still show off new products, but in slickly produced videos. No show and tell, but then again, no massive crowds either. Get on the email list at


Trump muzzled with no Twitter? Get real.

No, Donald Trump hasn’t been muzzled, even with a Twitter ban. Get real. Yes Twitter, where Trump boasts of nearly 90 million followers, did bar him from continuing to use its platform. Finally. Social media critics who have been up in arms about Trump’s use of Twitter to bully, vent and incite violence were thrilled. Count me in that camp. But trust me, this week’s Facebook Trump ban is a way bigger deal. The Social Network, after years of critics demanding that it put a curb on what...


"How do you feel?"

As I begin my final week at USA TODAY Monday, after 36 years of service, naturally, many people have asked me the question. What does it feel like to be hanging up your hat after so many years? In a word: weird. Kind of hard to believe. I’m really excited about the next chapter, and bigger focus on video, photography and blogging, but at the same time, it’s not like I hate the day job. I’m not singing “Take this job and shove it.” This year I worked on Christmas Day, the day after, and...


"The Trades" - looking back at a magical but competitive time

(Today’s edition comes with an audio edition! Listen to today’s nine-minute story by clicking the play tab above.) A quick diversion from photography and my recent dive into family history today to take a minute and marvel at a news bite from this week. (There is a photo angle, but you’ll need to read all the way through to get there. Bear with me!) Newsflash! Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, the two longtime Hollywood trade publications, are now corporate siblings. Wow! This is like...


Santa Barbara #Photowalk & a bonus

Directly above, my conversation with Hamish McKenzie, the COO of Substack, this wonderful newsletter platform. As you know, I discovered Substack through an article in the NYTimes this week, signed up, checked it out, and have been testing it this week. Jeff being Jeff, I naturally invited Hamish from Substack the next morning to join me for a #Talking Tech extended interview, asking all the questions I’m sure you have all had about how to use this platform, and why it got started in the...