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Playback is a bi-weekly podcast where you can stay current on technology and leadership ideas that impact you. Join host Grant Glas as he talks with global industry thought leaders.


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Playback is a bi-weekly podcast where you can stay current on technology and leadership ideas that impact you. Join host Grant Glas as he talks with global industry thought leaders.




Matt Ferguson from Life Fellowship | Supporting your Ministry Team

Matt is the Next Gen Director at Life Fellowship. In this episode he shares his top tips for supporting your Ministry team and engaging families. Special Guest: Matt Ferguson.


Andrea Yousif from The People's Church | Tips for Lifelong Ministry

Andrea Yousif, Kids Ministry Director at The People's Church, shares how mission trips prepared her for a lifetime of Ministry. Special Guest: Andrea Yousif.


Using Playlister in a Church Plant: Megan Bowen | Foundations Church

Megan and her husband launched Foundations Church in 2015. Here are her tips for managing Kids Ministry and your team as a Church Plant. Special Guest: Megan Bowen.


Kayla Walden | Shepherd Church

Kayla shares her tips in Family Ministry, retaining volunteers, and more on this interview with Playlister's founder. Special Guest: Kayla Walden.


Tyler Houghton | Southwest Church

A conversation with Tyler Houghton, the next generation production lead at Southwest Church. Tyler shares his background, things to consider when ministering to a diverse congregation, tips for Kids Ministry, and more. Special Guest: Tyler Houghton.


Michelle Corl | Hope Community Church

A conversation with Michelle Corl, an accomplished ministry leader and kid’s content specialist. In this article, we’ll learn more about her journey from K-12 schooling, to kids ministry and foster care. Special Guest: Michelle Corl.


Bruce Warf | First Baptist Jackson

Bruce Warf is the Family Ministry Pastor at First Baptist Jackson. Bruce gives advice on engagement for the right ages and stages in Ministry. Special Guest: Bruce Warf.


Jennifer Mcghee (Woodstock City Church)

Jennifer Mcghee is the Director of Transit at Woodstock City Church which is part of North Point Community Church in Atlanta. Jennifer join us to talk about the challenges of facing leaders and ideas on helping today's youth. Special Guest: Jennifer Mcghee.


Joshua Breland (College Park Church Indianapolis)

Joshua Breland leads communications and strategic initiatives through a six person shared services communications team. He is also a startup founder and owns a cretive agency. Special Guest: Joshua Breland.


Steve Poe (Northview Church)

Steve Poe the Senior Pastor at multi-site Northview Church joins to discuss growth plans. Before being recruited by elders to come to Northview, Steve worked in the business world and served as Lead Pastor at Caring First Church in St. Joseph, Mo. Steve and his wife, Sandy, have two children and seven grandchildren. Special Guest: Steve Poe.


Ron Tivis (Cross Timbers Church)

Pastor and Director of Operations, Ron Tivis joins host Grant Glas to talk about leading a church like a CEO. Ron points to several books that have helped him and his team on their joureny at multi-site Cross Timbers Church in Argyle, Texas. Special Guest: Ron Tivis.


Dr. Kevin Berkopes (Crossroads Education)

Dr. Kevin Berkopes is an educator, inventor, disruptor. He believe that we can change the world for the better through entrepreneurship and creating new systems that render antiquated human systems obsolete. Dr.Berkopes has constructed a model for education that looks through the lens of disruption by thinking about education as a logistics and workforce system. Could this same system apply to churches? Special Guest: Dr. Kevin Berkopes.


Brian Holland (Phoenix Roasters Coffee)

Brian Holland started Phoenix Roasters Coffee, a non-profit coffee roastery based in the heart of Atlanta. Phoenix uses proceeds to support the Atlanta community as well as the communities of the farmers who grow the coffee beans. Phoenix Coffee evolved after years of building and leading a church. Brian and his family started a church in 2007 and then saw some financial struggles when the housing market collapsed. Determined to continue serving the community, Brian sought out new business opportunities and eventually stumbled upon the perfect series of events that lead to the founding of Phoenix Roasters. In episode 8 of Playback, you’ll hear Brian share the good, the hard, and the outright incredible story of Phoenix rising to where it exists today. Books mentioned in this episode: Whisper: How to Hear the Voice of God by Mark Batterson Beautiful Outlaw: Experiencing the Playful, Disruptive, Extravagant Personality of Jesus by John Eldredge Special Guest: Brian Holland.


Aaron Westerman (Cross Point Church)

Cross Point Church was founded in 2002 with a small group of people that met at an Elementary school in Bellevue. By 2013, the church was named one of America's fastest growing churches by Outreach Magazine. Today, it serves almost 7,500 people every Sunday and has six locations throughout the Nashville area, including in Bellevue, Dickson, Franklin and Mt. Juliet. Aaron Westerman has been on staff since 2009 as Director of IT, specializing in Networks, Database, Google Apps, MacOS, iOS and all things Apple, Sys Admin, and General Direction on Technology Decisions. Books mentioned in this podcast: "What If; Scientific Answers to Hypothetical Questions" "Never Split The Difference" "Thinking Fast and Slow" "Voice Lessons For Parents" Special Guest: Aaron Westerman.


Shawn Hyde (Saddleback Church)

Saddleback Church was founded in 1979 with two young church planters, a dream, and a map. Pastor Rick and Kay Warren dreamt of building a church for people who didn’t like church in Southern California. Today, Saddleback Valley Community Church has more than 200 ministries serving the church and community. Shawn Hyde has been the Children's Pastor at Saddleback Church's Lake Forest Campus since 2014. Books mentioned in this episode: "The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact" "When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing" Special Guest: Shawn Hyde.


Jerod Togger (Real Life Christian Church)

Real Life Christian Church has seven local campuses in Florida seeing ten-thousand people in person and thousand of people online. In this podcast, hear how Real Life Christian Church leverages technology to engage every person that walks thru the door. Books mentioned in this podcast The Call ( Just Do Something ( Special Guest: Jerod Togger.


Jeremy O'Neill (Sandals Church)

Sandals Church started in a Riverside, California living room in 1997. Sandals Church is all about being real with ourselves, God and others. Years later Sandals now has nine locations thruout the greater Los Angeles area. Jeremy O'Neill, Network Kids Lead at Sandals Church based in Riverside, California joins Playlister CEO, Grant Glas. Books mentioned in this podcast: "The Lean Startup" Find on Amazon Special Guest: Jeremy ONeill.


Kelli Taylor (Northview Church)

Northview Church has seven local campuses in Central Indiana and four prison campuses. In this podcast, hear how Northview leverages technology and relationship to fulfill their mission to reach families in all walks of life. Carmel Children's Coordinator, Kelli Taylor from Northview Church based in Indianapolis, Indiana joins Playlister CEO, Grant Glas. Books mentioned in this podcast: "God, Where Are You?!" avaliable on Amazon Special Guest: Kelli Taylor.


Ben Gowell (Christ's Church of the Valley)

Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV) started in 1982. Fast forward 37 years, CCV is one of the largest churches in the nation with a weekly attendance of over 28,000 across ten campuses. Executive Pastor, Ben Gowell from Christ's Church of the Valley based in Phoenix, Arizona joins Playlister CEO, Grant Glas. Books mentioned in this podcast: "Every Moment Holy" avaliable on Amazon "Creativity Inc" avaliable on Amazon Special Guest: Ben Gowell.


Jason Lee (Oakbrook Church)

In 1985, Mark Malin was gripped by a vision for a different kind of church in Kokomo, Indiana. He wanted to create an environment where people who did not know Jesus could come and begin to explore what it means to follow Him. Fueled by a passion for people who typically wouldn’t attend church, Oakbrook Church was born. From Oakbrook’s early days of meeting in a movie theater to their present days as a multisite church meeting in 3 locations across central Indiana, their mission and vision has not changed. Executive Pastor, Jason Lee from Oakbrook Church in Kokomo, Indiana joins Playlister CEO, Grant Glas. Books referenced in this podcast. "Checklist Manifesto" avaliable on Amazon ( "The 4 Disciplines of Execution" avaliable on Amazon ( Special Guest: Jason Lee.