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Every day and in just under 10 minutes, podcasting pioneer and futurist Evo Terra brings you forward-looking insights, critiques, and analysis on the business of podcasting. His contrarian viewpoint often runs counter to conventional wisdom, and his no-nonsense style will get you thinking about where you and your show fit into the ever-changing podcast movement.

Every day and in just under 10 minutes, podcasting pioneer and futurist Evo Terra brings you forward-looking insights, critiques, and analysis on the business of podcasting. His contrarian viewpoint often runs counter to conventional wisdom, and his no-nonsense style will get you thinking about where you and your show fit into the ever-changing podcast movement.
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Every day and in just under 10 minutes, podcasting pioneer and futurist Evo Terra brings you forward-looking insights, critiques, and analysis on the business of podcasting. His contrarian viewpoint often runs counter to conventional wisdom, and his no-nonsense style will get you thinking about where you and your show fit into the ever-changing podcast movement.






Making Room For Dissent In Podcasting [Episode 155]

As a professional contrarian, I know first hand the power of the dissenting voice. And I also know what it's like to be raked over the coals for espousing unpopular views. Recently, an opinion piece by the editor of the Podcast Business Journal and a perspective by the pop music critic for the Washington Post have the podcasting community breaking out the virtual torches and pitchforks. This episode is my attempt to persuade you that dissenting opinions -- especially ones you vehemently...


Pitching Your Podcast To Non-Listeners [Episode 154]

The Podcast Consumer 2019 report from Edison and Triton Digital is out, with lots of podcasters & pundits gobbling up the data and interpreting the results. In this episode, I focus on the one slide from that report that holds the most significance to business-minded podcasters: The reasons and rationale of why people choose not to listen to podcasts. And keep in mind: while the majority of Americans have listened to a podcast episode at least once, a good chunk of people walking around...


Leaning Into The Love Of Your Podcast [Episode 153]

Here's a fact I live but often forget: Most people aren't looking for perfection. That's as true in podcasting as it in every aspect of life. Earlier today, I saw a Tweet from the actor Jameela Jamil that illustrated this point perfectly (he said, ironically). So on this uncharacteristic episode, I lean into the love, which is the single biggest motivating factor for a lot of podcasts. Not everyone strives to have a perfect podcast, just like not everyone strives to have a perfect body....


Downward Spiral From Leadership To Legacy [Episode 152]

I've been blessed (cursed?) with an abundance of confidence. Couple that with nearly 15 years experience in podcasting and my leadership role seems cemented. But to be honest, I'm constantly fighting the suspicion that the processes I use and the advice I give will one day (soon?) be irrelevant. In this short episode, I'll examine my own fears/concerns, including how I fight against this constant pressure and never-ending fear that I'll be seen as a legacy provider, rather than maintaining...


The Growing Trend Of Not Subscribing To Podcasts [Episode 151]

As podcasters, we're always looking to get more people to subscribe to our show. But that drive runs counter to the new wave of podcast listeners, who want to be nothing more than that -- a casual listener. In this short episode, I'll share with you three real-world stories that lead me to this conclusion. much-lambasted study by the University of Florida and Futuri Media that claimed that YouTube was where the vast majority of listeners discover and listen to podcasts. But those signs,...


Re-Establishing A Podfaded Show [Episode 150]

Yesterday, I went back to the gym after a 5-week break. I'm more than a little sore today, but it got me thinking about how similar this is to re-establishing a podcast that has faded away. In this short episode, I'll walk you through the three steps you un-fading a show. Note: this isn't just theory; this is practical advice I learned when we re-launched the Bangkok Podcast a few years back. Broadly speaking, here are the three steps to re-establishing a podfaded show: Listen in to hear...


Daily Podcasting: Should You Make The Switch? [Episode 149]

The next big thing in podcasting is daily podcasting. Which shows how history likes to repeat/rhyme because one of the first podcasts ever was a daily show. But with so many newspapers, magazines, and other sorts of "publishers" jumping in the podcasting space, there's a growing hunger among listeners for more frequently produced content. In this short episode, I'll walk through some considerations you might take before deciding to increase your publishing cadence. Sure, new listeners...


Broadcasters Killed The Podcasting Star [Episode 148]

The NAB Show is just getting started this week, yet the podosphere is already buzzing with concerned podcasters worried that broadcasters are encroaching into their territory. They've a good reason to be concerned. In this short episode, I lay out the areas where professional broadcasters -- radio and TV -- have the upper-hand over podcast-only service providers. It's more than just access to pro equipment, quality editing, and established processes. Commercial radio can be quite good at...


Control The Future Of Your Podcast [Episode 147]

To bring the theme of "control" to a close, I'm taking on the heavy topic of controlling the future. No, I'm not magic. No, I can't predict the future. No one can. But there are ways you can control how you navigate your podcast when the future becomes the present. In this short episode, I discuss three main points: By applying the skills I discuss here, the future of your podcast becomes a lot less murky. And when things do change (perhaps for the worse) you and your podcast will come out...


Control The Listener Experience Of Your Podcast [Episode 146]

There's a misconception that podcasters have no control over whether or not a potential listener decides to sample and/or subscribe. The same misconception applies for listeners and their decision to hit play or stop on your episode. That's all bunk. Because the listener experience is a two-sided transaction, and it starts with you, the podcaster. In this short episode, I show you how to look at your podcast with a set of fresh eyes. Because you can't control what you don't know,...


You Control The Quality Of Your Podcast [Episode 145]

Lots of podcasters are constantly looking for the one piece of tech that will increase the quality of their podcast. But as you'll learn in his short episode, the single most important controlling factor of your podcasts quality is... you. No, I'm not suggesting you fire yourself. But I am suggesting you have a better and more comprehensive understanding of all of the steps that go into making your podcast. Nor am I suggesting you strive to produce a perfect or flawless show. I am...


Controlling Your Podcasts' Distribution [Episode 144]

As a working podcaster, you have ultimate control of the distribution of your show and episodes. But wielding that control is something worthy of strategic thought before taking any action or following questionable advice. On today's short episode, we'll look at three aspects of distribution control for your podcast: As is my wont, this is the first of a four-part series on control. Next up will be ideas around controlling the quality of you show, how to control the brand experience for...


Changes To Podcasting Are Just Getting Started [Episode 143]

The changes we've seen thus far this year are just the tip of the iceberg. That's the way change works: always constant and often increasing. This is the hockey stick your mother warned you about. So how does someone like you, the working podcaster, stay up on all those changes? Well, you've already made the smart move of listening to this program on a 4x-a-week basis. But assuming you want to go beyond that: James Cridland's Podnews.netshort podcast versionPodcast Business JournalThe...


Change Your Mind About Your Podcast [Episode 142]

It sounds kind of obvious that the way you think about your podcast impacts your podcast. That's because it is obvious. But like most other obvious things, it's not the kind of thing often re-examined. In this short episode, I'll encourage you to think differently about your podcast by examing two key questions: Understanding your unique answers to these questions will help make a better podcast. Bonus: Ask yourself these questions continually. But now I'm spoiling tomorrow's episode...


Change Your Podcast Hosting Relationship [Episode 141]

Expect big changes to podcasting at the technical level this year. But you're at the mercy of your hosting provider for many of them. Which begs the question: How well-established is your relationship with your podcast's hosting provider? In this short episode, I'll explain why, now more than ever, it's extremely important to know the full range of options available from your hosting company. Because there's more to feed management than just having a link to your media file.


Change Your Location, Change Your Podcast [Episode 140]

While change is scary for many, and the unknowns with changing where/how you record/produce your podcast seems like potential boat rocking. But actually, what might be a terrifying change for you can often be the catalyst your audience is looking for. In fact, changes you make to how your show sounds can re-spark their interest to share your program with others. In this short episode, I'll do my best to convince you that change is good, as well as provide some ideas on how changes to your...


APODCalypse Endgame: When Literally Everyone Has A Podcast [Episode 139]

As mass adoption of podcasting continues, it's becoming easier and easier to create a podcast. And while that sound lovely, fair and idyllic, a world where literally every person has their own podcast might be the worst apocalypse we can imagine for the industry. In this short episode, I'll dig into the challenges facing the companies and entrepreneurs that have that as goal or business model. And I'll dig into how such a future might play into the hands of the new push for privacy and more...


APODcalypse: What If Podcasting Fails... Again? [Episode 138]

While the cash-flush see podcasting as the Next Big Thing, those high expectations can be problematic if the medium fails to deliver serious returns. Where prior boom/bust cycles haven't proven a fatal blow, we've not seen investments of this size before. Which begs the question: What happens if podcasting fails again? In this short episode, I'll look at that potential (though unlikely, IMHO) future, offering up some comparison of prior podcasting failures.


APodCalypse: The Downfall Of Free Podcasts [Episode 137]

Podcasting will likely see at least one billion dollars of investment money in 2019 alone. And while VCs are used to losing most of the bets they make, they're also used to very big payoffs. And it's that pressure to make huge returns that may signal the end of free podcasting as we know it. On this short episode, I focus on the apocalyptic -- the aPODcalypse, if you will -- when most people are listening to either heavily ad-supported content or various (and varied) "pay to listen"...


APODcalypse: Sub-Audible Keyword Stuffing? [Episode 136]

To properly index podcast content, sounds need to be converted to something like text, if only for a robot to parse through and make sense of. It's only a matter of when, not if, unscrupulous black-hat scammers try to rig the game. In this short episode, I'll share one possible scenario that looks a lot like the black-hate SEO game of the late '90s and early '00s. Back then, it was common to display white text on a white background at the bottom of the page. No human would see it (unless...