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Every day and in just under 10 minutes, podcasting pioneer and futurist Evo Terra brings you forward-looking insights, critiques, and analysis on the business of podcasting. His contrarian viewpoint often runs counter to conventional wisdom, and his no-nonsense style will get you thinking about where you and your show fit into the ever-changing podcast movement.

Every day and in just under 10 minutes, podcasting pioneer and futurist Evo Terra brings you forward-looking insights, critiques, and analysis on the business of podcasting. His contrarian viewpoint often runs counter to conventional wisdom, and his no-nonsense style will get you thinking about where you and your show fit into the ever-changing podcast movement.
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Every day and in just under 10 minutes, podcasting pioneer and futurist Evo Terra brings you forward-looking insights, critiques, and analysis on the business of podcasting. His contrarian viewpoint often runs counter to conventional wisdom, and his no-nonsense style will get you thinking about where you and your show fit into the ever-changing podcast movement.






It Will Never Be Easier To Make A Good Podcast [Episode 104]

There are always new tools, processes, devices, and services to make it easier to podcast. But in podcasting, easier rarely leads to making a better podcast. But that's true with all media creation. It's not limited to podcasting. In this short episode, I'll talk about why it will still (and always) take a lot of time, energy, and effort to make a good-sounding podcast. Yes, there certainly are ways to simplify your tech chain, streamline processes, and plug in experts to increase the...


Exposing Your Business' Podcast To The Public [Episode 103]

Business with podcasts care most about two types of listeners: current customer and existing customers. If your business is one where customers frequently (or occasionally) visit, you should consider showcasing your podcast recording area. In this short episode, I'll talk through why that's a great idea for any business, plus give you some advanced techniques (OK, tricks) for leveraging that great-looking space when a hot new prospect comes to visit. And if you do it right (and why...


How To Convince Your Boss To Send You To A Podcasting Conference [Episode 102]

I'm speaking at several events in the coming months: Phoenix Startup Week, Podfest Expo, and Podcast Movement, with more coming. Plus some new workshops/seminars I'll soon be announcing right here in Phoenix. And that's got me to thinking about ways to convince your employer to send you to a podcasting conference. As you'll hear in this short episode, I have a love/hate relationship with conferences. I love my time on stage, plus all the time that goes into making sure I create an...


Will Podcasting Ever Become A Growth Channel? [Episode 101]

No matter how you slice the data, podcasting is growing. More listeners? Check. More shows? Check. More traditional media coverage? Check. More people asking for podcast recommendations? Check. But for all that growth of the industry, podcasting doesn't make for the best growth channel for an individual business or professional service provider. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but while there are huge numbers of new people consuming shows, they already have plenty to listen to. That...


Finding Your Groove & Escaping The Rut [Episode 100]

To succeed in anything, you need to establish a routine. But building processes from scratch takes time and a lot of trial and error, which is one reason clients come to me. I give them the processes, and we work together to incorporate solid templates into the daily/weekly routines for their businesses. But you can take a routine too far, where that groove becomes a rut. It may be comfortable, and it may even feel like it's working, but ruts tend to keep going by inertia, making it...


Are You Making A Podcast or A Can Of Beans? [Episode 99]

Commoditization happens in all industries. And by some accounts, it's already happening in podcasting. With some 1,000,000 podcasts expected by the end of 2019, it's bound to happen. The good news: Most of those podcasts -- and I'm just quoting Sturgeon's Law here -- suck. So simply by not sucking, you can fight the race to the bottom that comes with commoditization. But there likely isn't a dial on your Yeti mic or button to press on Audacity that says SUCK LESS. It's something you have...


Building Resilience Into Your Podcast [Episode 98]

You can't avoid change in podcasting. And if you're using a free podcast host, that change -- the company closes up shop or start charging -- it's going to happen to you sooner or later. Recently, a free podcast hosting company out of Arizona, Zcast, announce their intention to close after four years in the free hosting game. It happens. And while a smart bet might be to pay a lot of money for hosting, that won't protect your podcast perfectly. There isn't a way to be 100% free of...


In Defense of Seasons [Episode 97]

I'm a big fan of applying the "seasons" or "mini-series" concept to podcasting. But it has to be done right, and for the right reasons. Selfish reasons like "I'd just like to take a break every 30 episodes" probably isn't the best reason to break your show into series, though it's certainly a valid one. In this short episode, I'll talk about some changes to the infrastructure of podcasting that now better enable seasons. Plus we'll talk about some new consumer preferences we just didn't...


From Streaming Audio To Revenue Streams [Episode 96]

Most successful businesses have multiple revenue streams. The same should hold true for business-focused podcasters. Patreon -- a platform that enables podcasters to monetize their audience with patronage -- is one common revenue source. But how applicable is it for businesses with a podcast? Short answer: There's no good reason to not allow your loyal audience to show their patronage to you and your content. Longer answer: Adding a revenue stream to a business should always be a...


Promoting Your Podcast To The Clueless [Episode 95]

If you tell four random people you have a podcast, three of them will look at you blankly. That's because around 70% of the US population don't listen to podcasts. They are, you might say, clueless. Keep that in mind when you are designing your promotional efforts -- a podcast page on your website, email newsletters, social posts, etc. And realize that maybe that high-paid podcasting consultant you hired (hi there!) may not have all the answers. When it comes to promoting your show, you...


Why A Business Podcast Is Better Than A Website [Episode 94]

At its most basic level, a business website serves two functions: And while I don't think a business podcast will is better than a website at the first, I'm convinced a business podcast is MUCH better at providing information than a website. More people than ever are consuming podcasts, and that means expectations are changing. Just like every reasonable person expects a business to have a website, they'll come to expect a podcast too. This short episode gets into why that's true and...


2-Question Web-Presence Test [Episode 93]

As we near 2019, more people don't listen to podcasts than do. Understanding that reality is key to finding success for any podcast, but especially those podcasters with business goals in mind. In this short episode, I'll give you a simple two-question test that will help insure your overall web-presence is podcast friendly. You can do this test in five minutes and immediately make changes to Also, this marks the end of the four-part Know Your Podcast, Know Yourself mini-series. And it's...


Eliminate The Bad Sounds [Episode 92]

"Make great sounding audio", says everyone. Often with little actionable advice on how to make that happen. In this short episode -- the third part in my Know Your Podcast, Know Yourself mini series designed to help with your retrospection as you face the new year -- I'll focus on what makes audio sound bad, as well as provide you with things you can do RIGHT NOW to get rid of bad things you might be doing. I talk about some easy mistakes to avoid when using that magic talking stick we...


First & Last Impressions [Episode 91]

We all know how important first and last impressions are. One of the problems with podcasting is that we often forget what sort of impression we're starting and ending with. Not because we're clueless, but because of the way podcasts are build. Many podcasters haven't heard their bed music, canned intro, or canned outro since they were recorded months (if not years) ago. And that's potentially a problem. In this short episode -- part 2 of a 4 part mini series called Know Your Podcast, Know...


Title, Description & Image [Episode 90]

As 2019 approaches, I think it's a good time for a bit of self-examination -- at least podcast self-examination. Today we're dealing with the three most obvious elements of your show (at least as far as the not-yet-a-listener is concerned): your show's title, description and image. Did you know you can change your title as often as you like without impacting those currently listening to your show? Yes, you can. So now is a great time to look at your title self-critically and make sure it's...


2 Reasons Podcasters Should Love The Idea of RAD [Episode 89]

NPR's much lauded RAD (Remote Audio Data) has been released to the wild, and the predicted flood of "won't someone think of the privacy!" has begun. Rather than analyzing the merits of the current offering, I'm taking this short episode to discuss two reasons why business-savvy podcasters should love the idea of RAD. Specifically, I discuss how enabling non-proprietary tracking and analytics at the device level is exactly what we need to get the $88 billion dollar digital advertising...


Podcasting Pillars for 2019: Character, Conviction, & Conceit [Episode 88]

Making a great podcast episode isn't easy. But with a little intent, planning, and three key ingredients, you can be confident you're making episodes your target audience will love. But I'm probably using a different definition of those words than you are used to. playing Check out this short episode for a podcasting-specific twist on Aristotle's art of persuasion.


10 Reasons Why You Are Not In Control Of Your Podcast [Episode 87]

If you think you're 100% in control of your podcast; your fooling yourself. Not unlike other digital products, every podcast is reliant on a complex chain of services -- some free, some not -- that each represent a potential fail point. In this short episode, I run down 10 I though up in just a couple of minutes, including: Any one of those going south could cause major problems for your podcast. Perhaps even prohibiting some (or all) of your audience to consume your content. Are you...


How Disney+ Will Impact Podcasting [Episode 86]

Online video services are fracturing. Thanks to coming-entrants like Disney+, AT&T, and more, fans of well-made TV and movie content (not broadcasted or in the cinema) will no longer assume the must-watch content is on Netflix. And this new, fractured world for video is a good thing for podcasting. In this short episode, I'll explain why a changed mindset on how to consume quality content for video will lead to more people discovering audio via podcasting. Or at least have a better time...


Podcasting's Missing Porn Problem [Episode 85]

Yes, podcasting has a porn problem. But by "problem", I mean that it's generally absent from the medium. And that makes it very strange compared to other digital formats Here are a few reasons porn never gained much of a foothold in podcasting: Some of these challenges might be addressed in the coming months/years. Will that make podcasting more susceptible to porn infestation? (And, though unasked in this short episode, is that necessarily a bad thing?