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I’m Still here – PHD096

Just a short note to let everyone know I'm still here and will be producing podcasts again VERY SOON! Thanks for staying subscribed!


LAUNCH! Your Podcast – PQH013

Don't fall for all the "launch" strategies that people are trying to sell you. Just "START" your podcast. To get into iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and other places, you only need 1 podcast episode in your feed. Not 3, 5, 7 or whatever, just one. START your podcast and don't LAUNCH it.


What are ShowNotes? – PQH012

Shownotes are anything in this part of my post. Wherever you are seeing this, this is the show notes. They are the main content area in your blog post. Podcasting is just Blogging with media. So, no matter how you are doing your RSS feed, you are blogging. To get an episode you make a post. What you write in the main content area of that post, is your Show Notes.


Posting to Social Media With Blubrry Hosting – PQH011

Blubrry Podcasting has released Post to Social so you can post your episodes to Social Media (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) from your Podcaster Dashboard at blubrry.com See the announcement here: http://www.powerpresspodcast.com/2016/12/13/5327/ Find out how to do it here: https://create.blubrry.com/resources/podcast-media-hosting/post-to-social/


Radio 2 Podcast – PQH10

My friend Steve launched his podcast today after being on local radio for 10 years in this area and 25 years total elsewhere. I think it's great when Passonate radio guys discover podcasting. It makes for an interesting show. Go check out Omelette's new show here: http://omeletteradio.com/


New and/or Noteworthy – PQH9

Don't fall for the HYPE out there about podcasting and iTunes New & Noteworthy. it's all hype. Just post your first episode and go from there. There is no need to "LAUNCH" with more than 1 episode. Just make content, do your own thing and promote it. The rest will come.


Rebranding Your Show – PQH8

Rebranding your show is something you can do as a podcaster if your show changes topic a bit, or you just get tired of the name. This podcast was rebranded with this episode. It's not Podcast Quick Hits - By PHD. It will likely just be Podcast Quick Hits soon, but that's what I did here. I changed the artwork int he feed, and the title of the feed and it took about 8 hours for iTunes to pick up the change. And I'm going to watch the other directories and see how long that took, but I...


Streaming or Downloading Podcasts – PHDQH7

In this Quick Hit, I talk about Streaming vs. Downloading podcasts. Downloading a podcast and listening to it "streaming" on your phone (or pressing play on the player above) are really the same thing. Also, check out this video of Tom Webster talking about podcasting for the next 10 years.


Be Everywhere – Podcast Directories – PHDQH6

Today I talk about podcast directories and how you should be everywhere. Not just iTunes. For 100's of podcast directories, check out Podcast Places


Category Podcasting Revisited – PHDQH5

Since episode 2 of Quick Hits, things have changed in the category podcasting world with PowerPress. I've changed my tune a bit and think that Category Podcasting is OK now. Still not as easy as single site / Single podcast podcasting, but very useable. If you want to have more than one RSS feed from your WordPress site, category podcasting is now the way to go.


Dangerous Web Players – PHD090 – PHDQH4

Subscribe in Pocket Casts Happy International Podcast Day! For IPD, I thought I would put out a Quick Hit on the regular PHD feed. If you would like to continue to get these short 1 topic episodes from time to time, subscribe here. They are normally 5 minutes or less and a single topic of interest to podcasters. I only put them out when I have some news or a topic that is getting on my nerves. Could be a lot some weeks and maybe not so much other weeks. This quick hit is about dangerous...


One at a time Please – PHDQH003

So many new podcasters want to start a NETWORK. My suggestion is to get your first podcast going and get good at it before committing to do a bunch of snows or even a second show. This is the first episode in this feed since April 2015... See what I mean? :)


Category vs. Channel Podcasting – phdQH002

A quick hit talking about the #1 tech support issue I have. Category podcasting. One line can sum it up.... Don't use it unless you have a REAL good reason for it. Use channels or the default feed from powerpress. It's much more bullet proof and channels have all the features included whereas, category podcasting feeds do not include everything powerpress can do for you. That is all!


Am I a Podcast Geezer?!?

In a word, yes! Daniel J. Lewis in The Audacity to podcast episode 199 did a review of Audello and before he did, he talked about us Podcast Geezers being stuck in our ways. Well, it's true, I admit it :: I'm a podcast Geezer. I think my way is the best way to podcast (for me and as many people as I can convince) . Do I think that will always be the case? No. Do I see it changing anytime soon. Maybe, but Audello isn't really it (just from what I know now). I'm thinking we should have...


Why Show Zero? – Quick Hits – Podcast Help Desk

Why show zero? This is so that when you are setting up your podcast feed, you can get the feed going with a short show introduction. This is good for letting everyone know what your show is going to be about. Your RSS feed isn't valid until you have an episode in it. This will give you something for your feed so you can submit your feed to iTunes, Stitcher, Blubrry and wherever else before you officially launch. This show is going to be 1 - 5 minute, single topic quick hit tips about your...