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An exploration of podcast-based content marketing strategies and stories for organizations and entrepreneurs. Podcasting as content strategy leads to business, personal and audience growth.


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An exploration of podcast-based content marketing strategies and stories for organizations and entrepreneurs. Podcasting as content strategy leads to business, personal and audience growth.






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Alex Sanfilippo, Founder of PodPros, PodMatch, PodcastSOP and PodLottery - Podcasting Resources Guide

I am super excited to feature serial podcasting entrepreneur Alex Sanfilippo the creator of several amazing platforms for podcasters such as podmatch, podcast SOP, Pod Lottery and pod Talks. If you're passionate about podcasting and want to learn how to be successful, this episode with Alex Sanfilippo is a must-listen! He discusses his journey as a serial entrepreneur in the industry, the challenges he's faced, and his vision for the future of podcasting. You'll also get tips on how to find...


How Business Podcasters Can Optimize Growth Through StoryChief Content Marketing

For the last episode of Season 1 of the “Podcasting Strategy” podcast I’m revisiting and updating an older episode of my first podcast, “The Podcast Growth Show”. Back in 2018 we talked about the benefits of widely distributing podcast show notes articles using the StoryChief platform. StoryChief excels in “content marketing”, for blogs as well as for podcast episode articles . And for our clients, we still follow this approach as one of the best ways to organically grow and promote a...


How Evergreen Posting On Social Media For Podcasters Creates Growth

As Podcasters we all know that growing our social media following is important, but it's also time consuming. Evergreen posting addresses a key problem with social media: If you don't promote your content often enough, it will quickly fade into obscurity. And promoting the same thing over and over again gets exhausting and boring. Links and Resources We go into much more details, pros and cons in the full episode, so just click for links, tools and resources, goto...


Perfect Podcast Introduction, Show Notes and Social Media Copy (in only 5 Minutes)

Let's assume you’re a business podcaster, and you want to write the perfect podcast introduction for your next episode. And you also need some copywriting to create show notes excerpts, Youtube teaser copy, multiple social media posts variations, meta-descriptions for SEO or even Instagram slides and stories. These short-form pieces of content is is what we at Polymash call podcast micro-copy. We know how hard it is to write an introduction that captures attention and gets listeners or...


Better Podcast Episode Titles — Podcast Show Notes Tools, Part 2

Creating better episode titles is one of the most important steps to ensure your podcast episodes are discoverable, will will stand out and get listens as well as new subscribers for your podcast. But creating compelling episode titles can be hard. And in this episode we will highlight our favorite tool for crafting great podcast episode titles. Links and Resources For links and resources, goto...


Podcast Show Notes Workflow Tools That Save Massive Time — Part 1

Podcast show notes articles are crucial in the promotion of a podcast. Especially the way we think of them as a podcast marketing agency. In this, the first episode of a multi-part series, we highlight the first three tools of many. They save us massive time in show notes production process, and have a huge impact on getting the most business value from podcasting as a content...


Ways To Repurpose Podcast Content In Growing A YouTube Channel

"Can you help us launch a podcast on YouTube?" I've been asked this a lot, lately. We hear from businesses that think of a Podcast as something that lives on YouTube. And we hear from a lot of podcasters who would like to repurpose podcast content when growing a YouTube channel. In this episode we cover all the angles, including the difference between repurposed vs original content. Episode Links And...


Publishing Podcast Show Notes On Content Hubs and Other Platforms

In this episode of our content syndication series we will be focusing on publishing podcasts to content hubs. https://podcastingstrategy.com/episode/content-hubs The podcasting space is rapidly growing, and it has become harder to build an audience. With podcasts becoming more common, more and more content hubs are adding audio support to their platforms. So publishing your podcast show notes and audio players on content hubs can connect you to new audiences. But there is also the long-term...


Content Syndication on Social Media Channels

How we publish for our clients on social media channels — it is only the initial promo push for new episodes. To reach outside our clients existing followers, we include a form of influencer marketing. Click here for the video. Content Syndication on Social Media Channels Table of Content Learn More About Podcast Content Syndication Here https://podcastingstrategy.com/episode/media-channelshttps://podcastingstrategy.comhttps://polymash.com/podcast-production/...


Why Timing is Key In Content Syndication

Podcast Content Syndication for show notes is the concept of distributing your show notes articles as widely as possible. The timing of how this content is scheduled is a key to success. https://podcastingstrategy.com/episode/timing-is-keyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NPMwRDcTW4


Podcast Content Syndication For Show Notes — Series Introduction

Do you have a podcast? Then you're doing “content syndication” already, at least for your podcast audio. But what about podcast content syndication for show notes and web content? For links and resources, goto https://www.podcastingstrategy.com/episode/podcast-content-syndication-show-notes Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5IQkuliv_s


The Podcasting Strategy Show — Trailer

This show explores podcast-based content marketing strategies and stories for organizations and entrepreneurs. I’m Juergen, founder of the Polymash digital strategy agency. Really the origin of our agency was the fact that NONE of our clients liked to create and write their own content. Does that sound familiar? But they all LOVED talking with others about their area of passion and expertise. Podcasting As Content Strategy And so we helped them launch podcasts. The funny thing was that...