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The last word in podcasting news... every Thursday in Podland, James Cridland from Podnews in Australia and Sam Sethi, from 'Podcast First' River Radio in the UK, join forces to review and analyse some of the week's top podcasting news from around the world. They also interview some of the biggest names making the news. This podcast is sponsored by Buzzsprout.

The last word in podcasting news... every Thursday in Podland, James Cridland from Podnews in Australia and Sam Sethi, from 'Podcast First' River Radio in the UK, join forces to review and analyse some of the week's top podcasting news from around the world. They also interview some of the biggest names making the news. This podcast is sponsored by Buzzsprout.


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The last word in podcasting news... every Thursday in Podland, James Cridland from Podnews in Australia and Sam Sethi, from 'Podcast First' River Radio in the UK, join forces to review and analyse some of the week's top podcasting news from around the world. They also interview some of the biggest names making the news. This podcast is sponsored by Buzzsprout.








Brad Mielke tells us what he learnt from 1,000 daily podcasts? Effy Kang tells us about podcasting in China. Celebs tell us about their favourite podcasts on Apple. Helipad tells us how many SAT's we've earned in real-time and Podping tells us first!

GUESTS: Brad Mielke - Effy KangLizhiNEWS: Apple Podcasts has launched “Listen With”using this form Start HereBrad Mielke Podping saw 139,328 new episodes published over the last seven days the Podping Watcher to see new episodes in real-time. Home bitcoin and lightning node Umbrel has released v0.4.11We’ve a guide to get started PodInbox has launched a monetisation feature to allow podcasters to get fan donationsEvo Terra’s 48% of podcast downloads are of old shows German podcast...


Spotify launch call-to-actions cards, ratings but still no Hifi? What's a GUID and a ULID? Cash app now supports Lightning payments. Facebook mutes podcasts, not as big as they think. India the biggest podcast market by 2023? Sam talks about Podcasting3?

NEWS: Spotify has launched clickable call-to-action cards The new JSON-based chapter specification from Podcast Index Spotify has added star ratings to its app for podcastsrate us? added 1.2m new podcasts to Spotify’s catalogue in 2021Podcast Index466,000 shows in the past six months The Podcast Fontopen More new podcast episodes were published last month on Anchor and Buzzsprout than anyone else The Podnews Ranker shows an unchanged top three The podcast:liveItem tag Facebook will...


Jonas Woost, Director Of Strategy at Pacific Content, predicts the near future of podcasting in 2022

James Cridland talks with Jonas Woost Director Of Strategy at Pacific Content about his podcast predictions for 2022. They talk about ... It’s been another remarkable year for many in podcasting with some tremendous growth in our industry. As 2021 nears its end, it’s time to ask, ‘What’s Next?’ For the seventh year in a row, Pacific Content has asked some of the smartest thinkers in podcasting this important question. We received plenty of predictions! Part...


Fake it until you make it, unless you buy it. Spotify's Megaphone buys Whooshkaa but still no date for exclusive podcasts, HiFi sound or transcriptions? SiriusXM we can't read you? Comments are live on Podverse and Buzzsprout supports the Person Tag.

GUEST: Larry Rosin, the co-founder and President of Edison Research Spotify buys Whooshkaa! Congratulations Rob Loewenthal. A great guy and a great team. SiriusXM is being sued for failing to provide podcast transcripts for deaf users by the National Association for the Deaf and the Disability Rights Advocates. transcripts can offer significant SEO benefits The podcast:transcript tagnumber of podcast apps Amazon Music right to transcribelimited beta live captions within every Android...


Spotify may owe millions from missing licenses and may have gained millions from missing podcasts?

HOSTS: James CridlandSam SethiGUEST: Jeff PriceWord Collections after claims they weren’t licensed correctlyNEWS: The Infinite Dial 2021 for the UK41% of the UK population (16+) listens to podcasts every month Adam Bowielooks at the dataLarry RosinEdison Research Exclusivemany of those Spotify announcements have yet to result in a single new podcast, according to our research discovered antisemitism, racism and white supremacist material in podcasts on Spotify listened to more than...


Winslow Bright talks about licensing music for your podcast. Hint: there is no fair usage. It's the start of the podcast awards season. Facebook podcasting is growing but it's clearly not ready for primetime and Spotify is testing sponsorship?

HOSTS: James CridlandSam SethiGUEST: Winslow BrightNEWS: Apple Podcasts announced its Best of 2021A Slight Change of Plans they had 6,000 subscribers The Australian Podcast Awards winners winners of the Australian Commercial Radio AwardsZero Waste Baby In the UK, the 2021 Audio Production Awards took place You’re Not My Mum: The Stepmum’s Side Edison Research’s Infinite Dial is coming to the UK more than a quarter of all Americans aged 18-34 are listening to podcasts every day 20%...


Happy 1st birthday to us! What will Spotify do with its big M&A war chest, Castamatic 8 supports Value4Value and Lisa Laporte CEO of TWiT tells us how to run a successful podcast network.

Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi GUEST: Lisa LaporteTWiT.tvFranco SolerioCastamaticNEWS: Podimo has secured $78m of funding raised $250m in funding says the company has $3.5bn in cash for acquisitions18 years old making your audio business acquirable launch a Netflix Hub on Spotify Podcasts in Samsung Free’s Listen Tab have launched in Europeadd your podcast here Chartable has launched SmartFeeds, a new tool that mirrors your RSS feed shows with Apple Podcasts Subscriptions...


Podcast listening is growing globally, Spotify advertising and subscriptions are expanding internationally but why is no one checking the content is factual, not breaking copyright and has a license to use it?

Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi GUEST: Sean Li - Clever.FM NEWS: Spotify expands Podcast Subscriptions globally and now includes 20 price points from $0.50 to $150 and a way for creators to download subscribers' contact info more than 1,000 channels the company is to acquire Findaway, an audiobook distributoradding classic booksa bespoke category for spoken word Medium is getting into audio, acquiring audio-based learning platform Knowable Oprah Winfrey was on Clubhouse apps...


Podcasting 2.0 is all about an open 'Interoperable' ecosystem of apps using RSS that create shared value, not closed ecosystems from old SAGA apps - (Spotify, Apple, Google and Amazon).

Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi "INTEROPERABILITY IS THE KEY" - says Dave Jones seen within 'a few hours’checking Podnews’s RSS feed every eight minutes Podping - decentralised push notifications for podcasting also get automatic backwards compatibility with WebSub Here is the proposed specification for more Castamatic Podcasting 2.0This link in Podfriend Headliner has added auto-posting to YouTube VideopodBad Geek Podcast Guru, one of the top-rated podcast players for...


Why's everyone going proprietary? Is it time to change the name podcast? Is James really one in a billion? And what's the secret sauce for creating a hit podcast?

Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi GUESTS: Dino SofosNEWS: Spotify's proprietary video podcasts system is "a dumpster fire"The Anxious Truth The BBC has launched BBC Podcasts PremiumThe BBC Podcasts Channelblocks its shows from Google Podcasts Bradley Tirpakthe new CEO of Libsyn Libsyn's AdvertiseCast has released average CPM rates for October Amazon Music has announced a "synchronised podcast transcripts" featureexisting open transcript standard from the new podcast...


Spotify tells us they're sort of No1. Benjamin Bellamy tells us about the new Recommendation, Medium and Gateway RSS 2.0 namespace tags to make your podcast more discoverable. Bailey Drake tells us how to record live audio apps and transcribe them.

Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi GUESTS: Bailey DrakeBack Stage by HeadlinerBenjamin BellamyAd AuresNEWS: its Q3/21 resultsbeating Apple Spotify is to add video podcaststhere’s a waitlist to join Chelsea WhiteIrena LamThe New Media Showget their podcast into Facebook ShadowSharePlay LINKS: Tom Webster has shared a video of his keynote at Podcast Movement Nick HiltonIt’s Time to End Podcast Self-Promo on Twitter Matt DeeganGetting to know your listeners and the audio...


Bryan Barletta sits in for Sam - Apple's downloads and Spotify's ad sales. Interview with Adam Bowie about podcast trends

James is recording in a forest. Proof: https://twitter.com/JamesCridland/status/1451002189049040905 Bryan Barletta runs https://soundsprofitable.com - go subscribe! Apple Podcasts explains how podcasts work: https://podnews.net/update/apple-podcast-downloads-explanation Spotify to hire hundreds of adsales staff: https://podnews.net/update/nms-facebook-podcasting#:~:text=Spotify%20is%20hiring%20hundreds%20of%20ad%20staff Adam Bowie: trends to watch for in podcasting....


Dr Brian of London talks Web 3, Podping, Hive and Dairy Cows? James now speaks fluent Spanish thanks to Veritone MARVEL․ai and Genevieve Hassan's podcast takes off with 5M Virgin Atlantic passengers.

Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi they talk to GUESTS: Dr Brian of LondonPodpingHiveGenevieve HassanCelebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I DidNEWS: as Bryan Barletta explains in Sounds Profitable with PodsightsVeritone MARVEL․ai:Sounds Profitable en Español our podcast today Exclusive:new data released to Podnews by Podtrac today Facebook has launched an “Audio” hub on their mobile apps, including podcasts and live audio rooms first UK video podcast,Watch now >> Spotify:...


Chris Messina talks about Spotify Ads, the history of open formats on the social web and how ActivityPub could impact the future of Podcasting?

Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi as they talk to Chris Messina about his work on OpenWeb Standards such as ActivityStreams that became ActivityPub. He wrote this seminal post on Medium about ActivityStreams and ActivityPub in 2008 GUEST: Chris Messina is the inventor of the hashtag as it is currently used on social media platforms. In a 2007 tweet, Messina proposed vertical/associational grouping of messages, trends, and events on Twitter by the means of hashtags. NEWS: top Anchor...


Open RSS rated good by Acast. Closed Apple Podcast app rated bad by its users. #Discuss

Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi as they celebrate 'International Podcast Day'. GUESTS:: Ross Adams and Johan Billgren from Acast NEWS: 1. Twitter has launched crypto-tipping using the lightning network: the same tool used by Podcasting 2.0 Value4Value apps. The tool uses the Strike API. It’s “rolling out” on iOS. 2. iOS 15's “Private Relay” has gone live: but what effect will it have on your podcast stats, and on ad-tech? There’s also a new 1.25x playback speed control in Apple...


Research, research everywhere but who is right? Nielsen says podcasting is still growing. eMarketer says Spotify has overtaken Apple Podcasts and Arete Research says Spotify's management needs to change!

Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi GUESTS: - Richard Kramer - Arete Research - Bruce Supovitz - Nielsen - Arica McKinnon - Nielsen SHOW NOTES: 1. Edison Research - whilst podcast listening has grown, 44% of US Latinos haven’t yet listened to a podcast. 2. Triton Digital - US Podcasting Report for August. Downloads are up 11% from July, as the Apple bugfix rolled out. Stitcher is #1 for podcasts. 3. The New York Times - Cuban podcasts are booming 4. Interview: Nielsen released...


In our opinion, we need better listener tools - Clips, Comments and Content moderation. Oscar Merry talks about Fountain App, Alex Jacobi talks about the Open Podcast Analytics Format and will Podcasting Kill the Radio Star?

Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi GUESTS Oscar Merry Alex Jacobi SHOW NOTES Richard KramerArete Research Spotify knows what kind of car he drives, and what length podcast he prefers falls short as a podcast app#1 in many markets The number of podcasts in Spanish grew 6.8 times last year Brad Smithhe’s been named Head of Podcast Products for SiriusXM River Radioworking with podcast company Whooshkaa to be a “podcast-first radio station” Moon JustCastsupports value4value and...


Passing the RSS buck! Is unmoderated podcasting spreading misinformation? Do podcasting apps need better content moderation reporting tools? Twitter to support Value4Value boosts.

Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi GUESTS: Valerie WirtschafterAndrew CraissatiNEWS HEADLINES: an ideal tool to inject false or misleading information into mainstream discourse while going undetectedresearchValerie Wirtschafter The Australian High Court Apple has been forced to allow media apps to link to websites for payment RedCircle has landed $6m in funding Alex Jacobi criticises the state of podcast statistics Podnews has published its first ranker how to earn value4value...


Has Google given up on podcasting? Are subscriptions better than ads? Amazon, Spotify and Twitter double down on live social audio. Does podcasting need policing for lies and defamation?

Listen to episode 40 with James Cridland and Sam Sethi NEWS HEADLINES: - https://podnews.net/ Has Google given up on podcasting? Google PodcastsZack Reneau-WedeenGabe Benderleft Amazon is copying ClubhouseClubhouse adds spatial audioSpotify adds another show to GreenroomTwitter adds an API for Spaces Does podcasting need policing? The dangers of defamation and bullying in podcasting every host should know radio DJs are moving to podcasting Apple Subscriptions are workingSpotify...


Apple: The Internet Explorer of podcast apps? Evo Terra on why podcast apps suck. How's Spotify doing and multiple new ways to discover podcasts.

Join James Cridland and Sam Sethi INTERVIEW: Evo Terra Podcast Pontificationshelpful commandments herePODNEWS HEADLINES: Internal Spotify podcast consumption dataBusiness Insider Matt Deegan writes more about the figures and the strategy of exclusives Spotify has expanded “Music and Talk” shows to fifteen more countries DISCOVERY TOOLS: Podchaser has refreshed their creator profiles and alerts Entale has also added a way to follow people link to a specific timestamp in a podcast...