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The last word in podcasting news. Every Friday James Cridland (⚡james@getalby.com ) and Sam Sethi (⚡sam@getalby.com) review and analyse the week's top podcasting news as covered on Podnews. They also interview some of the biggest names in podcasting making the news ... Support the show at https://weekly.podnews.net, or hit the boost button! ... Sponsored by Buzzsprout: podcast hosting made easy.


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The last word in podcasting news. Every Friday James Cridland (⚡james@getalby.com ) and Sam Sethi (⚡sam@getalby.com) review and analyse the week's top podcasting news as covered on Podnews. They also interview some of the biggest names in podcasting making the news ... Support the show at https://weekly.podnews.net, or hit the boost button! ... Sponsored by Buzzsprout: podcast hosting made easy.








Ahoj Jamesi! Podcast Standards Project launches, iOS 16.4 launches and Podnews Live in Barcelona/Mexico launches.

Special Guests: Justin Jackson and Charles Wilchin. A new grassroots industry coalition, the Podcast Standards ProjectRiverside has unveiled a significant updateThe News Agents had reached 24 million downloads since launching seven months agoLibsyn’s Glow has unveiled integration with Spotify Open AccessGumball has expanded its host-read podcast advertising marketplace to YouTube. has been reset for another 90 daysSlate is the latest publisher to partner with YouTuberediscovered source code...


Podcasts are go (on YouTube) (kind of); and interview with Captivate's Mark Asquith

Special Guest: Mark Asquith - MD Captivate (Global) News: YouTube announced that “podcasts are a go!”YouTube’s Creator Insider has produced a video announcing the company’s new podcast features and metricsFacebook is shutting its audio channels in groupsLinkedIn has launched the LinkedIn Podcast Academyare “forging a new partnership focused on diversification and discoverability”Dave Jones#guidresolverhttps://github.com/Podcastindex-org/guid-resolverKevin FinnReid...


The iHeartPodcast Awards; Podcast Mania; Norma-Jean Belenky on Podcast Movement; Apple is #1

James is joined this week by Courtney Kocak, while Sam Sethi goes skiing. Links for this week's show at https://podnews.net/archive Support the showweekly.podnews.netweekly@podnews.net@jamescridland@podnews@samsethi@samtalkstech⚡james@crid.land⚡sam@getalby.com@james@bne.social@samsethi@podcastindex.socialwww.buzzsprout.com/1538779/support This podcast supports both transcripts and chapters, if your podcast app doesn’t then grab a new app from podnews.net/newpodcastapps


Spotify drops Anchor but streams on with new TikTok UI for podcast discoverability. RSS.com provides Automatic Transcripts for free

Special Guest: Jordan Blair - Buzzcast Co-Host and Producer Show Notes: Spotify for Podcastersan expanded video podcasts lineupSpotify revealed their latest interfaceSpotify is also partnering with Patreonannounced in February 2021Podcast host RSS.​com is the first podcast host to have released fully free automatic transcripts for all its customersPodcast listening has hit record highs, according to The Infinite Dial® from Edison ResearchA proposal has been made for the podcast namespace’s...


Will YouTube podcasting earn your time & attention? Podnews Live in Vegas, Manchester and London.

Special Guest: Steve PrattThe News: (All links are from Podnews.net) See our full report.Neal Mohanwritten a blog post on the company's 2023 prioritiesthe announcement made last weekembed YouTube videos in Transistor website pages appears visibleMax Cutler has posted his predictions for the industryPodnews Weekly Review LivePodnews Livepodnews.net/liveSupport the...


YouTube get into podcasting; Apple removes AppleCoreMedia, Podimo launches in the UK, and The Podcast Index shows cross-app comments working

Special Guests: Nayeema RazaPodcast ExtraMitch DowneyJake ChudnowPodimo enters the UK podcast market with more than twenty new showsShow Notes: the AppleCoreMedia user agent Jonas WoostSteve Pratt Listen Timethe company has published a detailed method of calculating it Steve Pratt.Podcasting 2.0 Nathan Gathright http://Steno.fm March 9 at 12pm Podnews LiveTickets Podnews Report Card. Support the...


Vox Media & Spotify raise significant new funding. Acast reports strong 2022 growth and seeks profitability by 2024. Podimo enters the UK market. Interviews with Hindenburg and RSS Blue

Special Guests Chris MottesHindenburg SystemsHindenburg announced this week Hindenburg PRO v2, a new version of the editor with new features including transcription. Podnews has an exclusive review of the new version. Here are the Hindenburg team demonstrating the new Hindenburg PRO v2. RSS BlueRSS Blue now support keysend protocol and .well-known lookup scheme which means you will be able to fetch wallet details from any provider that supports it. Show Notes PodcastSpotify has a new...


Google removes/adds podcasts; Tom Rossi on Buzzsprout subscriptions; Sean Glynn on Novel; Jordan Harbinger

Special Guests: Show Notes go away Buzzcastannounced UK podcast company Novel has secured a £5mn ($6.2mn) Series A investment round 54% of the Apple Podcasts top 200 had trailers, and 50% of the Spotify top 200 did too What makes a chart-topping podcast? Dave Jones has added a new Podcast Index API output Wildebeest Podnews Live - Manchester 13th June - Save the Day! (0:00) 10 Feb (1:16) Google and podcasts (7:37) Interview: Tom Rossi from Buzzsprout (20:57) Interview: Sean Glynn...


Spotify's financials; Leo Laporte, chief TWiT; Todd Cochrane; and an MA in Podcasting

Guests: Leo Laporte Todd CochraneBlubrry has released support for "value4value" Brett Spencer & Sandy Warr the UK’s first dedicated MA in Podcasting and a Centre of Podcasting ExcellenceNews: Spotify released the company's Q4/22 financial updatean earnings callDaniel Ek Podnews Extra UK podcast company Novel has secured a £5mn ($6.2mn) Series A investment round a series of articles about podcasting in East and South East Asia Alby has released details about its partnership with...


Dawn of a new age at Spotify. Become a supporter of this podcast thanks to Buzzsprout NEW subscriptions. Are new podcasts really 80% down?

Special Guest: Jack Davenport - Managing Director at Goalhanger Podcasts announcedalmost 600 people (6%) will be laid offDaniel Ek announced in a memoNorström dropped by 80%explore today in a deep-dive article Buzzsprout has announced a podcast subscription toolThe Podnews Weekly Review has added the opportunity to become a PoWeR supporter(0:00:00) Jan 27 (0:01:04) She's Offstroff - Spotify changes (0:21:30) Is podcasting really down by 80%? (0:28:04) Buzzsprout launches...


Forget downloads, "Listen Time" maybe a better way to measure podcast success.

Special Guest Interviews: Jonas WoostBumperA better way to measure podcast success: Listen Time Lex Friedmana full-time consultant at Lex Friedman ConsultingTop News Stories Exclusive: Google search for a podcastpublished its method of calculating downloadsCloudflare has launched Wildebeest Support the...


Apple launches Delegated Delivery, and a look back at Google Podcasts in 2022

Show notes come soon! Spotify chapters workaround... (0:00) Fri 13 Jan (0:53) Apple launches Delegated Delivery (4:54) Amazon almost do a deal but don't (7:31) A new Audible podcast (9:57) Google Podcasts Creator Program goes (16:05) Spotify loses shows (23:33) People news (25:43) The Tech Stuff (41:05) Awards and events (43:02) Boostagram Corner (47:59) Sam reveals his funding (50:09) James's old blog posts Support the...


Show Me The Value? Web Monetisation or SATS? Sell your RSS feed or start a video? What's best in 2023?

This week James Cridland and Sam Sethi talk about: PRX adds V4V using Web MonetisationSpotify says its road to profitability is videoSpotify adds Chapters, Transcripts and Polls - all proprietaryOP3 starts testing a new stats page Chapters (hello, Spotify!) (00:00:00) Podnews Weekly Review (00:10:30) Laura Mayer sells an RSS feed (00:12:38) Podcast One to spin off (00:14:32) Is the podcast industry in market correction? (00:18:27) Spotify adds new things (00:21:25) And Spotify adds...


12 Podcast experts give their 2022 highlights and 2023 predictions. Benjamin Bellamy talks OP3, ActivityPub, Cross Comments. Dave Jones talks about NEW PodPing 2.0

This Week's Special Guests talk about their podcasting highlights for 2022 and their predictions for 2023. Mark Asquith - Captivate/Global Benjamin Bellamy- Adures/Castopod Interview Alban Brooke - Buzzsprout Harry Duran - Podcast Junkies Dave Jones Interview Chris Messina - Tech Ride Home Matt Mederios - Castos Dan Misener - Bumper John Spurlock - OP3 Arielle Nisenblatt Neal Veglio Jake Warren - Message Heard EVENTS: Podcast Movement EvolutionsThe Podcast Show in...


Data everywhere but whose number 1?

Show Notes & Links Buzzsprout has posted its network statistics for November21.6% of all new podcast episodesSXM Media is, once more, #1 for podcastsPocket Casts has raised its annual subscription priceRadioPublic Pro is to discontinuelist of podcast hosting companiesSpotify has launched 2022 Podcaster Wrappedwhat is RSScloudJohn Spurlock is showing, and graphing, Podcast Index statisticsPodchaser has launched Podchaser AlertsLooks like Spotify is adding hashtags! Support the...


Why are Apple putting metadata topics inside podcast pages? Bumper's Dan Misener tells us what he thinks. Are Satoshis the best way to reward podcasters? Trevor Bell argues there are better ways.

Special Guests: Dan Misener- co-founder Bumper looked at the new topicsNov 15topics viewerepisode topic maps for every category in Apple PodcastsTrevor Bell - Podcast Producer at The Iron Fist Velvet Glove Podcast Show Notes and Links not alone Acast is encouraging the use of visual descriptions in podcastsAcast has launched a self-serve platform for podcast advertising Podnews Extra Disctopia and Alby have added integration with “value 4 value” paymentsSupport the...


Spotify launches audiobooks globally. Anchor is still alive but Libsyn Studio is dead.

News & Links in SeptemberAnchor has added “audio enhancement” to its appAnything Goes with Emma ChamberlainSpotify announced the expansion of NextGenlooked at the new topics episode topic maps for every category in Apple Podcastsclosed its free podcast hosting platformZeitpediaWorld Cup 2022 News NowMatt Mullenweg (@photomatt) @tumblr https://fedifinder.glitch.meLeo Laporte is to retireSupport the...


Is now the right time for ActivityPub? Is now the right time for Video Podcasting? If not now then when?

Special Guests: Chris MessinaActivityStrea.msPodnews ExtraThe ActivityPub protocol is a decentralized social networking protocol based upon the [ActivityStreams] format used by Mastodon and Castopod. It provides a client-to-server API for creating, updating and deleting content and a federated server-to-server API for delivering notifications and content. It is also used for cross-commenting in the Podcasting namespace. Jay LeBoeufDescriptDescript has launched a new version which has more...


Financial results for Acast, Audacy and iHeart; Vizzy enriches podcasts; and Sam goes to the pub

Welcome to EP 1 of Podnews Weekly with James Cridland and Sam Sethi. Podnews supports both transcripts and chapters, if your podcast app doesn’t then grab a new app from podnews.net/newpodcastapps Sponsored By: Buzzsprout - brilliant video from Alban Brooke. I want this guy to do a video on Value4Value! - said Adam Curry Special Guest: Nic Ivanov - CEO Vizzy.fm Vizzy, a web-based podcast enrichment platform, is looking for early adopters to use its toolTop Stories: Acast released its...


It's goodbye to Podland and hello to Podnews Weekly Review. It's goodbye to email and hello to Podcast:txt. It's goodbye to Twitter verified and hello to Amazon Music & Podcasts ad free.

Podland supports both transcripts and chapters, if your podcast app doesn’t then grab a new app from podnews.net/newpodcastapps Special Guests: Adam Curry (Podfather) & DaveJones (Podsage)Show Notes & Links: The Endto remove email addresses from RSS feedsThe podcast:txt tag in the new podcast namespace has been formalisedAmazon has made big changes to Amazon Music Prime, including ad-free podcastsBuzzsprout’s platform stats for SeptemberAmazon has “fired half of its Amp live radio...