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Get smarter, faster on the most talked-about topics in tech, business and politics in just 10 minutes. Hosted by Axios' business editor, Dan Primack.

Get smarter, faster on the most talked-about topics in tech, business and politics in just 10 minutes. Hosted by Axios' business editor, Dan Primack.


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Get smarter, faster on the most talked-about topics in tech, business and politics in just 10 minutes. Hosted by Axios' business editor, Dan Primack.




The Coronavirus Hits Home

Axios Co-founder and President Roy Schwartz tested positive for coronavirus and has since made a recovery. He joins Dan to talk about his unusual symptoms, the challenges of quarantining when you have a family, and what he saw when he went to the hospital. PLUS: Instacart workers on strike and a beloved bookstore rehires its workers


Inside Trump's Coronavirus Timeline

Trump pledged to reopen the U.S. by Easter, a date that experts agree is far too soon to effectively contain the spread of coronavirus. Dan and Axios national political reporter Jonathan Swan discuss how Trump decided on that date, who he is listening to, and how his administration might act next.


The Other Coronavirus Test

You’ve heard about the need for better coronavirus testing, but there’s another test that could advance our understanding of the virus: a serological test, which measures whether people have antibodies — and possibly immunity — to the virus. Dan and Axios managing editor Alison Snyder talk about what this test could tell us.


Too Late to Emulate

The U.S. missed a number of chances to follow the playbook that Singapore and South Korea used to contain their coronavirus outbreaks. Dan is joined by Axios health care editor Sam Baker to examine what the U.S. can still learn from other countries and the state of the U.S. response.


Bailing Out Hospitals

For weeks, hospitals have been requesting federal aid to help cover soaring costs associated with coronavirus testing and treatment. Dan and Axios health care business reporter Bob Herman discuss how the $100 billion in the stimulus bill may be dispersed as the crisis unfolds. PLUS: Why the new unemployment number is even worse than it looks and who got left out of the $2 trillion stimulus bill


Manufacturing Our Way Out of Crisis

New York says it's short more than 20 thousand ventilators, a data point that speaks to the supply shortage across the U.S. Dan and Axios transportation correspondent Joann Muller dig into what auto companies and other manufacturers are doing to address coronavirus supplies shortages. PLUS: Tech vs. the virus and Uncle Sam as the lender of last resort


Reopening America

A lack of widespread testing has left the U.S. with fewer tools to map and fight the spread of coronavirus, which has made social distancing so essential — but President Trump has expressed interest in reopening the economy after just 15 days. Axios health care reporter Caitlin Owens joins Dan to discuss why this would exacerbate the crisis. PLUS: PG&E pleads guilty to the Camp Fire and a massive spike in pessimism.


Keeping the Markets Open

As stocks plummet, there have been calls to close the markets. But the counter-argument is that it would starve companies of capital and make it impossible for investors to liquidate their assets. Dan digs in with Tal Cohen, the Nasdaq's head of North American markets. PLUS: Uber asks Trump not to forget about gig economy workers and big streaming strains on our broadband.


How to do Social Distancing Right

In this special edition episode of Pro Rata, Dan talks to Axios reporter Stef Kight about how to safely and responsibly grocery shop, support local businesses, and help neighbors. Plus: Dan and Axios health care editor Sam Baker discuss the latest updates on the U.S. response to coronavirus, and Axios markets editor Dion Rabouin joins Dan to analyze the state of the economy.


The Plan to Save America

A stimulus package was signed into law Wednesday night and by Thursday another was already in the pipeline. Dan Primack and Axios White House reporter Alayna Treene discuss how major political players in D.C. are working together on these rapidly evolving stimulus plans. PLUS: Political fundraising goes virtual and grocery store clerks have become officially essential.


Helicopter Money

The Trump administration is considering sending checks to everyday Americans. Chief financial correspondent Felix Salmon joins Dan to discuss how individual bailouts might work, how long they might take, and how they could impact the workforce and supply chains. PLUS: More bad news for WeWork and what one pizza shop is doing for hungry kids.


The Race for a Cure

Biotech company Moderna has become the first to bring a possible coronavirus vaccine to clinical trials. Dan is joined by Axios health care business reporter Bob Herman to lay out the best case scenario timeline for the company’s vaccine and what makes it different from a typical vaccine. PLUS: Amazon staffs up and old Hollywood turns to streaming.


Prisons as Coronavirus Petri Dishes

Prisons and detention centers are environments that are uniquely susceptible to the spread of diseases. Axios politics reporter Stef Kight joins Dan to discuss the threat coronavirus poses to incarcerated and detained populations, and the drastic measures that could be needed if it does spread to them. PLUS: What Google really told President Trump and one merger that might be helped by the coronavirus outbreak.


Recession Risks

A number of countries are already in a recession due to coronavirus. In this special edition episode of Pro Rata, Dan and Axios markets editor Dion Rabouin discuss what a recession could mean for the U.S. economy and what can and should be done to mitigate it.


Too Much for the Health Care System to Handle

Health care systems aren’t designed to handle a massive influx of patients who all need care for the same thing at the same time. In this special edition episode of Pro Rata, Dan and Axios health care editor Sam Baker explain how the U.S.’s initial response to coronavirus could set us up to strain our health care system.


China's New Role in the World

In mid-December, Chinese doctors saw the first coronavirus cases, but it took the country weeks to take action to prevent its spread. And yet, it is now taking a leadership role in the pandemic. In this special edition episode of Pro Rata, Dan and Axios China reporter Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian analyze China’s response to coronavirus and its global impact.


A Campaign Season without Crowds

Campaigns are all about engagement, but suddenly, due to coronavirus, events are being cancelled, postponed and planned without audiences. In this special edition episode of Pro Rata, Dan and Axios White House & politics editor Margaret Talev explore the potential impacts of coronavirus on campaigns, primaries, conventions, and, possibly, the November election.


Cities are Scrambling

Cities are, in many ways, businesses that can never close. In this special edition episode of Pro Rata, Dan and Axios cities correspondent Kim Hart explore how coronavirus presents particular challenges for cities when it comes to encouraging remote work for employees, keeping services running, and responding to this national emergency.


Cheating Veterans

Five colleges, including The University of Phoenix, are accused of using misleading sales tactics to lure military veterans and their families. Now the schools may lose their ability to access GI Bill benefits. Dan digs in with The Washington Post's Danielle Douglas-Gabriel. Plus, Amazon's return of the JEDI, and a coronavirus date that will live in infamy.


Bailing out America

As coronavirus spreads across the economy, numerous federal aid options are on the table for industries ranging from hospitality to oil and gas. Dan discusses bailouts and breaks that might be ahead with Washington Post White House economics reporter Jeff Stein. PLUS: The tech fight over fighting child exploitation and what happens when big schools shut down.