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The Pulling the Strings podcast features Puppet community members discussing the latest trends in infrastructure automation, continuous compliance, and DevOps.


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The Pulling the Strings podcast features Puppet community members discussing the latest trends in infrastructure automation, continuous compliance, and DevOps.






The Future of Platform Engineering

In this episode, join special guests Nigel Kersten, KasparvonGrünberg, Fatih Degirmenci, and Ronan Keenan as they discuss the recent surge in popularity of platform engineering and how these teams are fast becoming vital to enterprise success. In this panel discussion they explore:


Creating Community with an Employee Resource Group (ERG)

Creating and maintaining community is hard, especially when you don't bump into each other in the hallways on the regular. And community is vital, especially when it advocates for you and helps create a safe space to bring your whole self to work. Todd and Melissa share their experiences with Puppet's Pride ERG and how they're using it to work towards systemic change. Learn More: https://slack.puppet.com@mcasburnLinkedIn@ShawnTErvinLinkedIn


Managing your configuration management system shouldn't be hard

Managing the configuration of an entire ecosystem is not an easy thing to do, and bootstrapping the system that manages that configuration is even more challenging. Edwin from Puppet’s Solutions Architects team shows us a tool they've built that aims to simplify that task. Learn more: https://slack.puppet.comEdwinForge pageProcess Mappinghere


CentOS 8 is EOL, so now what?

CentOS has become the de facto standard operating system for many organizations since it’s basically the same thing as RHEL, rebranded and without commercial support. CentOS was originally a community project, but over time Red Hat has become more influential in its direction and has shifted it to a "Stream" model, effectively moving CentOS 8 from being a downstream release (built after RHEL) to an upstream release (built before RHEL). This isn't exactly suitable for production use and thus...


Automating your way to compliance across your entire cloud infrastructure

Cortez worked his way up through the ranks as a cloud security and compliance engineer, managing hundreds of production applications. Now he's taking those grueling lessons and teaching the team at Relay how to automate away tedium and toil. Join us as Cortez shares stories from the field and some of the motivation behind Relay's cloud compliance enforcement capabilities. Learn more: https://slack.puppet.comhttps://relay.shhttps://pup.pt/ideas LinkedIn


Practice and prepare for your next security threat

The recent log4j fiasco reminded us that not only is it important to stay updated and current with security news, but it's also critical to have safe ways to deploy configuration updates or orchestrate reporting/remediation scripts across your infrastructure as quickly as possible. Jeremy and Nick join us today to share best practices and automation suggestions. Learn...


How Puppet's open source DNA is paving the path ahead

Puppet has been open source since day one and our success has largely been built on community contributions. One could even say that it's part of our DNA. Now the question is where do we take it from here? Puppet CTO Abby Kearns and Chief Architect Chip Childers have a long and storied history with open source. Join us to hear their thoughts on how Puppet will map out the open source roadmap ahead. Learn more: Puppet Community SlackPuppet Toy Chestwritten contentmodulesopen source at...


The best part of the PowerShell Gallery is that it's on the Puppet Forge

The DSC configuration engine is the standard way to manage Windows systems, and it’s incredibly powerful. Now it's easier to use too, because all the PowerShell Gallery DSC resources are only a `puppet module install` away. Mike and Bill are here to tell you the whole story, from building the integration and the publication pipeline to deploying DSC Resources for customers and debugging them in the field. Learn more: Using PowerShell DSC Resources with PuppetPuppet & DSC: Puppetizing...


A paradigm shift: Puppet and ServiceNow integrations

User research shows that a huge number of our customers were using ServiceNow alongside Puppet Enterprise. It only made sense to teach the tools how to integrate with each other so that users didn't have to switch between them. Molly and Milad join us from Puppet's Integrations team to tell us how they put user experience front and center when building the new extensions. Learn more: https://slack.puppet.comhttp://puppet.com/integrations/servicenow/https://pup.pt/ideast/ideas


Learn at your convenience with Puppet Practice Labs

Learning new tools is hard enough on its own. But then you often have to install software, set up a working environment, download a dev kit, or more. Our Education team recently released the new Puppet Practice Labs, which let you learn the Puppet ecosystem at your own pace and remove all these impediments from your progress. The labs run right in your browser and require no extra downloads. And best of all, they're free and you can access them any time. Many are even short enough that you...


Being out at work and the importance of role models

Pride is a celebration of our true selves -- of loving yourself for who you are, and of accepting and loving others for who they are. It can be a challenge to feel safe being out and proud without role models providing guidance and showing the way. Listen to Melissa Casburn share her personal and professional journey. Learn More: Melissa’s post on Medium


CTO Chronicles: The DevOps Edition

Abby Kearns and Deepak Giridharagopal share their unique experience of being co-CTOs and where Puppet is headed in the near future on this episode of Pulling the Strings. Learn more: Abby’s MediumTwitterTwitterLinkedIn


The keys to unlock your developer voice

Ben Ford explains the importance of content and why developer insights help to build stronger communities on this episode of Pulling the Strings podcast. He also provides details on a better Puppet Developer Kit (PDK) and improvements to the Puppet Forge. Learn More: Puppet Developer ExperienceMake your voice heard


Beaker's past, present and future

Acceptance testing is fun, I know! In this episode of Pulling the Strings, Lucy Wyman, Gene Liverman, and Trevor Vaughan explain multi-node testing with Beaker, how Beaker is different from Litmus, and future plans for Beaker. Learn More: hereWatchJoinLearn more


Virtualization & Kubernetes: Why another abstraction?

I had virtualization… Then you gave me Kubernetes on top of virtualization. I thought Kubernetes was supposed to be the answer, and now you’re telling me it’s not the answer and I need something else on top of Kubernetes?! The conundrum is solved on this episode of Pulling the Strings with Martez Reed and Bruno Andrade. Learn More moduleWatch


Life after the State of DevOps Report - Scaling DevOps

Hear about the behind-the-scenes process of creating the 2020 State of DevOps Report. Nigel Kersten and Michael Stahnke dive deep into the data that drives the narrative of the report and take us on a journey dissecting numerous conversations with IT DevOps practitioners and decision makers alike in this episode. Learn more DownloadRead


The gateway elixir to automated infrastructure testing

What is Onceover testing you may ask? A tool to automatically run basic tests on an entire Puppet controlrepo, it was written mostly while sipping inflight cocktails on airplanes. Dylan Ratcliffe explains Onceover testing and addresses some of the reasons it exists in the first place. Tune in to gain the clarity you need for your automation woes. Learn More OnceoverLearn how


Puppet Comply

Alex Hin shares his expertise from years in the cybersecurity industry on compliance and the importance behind adhering to CIS benchmarks. Learn More Puppet ComplySee a demoPuppet’s journey into Continuous Compliance


The benefits of using Hiera Data Manager

Martin Alfke from example42 drills down into the unique value of Hiera Data Manager and how it heavily reduces time needed for data analysis and setting. Learn More Hiera Data Manager


Halloween Edition: 2020 DevOps horror stories

We know Halloween is over; however, these #DevOps stories are still mentally wreaking havoc on all that was involved. Ben Ford, Rob Nelson, and Mike Smith bravely share their experiences that were close to creating resume generating events in this episode. Tune in for how they recovered and the timeless lessons learned.